16 Scary Times The Duggars Went Too Far

If there's one thing I can't stand more than religious ideologies, it's absolute hypocrisy in the face of those ideologies. And the Duggar family is simply notorious for that sort of hypocrisy. For those who are not familiar with the Duggars, they are a T.V. Christian family who uphold all the great ideals of the Bible, and of their lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

Oh yeah, and there are now over 20 of them. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar basically became factory workers for kids over the past few decades. And the massive family count, as well as their stringent family values, earned them a T.V. show called 19 Kids and Counting. This was basically a feel good show, promoting good old Jesus values, while showing that even taking care of 19 kids can be done with love, compassion, and very tradition Christian-American values.

But their values really fly in the face of a lot of the age of the Earth, or the existence of climate change. Or their stances against gay marriage, and trans-gendered people. And that's not even getting started on things like how birth control causes miscarriages, or how abortion is the same as the Holocaust.

Oh yeah, and then there's the incest, sexual assault, child-beating, and scam-artistry. They're one wholesome family!


16 Abortion Is Just Like The Holocaust

Alright, so Jessa Duggar traveled to the Holocaust museum when she was 21. When she was there, she posted a comment online, that really blew up in her face. The sad part about the media explosion over it, is that there are probably more people who agree with her than there really ought to be. After talking about her "sobering experience", she went on to compare abortion to the Holocaust. "Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights—their right to life. " I think she failed to grasp the incredible differences between the two issues. She even added #ProLifeFollow, which one can hope has fewer followers than one might expect. Well over six million people of all ages, systematically just doesn't compare to the plight of the unborn. Nor does it share even remotely the same circumstances.

15 Birth Control Causes Miscarriages


How Jim Bob Duggar ever came to this conclusion, with any sort of seriousness is simply beyond my ability to use proper reasoning. Birth control is not made so that people get pregnant, and then miscarry. That's not the function of birth control. It's meant to stop the process before it even has a chance of happening. Yes of course it is not 100% effective. But then again, only abstinence is the sure fire way to the land of no babies. Jim Bob, and his wife Michelle were one of the few unlucky people to get pregnant while on the pill (is that the same as abortion there Jim Bob?), and sadly they lost the baby via miscarriage. But the Duggars spread the lie that the pill will actually get you pregnant, then miscarry your child. With nothing more than an anecdote to back this up, the Duggars have influenced thousands who now are having kids...and really shouldn't be. Much like the Duggars themselves.

14 When Your Husband Wants It, He Should Get It

Michelle Duggar is one special sort of person. She essentially went on record to say that rape is ok so long as it's marital. This crazy woman actually wrote on her blog saying women just have to "Smile and be willing to say, "Yes, sweetie I am here for you," no matter what, even though you may be exhausted and big pregnant and you may not feel like he feels." So essentially: even if you're not in the mood, but he wants to get some action, you better put out, because it's your wifely duty. What the f*ck is that!? What's horrible to think is that she probably put so many smiles on men's faces with that ridiculous comment. What people should be taught is "no means no". Sex should be mutual. Not imposed on by a guy who doesn't care what his wife thinks.

13 Child Molester


Josh Duggar is one prime example of what power can do to you in a family like his. Especially with the facade of such wonderful, and upstanding Christian morals and values. This guy, in spite of all the "proper" upbringing he had, molested five girls. And when I say girls, I mean they were all underage girls. And what's even worse than that? Four of those girls were his own sisters! So imagine that. This guy is not only a pedophile, and a molester. He's also an incestuous pedophile and molester. Yeah, he got a little bit of a scathing by the media. Sure he dropped his title as director of a Christian organization. So Oprah Winfrey declined to have the Duggars on the show because of the mess, and TLC pulled the family's reality T.V. show from their network. But he still didn't do jail time.

12 Stockholm Syndrome 

Imagine having an older brother who you look up to and respect. And then imagine him molesting you, knowing full well that you won't say a word about it. For years, that was Jill and Jessa Duggar. And there are two other sisters in that family who were touched by older brother Josh, but their identities have not been confirmed (likely due to just how incredibly young they were at the time). To hear Jill and Jess speak of it though, it's like they have Stockholm Syndrome! They defend Josh to the nth degree. They tried to turn the whole thing around on the media for making such a big deal of the whole mess. That whole mess being incest, and molestation! Josh should have gone to jail, but instead, he got a little bit of a spanking from the media.

11 Perps Of Incest Go Directly To Hell


“Rape and incest represent heinous crimes and as such should be treated as capital crimes.” Uh oh, was Jim Bob Duggar during his run for the U.S. Senate, saying that rape and incest are crimes that should be punishable by death? Why yes it is! How incredibly hypocritical, considering his son was then caught having molested five girls; four of whom were his younger sisters. I bet Jim Bob thinks pedophilia should be punishable by death too. How has he not taken matters into his own hands, and given his son over to the authorities. It's easy to spout that kind of nonsense when it's not personal. But when the reality hits, suddenly it's not so easy as "please kill my son because he sinned against God". Oh well, if there is actually a God, it's likely there's a place in Hell reserved for these awful parents.

10 Beating Kids With A Rod - Old Testament Style

So before delving into this one, it should be made clear that the Duggar family is a very strict, Bible-thumping family. They likely adhere to every rule...including the ones that contradict the other ones. And then of course they add their own bit of hypocrisy and bullsh*t as well. So the Bible talks about the "rod of correction", when disciplining a child. And it also basically says that if you don't give them a bit of a beating, then you clearly hate them, and you give them no hope for the future. "spare the rod, spoil the child". So, of course, it makes total sense to the Duggars, that every kid gets a beating every now and again. With a literal rod, apparently. Seemingly based more specifically on the wife-beating law of old: a rod no thicker than the wrist. And this sort of child abuse is still legal in schools in their state of Arkansas. So they feel pretty justified I guess.


9 The Universe Is Only 6000 Years Old


"The best way to learn about history and the age of the earth is to consult the history book of the universe ... the Bible." Ok Jessa, back up a little bit there. You cannot seriously be saying that the Bible is chock full of scientific fact. "It is better to use the infallible Word of God for our scientific assumptions than to change His Word in order to compromise with 'science' that is based upon man’s fallible assumptions." So that old book that was written by over 40 "fallible" men over the course of 1500 years...that's all science? "Many scientists and theologians accept a straightforward reading of Scripture and agree that the earth is about 6,000 years old." Nope. Ok. Can't do it. Jessa Duggar is as nutty as the rest of that ridiculous Creationist lobby. Sorry sweetie: humans did not live alongside dinosaurs. Oh, and the Bible doesn't actually say the planet is 6,000 years old. So stop saying that.

8 5 Year Old With A Rifle

Not sure if I mentioned that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are awful parents yet. But they are. And while this might seem like a fun little family outing for fishing, please take notice of the rifle sitting there by the shoreline. Oh and that girl nearby? That's one of Jim Bob's five year old daughters. You'll notice that the nearest adult is in the background, standing on the dock...back to the gun, and the girl. In fact, no one is paying attention to the kid. And the girl taking aim, or accidentally shooting herself or a sibling would not be the first time such an incident happened in American history. But of course, with a name like Jim Bob, and a massive family of strict, cult-like Christians, the patriarch of the family is a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment...for now.

7 Harbouring An Incestuous Molester


So it's no real secret anymore that Josh Duggar is an incestuous molester. And it just so happens that he was hardly punished for it. And it also just so happens that the one officer (friend of the Duggars) who was told by Jim Bob about the incident, is in prison for child pornography. But that's not even the worst thing about the incident. Josh apparently told his parents about what he'd done. And instead of shipping him off for the death penalty (as per their beliefs), they give him a firm talking to, and sent him to a Christian camp for some hard labour. Oh, did I say Christian camp? That's what they originally said. Truth is, they sent him to a family friend, to help do some work around the house. They harboured the very kind of criminal they'd go to see get executed. And by the time it all came out, the statute of limitations had passed...because it was only three years then.

6 Paying For Affairs

Josh wasn't done finding his way into the spotlight after he molested his four underage sisters, and well as another minor who wasn't related. Oh no. He married, and started a family of his own, of course. And he had told his wife, Anna, of the things he did as a teen. But he neglected to tell her (after they had four kids themselves), that he had been paying for two accounts on the Ashley Madison website. For those who missed that huge leak a couple years ago, this site was built for married men and women to find affairs. They could pay a premium to ensure they got one even. Which of course Josh did. He spent well over $1,000 on this site. And when the site was hacked, and all the names came out...sure Anna must have been mad. But she's a good Christian wife, who knows that they can't divorce...Hello face. Meet palm. But maybe she'll find the courage to throw him to the curb!

5 Abusing A Former Adult Entertainer


Remember that Josh Duggar guy who molested five minors (including four of his sisters), and then spent tons of money to cheat on his wife? Well apparently he was a bit of a fan of Danica Dillon's work. She was a former porn star of sorts. And a stripper to boot. There were great accusations of Duggar paying Dillon for sex after spending hundreds on lap dances at the club she worked at. He allegedly spat in her face, called her a whore, and abused her during a very rough night of sex. A $500,000 suit was filed against him. It's since been dropped, and Josh still claims that it didn't happen, but Danica definitely still holds that he payed her for sex...then sexually assaulted her. And who would really be surprised if that was true?

4 Defending Their Incestuous Son

The whole Josh Duggar molestation topic might come up a few times in this article. But there are some damn good reasons for it. First off, it's the most hypocritical aspect of the entire family (not just Josh). And secondly, I don't think it's been talked about enough. He didn't even do time for this! "This was not rape or anything like that," said Josh's father, Jim Bob, "a couple incidents where he touched them under their clothes, but it was like, a few seconds." It doesn't matter for how long! And often they were asleep, so it's even worse! "We talked to him, put all kinds of punishments on him, watched him all the time," said his mother, Michelle. And they paid out for counselling for everyone. But I have to add just one thing...Remember saying this Jim Bob? “Rape and incest represent heinous crimes and as such should be treated as capital crimes.”

3 Scamming Money-Giving Christians


“God has put a desire in our hearts to serve Him internationally for longer than the typical short-term mission trip. It’s something we’ve prayed about together in an effort to seek God’s plan for our lives in His service.” This is what Jill Duggar, and her husband posted online, while asking for "donations" to prolong their trip in Central America. Of course may people paid forward to fund their missionary work there. But it turns out they weren't missionaries to begin with. They had a nice vacation on the funds of hard-working Christians who wanted to help around the world. And they went back to Arkansas before they were meant to. Meaning they were still making money back in the U.S. Thankfully this all came out, and they paid a lot of money back to people. But no criminal charges for fraud, of course.

2 Racist And Discriminatory Against Other Couples

Jim Bob and Michelle's daughter Jessa shared a pretty steamy kiss with her brand new hubby. And of course there were pictures taken. But mom and dad thought it might be too racy, so they tried to save face by inviting other married couples to share a photo like it. And they too took one for themselves...somehow defending a couple's right to kiss when married (as if no one knew that had the right). But things got a little dicey when the Duggars started deleting photos of gay couples from their Facebook challenge. Of course they're against homosexuality. But it gets even worse than that. They deleted transgender photos still gets worse though. They even deleted photos of specifically black couples, as well as interracial couples! Oops! Who'd have thought that this hardcore Christian family from Arkansas was racist? I wouldn't have guessed.

1 Trapped In Her Own Family!


This is just depressing. “I know how it feels to wait for ‘Prince Charming’ to come along. I’m still waiting. Waiting is not always easy.” Those are the words of Jana Duggar. She's 27 years old. And why is she stuck, waiting for 'Prince Charming'? Well because she's basically been the go-to caretaker of the Duggar household for years. You didn't actually think that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar bothered to really parent their kids did you? They have other things to do like defend incestuous pedophiles, and adulterers (oh wait, that's just Josh). “My parents have always encouraged each of us to serve those around us." And by serve, she clearly meant, like nothing more than a servant. And that's essentially what Jana Duggar is to the family. Everyone else is moving on, and she's stuck cleaning up the messes they all make. I sincerely hope she finds her way out of there.

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