16 Savage AF Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Ah, childhood. The road of going from an infant to an adult is paved with many pitfalls. Growing up is an interesting and sometimes awkward process. There's no perfect route to becoming an adult. We all start as little rug rats and slowly grow and become teenagers. At that point, we pretty much all become moody pains in the butt. But when we look back on our childhood, we remember all kinds of interesting things that happened. We try to focus on the positives, as memories are generally crystallized with the positive and the bad and awkward normally fade away (unless we're talking serious trauma, of course). One thing everyone identifies with during childhood is cartoons.

It really doesn't matter if you grew up on Disney cartoons (which most of the free world has done) or other animated shows; kids all pretty much had some sort of exposure to them growing up. They're a huge part of being a little kid. Oftentimes, there are suggestive lines or scenes that fly over the heads of children and appeal to adults' sense of humor. Everyone has a good laugh over it. But these days, we can do so much more with cartoons and create our own images. And what if those not-so-subtle sexual or adult references came to life with more bluntness? That's where this article comes in. We grabbed some of the most disturbing and interesting memes online that attack the very soul of our childhood innocence. Imagine the mind clusterfu*k of a child staring at these images and words? A bit of a mind trip. These are 16 Savage AF Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood!

16 Sex-Ed

Who doesn't remember that singular moment when you "discovered" yourself. Yup, that's the fun fact we're dealing with in this comical rendition of the Little Mermaid. Ariel realizes that she's a woman! Obviously, the joke doesn't go over our heads being that mermaids seem to lack that special part that makes motors run for both men and women alike. Here, Ariel has just realized she has a vagina and has a big smile on her face. Sex education generally gets rolling around 5th grade in schools and is segregated for boys and for girls. It's really Ariel's expression that sells the pic. Just too funny! When we think back to that one moment when we realized we had "special" parts and were able to have-a-go at ourselves, it was certainly a "lightbulb" moment in life!

15 Head Games

Piglet! Yeah, this is one honey explosion that nobody was prepared for when thinking about Christopher Robin's toy bear. But Winnie-the-Pooh has come a long way over the years. With movies, television specials, books, and even songs written about the lovable yellow bear, this is the last position we ever expected to see Pooh in. Children cling to Pooh's soft fur to help them get through a lot of restless nights. But if a child got a load of this picture (pun intended), we have a feeling things would change just a bit. The creepiest part of this photo isn't Piglet on all-fours; it's Winnie-the-Pooh's intense smile, like that of a serial killer or rapist, staring down at Piglet as his little mouth does work and spurs the biggest honey explosion this side of Pooh's Corner.

14 Jailhouse Rock

Yes, who doesn't like a little fun poke at the old "don't drop the soap" routine? Is it played out? Yes. But rarely do we see SpongeBob giving Gary the education so he can avoid getting stuck in the behind when he bends down to clear the floor. Gary, for those who don't know, is SpongeBob's loveable little snail pet. And generally, we don't see too much rear-raping going on down at the bottom of the sea, but in this instance, it seems like it's a message passed on and received. DON'T DROP THE SOAP! Haha! Now, one has to wonder if SpongeBob is giving the warning for others or himself? That crooked smile on his face is a little too mischievous for our liking. And that's where our childhood hero gets blown up a bit. We never really expected him to turn so sinister.

13 Statutory What?

Well, we all know things were different centuries prior. The rules were far looser with regard to men and women getting together. In fact, men and girls were a possibility. It seems Jared from Subway was simply born in the wrong century. Eh...bad joke. But in reality, someone who was 28 (or even 40) could marry, and subsequently, have sex with someone WAY under the age limit today. So when we think about Pocahontas and how beautiful she is, don't forget she was really only 12. So dial back that image of this graceful, strong beautiful woman, and think about her as a beautiful young girl... AKA a kid. And then when you think about this beautiful romance, allow your mind to wander to Nabokov and his notorious story, Lolita, in which a 12-year-old girl sleeps with a much older man. That story was vilified, but we smile and cheer the tale of Pocahontas. That is the brilliance of the "Disney Double-Standard."

12 Touchy-Feely

Yeah, nothing is funnier than molestation (that was sarcastic, for those who are highly sensitive). The subject matter in this cartoon will pretty much end all childhood innocence. The quiet moment being shared on the couch is the same that some children have sadly experienced with adults in positions of authority. This spans from coaches in athletic programs, to teachers, to family members. The idea that an adult would prey on a kid is sick. Now, back to how funny this meme is. The bottom picture is hilarious! That dude hits it on the head. Childhood immediately evaporates with the proper context of this meme. This would be a mindblower for kids who have no idea what the heck molestation means until it happens to them.


It's ironic that cartoon characters evoke so much emotion in us as both adults and children. When you watch a dramatic Disney tale, rarely is there a dry eye in the audience when something terrible happens. The tragedy in classic Disney tales like Bambi and The Lion King often evokes tremendous emotions out of fans. It's difficult not to feel for these characters. But when you step back and think about it, these are just movies, and they're merely cartoons, so it's funny how wrapped up we all get in these movies. Kids especially can fall hard for these stories and become obsessed with the characters they're watching. That's where this meme falls right into place. Imagine a child being explained to about what this means and breaking down the reality of his or her emotional connection to these fictional characters? It would definitely be funny!

10 Voyeurs

Calling all the creepers out there! Yup, this one's for you! When you think about the movie and actually break down what's going on right before your eyes, this meme really comes to life. The fact that Simba and Nala were having a pretty private moment is, in itself, a big deal in terms of Disney movies. I mean, they're kinda falling in love and consummating their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, we have two creepers watching and singing all along as the two of them emotionally and physically bond. It's kinda creepy when you break it down that way. And that's exactly what this meme is saying. And pretty much, Disney put us all in the position of being voyeurs of these two beautiful lions getting it on. Ahh... young love. So much fun to watch. Oh, wait... isn't that the definition of a p*rno or a Kardashian video?

9 Bud on Crack

It's never good to see your childhood hero have a substance abuse problem, especially when that hero is a cute, helpful, furry childhood pet. That brings us to Air Bud and his insatiable appetite for crack. Obviously, we didn't even suspect this was happening when we watched the live-action versions of him on the big screen. But apparently, according to this little cartoon ditty, he's turned way south with his appetite for destructive behavior. We loved Air Bud, but seeing him as a crack addict isn't exactly what we want to take with us. Somehow, someway, every time I see an Air Bud movie, I'm going to be drawn back to this ridiculous cartoon depiction. The sad truth is that drug abuse is terribly real and destroys a lot of cute, cuddly dogs all across the world. Get some help, Bud. Please.

8 Let's Talk Woodies

Okay, names are a pretty important thing when it comes to cartoon characters. When you think about the creativity that goes into the names of important lead characters -- marketability, merchandise sales, potential theme park $$$, etc -- a heck of a lot is riding on these cute and loveable characters. So a name is a brand for big-time cartoon characters. When you think of Elsa, you get the point. With Buzz and Woody, we have two very interesting character names for an animated hit movie series. First off, Woody is the nickname little boys give to their "little Woodies." So that in itself is pretty funny. But the irony of this photo brings in Buzz Lightyear, the name given to a vibrator that one online user called "a wild, fun, jamming bullet!" Yeah, so one character's name is best associated with a penis while the other is now a vibrator. Nice.

7 180 Degrees

Daveigh Chase is a pretty cool actress. She's played in some crazy roles during her time as an active actress. She had her biggest hit playing Lilo in the Lilo and Stitch movie and television series. Her character was fun and rambunctious but an outsider who never seemed to fit in. Disney fans and children would be shocked to see Chase's other side! She also was featured in two incredibly dark films: Donnie Darko and The Ring. In the crazy and disturbing film The Ring, Chase plays Samara, the scary wet kid who crawls across the floor to come and get you after you view the tape. This psychotic movie still gives me nightmares, and when you see Samara juxtaposed next to her Lilo character, it's an absolute trip that she played those characters in back-to-back years of all coincidences! As a film lover, we give her props for her range! As a fan of Lilo and Stitch, I'll never view that movie quite the same anymore. Imagine that scary girl crawling across the floor after poor little Stitch. Disturbing.  

6 Ring the Sexist Bell

Well, we might as well dive right down into male-female relationship stereotypes. There's a lot you can unpack with this meme. First off, we do have a hot naked chick on a beach. As a guy, you kind of look around and wonder if Ashton Kutcher is screwing with you. Then we come to find she can't talk and is throwing herself at you. Again, kind of strange, but I guess a guy can go with it. And then you have the sarcastic "I'll put a ring on it." Two ways to look at this. One, the storyline is so ridiculous being that a dude would never put a ring on a hot mute chick he just met. It would probably be a "one-off," a little "hit-it-and-quit-it" action. Or, we can read into this meme that girls simply throw their looks at us to get a ring on it, and the fact that she won't say anything is a big bonus. This way, we don't have to listen to her talk. Either way you look at it, the whole meme is undeniably sexist and is way too deep for our youth. It also makes you question the storyline to The Little Mermaid.  I mean, I totally believed the mermaid and the land under the sea, but a mute, naked, hot chick on a beach??? That only happens in Miami, Florida, so we know this story is crap!

5 Double-Trouble

Ah, Chip and Dale. You gotta wonder, right? This picture is just the pose we would expect that Disney cartoonists laughed about as they rolled it out there for little children to watch. You can imagine the artists together, high, laughing one night, holding up this still, so proud of themselves for having the two iconic creatures in a reverse cowgirl/boy pose. They both seem to be enjoying themselves as well. Obviously, they aren't doing it, but when you think about how many times Disney cartoonists have gone out of their way to embed phallic symbols in their cartoons, it's almost ridiculous. I mean, these are the cartoons of our childhood, and they have a strangely sexual and possibly gay moment going on right before our eyes! It won't be the first or the last time an animator/cartoonist sneaked in something funny in the backdrop of their artistry. But every time I see something like this, it does chip away at the innocence of my youth.

4 Taking Care of Number One

Alice in Wonderland is a tale of discovery, a young girl learning all about herself and the world surrounding her. There are many life lessons to unwrap in the epic tale, one of which has to be that psychedelic drugs can be incredibly destructive to your brain. Other issues that come out of the tale are riddled with decision-making, control of fate, lack of control, and the incredible obstacles we all go through to make sure we don't get our heads chopped off by the Jack of Clubs. But let's talk about this awesome meme! Masturbation!!! Alice is obviously discovering a lot more than just Wonderland in this meme. It brings to life feelings of becoming a woman and the process we go through when we discover our own bodies for the first time. Honestly, this is one of the funnier memes out there, and yes, it will forever change how I look at young Alice when she falls down that rabbit hole.

3 Hunter's Delight

This one is sad on so many levels! So we watch this movie and get completely invested in the storyline. There are very few people who don't have a special place in their heart for The Lion King. And when you think about it, this photo makes perfect sense. This is exactly what happens all across the world, in particular, the African Pride Lands. Hunters will hunt. And they go out and attempt to kill their trophies whether they're actually "really" hunting or shooting fish in a barrel. They kill for sport, and that brings us back to Simba and his sadness over the truth that remains in the world today. Lions and other animals are being poached at alarming rates, and oftentimes, not even for their "proteins." The reality of this meme definitely ruins some of the fondness we have for these lovable Disney characters.

2 Crouching Hummer

In one instance, maybe she is simply paying homage to her teacher, a show of respect. Another way to look at it, though, is that she's staring directly at his crotch and is in awe of what she's about to get into. We're guessing that the intention of the original creator was the first thing we said, but make no mistake about it, they have her looking directly at his dong. And with that, the meme takes over. On her knees, staring at his crotch, with her hands out in an "I'm ready for anything" position, she seems as if she's about to go get her Blow Pop. She's but a few feet from him, and we have the meme that speaks for our character. His posture is also hilarious in this still frame. Look at the way he's slightly arching his back and sticking his pelvis forward. He literally is sticking his package out towards her. Again, animators have some pretty sick sense of humor. You just gotta catch them in their craft.

1 We've All Been Here

As a kid, when two of our most favorite animated characters roll around in the grass and kiss, the show of affection is innocent. As an adult, we know what's probably going down. You don't all of a sudden hold up a baby lion because the stork came swinging by. But it's not the facts of life that get us with this meme. It's the message on the scream -- a hilarious reminder of how terrified we all have gotten when we've been in this same scenario. How many times have you waited for that fateful phone call or text letting you know that her "special monthly friend" hasn't arrived? And for the ladies, how many sticks did you pee on while praying in the bathroom and while counting the hours away that you were supposed to have already gotten your monthly reminder of freedom? It's one of the most terrifying moments that you're faced with if you don't take a morning after pill. Simba's face is priceless, too! Totally brings home the message. Now, he has to put a ring on it!

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