16 Reasons Daenerys Targaryen Should NOT End Up On The Iron Throne

I’m about to say something incredibly unpopular: Daenerys Targaryen should NOT end up on the Iron Throne. You read that right. Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons should NOT end up on the Iron Throne.

Also, can we all agree it’s super cocky to have a title that long? Girlfriend needs an editor.

But, back to why Daenerys shouldn’t be on the Iron Throne. There are plenty of things that make Daenerys an undesirable winner in Game of Thrones. One of the more obvious reasons Daenerys shouldn’t win is that it’s so obvious and George R.R. Martin doesn’t do obvious. Game of Thrones is an elaborate story that has surprised audiences again and again. So, wouldn’t an ending in which the most obvious person gets the throne be kind of a let down?

There’s also reasons inside the world of the show that would make Daenerys taking the Iron Throne complete garbage. I mean, she wants to rule over Westeros, a place she’s never lived. So, that makes a lot of sense, right? And, she may not even be the rightful heir now that we know Jon Snow is of Targaryen blood. Oh, there's the fact that she cannot win a single battle, or really solve a single problem for that matter, without her dragons.

There’s just so much wrong with Daenerys taking the Iron Throne. Quite frankly, even Littlefinger is more deserving. If you're still on Team Dany, below are 16 real reasons why Daenerys should definitely not win the Iron Throne.


16 She's Literally Never Lived In Westeros

We are all aware that Daenerys is trying to rule a land in which she’s never even lived, right? That’s like if someone from France came to the United States and wanted to be president. We’d all just be like, nah. And, that may be exactly what will happen when Daenerys tries to rule Westeros. I mean, how much does she actually know about Westeros – the culture, the history, the geography? Yes, she’ll have Tryion Lannister, a life-long Westeros inhabitant, as her Hand to the Queen, but is that really enough for her to get Westeros? Also, isn’t it really cocky to assume you know how to rule a place in which you’ve never lived?

I just really can't get over the fact that she's NEVER lived there. On that level, I am as qualified as Daenerys is to rule Westeros.

15 She Has Zero Military Experience Or Strategy


Let me clarify: I am certainly not saying that someone has to have on-field battle experience in order to be a ruler. Not at all. In fact, it is likely that quite a few of the ruling Targaryens, during their 300 years on the Iron Throne, had zero military experience.

What I am saying is that the person who sits on the Iron Throne should have military strategy, because they're the Chief Commander, right? But, Daenerys hasn’t necessarily shown a knack for military tactics or strategy.

In other cases, we’ve watched leaders show great skill in terms of military strategy. There was, of course, Robb Stark, who was no only a powerful soldier, but also skilled in terms of approach and attack. In fact, Robb was so good in the field that he had to be killed off in the Red Wedding, as there was no other way to get to him. Likewise, Tyrion proved his military intelligence in the Battle of the Blackwater. Even Cersei Lannister showed what she can do with a little wildfire. Daenerys, however, has never showed creativity or skill in creating a defense of offense. Girlfriend does have one thing in her corner, though...

14 She Solely Relies On Her Dragons To Win Battles

While I just pointed out that Daenerys isn’t necessarily skilled in the art of war, she’s won battle after battle. How has she done this? Oh, with her dragons.

Now, I won’t completely discount these dragons. It’s like having an atomic bomb. It’s muscle you can flex. However, it shouldn’t be your only muscle.

The major issue with the way Daenerys relies on her dragons is, um,  what happens when these dragons die? Will she be dragon-less or will they lay eggs before they die? If Daenerys takes the Iron Throne, only to see her dragons die, how will she defend it?

Also, Dany's dragons aren’t even well trained. Sure, they love their mother and they spit fire with the command of a word, but she also had to lock them up in a dungeon because they misbehaved. Oh, and one of the dragons flew away! I'm just sayin', if dragons are going to be the way you win every single battle, they better be the best behaved dragons ever.

13 The Targaryen Rule Wasn’t That Great


Daenerys wants to take back the Iron Throne and restore the Targaryen rule, but the Targaryen rule kind of sucked. On the show, we’ve only been shown one Targaryen King: The Mad King. You know, the dude who said, “Burn them all.” So, that guy was probably not the best king.

The books give a more expansive history of the Targaryen rule, and it wasn’t much better than the Mad King. Yes, there were some kinder kings, who ruled with benevolence and justice. However, these were bastards, rebels, lazy leaders, and vicious leaders. There was Maegor I Targaryen, who famously finished the construction of the Red Keep, only to murder every single person who worked on it in order to preserve its secrets. That's a Joffrey move if I ever heard of one.

What I’m saying is, the people may not be too excited about the Targaryen rule being restored.

12 Why Does She Think The Throne Is Hers?

At this point, it’s pretty annoying how Daenerys keeps saying the Iron Throne is hers by right. If she were a real person, everyone would call her a spoiled, entitled millennial.

Also, is Daenerys a millennial? Is that a thing in Game of Thrones?

There have also been characters who have pointed out Dany's entitlement in regards to the Iron Throne. In Qarth, Daenerys says she’ll retake the throne, at which point the Spide King asks, “Retake? Did you once sit on the Iron Throne?”

When she says that her father sat there and was murdered, the Spice King then asks, “If you did not sit on it yourself, would it not be correct to say 'take' the Iron Throne?”

BOOM, roasted by the Spice King! And, this is just a small example of Dany’s overreach in terms of the Iron Throne being “hers.”

11 She’s Not Even The Rightful Heir


We all now know that Daenerys isn’t even the rightful heir to the throne, right?

The rightful heir is Jon Snow. Tracing the lineage, Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Rhaegar was the son of Aerys II, the Mad King. The rule would fall from Aerys to Rhaegar to Jon Snow, completely skipping over Daenerys, because there are male heirs. This leaves one to wonder how Daenerys will react to finding out she is not the rightful heir to the throne, which seems to be the only thing she’s ever wanted. Will Daenerys accept that Jon Snow is actually the heir to the throne or will she put up a fight for it?

On that note, it’s also been theorized that Tyrion Lannister may not actually be Tywin Lannister’s son. It’s believed that Tyrion could actually be the result of Joanna Lannister having a tryst with the Mad King, which would make Tyrion Lannister the bastard son of the Mad King and possibly another rightful heir. Though, none of this has been proven as fact.

I’m just sayin’, Dany may not have the rightful claim she thinks she has.

10 "Game Of Thrones" Doesn't Care About Heirs

Since we’re talking about heirs, I should probably point out that Game of Thrones doesn’t give a sh*t about rightful heirs.

Sure, on the surface, they may talk about the rightful heir quite often, but that’s actually not who always lands the Iron Throne. I mean, the first king we’re introduced to is Robert Baratheon, who he just took the throne. Yes, the very first king we’re introduced to had no claim to the Iron Throne other than the fact that he simply took it. Following Robert's death, the War of the Five Kings taught us that many, many people may think they have claim. Hell, Renly basically thought he should be on the Iron Throne because liked him more than Stannis. Also, thinking all the way back to the Targaryens, they began their dynasty by, much like Robert Baratheon, simply taking the Iron Throne.

It’s nice to think that heirs matter, but really, the Iron Throne belongs to whoever has the balls and power to claim it.


9 She Wants To "Break" The Wheel


One of the real reasons Daenerys shouldn’t end up on the Iron Throne is because she claimed she doesn’t want it to exist.

In a conversation with Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys remarks that the noble families keep spinning around and around each other, as spokes on a wheel, all grasping at power. When Tyrion comments that she wants to stop the wheel from spinning, Daenerys says, “I'm not going to stop the wheel, I'm going to break the wheel.”

Okay, so she wants to break the wheel...? That seems to translate into no longer allowing a system to exist in which these noble families thrive and suppress the common folk, right? I assume it means that Daenerys is anti-monarchy, so Daenerys ending up on the Iron Throne seems to be hypocritical.

Daenerys claims she wants to stop the wheel. But girl, if you’re on the Iron Throne, you’re spinning that damn wheel.

8 What's Her Game Plan After She Gets The Throne?

Daenerys has been talking a BIG game in terms of the Iron Throne. Blah blah blah, she’s going to take what’s hers with fire and blood. Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. But, what we haven’t heard are her plans for ruling.

Seriously, what does Daenerys have planned for her time on the Iron Throne? What’s her stance on foreign relations, healthcare, immigration, and the budget? She’s literally never said anything about what she plans to do while ON the Iron Throne, which is concerning. Daenerys will be ruling over people who are starving and poor. She’ll be taking over in wartime. She’ll be inheriting a major debt. And yet, we don’t know what Daenerys plans to do in this situation at all.

It’s not just about winning the Iron Throne; it’s about ruling. And, we don't know what she's going to do while she rules.

7 Her Character Hasn't Grown Since Season 1


In season one, Daenerys was one of the most interesting characters on the show. At first, she was sold to Khal Drogo pretty much as a sex slave. She was among seemingly savage people, with her brother really being her only ally. And her brother was a sh*tty ally. Through the course of the first season, Daenerys learns to stand up for herself, embrace another culture and lead a group of people. Yes, in just 10 episodes we watched her evolve from a sex slave pawn into a full-blown leader. It was compelling.

Unfortunately, Daenerys has literally not changed since then. She’s pretty much been the same ol’ Dany, making strong speeches and allowing her dragons to do her dirty work. Yes, she’s been in interesting situations, but she’s walked away from those situations without really learning anything new about herself. Meanwhile, other characters have grown leaps and bounds – Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Jaime Lannister, even Theon Greyjoy.

It’s not that this lack of character development makes her a bad leader, but it does make her character less believable as a human being. And, quite frankly, it’s more likely that someone who has evolved greatly, like Jon Snow, will end up on the Iron Throne, y’know because storytelling and stuff.

6 She'll Be Seen As An Outsider

It’s not a great time in Westeros as a whole. The Ironborn are fighting over the throne. Dorne just experienced a coup. The Tyrells, one of the richest family in the lands, have been pretty much exterminated. The Vale is ruled by Littlefinger of all people. Winterfell is the only place bracing for winter. It’s a sh*t show, to say the least.

That being said, these kingdoms need to be brought together by someone who will be about to unite them, and that’s not Daenerys. I’m sorry, but do you honestly think they’re all going to cheer when some stranger takes the Iron Throne? Yes, they may be happy that Cersei and her Justin Bieber haircut are off the throne, but it’s unlikely that Dany will be able to rally everyone behind her in this time of trouble.

Plain and simple, she's an outsider and will be seen as such.

5 Her Speeches Are Just Words


For all the hate I’m throwing at Daenerys, I’ll be the first to admit that she delivers some bomb speeches. Whenever she gives one of her speeches, I’m always so Team Daenerys. Like, YAS QUEEN! You will take what’s yours! The throne is yours by birthright! Kill everyone! Dragons don't burn! Ah!

But, speeches are just words. Just because you can deliver some powerful words in a powerful way doesn’t necessarily mean you should be sitting pretty on the Iron Throne. Hell, if that were the case, I think we can all agree that Tyrion Lannister would be the most deserving of the Iron Throne.

When it comes to Daenerys, her speeches are great but we've yet to see her live up to the hype of her words.

4 She’s A Conqueror, Not A Ruler

The ability to physically take over a piece of land does not necessarily make someone a great ruler. In fact, the ability to take over a piece of land simply makes someone a conqueror. It's the, uh, ruling part that actually makes you a ruler. And so, Daenerys has proven herself to be a great conqueror, though we've yet to see her be a great ruler. In fact, remember all of the places in Essos Daenerys took over... only to forget to rule them? Yeah, smooth move, Daenerys.

Daenerys would actually be better off just accepting the fact that she’s a conqueror and not a ruler. With the dragons, army and ships, she certainly has the muscle to conquer places, but she should maybe think about installing leaders who aren’t herself. I mean, had she done that in Essos, maybe everything wouldn’t have gone to chaos.

3 The Mad Queen Theory


Oh, here’s a pretty good reason to keep Daenerys Targaryen off the Iron Throne: she may actually be insane.

Many of the previous Targaryen rulers were insane, as it is something that apparently runs in their family. Daenerys herself worries that she’ll also go mad like her father. And, the fact that Daenerys is concerned about her mental health and still trying to take the Iron Throne is a red flag. I mean, Daenerys is worried that she may lose her mind and yet she still thinks she should be on the Iron Throne. That seems pretty reckless.

There’s also a theory that she’s ALREADY insane. We’ve watched Dany disrespect, disregard, and murder almost all other rulers. She takes whatever kingdoms she wants. She’s set countless enemies on fire. Hell, she burned down every single Dothraki ruler in just one scene. While Daenerys has been painted as the hero, theories point to the idea that everything will be turned on its head, as we’ll realize we’ve been rooting for an insane dictator with dragons the whole time.

The fact that her sanity is pretty much a dice roll makes her unfit to rule.

2 It's Predictable

I don’t want to watch the finale of Game of Thrones and say, “Yeah, I saw that coming.” Nope. I want to be crying, and screaming, and dancing, and throwing up – y’know the normal reaction to an episode of Game of Thrones. If Daenerys lands the Iron Throne, I will not crying, screaming, dancing or throwing up. In fact, it’ll be pretty predictable. I mean, she's been saying she was going to take the Iron Throne since season one, so her doing exactly what she's been saying she's going to do isn't a crazy twist. It's predictable.

Predictability is not one of the reasons this show is popular. This show is known to kill off unlikely characters, reveal major twists, and overall surprise the sh*t out of the audience. Daenerys taking the Iron Throne – the thing she’s said she was going to do since season one – would really betray the overall tone of the show.

1 Quite Frankly, It's Boring


At the end of the day, Daenerys taking the Iron Throne is not only predictable, but it's also boring. God, it’s such a snoozefest. I'd rather watch Varys reveal he's a mer-man and take the Iron Throne. I’d even rather watch the Mad King rise from the dead and take the Iron Throne. I'd rather watch Cersei's hair grow back in. That’s how boring it will be to watch Daenerys take the Iron Throne.

Overall, Daenerys has been talking a big game for a long time. Many people consider her a front-runner for the Iron Throne, despite the fact that she lacks experience, knowledge, and a following in Westeros. Yes, she has dragons, but dragons are not all a leader needs.

Will Daenerys actually end up on the Iron Throne, though? This is George R.R. Martin, so the likelihood of the most obvious person (um, Daenerys) getting the Iron Throne is very slim. Sorry, Daenerys, but you don't deserve the Iron Throne and you also probably won't get the Iron Throne. Good speeches, though.


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