15They're Not Afraid to Bare It All

Above the many characteristics and qualities shared by all of the ring girls of the UFC, these girls are fearless. They're not afraid of taking risks, especially if those risks call for them to bare their skin. A few UFC ladies have done so for Playboy magazine. Arianny Celeste is one ring girl who posed for Playboy and, to date, has the most popular Playboy cover of any UFC girl, considering that the year that her issue was released, it was one of the hottest-selling issues the magazine sold that year. Another girl who modeled for the famous magazine was Rachelle Leah. When Leah first received the offer from Playboy, she called her parents to see if they were okay with it. When she learned they were 110% behind her, she hopped on a plane to LA and started shooting. Others include Jade Bryce and Brittany Palmer.

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