16They're Daring

As trained martial artists and heavy hitters, the UFC fighters are taking a big risk whenever they step into the octagon. The UFC girls aren't that different. They may not be putting their lives on the line or busting each other's faces in, but they're making big decisions that can

either make or break their careers. Take Chrissy Blair, for example. Prior to being a model, she was, as she once put it, a girl who "never did [her] hair... never understood fashion." Then, one day during her college years, while on the beach with some girlfriends, a girlfriend took some notice of her alarming looks and advised Blair to take part in some modeling contest. Feeling like she was dared to do it, Blair took the risk, entered, and won first place. She decided to go into modeling from there and is now one of UFC's most recognizable octagon girls.

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