16 Stars Whose First Kiss Was On The Big Screen

There's a group of people walking around out there who don't just remember their first kiss. They had it filmed in a Hollywood film!

Do you remember your first kiss? For most of us, especially the ones who experienced it a long time ago, we often remember the nerves leading up to it or aftermath more than the kiss itself. Some people have these magical moments that will live on in their minds for the rest of their lives, whereas others don't even remember who they kissed, let alone how it felt, so they just attach the "first kiss" label to the earliest kiss they can remember. But there's a group of people walking around out there who don't just remember it. They had their first kiss filmed and produced with a Hollywood film budget and own the DVD of it. Imagine that? We often think about celebrities and how their lives are altered by stardom, but it's wild to acknowledge the people who had monumental life moments take place on camera. For the people on this list, if anyone asks them, "how was your first kiss," they can just say, "here, let me show you." How's that for a party trick?

Since most people experience their first kisses as children, most of the actors on this list were children when they got theirs. If you've ever taken the time to watch kids act, you'll have noticed that they often give really genuine performances. They're not always trained professionals, so they use their own personalities to inform their actions. Add in the fact that these kids have been asked to bare their souls and kiss for the very time in front of a huge crew and, soon, the world, and you've got some really amazing moments caught on film. You have to give some major respect to these little gaffers. Plus, they're so cute. You just want to pinch them. Here are 16 Stars Whose First Kiss Was in a Movie or TV Show.

16 Selena Gomez

Plenty of Disney stars had their first kisses on their respective Disney Channel shows. We could probably make an entire list of only those TV stars, but we won't. Let's just assume they all experienced their first kisses on camera. We will talk about Selena Gomez, though, because she's transcended the Disney world. For Gomez, it was one of the Sprouse twins, who she first kissed. Later, she would kiss the other brother too, so that probably caused some bad blood at the dinner table. "I had my first kiss with Dylan Sprouse on Suite Life," Gomez said. "I actually leaned in to kiss him, and I had my eyes closed a little too early and I ended up missing like half of his lip. It ended up being the most awkward kiss in the world. But I was 12 so it was okay and it was good."

15 Kara Hayward

Kara Hayward might not be a megastar just yet, but just you wait. Already with two incredible films on her resume (Moonrise Kingdom and Manchester by the Sea), Hayward is doing alright for herself. It was also in Moonrise Kingdom, her first movie, in which Hayward had her very first kiss as well. When asked about it, she said, "It was… I mean, it was all very — it was saved to the end, I believe, for purposes of we trusted each other and you know, we were very comfortable with the crew and the camera and everything. And we were acting. It was just another scene. It was very protected."

14 Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning seems like one of those kids who just came out of the womb mature and responsible. Plenty of kids are precocious and intelligent, but Fanning always had a charisma about her far beyond her years. Well, when she was filming Sweet Home Alabama as the child version of Reese Witherspoon, Fanning was asked to kiss the boy playing the young Jake. Afterward, when she talked about it, it was one of the rare occasions that she actually sounded like a little girl. “I was 7 and he was 10, and his name is Thomas Curtis. He was the first boy I've ever kissed in my entire life and he was three years older than me,” she said. “When he would kiss me, I would kind of go to the side... and wipe my mouth off because I was so embarrassed and didn't want to hurt his feelings.”

13 Elle Fanning

Like her older sister, Dakota, the insanely talented Elle Fanning had her first ever kiss in a movie as well. It was in the 2012 film, Ginger & Rosa. Knowing that this was her first kiss, director Sally Porter, changed up her standard routine for the young actress. “I did some very special things,” said Potter. “I allowed Elle to choose her co-star for that scene. And we had huge fun looking through all the photographs and all the potential [actors] so that she could laugh and laugh and laugh and get all the embarrassment out of the way.” She added, “I think if you’re going to have such an important experience with a camera right there, you need to feel powerful in it and not feel in any way manipulated or pushed. I put her in charge.”

12 Josh Hutcherson

By the time Josh Hutcherson filmed Little Manhattan, he was already an old pro. He was like 12 or 13 and had been acting for a few years already, but he had not yet had his first kiss, on film or in real life. "I was filming in New York City and my mom surprised me by flying my dad in for the kiss scene for support," he said of the kissing scene. "But it was a horrible first kiss because I had like a crew of like 50 people standing around and watching me. It was the most non-real, non-intimate moment that I could possibly have my first kiss, I think." First things first. To all you moms and dads out there. There's not a kid in the world who wants parental support for their first kiss. It doesn't matter if it's being recorded or not. Resist all temptation. Remember back to when you were a kid. Would you want your dad sitting there with a big stupid grin on his face watching you snog? No. That's gross.

11 Emma Roberts

When you're a star from a young age, you're going to be put in situations early and often, perhaps earlier and more often than you would be normally experiencing them in real life. That's how it went with Emma Roberts, who has been in the industry since she was 10-years old, first appearing in Blow. In 2004, Roberts got her show Unfabulous, an in it experienced her first ever kiss while the camera was rolling. “His name was Raja [Fenske] and he played Jake Behari on my TV show, Unfabulous,” she said. “He was the cutest. I feel like I had so many of my firsts on TV and in movies before I did in real life — all of them actually. They were fake before they were real, which I think gave me an unrealistic view of how they should be.”

10 Liam Hemsworth

Ok, so Liam Hemsworth didn't have his first ever kiss on camera, but he did have his first kiss with then-girlfriend and now-fiance Miley Cyrus, on camera. It was in the film The Last Song and he and Miley were co-stars. Hemsworth said that he knew they had to kiss in the film, but when it was to happen was a mystery. “We turned up on set the very first day and, originally, it was just a scene where we were running through the water and splashing and having fun,” Hemsworth said. “And halfway through the scene, the director, Julie Anne [Robinson], she yelled ‘Kiss!’ And we got thrown into a kiss on the boat.” Even though it wasn't the way he imagined their first kiss to go, he wasn't too upset about it. “It was good," he said.

9 Mila Kunis

These days, Mila Kunis is one of the hottest women on the planet and nearly every male and female has probably imagined kissing her at one point. But when Kunis got her big break on That '70s Show, she was only 15-years old. There's this whole story about how she lied about her age and how the casting team were incapable of doing any research, so they let it slide. But, the guy on the other end of her first kiss on the show, Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), was not 15. He was 20. It's safe to say that this first kiss might have been a bit more awkward had he known her true age. "I was so nervous and uncomfortable. I had the biggest crush on him," Kunis said when talking about the kiss. But not only did Kutcher not know her real age, he also didn't know she had never kissed anyone before, saying, "I was so nervous. She acted so cool. She seemed as if she'd done it a thousand times. I was the one with the butterflies in my stomach. I mean, here's this little girl and I have to kiss her. It was nerve-racking."

8 Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan is blowing up into one of the best young actresses out there and she's also one of the most beautiful. Young actors are probably lining up to get cast in a movie where they get to kiss her today. Ronan, however, wasn't too fond of the idea of kissing when her very first one was to be filmed in I Could Never Be Your Woman. “I was 11 years old and hadn’t kissed a boy before. I went up to the director, Amy Heckerling who did Clueless, and said, ‘Okay. How long do you want me to kiss this guy for because I don’t want this going on for very long?’ She said, ‘You know, a few seconds.’ ‘No, how many seconds?’ She said, ‘I don’t know. Maybe three seconds?’ Every time we’d do a take, I’d make sure it was only three seconds and I’d pull away.”

7 Kirsten Dunst

Not many girls can say that their first kiss was Brad Pitt, but even less can say that their first kiss was Brad Pitt in the last 25 years because that would mean Pitt's been running around kissing children or they had a very late first kiss. Well, actress Kirsten Dunst is one of the few who can say it. She got the chance to kiss Pitt in Interview with a Vampire when she was 11. Sadly for her, Pitt was 29 at the time, so the impact was lost on her. "I thought it was disgusting," she said. "I didn't kiss anyone else until I was 16, I think. I was a late bloomer." Dunst did say in another interview that her next kiss was with a boy when she was in grade eight. So, which one was it Dunst? Or were you 16 in grade eight?

6 Joey King

Actress Joey King is only 18-years old and already she's been acting for almost 15 years. Working with James Franco on their latest film together, Zeroville, King got to talking about how Franco set up her first ever kiss in the first movie they did together. "I did his movie, The Sound and the Fury, a while ago," she said. "[Franco] also directed that. He hired Keegan Allen to play my love interest. I had my first kiss with Keegan. I met him maybe an hour before we had to do the scene and he was 26 at the time and I was 14. I was so nervous. James told me he wouldn’t tell anybody that it was my first kiss, but then he made an announcement. I love Keegan and I’m so happy it was him because he’s the nicest person in the world, but I told James, 'if you can squeeze Benedict Cumberbatch in there that would be great.'" She seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

5 Macauley Culkin & Anna Chlumsky

When asked about their famous kiss in My Girl, both Macauley Culkin and Anna Chlumsky had the most adorable responses. Macauley was totally grossed out by it. Probably still thinking about the cooties when he said, "Yeeeccchhhk. It was like, fifteen takes. All angles. Yeeecchhhkkk." For Chlumsky, her famous quote was said when the pair were given the best kiss award at the 1991 MTV Movie Awards. While accepting the award, she gracefully said, "Gee my first kiss and I get an award."

4 Jesse Eisenberg

We spend most of our time as fans thinking about how movie stars can get whatever they want and do whatever they like, but we sometimes forget that many actors started out as awkward, if not eccentric, kids. Jesse Eisenberg was one of those kids. When he was cast in the 2002 film, Roger Dodger, it wasn't just his first film, it was the film that gave him his first ever kiss as well. At the time, Eisenberg was about 18 or 19 and his kissing partner, Jennifer Beals, was 30 and was already a major star (Flashdance). Well, apparently, Eisenberg kept his inexperience a secret at the time. Years later, when Beals was told that she was Eisenberg's first kiss, she said, "Oh, he didn't tell me that… That's interesting. Well, he — he did a good job."

3 Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel

Fred Savage's first kiss came on the set of The Wonder Years with Danica McKellar, so it was fitting that his little brother, Ben Savage, star of Boy Meets World, also had his first kiss on screen. But as fitting as it was, Ben says that he doesn't actually remember if it was, in fact, his first kiss. “When you’re little, I think people forget that you have little pecks with girls," he said. “I’m sure it was my first official kiss, I guess. I don’t remember—it’s been a long time.” For Danielle Fishel, however, the actress who played Topanga, it was her first kiss and she remembers it. She also said that, after the kiss, "[she] looked over at Ben, and he had gone completely white."

2 Alia Shawkat

Alia Shawkat's first kiss as Maeby in Arrested Development coincided with her first kiss as a human. The kiss took place in the pilot episode of the show and was with George Michael (Michael Cera). The story goes that Shawkat's father was on set that day and Cera was afraid that he was going to beat him up after the kiss. But Shawkat remembers that it went well. "It wasn’t like a make-out," she said. "You know what I mean? The way I describe it was that it’s like two fists hitting each other, boom, in and out. Also, we were good friends, which made it more awkward on the set, but once we were finished, we pretended like it never happened."

1 Millie Bobby Brown

Each of the kids of Stranger Things became overnight sensations after the show was released, none bigger than Millie Bobby Brown, who played Eleven, and Finn Wolfhard, who played Mike. By now, you've probably seen the show and seen the kiss that these two kids share. Well, that kiss was Brown's first ever. As Wolfhard tells it, the crew helped a lot in making light of the high-pressure moment, but he also recalls Millie's hilarious reaction to her first kiss. "Millie’s reaction was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on set," he said. "We didn’t kiss until the first take, and we did it. It was a really good take. They yelled cut. Millie got up and just looked, like, disappointed. Then she yelled out, 'Kissing sucks. That sucked.' That’s what she said. It was the funniest reaction I’ve ever seen on a person, because I was her first kiss. I don’t know, it was really, really funny. We were more comfortable with it than anyone else would be, which, I was really glad that happened."

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16 Stars Whose First Kiss Was On The Big Screen