16 Stars Who Have Never Filmed An "Intimate" Scene

some actors seem genuinely uncomfortable with the prospect of faking "it" in front of a bunch of strangers and cameras.

It's rare to find stars who openly enjoy shooting "intimate" scenes. While some argue that most actors only say they don't enjoy them to keep their spouses happy and unconcerned about them fooling around with other people for money, some actors seem genuinely uncomfortable with the prospect of faking sex in front of a bunch of strangers and cameras. There are some actors, and this list includes a couple of them, who have said outright that they will not do "intimate" scenes on camera. There are others who just haven't been asked to do them. Why these stars haven't been asked depends on the person. Some are just coming into their adult film years, so they just haven’t done it yet. Others are not viewed as sex symbols, so filmmakers haven't been in a rush to get them in bed on camera. We'll deal with several different categories in this list, so you get a little bit of everything.

So what do we mean by an "intimate scene"? Technically, we mean sex scenes, but really any intense sexual encounters count, within reason. Some have made out on camera, while others have even pretended to have a sex scene, but none of the actors in this list have ever had one that was intended to fool the audience. We'll deal with each in a case by case basis, but the next time you see any of the stars that are on this list involved in a sex scene in a movie, you will be able to turn to the person next to you and say, "guess what? This is their first ever sex scene." Maybe don’t say it to a random stranger in the theater, but, if you know the person, prepare to impress the pants off of the them.

16 Chloe Grace Moretz

Since 2005's Amityville Horror, Chloe Grace Moretz has been a mainstay on the big screen. Watching someone grow up on screen makes it strange when they become grown adults and their on-screen images change. Moretz has turned from a precocious child into a feisty teen, and now, at 20 years old, she's a woman. While she hasn't appeared in any intimate scenes yet, it's almost a given that they will happen at some point soon, as they do with most actresses. The word on the streets is that Moretz and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising co-star, Zac Efron, did actually film a sex scene, but it was cut from the film. When asked about it, Moretz said, “It was an anti-sex scene because my clothes stayed on. It was only him that was completely undressed. It was pretty raunchy, pretty wild."

15 Audrey Hepburn

Though Audrey Hepburn was a sex symbol for a long time, she never got undressed or had any risqué scenes in her career. Her choice to remain modest probably had a lot to do with her squeaky clean public image and the fact that she represented an upper-class type of actress, a more refined sex symbol than some of the lewder actresses. In those days, most actresses fell into one of two classes, those who were overtly sexy and those who were sexy but modest. The Marilyn Monroes and Elizabeth Taylors had the one side locked down, so Hepburn went the other route.

14 Neal McDonaugh

When actor Neal McDonaugh was fired from the TV show Scoundrels, the reason was revealed to be because he refused to participate in sex scenes. It wasn't anything to so with his co-star, Virginia Madsen, the decision had to do with McDonaugh's religious beliefs and personal morals. This no-sex clause has been in McDonaugh's contract since he started acting and he's not about to change it now. The actor has been in a number of shows and films that have sex as the centerpiece and McDonaugh has managed to wade through them without sacrificing his body, so to speak. McDonaugh's refused sex scenes in Desperate Housewives and Boomtown in the past, so this is nothing new.

13 Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson has been in the industry for over 40 years and she's never been involved in a sex scene. That's pretty remarkable. Back in 1985, Wilson and Tom Hanks met on the set of Volunteers and they've been together ever since. Wilson's had a few scenes where behind-the-scenes sex is implied, such as in Mixed Nuts, but never anything explicit. By this point in her career, Wilson isn't about to break her streak. When she appeared in Girls, Wilson put in a no-nudity clause, just in case they asked her to do anything nude or sexual. “I [wanted] it put in my contract," she said. "[They] don’t want to see me nude… That’s all I have to say. I’m like, ‘Don’t write in any nudity, please!'”

12 John Rhys-Davies

For much of his career, John Rhys-Davies has portrayed rougher and tougher type characters. Not to say that's all he has played, but it would be difficult to ever picture any of his characters in a sexy scene. For whatever reason, Rhys-Davies has all but avoided sex scenes in his career (or he's been avoided). Nowadays, Rhys-Davies looks too much like his Lord of the Rings character, Gimli, to have any director go out of their way to break the actor's run of sexless films. Rhys-Davies is also a tad pompous, which may play into it. By all means, this man is an incredible talent, but he's been known to quite critical of anything he feels is too "Hollywood" for his tastes, which leads us to believe that he would never even consider on-screen intimacy in the first place.

11 Danny Devito

Fans of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will look at this and remember back to when Frank (Danny Devito) had sex on screen while he was dressed like a Native person. So, why are we counting him? Though the scene does happen, technically, it's so far from gratuitous that we don't think it should count. Both Devito and the woman are entirely blurred out and only his head is visible. It's more of a gag to show you how he's dressed than a sex scene. Plus, outside of this little endeavour, Devito has never done anything of the kind. He's never been considered the sexy type, so filmmakers have used him in other ways. In many of his films, he's had beautiful women on his arm, but they never take it further than a few kisses here or there. Sorry, Danny. Maybe you were hoping your scene in It's Always Sunny was enough to break your shutout, but we're not buying it. For all we know, you and your on-screen partner were fully dressed beneath the blur.

10 Kirk Cameron & Candace Cameron Bure

Both Candace Cameron Bure, best known for her work on Full House, and her brother, Kirk Cameron, have never filmed any sex scenes in their careers. Both have talked about this too, saying they've decided against it because of their religious beliefs. When Candace was asked if it was awkward for her and her husband to watch her get intimate on screen, she said, "It certainly can! I've never considered doing a sex scene nor is it an option just on personal conviction. But, that simple kiss at the end of a movie when the guy and girl finally profess their love for one another... YES! I love watching those moments! My husband... not so much -- which is why he doesn't." So, yeah, they kiss sometimes on screen but never anything more.

9 Bruce Lee

There are several factors as to why sex scenes weren’t a focus for Bruce Lee in his films. One would be that he is one of the greatest action stars of all time. Directors wanted to have him kicking and punching as much as possible. Another would be that, in Hollywood, filmmakers weren’t concerned about making Lee into a sex symbol. They wanted to make him into the deadliest man in film, any love-making scenes might make him appear less than that. He did, however, film one sex scene in his career. It just never made it to the final cut. The film was The Big Boss, and the scene was to show Lee having sex with a prostitute, but it was cut for being too lewd. In the scene, the activity between the two was so wild that the people in the neighboring rooms were trying to get a better look at the action. Seems like Lee was multi-talented.

8 Jennifer Lawrence

As we write this, we acknowledge that Jennifer Lawrence is no longer an on-screen virgin. In her newest film, Passengers, Lawrence and co-star Chris Pratt do get down and dirty, so JLaw doesn't really deserve to be on this list anymore. But, if you consider the movies she's been in and the fact that she's been a sex symbol for many of them, it's still crazy. Plus, with Passengers still in theaters, it's not official for everyone yet. Now there's another little caveat here. In Serena, there was a sex scene that involved JLaw's character, but they used a body double for the shots.

7 Chris Farley

When you think of Chris Farley, you don't often think of sexiness. You're probably more inclined to think of how funny he was or how incredible he was with physical comedy. Well, the filmmakers who worked with Farley were no different. In his film career, Farley wasn’t put into any sex scenes on camera, save one. That one scene was in Coneheads and Farley was courting Connie Conehead (Michelle Burke). Just when his character was about to break Farley's sexless streak, Connie revealed that her people use senso-rings. They throw these rings onto their cones and it simulates sex, or so it seems. This is as close as Farley ever got to sex on camera.

6 Cara Delevingne

When Cara Delevingne got into acting, she knew that nudity and sex scenes were an eventuality for her. Coming from the modelling world, Delevingne isn’t against any of that. It just so happens that she hasn't been involved in that side of the industry yet. “I already know when I look at a script and f I have to be naked, there are just things that I look for that I know automatically whether it’s something I don’t want to do or not,” she said. “I have morals I want to keep to," she added. "We’ll see. You have good people around you who help you make those decisions. Hopefully I pick the right one [but] you never know these things… If it’s a role I’d really love, I’d do it. It just depends. For the sake of art, always.” Although, by the time you read this, Cara Delevingne's streak of no-sex scenes might well have come to an end. In her upcoming film, Tulip Fever, Delevingne is said to partake in some on-screen intimacy for the first time.

5 Emma Watson

Emma Watson has had a number of close encounters on camera but nothing that would ever be considered an "intimate" scene. She's had suggestive scenes in Colonia, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Noah and The Bling Ring. Hell, even Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 has some dicey scenes for the stunning actress, but she's never taken it the entire way. She has a weird scene in Regression where it appears to be Watson nude and involved in a sex scene, but it's very clearly not her and it's a nightmare type scene, so we're not counting it. When asked if she would ever go nude in a film, if only to escape from her image as Hermione Granger, Watson said, “I’m not going to get my kit off in a film, just to leave Hermione behind… I’m not going to do something shocking because I’m so paranoid or insecure that I can’t play another role convincingly. I don’t want everyone to forget me as Hermione. I’m really proud of her.” So, you're saying there's a chance?

4 Abigail Breslin

Like Chloe Grace Moretz, Abigail Breslin is still very young and the image of her as a little girl is still too close for many movie fans to have her appear in any intimate scenes on camera. At least for now. At just 20-years old, Breslin still reminds us of that little girl we know her best as, the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine. Because of that, many filmmakers will continue to keep up that image, but we can't expect that to last forever. Breslin is beautiful and beautiful actresses always end up in intimate scenes at some point. It happens with such regularity that it's almost mandatory. We shouldn't be all that alarmed by that reality though. Love and sex are part of being human, so it's long been a character device in the film industry. It also just so happens to be something you don't see everyday, so filmmakers employ as often as they can. That means that anyone who is still holding onto Breslin's squeaky-clean image should brace themselves for the future. Things are going to change. It's just a matter of when.

3 John Goodman

While John Goodman has never been involved in sex scene on camera in the traditional sense, frequent collaborators, Joel and Ethan Cohen, clam that in they're minds, they did film a sex scene with Goodman. When asked why the Cohen brothers don’t shoot very many sex scenes in their films, Joel said, "the scene in Barton Fink where John Turturro and John Goodman wrestle? We consider that a sex scene." The reasons why Goodman doesn’t get more (or any) sex scenes are up to you to decide. He is a very large man, like 6'2 but looks 6'5. For much of his early career, Goodman was also much burlier than he is now, too burly to have him appear as a sex symbol in Hollywood. Today, in his mid-60s, it seems that ship may have sailed for good.

2 Whoopi Goldberg

If you had to think of an actress who hasn't done a sex scene, Whoopi Goldberg might have been one of the actors you thought of. You'd also be correct in doing so because she never has done one. This makes sense too. Now, we don't think that because Whoopi is unattractive or anything like that. Well, that's at least not the only reason. The reason why it makes sense that Whoopi hasn't done anything like that is because she almost always plays a sexless type of character on screen. In basically every role she's ever played, Whoopi plays this sort of genderless/sexless being. Throughout her career, Whoopi has relied on her comedy and her delivery, not her image. When she was on the Graham Norton Show, she responded to the discussion of filming sex scenes by saying, "I love that you included me in that comment but I have never done a sex scene." When asked why not, she said, "It wasn't my decision!"

1 Kathy Bates

The reason Kathy Bates has no sex scenes on her resume is not because of her acting ability. She's long been one of the best out there. We may never know the real reason why Bates has no sex scenes, but it may be because she's not considered a sex symbol. She never has been. In 2002's About Schmidt, Bates did take off her close and jump into a hot tub with Jack Nicholson, but that's the closest she ever got. Nope, Bates is not one to use her sexuality on screen, which might even make her job as an actress more difficult. If that is truly the case, then Bates' career is all the more amazing than we already thought it was.

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