16 Stars Who Look Way Younger Than Their Actual Age

There are celebrities who manage to stay in the public eye forever. We see them through the years on the big and small screens and within the blink of an eye they go from looking “perfect” to “what ha

There are celebrities who manage to stay in the public eye forever. We see them through the years on the big and small screens and within the blink of an eye they go from looking “perfect” to “what happened?” The celebs on this particular list have seemingly defied the odds and managed to go years and years looking the same or in some cases, even looking better than they did when they were a decade or two younger. Now who knows? Were there perhaps some procedures that influenced these Hollywood players' appearances? Perhaps, but I guess it’s up to us to speculate. Make no mistake about these stars, they all look way younger than their actual age; some of these people will have you running to the skin cream aisle or simply have you on your knees praying to get the lucky draw in genes in the next life.

These are faces that have seemed rather familiar for some time. After reading this list one will wonder if some of these celebrities are vampires or if they somehow gained access to the fountain of youth. Whether it's through an assortment of genes, skin creams, or just plain luck, these celebrities have defied Father Time. There are surely going to be some personalities that some people will not be surprised about and others where they may even disagree with. Nonetheless, here are 16 stars that look way younger than their actual age.

16 Bianca Lawson, 37


Okay. Wow. This woman simply doesn’t age. In fact, she’s basically played a teenager for almost two freakin’ decades. She has starred in everything from Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1993) and Save the Last Dance (2000) to MTV’s Teen Wolf (2012) and currently Queen Sugar. Anyone that grew up in the 90s probably remembers Bianca Lawson being on 90s shows such as Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Parent ‘Hood and more.  As everyone can see from the photo above, there isn’t too much of a distinction between Bianca now and Bianca then. Ms. Lawson looks so good in her late 30s that she could still easily get away with playing a college or grad school student. Sites such as have praised the actress’ youthful looks, making the assumption that she could actually be a vampire. Jokes aside, Bianca has some other remarkably beautiful women in her family, namely her two step-sisters Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, and they’re probably asking her for anti-aging secrets.

15 Rachel McAdams, 38


Everyone knows who Rachel McAdams is. We’ve seen her be the leading member of the plastics in Mean Girls. Millions cried as they watched her and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. We all remember her in the now classic comedy Wedding Crashers. Anyone that’s kept up with McAdams over the last decade or so will notice quite a few things. She’s a damn good actor having displayed her talents in various degrees of TV and Film in projects including: True Detective, Doctor Strange, Spotlight, Midnight in Paris, and more. She’s also got a nice booty, and she still pretty much looks the same as she did in her Mean Girls breakout role as Regina George. Remember, she was 26 years old playing a 16 year old girl; if that doesn’t show off the youth-genes then I don’t know what will. The photo above is the ever-so-youthful Rachel McAdams sporting her looks at the 88th annual academy awards last year. The age-defiant McAdams will soon star alongside Rachel Weisz and Alessandro Nivola in Disobedience.

14 Emily Kinney, 31


Emily Kinney is best known for her role as Beth Greene in the hit horror-drama The Walking Dead. The thing is, for those that are familiar with the show, Beth is the younger 16-year-old sister of fan favorite Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan). Fans of the show may have been surprised to find that that Emily was almost a decade older than the teenager she was playing. Kinney, now 31, continues look like she’s over ten years younger than she actually is, sporting an undeniable baby face. Emily currently plays Tess Larson on the ABC drama Conviction, the youngest member of the legal team. Emily has also contributed her youthful looks and immense talents to other shows such as: The Flash, Arrow, and Masters of Sex. The “Beth” actor also has a music career as an acclaimed singer-songwriter, releasing four albums between 2011 and 2015. There’s a solid chance by the time Emily reaches the big 4-0, she’ll still be acting in roles for characters that are half her actual age!

13 Paul Rudd, 47


Remember Clueless? That was perhaps the teen movie of the 90s and Paul Rudd was in the movie 22 years ago. He played Josh Lucas, Cher’s (Alicia Silverstone) ex-stepbro. Look at Paul Rudd in 1995 and look at him today. He has gone on to be featured in some of the funniest hit comedies of the last 2 decades, notably being associated with Judd Apatow and friends. Rudd played major parts in memorable comedies such as: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You Man. Paul Rudd continued his stream of success by getting cast as Scott Lang for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Ant-Man. He would later be featured in Captain America: Civil War. Throughout all of these starring roles, Paul simply hasn’t aged. He pretty much looks exactly the same as he did 10-15 years ago. According to, Paul’s anti-aging secret is sunscreen. “…I wear sunscreen, not to prevent wrinkles but because I don’t want to get skin cancer.”

12 Gabrielle Union, 44


Wowzers. Gabrielle Union has been in the game for a while now, starring in everything from late 90s early 2000s teen-oriented hits like She’s All That, Ten Things I Hate About You, and the movie that truly shot her into the mainstream eye, Bring It On. Union also spent parts of the 90s showing up in shows such as Smart Guy, Sister, Sister, and 7th Heaven. Gabrielle made a splash in the early 2000s starring in the blockbuster sequel Bad Boys 2. Lately Gabrielle’s been most known for playing Mary Jane Paul on the critically acclaimed hit show Being Mary Jane and for her marriage to NBA superstar and three time champion, Dwayne Wade. It’s no secret that Gabrielle’s amazing looks gives her the ability to garner youthful roles and even be a face for those who look to battle Father Time. She’s been a spokeswoman for Neutrogena since 2004 (go figure). Gabrielle, being the actor and entrepreneur that she is, doesn’t look to slow down any time soon.

11 MIA, 41


“I fly like paper get high like planes.” Yeah, that singer. MIA is known for her unique style and politically charged brand of music. She’s perhaps the epitome of being a “jack of all trades.” She’s also looked exactly the same since she burst on to the scene in 2000. Her diverse array of music definitely echoed her looks, which have helped her remain relevant in the eyes and ears of listeners around the world. It would be a challenge to try and locate a wrinkle or lining of any kind on her baby face. What’s even more impressive is that MIA has constantly toured and made no bones about her political beliefs whether it’s through the mic or on the stage; simply put, MIA is quite a busy woman. She apparently said that her latest album AIM, would be her last. Let’s just say if this beautiful woman wanted to pose more often as an extension of her various statements, she wouldn’t have a problem fooling those wondering about her age.

10 Sofia Vergara, 44


Yeah. We all know the name by now and wow. This Colombian has been in the mainstream lens for quite a long time, only to earn more fame than ever before after starring on the hit TV show Modern Family. Sofia’s amazing curves took the world by storm, garnering both male and female admirers. Sofia, who’s a natural blonde, has been the top paid actress on TV three times. Her role as Gloria Marie Ramirez-Pritchett led her to being a four time golden globe nominee and being placed 32nd on Forbes' most powerful women on Earth. Sofia looks hotter and more in shape than women who are literally half her age. It’s no wonder that this bombshell is with beauty products like Head & Shoulders. For those wondering about Sofia’s beauty secrets, she is a client of French beauty expert, Camille Obadia. Sofia has no issues raving about Obadia’s products. Camille runs a private, appointment-only salon with a high price tag, so obviously Sofia can afford it; it’s not like she needs it anyway…

9 JLo, 47


Jennifer Lopez (aka JLo), is one of the more famous celebrities out there, leading the Latin explosion in the US pop culture scene in the late 90s and for many, putting nice big backsides on the map. We all know her story (just listen to the now classic “Jenny From The Block”), but for those who want a quick rundown; she’s from the Bronx, started out as a fly girl on In Living Color, starred in a couple of movies in the 90s such as Money Train, got her breakout role in 1997’s Selena, launched a music career in the late 90s and the rest is history. Despite being in her late 40s, JLo barely looks like she’s out of her early 30s. Jenny from the block hasn’t slowed down either. She was a judge on the latter seasons of American Idol, plays Detective Harlee Santos on the crime series Shades of Blue, and she started All I Have, which is a Las Vegas residency show located at Planet Hollywood’s The AXIS theater.

8 Lupita Nyong'o, 33


If you don’t know who this woman is now then you’ve most likely been hiding under a rock the last couple of years. Lupita burst onto the scene when she played Patsey in the Oscar Winning historical drama 12 Years a Slave. It was her first feature role. Everyone was definitely excited about Lupita’s talents and she provided a gut-wrenching memorable performance that eventually won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. With all that said, Lupita also turned heads because she’s not only hot, she’s gorgeous. When looking at Lupita one could easily mistake the Kenyan-Mexican actress for being ten years younger than she actually is. She played a teenager in the Broadway play Eclipsed back in 2015. The Oscar winner has gone on to be featured on the covers of numerous beauty oriented magazines including the likes of Elle, Lucky Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. There’s no doubt that Lupita will continue to look as youthful as ever for years to come.

7 Alyson Hannigan, 42


“…And this one time, at band camp!” Everyone’s favorite bandgeek has the look of someone that could still get carded despite being in her early 40s. Anyone that doesn’t know who Alyson Hannigan is can simply pop in one of the American Pie movies or watch her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother. Despite apparently finding an amount of difficulty landing new roles (according to, Alyson was able to have a solid range of work that displayed her youth. Though she has seemed to slide underneath the Hollywood radar as of now, people will most certainly take notice once she resurfaces and everyone realizes she’s looked the exact same as she did back when American Pie first hit theaters in 1999. These days Hannigan is the host of the CW show Penn & Teller: Fool Us and, of course, she looks like she hasn’t aged a single day in her already amazing life.

6 Salma Hayek, 50


The photo above is from when Salma Hayek was 48, at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, but let’s be honest, whether she’s 48 or 50, she could still easily pass for a younger woman. In fact, it’s safe to assume that when this beautiful woman is around younger women, she is as confident as ever. Anyone that grew up in the 90s remembers this goddess from films such as Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn. Hayek earned an Oscar nomination for playing the iconic Mexican painter Frida Khalo in the acclaimed 2002 movie Frida. Salma, who’s always had the reputation of being one of the hottest women on the planet, definitely aged gracefully, so gracefully that despite looking like a hot more mature woman, she still looks like she could pass for someone in her 30s. If people were to line this woman up with other women half her age without knowing who she is, I’d bet she’s definitely get her fair share of votes.

5 Halle Berry, 50


Yes, the beautiful force of nature that is Halle Berry is 50 years old. One wouldn’t know it looking at this fine talented woman. The Oscar winner has been in many memorable standalone movies such as her award winning Monster’s Ball, Boomerang, and Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. Ms. Berry is also known for playing Storm in the X-Men franchise. Berry’s inability to age and her gift of always being smokin’ hot always has her at the top of many 'hot' and 'most beautiful' lists. She’s been in the top ten of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People In the World list 7 damn times and she was named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine when she was 42 years old. Trust me, there hasn’t been much, if any, significant “drop off.” Halle Berry simply doesn’t look like she’s 50 years old. She’s yet another beautiful woman who could get away with saying she’s in her mid-thirties despite being much older.

4 Jared Leto, 45


Jared Leto has been famous for quite a while now. You would think that he’d be famous for his method acting and performances, but he’s clearly famous because he’s in his mid-forties yet looks like he’s barely 30. There’s a certain sect of people who may remember Leto from the 90s ABC show My So-Called Life. Although it lasted for one season, it remains a beloved show of the era. Leto went on to star in movies like Fight Club and The Thin Red Line. The immortal-looking one would then balance his acting and music careers fronting the band 30 Second to Mars. The band achieved a huge amount of success. Leto then came back to the limelight for his role as a transgender woman in the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club in which he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Lately the Oscar Winner has made headlines as the latest man to play the iconic Batman villain the Joker, starring in the 2016 blockbuster film Suicide Squad.

3 Jennifer Aniston, 47


A list about celebs who look younger than their actual age wouldn’t be complete without Jennifer Aniston. We know the story of this star. The 90s friend’s megastar had millions of women wanted to emulate her hairdo and now in her late 40s she remains the object of affection for plenty of dudes and a beacon of youth for the ladies. The photo above chronicles Jennifer Aniston from 1995 to 2015 (she was 45 two years ago). You know something is going right when you’re hotter than you were 20 years later. Aniston has hot a solid post-Friends and post-Brad Pitt career. She’s starred in hit films such as Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, He’s Just Not That Into You, Just Go With It, Horrible Bosses, and We’re The Millers. Aniston has had no issues showing of her amazing body either. I’m sure she pisses off a lot of women that are between 18 and 35 years old.

2 Pharrell Williams, 43


Pharrell Williams has been in the mainstream for over 25 years and he’s looked exactly the same the entire way through. Pharrell through and through is a producer, having concocted a distinct sound under the name The Neptunes with his partner Chad Hugo and also doing solo productions. Williams has produced a legion of hits ranging from Wreckx N’ Effect’s “Rump Shaker” Mystikal’s 2000 smash “Shake Ya Ass,” and the 2013 Robin Thicke hit “Blurred Lines” to Gwen Stefani’s number one hit “Hollaback Girl” and his own iconic hit “Happy.” Pharrell is a very busy man, but he has managed to appear as if he’s a man stuck in his mid-20s for some time now. The “Happy” singer has clearly found a secret that everyone would die for. Who knows what he could possibly look like by the time he’s 50 years old. Perhaps he could look like he’s 50 years old going on 30? According to ABC News, Pharrell found his pathway to immortality by doing one simple thing; washing his face.

1 Gwen Stefani, 47

Via Fuse.Tv

Gwen Stefani is basically the definition of having a brand. She’s an all-time musician, leading No Doubt to worldwide stature and launching her own successful solo career in the 2000s. She’s a fashion icon, launching her L.A.M.B. clothing line. She’s a role model for millions of women due to her independent, tough yet beautiful girl image, and if you look at the picture above, she looks like she’s (at worst) forever stuck in her early 30s. Gwen’s looks have made men and women’s jaws drop to the floor as she’s remained within sights of the pop culture lens over the years. According to, Gwen Stefani’s secret to looking like she never left her 90s self is falling in love and writing an entire album about it. Who knew that dating Blake Shelton could be a pathway to becoming a vampire? All jokes aside, Gwen Stefani looks as though she won’t slow down anytime soon, and thus scientists will begin to study how such a beautiful person could look exactly the same for over 20 years (without any surgery).


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16 Stars Who Look Way Younger Than Their Actual Age