16No Stranger Than Love

When dealing with indie romantic comedies, we often hear the term 'quirky' passed around. Well, No Stranger Than Love is the word 'quirky' personified or "filmified." This movie tries so hard to be quirky that it is appallingly clear that it was the only direction the filmmakers had, to begin

with. Let's quirk it up so hard that no one will have any effin' clue what's going on. We thought it would be nearly impossible for us not to like this movie. We're so in love with Alison Brie that we thought there was nothing she could ever do that we wouldn't enjoy. Holy hell. We were wrong...so wrong! This is dangerously close to being awarded the worst movie of the year right now, and we're only halfway through 2017. This film is exactly what happens when you have one single quirky scene and you love it. You love it so much that you stretch it into an entire feature-length film.

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