16 Questions Game Of Thrones NEEDS To Answer In Season 8

Game of Thrones season seven is over and done with, so let's not dwell on the past, people. Let's all talk about season eight, which will be the final season of HBO's epic fantasy drama. Unfortunately though, season eight won’t be gracing our televisions for a long, long time. In fact, it’s rumored that season eight won’t even air until 2019. Yes, 2019! Like, what are you even supposed to do during 2018?

Speculate, of course.

Game of Thrones season seven left so many things up in the air. Daenerys and Jon finally hooked up, after spending the whole season looking longingly at each other. But will this duo feel okay about their steamy sex scene once they find out that they are actually aunt and nephew? Furthermore, will Jon’s claim to the Iron Throne affect their relationship?

The season seven finale also saw Jaime finally, finally, finally break away from the most toxic relationship in Game of Thrones. Where is Jaime going and how angry is Cersei about this? Also, Euron Greyjoy is coming Cersei’s way with 20,000 hired assassins, so that’s on the table right now too. Oh, and the Wall fell and there’s an ice dragon. There’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle as we head into season eight.

So yeah, season eight may not premiere until 2019 and 2018 may be the longest year in all our lives. That hasn't stopped us from listing 16 major questions that Game of Thrones must answer in its last season. And yes, we will keep coming up with more questions until Game of Thrones is back on the air, damn it.

16 What's Melisandre Up To?

Melisandre’s role on Game of Thrones has always been pretty mysterious. She’s done a lot of odd, confusing, and frustrating things, like support Stannis when he was so obviously not going to win the throne, burn Shireen – the sweetest Game of Thrones character – at the stake, birth a killer shadow baby, and bring Jon Snow back to life. Even when she did something fans wanted her to do, like bringing Jon Snow’s beautiful brooding face back to life, her endgame was unclear and confusing. Yeah, she's listening to the Lord of Light, but to what end?

All that said, Melisandre's motives have never been more confusing or unclear than in season seven. In season seven, we saw her win Daenerys’ favor, then urge Daenerys to meet with Jon Snow. Thank you to Melisandre for brokering this hot couple, but she was doing more than just playing matchmaker. She was, as she said, bringing together fire and ice.

When Jon arrives, Melisandre understandably stays away, as Jon and Davos want her dead. While avoiding Jon, Melisandre has the weirdest, most confusing conversation with Varys. I'm not sure what most of the conversation meant, but it ends with Melisandre saying she’s going back to Volantis but will return to die in Westeros, as that is the fate of both her and Varys. LIKE, WHAT? What is she talking about? Shouldn't Varys have been more concerned?

In season eight, we better see this Lord of the Light stuff pay off. Also, it would be nice to see the 1,000-year-old Melisandre finally die. Girlfriend's time has come.

15 Will Jon Keep Banging His Aunt Daenerys?

In the season seven finale, we finally saw Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen get it on. And yes, it was just as hot as all fans had hoped it would be. However, while Jon and Daenerys got busy, Bran’s voiceover reminded us/confirmed that Jon Snow is the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, making Daenerys his aunt and Jon the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Of course, we already knew that Daenerys and Jon were related, though that didn't stop fans from rooting for some Daenerys and Jon sex. Many audience members convinced themselves it was okay to root for this incest, y'know since the characters themselves didn’t actually know it was incest. That totally made it okay. Well, what about when they do know they are very much related? Will Jon keep banging his Aunt Daenerys? Will we all like it if he does? I feel weird already just thinking about the situation.

The bigger question here may be how Jon being the rightful heir to the Iron Throne will affect their relationship. Jon has never shown any inkling of wanting the Iron Throne, though a rightful claim may sway him. On the other hand, Daenerys has only ever wanted the Iron Throne and may not give it up easily.

14 Is Daenerys Pregnant?

Season seven saw a lot of talk about Daenerys’ inability to bear children. In fact, we had never really seen her talk so in-depth about this issue before. But apparently, one look at Jon Snow’s man bun and Daenerys couldn’t shut up about her infertility. In the finale, Daenerys finally confided in Jon that she thinks she’s infertile because the witch from season one told her so. Jon suggests the witch is lying, which duh.

Of course, the season finale also saw Jon and Daenerys do the thing that you have to do to make a baby. Many have speculated that their little bang session may result in a child to continue on the Targaryen lineage, which is obviously a good thing. Although, that also opens it up for so many questions, like will the fact that this is an incest baby gross out Jon and Daenerys? Will Jon be upset that his baby is technically a bastard? Will Daenerys die in childbirth, as both Daenerys’ and Jon’s mothers did? Will this be the most beautiful baby ever?

Just kidding about that last question. We already know the answer.

13 What's Up With Cersei's Baby?

Speaking of babies, what is going on with Cersei Lannister’s baby situation?

In season seven, Cersei revealed she’s carrying Jaime’s baby, which will keep the Lannister line alive. That said, this pregnancy goes completely goes against her prophecy, which stated she would have three children, all of whom would die. Considering that part and many other parts of the prophecy – marrying the king, becoming queen, Robert’s bastards – all came true, this prophecy seems legit. So um, how is Cersei having a fourth baby?

Well, there are a few theories. Cersei could be lying to Jaime, though Cersei’s manipulation is usually a little more sophisticated than some basic lie like that. Another theory is Cersei could miscarry, which seems a likely outcome considering her age and the level of medical care in Westeros. There's also the option of someone killing Cersei before she gives birth. Particularly if Jaime was the one to take down Cersei, it would add emotional depth and an amazing visual to have Cersei very much pregnant with Jaime's child in the moment he kills her.

Whatever the case, season eight needs to have some answers about this incest baby. Also, there are SO MANY incest babies on Game of Thrones.

12 Who Is The "Valonqar"?

Speaking of Cersei’s prophecy, there was a bit more to it than was shown on the show. And while the last part wasn’t on the show, many fans do think it will play into Cersei’s fate. The part of her prophecy cut from the show read, “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

Valonqar is High Valyrian for little brother, so Cersei always assumed the little brother who would kill her would be Tyrion. This is one of the reasons Cersei despised Tyrion so much. There's also the fact that their mother died giving birth to Tyrion, which Cersei blamed on him.

Going along with the "little brother" thing, many people point to the less obvious younger brother, Jaime, who is the young twin. Jaime being the one to take down Cersei makes sense and would be a great climactic scene for their twisted, toxic relationship. But there are even MORE theories. Some people think Jaime will die and Arya, wearing Jaime’s face, will kill Cersei, thus fulfilling the prophecy in a certain way and crossing a name off her list.

There’s also a theory that Cersei is pregnant with a son, who would be the little brother to her previous children. Cersei could very well die while giving birth to this child, as many women do in Game of Thrones. Also, it would be both tragic and poetic for Cersei to die in the same way her mother died, which she had punished Tyrion for all his life.

Regardless, we're going to need to know who the "valonqar" is by the end of the show. We're also going to need to see Cersei Lannister die by the end of the show.

11 Who Is Azor Ahai?

Ah, the other major Game of Thrones prophecy. There’s been much talk about Azor Ahai/The Prince Who Was Promised, the figure that is supposed to be the key in taking down the White Walkers. Here are the telltale signs of Azor Ahai from the prophecy:

Azor Ahai will appear when the red star bleeds.

Azor Ahai will be born (or reborn) amid smoke and salt.

Azor Ahai will wake dragons out of stone.

There a bit more to it, but those are the bones of the prophecy, which have led to countless theories. On that note, there’s actually no telling if Azor Ahai and the Prince Who Was Promised are the same person. They are two similar prophecies, but not confirmed to be the same exact prophecy. When it comes to the Prince Who Was Promised, it also said this person will be of Targaryen blood and be the “song of fire and ice.”

I know what you’re thinking. Jon Snow is an obvious front-runner. Daenerys is another obvious front-runner, as she’s the only one who has woken dragons from stone. But George R. R. Martin rarely goes for the most obvious choice. This has led to some pretty convincing fan theories that Azor Ahai could be Jaime Lannister, Jorah Mormont, the Hound, or even Davos.

Honestly, I’m at a loss since many of these theories all make sense. I guess we’ll have to wait until season eight to see who is the Prince Who Was Promised, which we better friggin' see.

10 What Is Even The Point Of Jorah Mormont?

This may sound a bit rude, but WTF is the point of Jorah Mormont?

Jorah has been around for forever. In fact, he’s appeared in more episodes than Samewell Tarly, Varys and Bran Stark. Yet, with those three characters, we’ve seen how they could maybe play into the endgame or how they’ve affected major events in Game of Thrones. With Jorah Mormont, his importance is a bit more confusing. And he has to be important, right? I mean, this dude came back from the "incurable" greyscale. This miracle is similar to how Jon Snow came back from the dead, but we all know Jon Snow is mega important.

Furthermore, WTF is the point of Jorah’s undying crush on Daenerys? Is it just to make us audience members feel bad for Jorah as Daenerys hooks up with Khal Drogo, Daario, and Jon Snow? That seems pretty tragic and pointless. Jorah's affection should have an actual point to show, especially since the show usually doesn't indulge in pointless romance.

Will Jorah Mormont make it until the end? I’d give him a 50/50 shot. If he does die though, I hope we find out what the point of his character and the point of his crush was before he's gone.

9 Are We Ever Going To See Brienne Of Tarth Get It On?

Brienne of Tarth may have more potential suitors than even Daenerys at this point, which I love because Brienne of Tarth deserves all the suitors ever.

Brienne’s first potential love interest came in season three, when Brienne was escorting Jaime back to King’s Landing. It was at this point that Jaime’s character arc finally began. When we first met Jaime, he was the type of dude who pushed a 10-year-old boy out of a window to cover up his affair with his twin sister. So, not a good dude. He was also nicknamed the Kingslayer, after putting a sword through the Mad King’s back. Though, as Jaime explained to Brienne, he only killed the Mad King to save King’s Landing from wildfire. Ah, and so we started to see that there may be a good side to Jaime after all.

Throughout the following seasons, Brienne and Jaime have saved each other several times and have also had several sweet moments. They’ve yet to hookup or even truly acknowledge this chemistry, but this would be a decent endgame to root for, as it would showcase an arc for both Jaime and Brienne.

Oh, but then there’s Tormund, who is the most in love with Brienne ever. Ever since the duo met in Winterfell, Tormund had not been able to take his eyes off her. In S7E6 (“Beyond the Wall”) Tormund professed his love for Brienne to the Hound in the sweetest scene ever. If Tormund and Brienne don’t get together and have giant ginger babies, fans may revolt. Also, all women deserve a man that talks about them the way Tormund talks about Brienne.

There’s also the Hound, who is an underdog in the Brienne situation. This will absolutely not pan out, but there is something there, especially in the way they talked about Arya like such proud parents.

Long story short, Brienne better get it on with someone. She deserves at least that.

8 Is Tormund Alive?!

After the epic last scene of season seven, one of the biggest questions left up in the air was the fate of Tormund. And we need the answer, goddamn it!

In Game of Thrones, The Wall was said to have stood for thousands of years. So, of course, it fell. Without the wall, we saw thousands of White Walkers all marching south. Um, they better stay away from Winterfell, y’all. I cannot deal with a Stark death. The final Starks need to be the remaining Starks.

As the Wall came tumbling down, Tormund just so happened to be on the Wall. They showed Tormund running and seemingly surviving, but his fate has definitely been left up in the air. So, is Tormund alive or is Tormund dead? I’m going to go out on a limb and say Tormund will be alive and well in season eight, as we would have seen his death. I mean, Tormund is the only living wildling we know or care about. He’s also become an insanely popular character both for his love of Brienne and his way of speaking. To kill him off like this wouldn’t feel right.

By the way, the only thing worse than a dead Tormund would be a White Walker Tormund. Seeing Tormund fight for the army of the dead would be tragic.

7 Will Anyone Actually Care If Theon Saves Yara?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we watched season eight and there weren’t any Greyjoys? I’m just kidding. I'm sure there are probably four fans out there who actually care about the Ironborn. However, most fans kind of hate having to dedicate screen time to the Greyjoys. Sure, Yara is likable. But other than her, the Ironborn are the worst.

First of all, Euron looks like a cross between a pirate, a rock star, and a theater major. Besides his looks, he’s also all over the place in terms of being a villain. Sometimes he’s frightening; other times he’s just laughable. Euron seems to lack that truly threatening vibe of earlier villains like Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton.

The other major Greyjoy, Theon, may now be on a road to redemption, but audiences have long given up caring about him. Sure, Theon had one good scene this season, in which he beat up a dude from Ironborn who tried to kick him in the balls. (Hey, at least Theon’s castration paid off!) But every time Theon's on the screen, it just feels like time wasted that could be spent with characters about which we actually care.

Overall, will anyone care if Theon rescues Yara and redeems himself? Probably not. I would rather watch Tyrion drink a bottle of wine in a room by himself for a whole hour than dedicate anymore time to the Ironborn.

6 Where Are Bronn, Podrick, and Gendry?

At the end of season seven, there were some missing characters, by the way.

In the season seven finale, almost every single major character was present for the Dragonpit meeting. Right before the meeting gets underway, Bronn grabs Podrick and exits. It’s a weird thing to do, right? You’d think Bronn would want to watch whatever was about to go down. One could chalk this up to Bronn and Podrick not being important enough to attend, which is decent reasoning. Though, Bronn has never seemed the type to slither away when the “more important” people are talking.

The odder thing is that Bronn and Podrick weren’t seen again after they exited this scene. Could Bronn have taken off with Podrick? Could Bronn have switched sides without us knowing? Quite possibly. Let us not forget, Tyrion had just offered Bronn double whatever Cersei was paying him. While Bronn is a lovable character, he’s never been a guy above being bribed. Also noteworthy is the fact that Bronn was not present in the scene in which Jaime was instructing his knights of their travel plans. This certainly seems like something Bronn could be present for. So, where is Bronn?!

On that note, Gendry was nowhere to be seen in the season seven finale. I take my eyes off this character for one minute and he disappears again?! Gendry, you and your hammer best be back for season eight. I will have no more of this “rowing” stuff.

5 How Do You Even Kill An Ice Dragon?

Now that Viserion is an ice dragon, he is a huge threat to life in Westeros. One could even argue that the ice dragon is a bigger villain than Cersei Lannister or the Night King at this point. Oh, and Daenerys is going to be pretty angry that her baby has been turned into this monstrous ice dragon. This all brings us to the question of how to kill an ice dragon, because the ice dragon must be killed.

One option would be making a dragonglass arrow and using that contraption Qyburn built, though I don’t think Cersei will be willing to lend that out. In fact, Cersei will probably be overjoyed at the idea of an ice dragon taking down all her enemies. Another option is killing the Night King, as it would kill the ice dragon and every other White Walker he brought to life. But I don’t know how someone would ever get close enough to the Night King while the ice dragon is still alive. Since White Walkers can be killed by fire, it’s likely we’ll get to see the ice dragon go head to head with Daenerys’ remaining dragons, which will be epic and emotional. I mean, it'll be dragon brother vs. dragon brother. For as excited I am to see this possibly go down, it'll be really sad too. They're dragon brothers, guys!

Whatever the case, season eight will have to answer the question of how exactly one kills an ice dragon. That ice dragon needs to be defeated before anyone can even think about stopping the White Walkers.

4 Will Bran Ever Properly Explain The Three-Eyed Raven?

For being the all-knowing, all-seeing Three-Eyed Raven, Bran sure does a piss poor job at explaining it. For example, his sister Sansa kindly asked Bran what he meant by Three-Eyed Raven. How did Bran explain the Three-Eyed Raven to Sansa? Oh, he decided to recount the night Sansa married Ramsay Bolton, only to be brutally raped by Ramsay as Theon watched. Bran, you couldn’t have thought of anything better? Literally any other memory ever would have worked. Also, shouldn’t Bran have, I don’t know, stopped watching that little rape scene as soon as he realized what was going on? No one should watch their sister lose her virginity while being raped. No one, Bran.

That said, Bran and the show haven’t done the best job at explaining what the Three-Eyed Raven is or the Three-Eyed Raven’s importance. It would be nice to have a better explanation that didn’t include poor Sansa’s rape.

3 Who Will Claim The Iron Throne?

In the earlier seasons of the show, it seemed like the biggest question was who would end up on the Iron Throne. However, the importance of this question has recently lessened. I mean, there’s an ice dragon in play and the Wall fell. Clearly, the most important thing is taking care of those tricky White Walkers. After that is done, the Iron Throne will, again, be the biggest question the show has to answer.

So, who could come for the Iron Throne? Well, we have Cersei Lannister sitting pretty on the Iron Throne, but that surely will not be how the show ends. Daenerys Targaryen thinks she has the rightful claim to the throne, but it turns out Jon Snow is the actual heir to the Iron Throne. What a complicated, incestuous relationship they're about to have!

There are also other wild cards, like Gendry who is Robert Baratheon’s heir. Though, Gendry doesn’t seem interested in the Iron Throne. Maybe an underdog like Tyrion or Jaime could take the Iron Throne. Who knows? I suppose it will come down to who is left standing after the White Walkers are defeated, but we better get to see someone other than Cersei Lannister claim that throne.

2 How Is Everything Connected?

This is kind of a larger question, but I’m personally hoping Game of Thrones ties up any and all loose ends. Like, I kind of need every single thing is explained.

Every. Single. Thing.

I want to know how the Faceless Men, Melisandre, the dragons, the White Walkers, Jon Snow’s resurrection, and literally everything fits together. Particularly, George R. R. Martin said he’d definitely explain why the seasons are so weird in Game of Thrones. Before, it's been said that the dragons are connected to both the seasons and magic. The extinction of the dragons brought colder, longer winters. Then when dragons were brought back into the world via Daenerys, magic grew stronger again. That’s cool and all, but I need some reasons, some logic, some explanation. I want to know everything, George R. R. Martin.

Overall, the show has done a nice job at tying up loose ends in the past, so I’m hoping to see everything that had ever happened on the show come together in season eight. It’s a pretty big wish, so hopefully Game of Thrones doesn’t disappoint.

1 Will Anyone Get A Happy Ending?

Will anyone at all get a happy ending? Um, probably not because it’s Game of Thrones, but we can all dream.

I’m particularly rooting for some of the underdogs to finally get a win. Like Sansa Stark. Girlfriend needs to have a marriage that isn’t horrible. Sansa and Tyrion deciding to continue their marriage may actually be a happy ending for both parties, as well as a smart political move for House Stark and House Lannister. Likewise, Jorah Mormont, who has suffered greatly both physically and emotionally, needs to get some kind of happiness in the world. Oh, and it would be nice to see Gendry and Arya run off into the sunset together. Fans have been waiting for the Hound and the Mountain fighting it out in a battle to the death, which would be phenomenal, but only if we finally saw the Hound win and avenge all the pain the Mountain has caused. Missandei and Grey Worm totally deserve to live happily ever after too. And, of course, our two heroes, Daenerys and Jon. They all deserve happiness, guys! Every single one of them!

I’m kind of going to need a few people getting a happy ending. I know this really isn't Game of Thrones' thing. This is a show that is more into torture, death, and rape. All I'm asking for is for a few characters to have slightly happy endings. Us fans deserve at least that.

Sources: Vulture.com

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