16 Steamy Photos That Prove Sophia Bush Is The Hottest Woman On TV

If you ask someone who the hottest woman on television is, there is an extremely high chance they’ll answer Kaley Cuoco, Sofia Vergara, or Kerry Washington. Once upon a time, they may have answered Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Minka Kelly, Mila Kunis, or Hayden Panettiere. I could go on with the names of seriously hot women who have graced the television screen, but I think you get the point – there is no shortage of attractive women on television. Well, that’s fine that there are always hot women on television, but I’m here to talk about someone who truly does not get the attention she deserves: Sophia Bush.

Yes, Sophia Bush – the sultry brunette with a raspy voice and a tight body. Girlfriend is hot, smokin' hot! Sophia Bush has been hot for forever and she’s been on TV for forever. She currently stars on NBC’s Chicago P.D., which was created by Dick Wolf – yes, the same “Dick Wolf” whose name flashes after every episode of any and every Law and Order show. Much like the Law and Order franchise, the Chicago franchise consists of several different shows – Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice. Before Sophia Bush’s role on Chicago P.D. though, she starred on One Tree Hill from 2003 until 2012. Long story short, Sophia Bush has spent almost fifteen years consistently working in television and I think she deserves some credit where credit is due.

No, Sophia Bush may not be the highest paid actress on television like Kaley Cuoco or Sofia Vergara, but Sophia Bush is still plenty hot, very intelligent, and mega talented. Let's all give some love to Sophia Bush, shall we? Below are 16 seriously hot photos that will make you start thinking about Sophia Bush as one of television’s hottest leading ladies, that is, if you don't already consider her one of TV's hottest leading ladies, which you totally should.

15 She Looks Hot On The Red Carpet

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Sophia Bush looks like a complete smokeshow rocking this black dress with a plunging neckline. Besides the neckline, the whole look is rather classy and sophisticated, as the dress lands below her knee, the neck rides up high and she matched this with a slicked back hairstyle. It’s the perfect amount of heat for the red carpet, without actually setting the whole red carpet on fire.

Perhaps Sophia Bush's ability to work a red carpet comes from her upbringing, as she grew up in Pasadena, California, which is a town right outside of Los Angeles. How did she get into acting? After participating in her high school’s play, Bush says she was sold on the idea of acting for life, which is, quite frankly, a pretty common "that’s how I knew I wanted to act" story. I mean, how many times have you heard a celebrity talk about a school play moment, right?

14 Correction: She Looks RED Hot On The Red Carpet

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Yet again, Sophia Bush brings the heat but doesn’t blow the whole place up, which is actually a hard thing to do. It is pretty difficult to look hot, but not cross over into the "too revealing" side of things. In this red number, Bush rocks a high slit but the dress has a rather loose fit. This makes the look feel sexy, without being too revealing. I also have to say that red is such a good color on Sophia. Like, girlfriend can ROCK a bright red dress.

How exactly did Sophia Bush land herself on red carpets? Well, she was enrolled at University of Southern California for journalism. Meanwhile, she was still going out for roles, landing appearances on Nip/Tuck and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Bush’s first big screen appearance came in 2002’s Van Wilder: Party Liaison. Then in 2003, Bush landed the role of Kate Brewster in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, but she was replaced by Claire Danes after one week of filming. The director stated that he was impressed with Bush’s talent but realized needed someone older for the role. Ah, the rock to the top is always filled with roles you didn't get or just nearly had.

13 Red Is Just A Really Good Color On Her

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This photo is a still from One Tree Hill, on which she played Brooke Davis – a fan favorite who appeared in nearly every episode. Sophia Bush is actually tied with Bethany Joy Lenz, who played Haley James Scott, for appearing in the most episodes. Both actresses appeared in 187 episodes during the 188-episode run of the series.

One Tree Hill, the WB turned CW show, starred Chad Michael Murray as an outsider who is really good at basketball. Sophia Bush played the trouble-making cheerleader, while Hilarie Burton played the cheerleader who secretly feels like an outsider. Bush and Burton’s characters were best friends… and both in love with Chad Michael Murray’s character, because we all know a love triangle is necessary for a television show to be successful.

12 Like, A Really, Really Good Color

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One Tree Hill clearly knew it had a good thing going for it, as Sophia Bush rocked sultry red clothing on more than one occasion during the course of the show. Yes, this is yet another still from One Tree Hill in which Bush is wearing sexy red clothing. It kind of makes you want to binge-watch the series, right?

You know, for a teen drama, Sophia Bush was bringing some serious heat to the TV screen. Chad Michael Murray clearly noticed how hot Sophia Bush was on the set of One Tree Hill because they became a thing rather quickly. In May 2004, the hot, young couple was engaged, only to marry in April 2005. What could possibly go wrong with two super hot, rising stars marrying each other? Um, a sh*t ton of things. After only five months of marriage, they announced their separation.

11 Green Is A Good Color For Her Too

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I’ve already talked about how good red looks on Sophia Bush, but she can also slay a green dress. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s just that every single color looks good on her because she's super hot. Put her in poop brown and she'd probably still look like a dime. Also, she’s once again bringing heat without showing off too, too much. This is a trick Sophia Bush knows very well – showing just enough to entice the public but also keeping enough covered to keep us guessing. It’s a trick that many celebrities could learn from... errr, like every Jenner and Kardashian.

So, how exactly does Sophia Bush feel about her 5-month marriage to Chad Michael Murray? Well, she was embarrassed of the 5-month-ness of it all, stating, “It devastates me now that I have been reduced to a Hollywood statistic – another joke marriage. I never expected to be married more than once.” Ouch. Sorry, Sophia.

10 And, She's A Babe In Black And White

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Sophia Bush looks good wearing red and she looks good wearing green… and she looks good in black and white. In fact, she is slaying in that silk dress. The dress may not be too revealing but it certainly clings to the curves of Sophia Bush’s body in all the right ways. Though, I do totally have to point out that her foot looks super odd. It’s either because of Photoshop or because she’s putting all her weight on that foot. Whatever the case, her foot looks funky but I'm willing to overlook it. Nobody's perfect.

Alright, so I’m going to talk about the Sophia Bush/Chad Michael Murray thing some more, but that’s mostly because it’s one of the rare moments that Sophia Bush has been in the tabloids. Why did the married couple split? Well, it was rumored that Chad Michael Murray cheated on Sophia Bush with… PARIS HILTON! Paris Hilton, guys! Considering that Chad Michael Murray had just starred in House of Wax with Paris, the rumor seemed to be plausible. At the time, Nick Carter – yes, of Backstreet Boys fame – was dating Paris Hilton and reportedly hooked up with Ashlee Simpson to get back at Paris. Oh, the tangled web of Hollywood.

Because of the infidelity, Sophia Bush filed for an annulment stating "fraud" was the issue, but it wasn't granted. In December 2006, the couple was granted a divorce.

9 This Maxim Photoshoot For The Win

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Sophia Bush isn’t someone who poses in too many sultry photoshoots, so that makes this one time she posed for Maxim a pure treat. I mean, I don’t feel like I really need to say much about these photos, as they speak for themselves. Girlfriend is stunning.

Alright, I swear this is the VERY LAST TIME I’ll speak of ol’ Chad Michael Murray (that cheating dog) in this article. In the February 2017 issue Cosmopolitan, Sophia Bush penned an essay about her love life. (Yes, it’s 2017 and we’re all still talking about her marriage in 2005.) The essay doesn’t call out Chad Michael Murray by name, but Bush does write “In my 20s, when I was starting out my career as an actor, I wasn't looking for a relationship, but one found me and became serious, even though I hadn't planned to settle down until my 30s. But when the person you're with asks you to marry him, you think: 'This must be happening because it's supposed to.'”

Bush went on to write, “And the trauma of it was amplified by how public it became, which was incredibly foreign and bizarre to a girl who'd been just another college kid 24 months before her life blew up.” This is incredibly poignant, as we many times forget that people in the middle of scandals are also just people like us. And, they are sometimes very young girls. I mean, Monica Lewinsky was just 22 years old during the Bill Clinton scandal. Could you imagine going through that at just 22 years old?

Oh, by the way, though they divorced, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray continued to work together on One Tree Hill for years and years after. Way to be professional, Sophia.

8 She Does Yoga (Because Of Course She Does Yoga)

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Sophia Bush has always had a tight, athletic body and that’s thanks to yoga. While she’s super busy, as Chicago P.D. films 14-hour days, Bush still manages to sneak in a yoga session here and there. While she likes to do yoga, Sophia Bush admits that she isn’t too tough on herself when it comes to her appearance. She claims that if it doesn’t feel good, she doesn’t do it, which she shrugs off by saying she isn’t a fitness model. That’s true, though we have to say that she sure does have an enviable body.

Sophia Bush has taken her role as being a role model very seriously. She promotes a healthy body image to girls all over and even went to war with Urban Outfitters when they released a shirt that said “Eat Less.” Whatever Urban Outfitters was thinking releasing a shirt like that is beyond me, but Sophia Bush shot back with a shirt that said, “0 is not a size.” Bush also posted an open letter to the company, in which she urged them to both apologize and make a donation to an organization that supports women.

Sophia Bush, ladies and gentlemen, beautiful on the inside and the out.

7 That Time She Played A Cheerleader

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Alright, this is a mega throwback to Sophia Bush’s One Tree Hill days, but I couldn’t resist because she was a seriously hot cheerleader. Most actresses look hot when thrown into a cheerleader costume (because it's a cheerleading uniform), but Sophia Bush rocks it with just the right amount of sass.

Pictured with Sophia Bush is Hilarie Burton, who played Peyton Sawyer on the show. Burton played Bush’s BFF, though the characters have their fair share of ups and down – but that’s to be expected on a teen drama, y’know because we can’t just show teenage girls getting along and supporting each other. The reason I even point out Hilarie Burton is because of who she’s in a relationship with: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Negan on AMC’s The Walking Dead. While Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have a 17-year age difference, that’s really nothing in Hollywood.

6 Baby Sophia Bush

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Sophia Bush has been hot for forever, as one can clearly see with his smokin’ photo of a very young Sophia Bush. I mean, she clearly never had an awkward phase, right?

While this article is, indeed, about Sophia Bush being a hottie on the small screen, she’s had some success on the big screen as well. In 2006, Bush starred in the horror film Stay Alive and the teen comedy John Tucker Must Die. In 2007, she starred in another horror film The Hitcher. From there, Sophia Bush went on to appear in a few random indie films, but she never was able to find the type of success she had found on the small screen. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with embracing being a television actress. Julianna Margulies, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Gillan Anderson have had much more success on the small screen, making careers and fortunes off of that small screen success.

FYI, She Now Plays A Badass Police Officer

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We’ve already seen Sophia Bush looking sultry in lingerie and in red carpet gowns, but she also looks pretty hot in this photo, right? The fact that she’s packing heat helps, because it’s always hot to see a girl who is comfortable handling a gun. Though, to be honest, it’s rare to see a police officer who looks this hot. I mean, it’s rare to see anyone really who looks this hot in real life, but we’re just saying that police officers aren't generally this good looking. If they were, I think we’d all be speeding in hopes to be pulled over for a ticket.

Bush landed the gig on Chicago P.D. in 2014, but with One Tree Hill having come to an end in 2012, she had two years of not being tied to a television show. In that time, she appeared in Passion Pit’s “Carried Away” music video. I felt that was worth mentioning because the music video is actually really fun to watch, and obviously Sophia Bush’s appearance in it is part of the reason why.

5 Guys, She Just Has A Really Good Face

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Sophia Bush just has a really, really good face. She has one of those really pretty faces that you just kind of want to stare at and try to figure out why exactly she’s so very pretty. I don’t know why specifically she’s so pretty – I’m sure it has to do with the way her features align or something scientific like that – but her face is just really nice to look at.

One Tree Hill came to an end in 2012, which made it the fourth longest-running show on The CW, including the networks that merged to create The CW – The WB and UPN. The only shows that ran longer are Smallville, Supernatural, and 7th Heaven. Of those shows, Supernatural, is still on the air with no signs of slowing down.

Considering the fact that One Tree Hill ended in 2012, Sophia Bush found Chicago P.D. fairly fast. After leaving a long-time role, many celebrities will bounce around a bit, as they have difficulty finding a role that fits them just as well. That wasn’t the case with Sophia Bush, who embraced her Chicago P.D. character, Erin Lindsay, right away.

4 Like, A Really Good Face

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Again, I just don’t know what it is but Sophia Bush’s face is a good one. It just works. It's like Natalie Portman's face. She can't not be pretty.

Perhaps the reason that Sophia Bush adapted to her Chicago P.D. character so quickly is because Erin Lindsay is much like her character Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill. I mean, on the surface, they seem completely different - a cop and a fashion designer. But, Brooke Davis was stronger than people gave her credit for. Much in the way of Rachel Green on Friends, Brooke Davis grows from a vapid It-girl into an independent woman who has it all and gets it all on her own. In One Tree Hill’s season six arc, we see Brooke David be assaulted in her clothing store, which leads to her learning to use a gun, finding her assaulter, and standing up to him. Brooke Davis and Erin Lindsay are both strong, resilient, and take no prisoners type of women. While they are different characters, it’s easy to see how Sophia Bush’s fiery energy can play them both.

3 We Are So Here For This Trench Coat Look

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Like I said, Sophia Bush doesn’t do too many hot photoshoots so when you get a smokin’ photo, like this one, it’s a real treat. In this photo, Sophia Bush may be wearing a trench coat, but she’s showing A LOT of leg while doing it. In fact, Sophia Bush looks so hot in this trench coat that it kind of makes us wish it was raining, like, all the time.

On Chicago P.D., Sophia Bush’s Erin Lindsay is a little bit darker than Brooke Davis. She’s not fazed by much – not gangsters, drug lords, or street muscle – which may be because her character grew up on the streets. It's been revealed that her father was abusive, her mother was a drug addict, and her half-brother was taken into a pedophilia ring. At the age of 14, Erin Lindsay already had criminal record. At this point, Hank Voight – the hardened police officer – uses her as an informant and eventually takes her in as a legal guardian.

2 She Might Have The Best Smile In Hollywood

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There is nothing hotter than a woman who smiles from the inside out, and that’s exactly what Sophia Bush does. Whenever she cracks a smile, it seems to be coming from a deep place inside of her – like her whole body and her whole soul are smiling too. I mean, just look at her! That’s a megawatt smile. It’s a stop-and-stare-at-her smile.

Playing Erin Lindsay, Sophia Bush doesn’t get to rock this megawatt smile all that often. It’s not that Erin Lindsay never smiles, but it’s just that she doesn’t smile all that often. But, she is dealing with some pretty terrible crimes so it would be weird if she was walking around smiling all day, right? Sophia Bush has appeared as the hardly-smiling Erin Lindsay on Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago Justice, and Law & Order: SVU. Hey, it’s a Dick Wolf world and Sophia Bush is just living in it.

1 Supporting Women Is Her Hottest Role Of All

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Sophia Bush is her hottest here, because she's standing up for what she believes in. There is nothing in the world hotter than that.

Posing with Amy Schumer, this photo is of Sophia Bush at the 2017 Women’s March. Her activism hasn't just be ignited with the current state of American politics. Rather, Sophia Bush has long been an outspoken activist. She has helped in fundraisers for F*ck Cancer, Run For the Gulf, and Global Green Gulf Relief, among others. She spoke out for gay rights during their fight for marriage equality, and appeared in a tribute video for the victims of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. Sophia Bush has also been very vocal about her political beliefs and her feelings about Donald Trump. Whether you agree or disagree with Sophia Bush on issues – though, asking her equal rights and a clean environment just seems like something we should all agree on, right? – you have to respect anyone who cares passionately and is willing to speak out about what they believe in.

Sophia is not just hot for, well, being hot, but she’s also hot because she’s passionately working for a better world for us all. Giving a sh*t is the hottest thing of all and that's why Sophia Bush is the hottest woman on television.

Sources: Eonline.com, Brit.co

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