16 Shameless Pics Of Celebs And Their Camels

There are few things more entertaining when it comes to celebrities than to read about their personal lives and see photos of them not all dolled-up for a part. Arguably, even the entertainment they provide us, such as movies, concerts, and television shows cannot compete with the juiciness of their real lives. Especially fun is when these oh-so-perfect stars of Hollywood have a wardrobe malfunction like a nip slip. Even better, very obvious camel toes! There's just something about a great, big, old camel toe that amuses a person, is there not? To break up the monotony of seeing celebrities looking perfect all the time, a bunch of camel toe pics is just the thing you need.

Every woman experiences a camel toe at some point during her life; it's practically unavoidable. But luckily for most people, they don't have paparazzi photographing them 24/7 to forever memorialize every such instance on the worldwide web. These stars aren't so lucky, and most of them have more than one (if not several) instances of this happening to them. Unlucky for them, lucky for us.

The following are 16 photos that illustrate how the camel toe is much more prevalent in Hollywood than you might have previously thought. These 16 famous women are all very successful, attractive people, but they have all also been caught with a very obvious camel toe. Read on to see who I'm talking about, and see the juicy pictures for yourself!

16 Pretty Little Camel Toe

This blonde knockout is Ashley Benson, who played Hanna Marin on all seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars. You may not be able to tell here, but she's actually considered to be quite hot. But she's human, and as we can clearly see, she suffered from a camel toe on the day this photo was taken, like most women do at some point in their lives. Her outfit is quite strange -- an odd combination of the leather jacket, see-through sweater top, wicker purse, and pants that look to be made of sweatpants material. It's a good thing she's pretty, because even here, she manages, somehow, to still look good despite the heinous clothing, mess of hair, and very obvious camel toe that draws all attention down to her nether regions.

15 Try Not To Stare At It

Even the adorable Chloe Grace Moretz isn't immune to the ugly side of fashion (if you can call workout clothes fashion, that is). Chloe, who's known for her starring roles in movies like The Fifth Wave, If I Stay, and Stephen King's Carrie, had an unfortunate camel toe in this photo that looks to have been taken post-workout. This is even more unfortunate because after working out is generally when people look their worst anyway, but to add this glaring, in-your-face camel toe in there is pretty unsightly. Especially in this photo with the angle it's taken at, the camel toe is where our eyes immediately fall. If we didn't know any better, we would never think that Chloe is actually a talented actress in Hollywood who's won viewers over with her cute charm -- and, since she's been 18, won over male audiences with her good looks.

14 These Shorts Do Her No Justice

This pretty lady is actress Victoria Justice, known best for the television series Victorious. She's a cute girl and looks like she would be really fun and friendly. But her camel toe has got to go. This photo was snapped by some paparazzi while Victoria was out and about in Los Angeles, and while short shorts are generally a good look if you have the right kind of body (which she does), on this day, they were just not working for her. Linked arm in arm with a friend with some leftovers from a meal out, Victoria otherwise looks super hot with her red lips, long hair, and casual outfit. Her whole demeanor screams cool, except for that one little detail of the camel toe. At least it's not the most noticeable thing about the photo as it is for many of the women on this list.

13 You Can't Not Look At It

Do you recognize this pretty face? It took me a while to place her without all the bright red lipstick, heavy eye makeup, platinum blonde hair, and slinky clothing. But in fact, this camel-toe offender is Christina Aguilera. I don't know which look is worse for her: this one that makes her look like a normal person, except for the terrible camel toe that you can't not see, or the one I just described which is quite over the top. In this photo, the woman who has the vocals to rival Mariah Carey's would otherwise look cute in her laid-back black tank and yoga pants, denim jacket, and cute curls. In fact, she looks much better without all the goop on her face, which is the way we usually see her. But like all of the pictures on this list, that camel toe is the main focus of the photo. And by the look on her face, she might know it.

12 Skin-Tight, Skin-Colored Pants Are a No-No

She may have the face of an angel, the "Most Beautiful In the World," but even the untouchable Angelina Jolie is capable of having a massive camel toe -- which she does in this photo shoot from way back when. Now 42, the Maleficent actress is the mother of six children and has aged a lot since this photo was taken. She could be even more prone to camel toes now, but this one would still probably take the cake. A very young Angelina poses on the hood of a car, spread eagle, and wearing skin-tight, skin-colored pants. What did she think was going to happen? This is not the best look for Angelina because, as we know, she's capable of so much more class than this.

11 Hiding Her Face in Humiliation?

What would a sex symbol be without a few camel-toe snapshots for people to stare at? Angelina Jolie's mini-me, Megan Fox, seems to have inherited her penchant for this less-than-glamorous problem, which is interesting since both Angelina and Megan are so physically perfect. However, it's somewhat comforting for the rest of the women in the world to know that even these two Hollywood goddesses experience womanly annoyances such as the camel toe. In this photo, Megan appears to have been traveling and is wearing a comfy gray tee and sweats. But those sweats look a little too tight between her legs, and judging by her body language, she might very well know it. She appears to almost be hiding her face in embarrassment, although it's just as likely that she just doesn't want to be photographed by the paparazzi. Neither would I with a camel toe like that one!

10 Looking Classy, Even With a Camel Toe

Actress Eva Longoria is most always pictured looking very well put-together, her hair and makeup done, dressed in classy clothing. Of course, there are workout photos and everyday life photos of her captured for celebrity magazines, as with any other Hollywood star. But Eva still manages to look pretty close to perfect no matter what she's doing or where she's going (the gym included). And that's the case in this photo as well. Eva looks just like her amazing, beautiful self -- except for one thing: the huge camel toe she has going on. Perhaps the white makes it worse or more obvious somehow. But as she gets out of this vehicle and the photo is snapped, she appears to be quite surprised and maybe didn't have time to, ahem, adjust herself before stepping out of the van. She should probably expect paparazzi at every corner, though.

9 Hayden Is a Repeat Offender

If ever there was a repeat camel-toe offender in Hollywood, it just might be actress Hayden Panettiere. The girl is lovely and a talented actress whom many remember best for playing the cheerleader Claire Bennet on Heroes and country singer Juliette Barnes on Nashville. But she seems to have the recurring problem of a camel toe. These two photos were far from all there are of Hayden and her camel toe. It seems to happen mostly when she's wearing workout clothing, although even loose sweats seem to present the problem for her as well, as evidenced in the photo on the left. Hotness, apparently, is no anecdote for this common, annoying female problem. If it were, she wouldn't have it. And even though she clearly does, Hayden will always be cute, bubbly, and a fan favorite, no matter the status of her nether regions.

8 Kim K: Camel Toe All Day

Another repeat camel-toe offender is Kim Kardashian, along with the other females in her entire family. All of the Kardashian/Jenner women, their mother included, seem to suffer from this predicament, and the photos are out there to prove it. These are just two of the numerous photos on the internet of Kim and her prevalent camel toe. It's interesting because all of the Kardashians (but especially Kim) are always so conscious of their looks. Kim primps all day long to look the way she does. She wears the nicest clothes and hires the top hair and makeup people in the country. She prides herself on her looks, and yet she's consistently seen everywhere with a camel toe -- and not even a little one. You would think that by now she would've noticed it and taken care of it. After all, she's quite vain and is always looking at herself in magazines and online, so there's really no excuse.

7 The Common Family Camel Toe: All Other Kardashians, Ever

Kim may have gotten her own spot on this list, but to save time, we'll lump the rest of them together (they're all practically the same person anyway, right?). All five of these women (from left to right: Kourtney, Khloe, Kris, Kendall, and Kylie) are serious repeat offenders when it comes to having a camel toe, just like their sister Kim. It must run in the family, just like wearing so much black does. In each and every photo above, the camel toe is clear as day. I guess the old adage is true in this case -- like mother, like daughters. That couldn't be more obvious in every way, from their shared "K" names to their clothing styles to their demeanors to the way they live their lives. It seems as if the common family camel toe is just one more thing they all have in common. I wonder if Penelope, North, and Dream will follow in the previous generation's footsteps, so to speak?

6 The Proof That Thigh-Gap Is Gross

This is a really bad case of the camel toe. Like, really bad. Kate Beckinsale has the whole thigh gap thing going on already, which doesn't help. Her thinness actually works against her, at least in this photo. Her major camel toe would definitely not be as noticeable without that huge thigh gap, which is something that people cannot seem to agree on whether it's an attractive thing or not. At least in this photo, it's not. In fact, this picture should probably be used in deterring young girls from thinking the thigh gap is attractive. It would be a great tool to use on the impressionable youth of America, many of whom want to be skinny, skinny, skinny and who go to great lengths to achieve said thinness. But it doesn't work for everyone (and neither does the total bitch stance -- folded arms, RBF -- that Kate has going on here). It's an all-around completely unflattering picture of a woman who is usually so attractive.

5 Everything Is Peeping Through Hilary's Bikini

Former Disney child star Hilary Duff looks pretty good here; her body looks to be a healthy weight (not too thin, but not heavy at all), and she looks like she's in good shape. At the beach, soaking up some rays and splashing in the ocean, she wears a huge smile and looks genuinely happy. Of course, she has a camel toe (and a nipple, as well) peeping out of her maroon-colored bikini. It's not the absolute worst camel toe we've ever seen, but it's definitely there. Back in the days of Lizzie McGuire, this would've never happened, but Hilary has grown up and even become a wife and mother. Her roles are more grown up, too, as she's currently playing editor Kelsey Peters on the show Younger. So, now she's dealing with grown-up problems in her real life as well. In this photo, that just happens to be a camel toe.

4 Mariah Loses 70 Pounds and Chooses THIS Outfit to Flaunt Her New Bod

This one is pretty embarrassing, especially because there are dozens and dozens of photos out there of this performance, and all of them flaunt the very prominent camel toe. It's obviously that outfit that's at fault, but her stylists should've chosen better. This performance took place in Austria in 2012, shortly after Mariah had lost 70 pounds of the baby weight she'd gained carrying twins Moroccan and Monroe, now aged six. But the red and black spandex pants she's sporting do not do her any favors. At the Top of the Mountain concert, she wore them anyway and will now have to forever deal with the consequences of that decision, which are the endless photos of her gross camel toe (there are even some of her then-husband Nick Cannon ogling his wife's supposed-to-be-private area in disbelief). I get that she was eager to show off her weight loss, but this was not the way to do it.

3 The Wild Child Is At It Again

Let's be honest: is anyone really surprised that Miley Cyrus has a spot on this list? I'm going to go ahead and guess that's a big fat no. But the great thing about Miley is that she DGAF about what the public -- or anyone, for that matter -- thinks. If she did, "Wrecking Ball" and other projects of hers like it would probably not exist, at least not if she ever wanted to face Billy Ray again. Miley has toned down her antics over the years and grown up a bit. She went from sweet, innocent little Hannah Montana to wild child party girl to respectable actress and vocalist. In this photo, Miley wears a pea-green silk bodysuit that gives her some ample cleavage but also highlights another body part: her camel toe. What it is about Miley and her unmentionables, I will never know, but she sure does love to show them off. And I love that she doesn't care in the slightest what anyone has to say about it.

2 I Spy... Another Dimple

Miranda Kerr isn't necessarily someone I would've thought would be on a list like this, but all women have these moments, and besides, with all that Victoria's Secret lingerie modeling, the girl is bound to have a camel toe at some point. But I cannot help but notice that while she's known for her pronounced dimples that have become her trademark, another very obvious dimple has made an appearance in this photo. Walking the runway in what we can probably assume is a white swimsuit from the Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Collection, Miranda looks gorgeous, of course. But there's no mistaking that camel toe, which is pretty noticeable given that she's wearing very tight white and standing under very bright lighting.

1 Fashion At The Expense of Embarrassment

Yikes. I don't know if I've ever seen Taylor Swift quite like this before. Usually, in photos and during performances, it's her bright red lipstick we're drawn to first, but not here. Nope, the first things (or one of the first things) that people notice here is her camel toe. On stage, under some very bright lights, this is understandable. Her black sequined bra top and high-waisted black shorts make for a cute outfit to match her bubbly, cute personality. But the shorts, at least, don't do her justice, and they take away from noticing all the great things there are about Taylor. I'll bet the people watching this performance were distracted by her camel toe and missed out on some of her talent, for example. High-waisted shorts, while cute and otherwise flattering, will do that to a girl. And since Taylor is a huge fan of this style, she's also become a repeat offender of the camel toe.

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