16 Things About GoT's Tyrion That Make No Sense

Ever since the Game of Thrones series first premiered, the show has garnered a huge number of fans. Everyone seemed to have their own favorites when it came to Houses and characters, with many people rooting for House Stark. The execution of Lord Eddard Stark came as a huge blow, and it caused further hatred for House Lannister. Yet, not everyone within House Lannister was loathed in the same way as Joffrey Baratheon. Jaime Lannister's character started to become better known through the tales of his time with the Mad King, and he proved that he really did have a propensity to help others when he saved Brienne of Tarth on a number of occasions. Yet, he wasn't the only Lannister who was winning people over.

Tyrion Lannister may not be the most handsome nor the bravest person within the Game of Thrones series, but that doesn't mean that he's not a true favorite in the series. People have been won over by his caring nature toward "bastards, cripples, and broken things," and it's hard not to feel sorry for him through his difficult relationship with his family. With him switching sides to be the Hand of the Queen for Daenerys Targaryen, there are even more reasons to root for him as the hero of the series. Yet, there have been a number of things about Tyrion that don't exactly make a whole lot of sense. Check out our list of the 16 things about Tyrion that make no sense, and see how complex his character truly is.

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16 Tyrion Is A Dwarf

There are obviously a number of other dwarves within the Game of Thrones series, but it seems like Tyrion is the only dwarf in House Lannister. They never talk about other dwarves that have been in House Lannister, and dwarfism is a genetic disorder. The fact that he was so different from other members of House Lannister has caused many to speculate on some sort of affair regarding his mother, Joanna Lannister. There have been numerous conspiracy theories that have claimed that she was having an affair with a Targaryen, and that would explain his genetic disorder and the fact that no one else in House Lannister seems to be afflicted with dwarfism. The fact that he's a dwarf at all doesn't quite make sense if there isn't an affair backstory to his birth.

15 Complicated Relationship With Daenerys

When Tyrion first heard about Daenerys and the possibility of going to meet her, he wasn't exactly immediately won over by Lord Varys. Yet, something changed during his journey to meet her and while he was in her service. It wasn't just the idea of being in power that he seemed to gravitate toward, and he seemed to have made a true connection with her. When she had the special pin made to commemorate naming him the Hand of the Queen, he got extremely emotional. He seemed to be the only one to reign her in, and she trusted him completely. Yet, there are some who wonder whether or not he had more than just loyal and respectful feelings toward her. When he realized that there was a connection between her and Jon Snow, there seemed to be a sadness there. This has caused some to think that maybe, there were some feelings of love, which doesn't exactly make that much sense.

14 Letting His Emotions Get The Better Of Him At Joffrey’s Trial

During the trial for killing King Joffrey, it became blatantly obvious that things were tilted against Tyrion. Yet, he had been in worse situations before. When he was being held in the Eyrie, there was no one there that he could sway to his side. He was brought there by Catelyn Stark, and he was thousands of miles away from anyone who could come to his aid. Yet, he was able to use his quick wit and cleverness to come out of the situation alive. Yet, the trial for killing King Joffrey seemed to unravel him to the point where he lost his ability to truly use his own intelligence to get him out of the situation. This just didn't seem like it was true to his character, and it definitely didn't seem smart to confess that he "wished" he had done it.

13 He Killed His Father

Throughout the entire Game of Thrones series, it seemed like Tyrion was constantly trying to prove himself to his father. While there were definitely some hurt feelings over his father's cruel words to him on occasion, he never stopped trying to prove his worth as a Lannister. After Jaime and Lord Varys helped to smuggle Tyrion out of the Black Cells, Tyrion could've easily slipped away without ever seeing his father again. Yet, he chose to confront him and kill him while he sat on the toilet. While he was undoubtedly hurt that his father didn't choose to protect him during the trial, it doesn't really coincide with his character that he would choose to murder his own father. The entire exchange during this confrontation seemed completely out of character.

12 Not Telling Shae The Truth

After the horrific experience he had with a prostitute from his youth, it's inconceivable that he would actually fall in love with another prostitute. Yet, that's exactly what happened with Shae. He seemed to truly love her and fear for her safety, but he didn't tell her the truth on numerous occasions. Shae had met Roz before, and the two had a conversation together, but Tyrion didn't tell her that Cersei had kidnapped Roz, thinking that she was the one that was carrying on a relationship with Tyrion. If he were to have told Shae, she would've been more inclined to take the threat on her safety more seriously. He also lied to her when he tried to send her off to Pentos. He told her that he was disgusted by her, and thus, he made an enemy out of her.

11 Falling In Love With Shae

Tyrion had arguably the most traumatic experience regarding losing his virginity than anyone else in the Game of Thrones series (except for all those who were raped and murdered). There's a bit of a discrepancy between the book series and the HBO adaptation as to whether or not his first experience was really with a woman that Jaime had paid, but the end result was still the same. Seeing the woman he loved and married being passed around to the Lannister soldiers was definitely something that was burned into his brain. This experience should've scarred him for life when it came to prostitutes, which it actually seemed to do. While it's not inconceivable that he would still frequent brothels, it does seem strange that he would actually fall in love with a prostitute. Yet, he seemed to truly love Shae, despite her prostitute background.

10 Bounty On His Head But Doesn’t Seem Worried

When Tyrion fled King's Landing, there was a bounty on his head. Cersei declared riches and titles to anyone who would bring her the head of her brother, Tyrion Lannister, and it resulted in a number of dwarves being killed simply because they looked like him. Although Cersei was disappointed that these dwarves weren't him, she didn't want these individuals punished because she didn't want people to be discouraged in their pursuit for Tyrion. Yet, when he made it across the Narrow Sea, he didn't seem bothered in the least that he was wanted dead. He walked around like he wasn't in any immediate danger, even though people traveled from the Free Cities to Westeros all the time. Merchants, noble people, former slaves, and anyone who could board a ship could've collected on this bounty, but Tyrion didn't ever act like he was in danger.

9 He Killed Shae

Shae was the only woman that Tyrion really truly loved. He had married Sansa Stark out of duty and loyalty to his father, but he had true affection and love for Shae. He told her intimate details about his past, and he truly feared for her safety. Their bond was made greater when he feared that Cersei had kidnapped her to hurt him, and it was made even stronger when she chose to stay with him after the Battle of the Blackwater. They may not have been officially married, but they had said the words "You are mine, and I am yours." When she testified against him at the trial of the murder of King Joffrey, it undoubtedly hurt him. Yet, it didn't make sense that he would strangle her to death when he saw her in the chamber of the Hand.

8 Refused To Sleep With Sansa Stark

When Tyrion was forced to marry Sansa Stark, everyone around him understood that it was a really great match. They both came from Great Houses, and they could use their marriage to bring Westeros together again. Tyrion wasn't going to use and abuse her the way that Joffrey would have, and he had the ability to truly love her. Their wedding wasn't exactly going to be a great day to celebrate, but it makes sense that he would try and make the best of it. His refusal to bed her on their wedding night doesn't exactly make sense. He made it seem like the act of them making love on their wedding night was actually a horrific rape, which would've been far from the case.

7 Making A Fool Out Of King Joffrey

When Joffrey was young, Tyrion often exerted power over him, whether it was commanding him to do certain deeds or slapping him in the face. However, when Joffrey became King, Tyrion began to see the magnitude of Joffrey's psychotic nature. He enjoyed abusing Sansa Stark and prostitutes that were sent to his chambers for his pleasure. He ultimately tortured and killed Roz, so Tyrion should've known that there was no limit to Joffrey's mania. On the day of his wedding to Margaery Tyrell, Tyrion was put into a situation where he was going to be humiliated for the amusement of King Joffrey. Yet, instead of enduring it long enough for him to leave, he chose to try and belittle him for all to see. With him being so clever, this didn't exactly seem like the smart move, which he found out later after Joffrey was poisoned and Tyrion became the main suspect.

6 Walking Around Without a Bodyguard

From the very start of the Game of Thrones series, Tyrion Lannister always seemed to have some sort of bodyguard with him at all times. In Season 1, he traveled with his brother, and then, he traveled with Yoren of the Night's Watch. Afterwards, he took on Bronn as his protector from the Eyrie, and then, he had the hill tribes riding by his side. Bronn stayed with him when they made it to King's Landing, and then, his squire even became his protector during the Battle of the Blackwater. Yet, once he fled across the Narrow Sea, Tyrion never picked up another bodyguard. It doesn't make sense that at a time when he was worth more dead than alive that he wouldn't seek out someone else to be his protector.

5 Standing Aside To Let Jaime Die During Battle

Although Tyrion had to leave everything behind when he fled King's Landing, he didn't leave on bad terms with Jaime or Bronn. When he returned to Westeros with Daenerys Targaryen, it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't want to protect these two people at all costs. Bronn was the one who saved him from certain death at the Eyrie, and Jaime was his beloved brother who helped him escape the Black Cells. Yet, when the Lannister army came under attack by Daenerys and her dragons, Tyrion didn't do anything to intercede when he saw that his brother was riding toward certain death. Tyrion just stood watching and muttering a few words under his breath. It was just a last minute save by Bronn that helped Jaime from being killed, and it doesn't make sense that Tyrion wouldn't have tried to stop that in some way.

4 Meeting With Cersei Alone

When Cersei met with Daenerys and Jon Snow, it didn't seem like a good idea for any of them. Yet, Jon Snow wanted to show her what the army of the dead really looked like. He knew that no one in Westeros would believe that the war against the dead had arrived unless they saw it with their own eyes. Yet, she wasn't convinced to join forces after Jon Snow had declared that he had already sworn his allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen. When they were about to leave, Tyrion proclaimed the idea that he should go and speak to Cersei alone. This whole scenario didn't make sense to anyone (including the audience). Cersei hated him and blamed him for so many things in their lives, and it just didn't make sense that she wouldn't strike him down the second he arrived at her chambers.

3 Furthering House Lannister Speech

When Tyrion went to Cersei's chambers after the meeting with Daenerys and Jon Snow, there was no guarantee that he would leave the meeting alive. It was actually a huge shocker to see that Cersei didn't immediately have The Mountain kill him since she had people out hunting for him ever since he fled the Black Cells. Yet, the biggest shocker during that meeting was the speech he gave to her about his continued loyalty to House Lannister. He claimed that he didn't want to see House Lannister completely destroyed, even though he had previously given advice to Daenerys about how to take over Casterly Rock, the ancestral home of House Lannister. This whole speech and hoping to collaborate with Cersei didn't make sense at all.

2 Tyrion Refused The Pr-------te While On The Run

When Tyrion went with Lord Varys to flee from King's Landing, he spent quite a bit of time locked in one box or another. He felt completely trapped within his surroundings, and he longed to be in the company of someone else besides Lord Varys. He was able to get away for a short time by visiting a brothel, and that's where he struck up a conversation with one of the prostitutes. He didn't get the one that he wanted, but he did seem to capture one of the prostitutes' attention. The two began talking, and she seemed quite receptive about going to bed with him. Yet, he stopped himself and couldn't seem to go through with it. After all of his time with prostitutes and the fact that he never even consummated the marriage between him and Sansa, this whole interaction didn't make much sense.

1 Interaction With The Dragons At Meereen

When Tyrion finally made it to meet Daenerys Targaryen, it wasn't long until he was able to gain her trust and become one of her inner circle. While it's definitely believable that he would be able to talk his way into becoming a man of power within her group, the interaction between him and the dragons she kept captive beneath the pyramids of Meereen is a little difficult to fathom. The dragons had already fed on humans, and there was a time when Daenerys brought the Masters into the catacombs, which made it seem like she condoned the dragons eating humans. So, when Tyrion went down into the catacombs, it doesn't make sense that the dragons wouldn't immediately assume that he was food. There were people throwing carcasses down into the pits to feed the dragons. This interaction with the dragons spawned even more conspiracy theories that Tyrion is actually part Targaryen and that that was why the dragons didn't attack him.

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