16 Seriously Disgusting Bad Hygiene Pics From Hollywood – Part 2

When it comes to Hollywood superstars, we are all accustomed to seeing them looking their best on-screen or in print media. Even when they don’t look their best in photos, they are often airbrushed to within an inch of their lives. It leaves us lowly members of the public thinking that these stars must be cleverly disguised demigods who manage to achieve perfection around the clock. However, there are some tell-tale pics that prove this isn’t the case. Even Hollywood stars have their bad days when it comes to appearance, and these photos prove it!

Unfortunately for these stars, there is always someone waiting to snap a photo when they are not looking their best. Of course, these are the pictures that people tend to love the most because it proves that these world-famous celebrities are essentially just like everyone else. In fact, most think it makes a refreshing change to see the ‘real’ person rather than the fake or even airbrushed one. From hairy armpits and sweat marks that show through to scruffy bitten nails and unsightly boogers, these photos have it all. So, let’s take a look at some of the top disgusting bad hygiene pictures from Hollywood.

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16 Julia Roberts – Hairy Woman, Walking Down The Street

Many people will always associate Julia Roberts with the hit movie Pretty Woman, which was the role that catapulted her to Hollywood fame and fortune. However, in this photo, she is not so much a pretty woman as a hairy one. While there is no mistaking Julia’s classic beauty, the top she is wearing in this picture does her no favors. The sleeveless top would have looked fine had the actress taken some time to do a little grooming. Sadly, all it does is accentuate her unshaven armpits. The picture shows not just armpit stubble but quite lengthy hair. With all those millions in the bank, it’s not like she can’t afford a decent razor so why she stepped out without shaving is anybody’s guess.

15 Britney Spears – Oops, I Bit It Again

There is no doubt that despite her fame and fortune, Britney Spears has been through a rough time over the years. All of the problems with K-Fed coupled with stress about her children led the star to go off the rails for a period of time. While she seems to have made a recovery and is back on the road to success, it seems that she may have picked up some bad habits during that period of high stress. Britney is an attractive and glamorous woman for the most part. However, if you look at her nails you can tell right away that she is a nail-biter. When this snap was taken, it looks like Britney went a bit too far with the biting, as she has caused cuts and bleeding after biting the nail to the quick.

14 Drew Barrymore – Never Been Kissed?

Everyone knows that Drew Barrymore has, in fact, been kissed plenty of times despite the name of the movie. However, with the monstrously hairy armpits that she has on display in this picture, she’s going the right way toward not being kissed again in the future. Drew looks glowing and happy in this photo, which is probably why she didn’t care one way or the other if her armpit hair was on show. As the close-up shows, this was not just a little stubble that emerged over the space of a day or two. This is practically an underarm perm. It probably wasn’t the right time for the actress to be sporting a vest top while she was out in public!

13 Marc Anthony – Breaking A Sweat

He has been married to some of the world’s most beautiful women including former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres and Jennifer Lopez. He is also the veritable king of tropical salsa, having won many awards for his performance. However, in this picture, it looks as though he may have taken those salsa moves too far. The photo of Marc with his former wife, J-Lo- looks all well and good until the armpits come into view. There for all to see is a huge, unmistakable sweat mark. This goes to show that even with enough money to buy the most expensive deodorants, celebrities are only human and sweat profusely at times just like everyone else.

12 Hallie Jackson – Beware The Booger Man

Like other reporters and news correspondents, NBC reporter Hallie Jackson has to keep her cool when she is reporting onscreen. If it is a live broadcast, this can be very difficult as these reporters cannot let anything faze them or make them lose their focus. This is exactly what happened to Hallie last year when she was live on air reporting on Donald Trump in the run-up to the presidential elections. As she was speaking live on air, her nose started to run. However, determined to continue without interruption, the reporter totally ignored it. The stream began to get worse as she spoke and before long there was a fully fledged booger hanging from her nostrils. However, ever the professional, Jackson completed the report without taking a second to wipe her nose.

11 Rafael Nadal – Game, Set, And Scratch

As a huge name in the world of tennis, Raphael Nadal is no stranger to being photographed during his game. However, this particular photo was taken at an unfortunate moment. The star has clearly lost his focus for a short period and is instead focusing his attention on the itch between his butt cheeks. While he didn’t go as far as to stick his hand down his shorts, he leaves little to the imagination. It is somewhat impressive that he is managing to bounce the ball with his racket using one hand while furiously scratching his butt with the other. This is a player that is clearly cut out for multitasking.

10 Kylie Jenner – Wet Herself?

The star of reality TV and social media, Kylie Jenner has experienced a lot of different things in her twenty years of life. She grew up in the public eye on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and since then has become involved in business, modelling, social media, and more. Last year she found herself in the public eye once again. However, this time it was for something very different. After a night out with friends, Jenner took to Instagram to post some photos and videos from the back of her Rolls Royce. The photos certain appeared to show that she had wet herself, as there was a huge wet patch covering the crotch area of her jeans. However, after sharing the pictures, Jenner claimed that she’s accidentally spilled something on herself.

9 Jessica Simpson – Boogies On Stage

Jessica Simpson is a talented actress and singer, with fans loving nothing more than to see her boogie on stage. However, as this picture shows, fans got more than they bargained recently. Instead of seeing their idol boogie onstage they saw her booger onstage! Yes, that elegant and radiant young star was snapped with an obvious booger teetering on the edge just inside her nostril. Jessica seems blissfully unaware that her booger is attracting more attention than her performance. While she may not have noticed, it is likely that her fans will have. Many may have spent more time looking at the booger than listening to her performance.

8 Tyra Banks – A Hairy Moment

Tyra Banks has been involved in a huge array of different things over the years. She is known as a model, TV personality, businesswoman, actress and more. Of course, most people are used to seeing her looking the epitome of perfection in the public eye. However, this photo shows that even the most stunning people have their off days. Tyra was snapped rocking a casual white vest style top in the photo. Unfortunately, it seems that the star forgot that her armpits would be on show while wearing the top. Her stubbly armpits were on show for all to see in the photo – no doubt a hair-raising moment for the talented star.

7 Joachim Low – Got His Eye On The Balls

As the football coach for Germany, Joachim Low has a challenging and rewarding career. However, it seems that the balls used in the game are not the only ones he’s got his eye on. In this photo, Low appears to be going at it hammer and tongues. He clearly has an itch somewhere about his groin and bottom region but he can’t seem to pinpoint it. In fact, he is trying to scratch so ferociously that his trousers appear to be slipping down. In the photo, Low has his hand right down his pants and sliding toward the front region. Not so sure on the second photo – it looks as though he just realized that he’d been photographed having a good old scrotum scratch!

6 Kate Middleton – A Nail Biter

Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, tends to carry herself with regal dignity. She is always in the public eye and always manages to look elegant, stylish and every bit the royal. Apart from on this photograph. This snap shows Kate looking tense and a little stressed. The fact that she is nervously chomping on her nails further suggests that she was apprehensive about something. While Kate generally manages to look very well groomed when she is out in public, her nails don’t seem to be quite as well polished as the rest of her. Judging by this photo, it’s because she has a habit of biting them off before they have a chance to grow healthily.

5 The Queen – Picking Her Moment

On this list of hygiene faux pas, another royal manages to make it onto the list. Not just any royal either but Queen Elizabeth II herself. Her Majesty is regal personified when she goes out in public. While her husband, Prince Philip, is well known for putting his foot in it in public, the Queen always acts with the utmost decorum and grace. However, in this picture, the Queen picks the wrong moment to rummage around in one nostril, as she gets snapped at the worst possible second. While this is not a hygienic or classy act for the Queen, all we can say is at least she wore gloves while doing it.

4 David Hasselhoff – Needs To Change His Kit

David Hasselhoff has become a global household name over the years having gained worldwide fame several decades ago as Michael Knight in the hit series Knight Rider. Since then, he has continued with a variety of projects ranging from cameo roles in comedy shows through to the release of highly embarrassing songs. However, anything he has done since Knight Rider came to an end pales into significance. Hasselhoff will always be remembered as Michael Knight with his talking car, Kit. However, in this picture, the only kit in sight is the one he is wearing and that seriously needs to be changed. The huge sweat marks on his shirt are clear for all to see – made worse by him lifting his arm right up in the air.

3 Lebron James –Who Nose Why?

Who knows why basketball superstar LeBron James thought it was fine to shove his finger right up one nostril while he was surrounded by spectators and media. This is a man who knows how to impress on the pitch. Unfortunately, he looked anything but impressive in this highly dubious photo. Rather than being engrossed in the basketball game, it seems that LeBron is more engrossed in how far he can get his finger up his nose. In fact, his expression suggests that he was positively bored so maybe that was why he decided to do it. The spectators can clearly be seen in the background, which makes this photo even more embarrassing.

2 Beyonce – If She Were A Boy

In line with her hit song, if Beyonce were a boy then the designer stubble she appears to have growing on her armpits in this photo probably wouldn’t have raised any eyebrows. However, most people are used to seeing this singing superstar looking pristine and turning heads because of her style and beauty. This photo, however, had heads turning for all the wrong reasons. Not only is Beyonce sporting designer stubble at a music event but she has drawn attention to it by plastering her arms in dazzling glitter and wearing a low cut wet-look outfit. After going to all that effort, it is anybody’s guess as to why she decided not to bother running a razor over her pits.

1 Miley Cyrus – Reputation Up In Smoke…

Many people will remember when Miley Cyrus was all sweet and innocent as the star of Hannah Montana. The daughter of a musical legend, Billy Ray, the young Miley appeared to be a wholesome girl who inspired a general of youngsters. Alas, this was never going to last. As she got older, Miley went from being the girl next door to becoming the neighbor from hell. Rather than being known for wholesome children’s shows, she became known for taking her kit off, twerking all over the place, and being brash and unladylike. In this picture, she continues to show off her new bad girl persona as she embraces marijuana while on stage.

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