16 Pictures The Bella Family Doesn’t Want You To See

Perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact the Bellas would have on the world of sports and entertainment.

Perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact the Bellas would have on the world of sports and entertainment. Things got off to a rocky start when the twins failed a WWE Diva Search tryout back in 2006. Though, luckily, they’d get a call from the company in 07’ a year later and report to developmental.

Their progress was bumpy, but as of 2013, things were finally heading into the right direction. Brie was thriving in a storyline with Stephanie, while Nikki was slowly molding into a huge competitor inside of the ring. Nikki would go on to claim the Divas Championship and set a record of 307 days, a record with the championship. Along with their in-ring success, the duo was thriving outside of the ring becoming huge on social media due to their part on the reality show Total Divas. Their work was so good that the company recently awarded them with their own spin-off, Total Bellas.

If you’ve followed the twins, you know that with all the good came a lot of bad. In this article we document those situations from moments in the ring, out in public and from their days prior to the WWE. These are 16 pictures the Bella family doesn’t want you to see. Like always, enjoy!

16 The Bellas & The Fellas

Breaking into the WWE in 2008, the Bellas were known more for their antics outside of the ring than in it. The duo struggled inside the ring early on, but were still quite popular backstage getting buddy, buddy with several of the male Superstars. The Bellas were known as party animals and rumors even swirled around of the two getting wild in a hot tub and putting on a show for some of the other wrestlers. But again, that’s only speculation, and one several men (and women) around the world hope is true.

This picture shows the Bellas back in their earlier days out and about with some of the WWE Superstars from the roster. Noticeable wrestlers include Randy Orton, who was a big time womanizer back in the day, along with Khali who’s kind of an odd group member but maybe he was a hoot outside of the ring. The group of wrestlers enjoyed a day at the water park which led to speculation of the Bellas hooking up with other wrestlers. Those days are long gone however, with Brie happily married and expecting a child while Nikki appears to be very happy alongside WWE poster boy John Cena.

15 The Modeling Days Pre-WWE

One of the biggest knocks coming from hardcore wrestling fans towards the Bellas is the fact that wrestling wasn’t always on their agenda. Unlike Superstars like Paige, Bayley and Sasha Banks, the world of sports entertainment was not a childhood dream for the twins. Instead, they set off to Los Angeles in search of jobs in the entertainment business.

While working as a waitresses at the Mondrian Hotel, the twins looked for an agent to help them get started. Along with cameos on TV shows and commercials, the twins also did some photoshoots prior to their WWE fame. As you can see in the picture above, the shoots were of the amateur nature. One particular shoot that made the rounds online is of the twins posing for various shots on the beach. Pretty surreal to see the kind of shoots they're doing today in comparison to one’s from the early 2000s.

14 Failed Diva Search Tryout

Yes, that’s right. The Bellas' WWE journey did in fact get off to a forgettable start with a failed attempt to make it into the business. Way back in 2006, the twins participated in the Diva Search tryout process. The WWE liked the twins, but ultimately decided against having them enter the competition. Former WWE star Layla, would end up winning the show, along with current WWE star Maryse placing 7th.

The Bellas would ultimately take a different route into the company, and looking at the longevity of their careers, man did it ever pay off. Despite the fact that they got rejected, the WWE liked the Bellas and their twin dynamic, so they decided to give them a shot by signing the duo to a developmental deal with FCW. They won their debut tag match defeating current SmackDown Live star Natalya. The WWE would go on to call them up onto the main roster at the end of August in 2008.

13 The Early Party Days

Aspiring to live the life of glamour and partying, the Bellas did just that early on. However, it seems like they put more of an emphasis on partying than anything else. The twins have multiple pictures out and about with former and current WWE stars, including this one alongside Maryse and CM Punk. Looking at the twins' status with Maryse and Punk’s reputation with the WWE, this is certainly a picture that’ll never be duplicated again and likely one the twins want to forget about.

Nowadays, things have changed for the two; Brie, notorious for her Brie Mode party lifestyle is quietly expecting Daniel Bryan’s baby. While Nikki, still enjoys a night out on the town, but with such an upgraded status in the entertainment world, Bella enjoys the finer restaurants and local establishments nowadays. The evolution of the Bellas is truly something looking back at the last couple of years.

12 Brie & The Ex

It truly turns your stomachs to see a picture of Brie alongside someone else other than Daniel Bryan, but that was the reality of her situation before meeting the beloved WWE Superstar. A picture she’ll likely want us to forget about, Brie looks madly in love with her former partner, Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen. The two shared a relationship and it would end with Brie later starting a new coupling with Daniel Bryan.

The story of Bryan and Brie hooking up is quite hilarious, as the story goes that Sheamus and other WWE Superstars burst into the hotel room as the love making was going down. Ultimately, it was evident that it wasn’t a one-time thing and something pretty legit. The two would end up getting engaged in September of 2013 and marry in April of 2014. The two share an inspirational relationship together and are currently expecting their first baby during WrestleMania season in April of 2017.

11 Nikki & Dolph’s Relationship

After getting the call from the WWE, both Nikki and sister Brie, reported to the WWE’s former territory of FCW. While training for a future spot on the main roster, Dolph Ziggler was also down in Florida trying to resurface his career. After a failed stint with the Spirit Squad, Ziggler was one of the only stable members to be retained and was sent down to repackage his image into something new.

While down in development, the two met and would eventually start dating. Numerous pictures have been posted online of the two but eventually, the relationship would end. Dolph has been linked to several WWE women in the past, including his newest rumored partnership with Dana Brooke. Of course, Nikki has also moved on, dating the face that runs the place, the man himself John Cena. The two had some moments together on Total Divas and appear to be on amicable terms nowadays.

10 Brie’s Tattoo

Some fans noticed, while other fans were totally oblivious to ink pertaining to former WWE star Brie Bella. If you missed it, don’t feel too bad as the location is right near her private parts just above her waistline. The tattoo was usually covered up during her WWE days and was spotted during candid moments and even beach photoshoots when Brie’s waistline area was exposed. Although the location is quite off-putting, the reason behind the tattoo is actually quite inspirational.

As a young 18 year old, Brie underwent a tough incident losing her boyfriend at the time. While grieving his loss, Bella tattooed bear claws as a way to pay homage to her former love that passed away. Although the location would indicate otherwise, the meaning is truly quite deep and even one that Daniel Bryan himself struggled to understand at first due to its location.

9 Nikki’s Tattoo

Yes, that’s right, even sister Nikki got herself a tattoo when she was only 15. As documented during an episode of Total Divas, Nikki accompanied Brie as she got a fairy removed from her backside. Entering motherhood, Brie made it a must to remove the tattoo. Despite getting some heat from her sister, Nikki instead refused to lose the tat of a fiery heart. According to Nikki, even John Cena himself likes the tattoo which is located right on her curvaceous booty. Bella claims that despite the fact that she got it done as a teen, she plans on keeping it for life.

Difference in tattoos is just one of the many ways you can tell the twins apart. Obviously, Nikki is the curvier of the two. Brie also has two beauty marks on her chest while she claims Nikki has more of an apple head while she possess more of a long banana-like head structure.

8 WWE Hiatus, Northeast Wrestling

Fans tend to forget but the Bellas did in fact leave the WWE at one point in time. Their initial main roster run carried on from 2008 till 2012. Unwilling to re-sign with the company, the duo had an unlikely short stint on the Indie circuit away from the WWE.

Their first appearance took place in May of 2013, as the duo appeared on the Indie scene wrestling for Northeast Wrestling, a promotion out of Newburgh, New York. They would go on to make various other appearances including cameos as valets for CTWE Pro Wrestling. The two appeared at the event, Season Beatings.

Finally, the twins would make their WWE return in March of 2013, appearing in a backstage segment on Raw. Both Nikki and Brie were repackaged with new gear and a new identity, making their second run far more impactful than anything they did in their first stint.

7 Brie’s Wardrobe Malfunction

In the world of pro wrestling, we’ve seen various botches, which include those of the wardrobe malfunction nature. Even recently, we saw the likes of poor A.J. Styles rip his pants, to make matters worse, the hole was right near the butt area.

However, more times than not, women are the victims of these malfunctions. Showing off their fantastic bodies, women tend to wear tighter clothing than the men. This wardrobe malfunction however, had nothing to do with that and poor Brie fell victim to a situation we’ve never seen before. Dressed in a lovely black dress, Brie was quietly sitting down in the ring as Miz ranted on and on. Then, out of nowhere, not an RKO, but instead, one of Brie’s breasts just happened to pop out. Of course, fans caught the footage and the image spread like wildfire online. It remains one of the most bizarre malfunctions you’ll ever see and one that Brie hopes fans will forget about.

6 More Wardrobe Troubles

Like her sister, even Nikki hasn’t been immune to a wardrobe malfunction in the past. However, unlike her sister, Nikki saw the malfunction take place during a match. While she was on the floor on the outside, the camera zoomed at the very worst moment as Nikki’s enhanced breast popped out of her gear. It seems like just as the cameraman realized, the shot was changed. Like we’ve seen time and time again, the damage was already done and before you knew it, the image made the rounds online.

This wasn’t Nikki’s only wardrobe malfunction. She even had another incident take place while working a promo with Paige. Playing the role of the popular “hot bully”, Nikki dazzled the crowd with a short skirt. The only problem was that the skirt was way too revealing and even exposed some of Nikki’s undergarments. For the twins, the wardrobe malfunction was just one type of the many botches they’d see throughout their careers.

5 Entrance Botch

Along with wardrobe mishaps, the twins have made Botchamania highlight reels several times in the past. Whether it be for various in-ring blunders or even failed entrances, the twins have had numerous fails.

The one you see in the picture above comes from Brie Bella. As she made her way to the ring, poor Brie almost tripped on her own feet. Trying to just get on with the entrance, Bella walked even faster following the trip up just wanting to get in the ring.

Hilarious that sister Nikki, can’t even mess with her sister about the fail due to that fact that even Nikki completely botched an entrance at one point. As she made her way to the ring, one of Nikki’s heal's exploded off of her foot leaving her with one shoe. Thankfully, these horrid blunders are in the past and both sisters would improve dramatically over the last couple of years.

4 Another Low Budget Modeling Pic

We really couldn’t help ourselves but to post another picture of the Bella twins modeling in what seems to be a low budget photoshoot. In this shot, the twins appear in front of a Lifeguard station. If those two were the lifeguards in real-life, hundreds of men would be purposely drowning every day. The picture is truly capped off by the old school sunglasses both twins are possessing.

That was then and this is now. Not only are the twins popular WWE stars but they have aided the WWE in succeeding in reality television as well with Total Divas turning into a reality monster. With the inception of Total Bellas, it just goes to show how much these two have grown. Just imagine thinking back in 2008 that those two twins who couldn’t perform a hip-toss would be given their own show by the same company. Truly surreal circumstances, but well deserved.

3 Besties With Maryse

Back in the day, the Bellas and Maryse maintained a strong relationship, so much so that Brie and Maryse were roommates at one point in time. The friendship would eventually fall apart leading to three years of silence between the two sides. During an episode of Total Divas things finally blew up and the details of the fight were made public.

Maria Kanellis took to Twitter a while back destroying the Bellas about blocking her and other Divas from a WWE contract. Maryse was another Diva that added to the beef claiming the Bellas did the same to her. According to Maryse, she held out on a WWE contract because the Bellas had told her to hold off in search of more money. Ultimately, the Bellas were resigned while Maryse would not return till 2016.

Things intensified on Total Divas with Maryse expressing her anger while Brie lashed out on Maryse for constantly belittling her, something even husband Daniel Bryan claimed about their friendship. According to Brie, Maryse just couldn’t stand the fact that she was no longer needed, while the Bellas were. Whatever the case might be, the twins and Maryse are no longer close today.

2 Brie Mode

To the casual WWE fan, Brie Mode is simply a cute nickname given to the Bella twin. However for the hardcore WWE fan or Total Divas lover, you know the real meaning behind the nickname. Brie Mode is actually used to describe the wild side of Brie after she pounds down several drinks. Although she has a calm demeanor off screen, she’s anything but that when she consumes more alcohol than she can handle, turning into a crazy party animal.

Luckily, we got a glimpse of Brie Mode and boy, was it ever worth the price of admission. Despite Daniel Bryan’s displeasure with Brie drinking, she went full-on Brie Mode alongside Paige, during an episode of Total Divas. Brie was a mess making shots fall all over her while she continuously drank throughout the night. Along with her slurred speech Brie was completely out of it and surely, woke up to one big headache. About to enter motherhood, she certainly hopes her child doesn’t find out the real meaning behind Brie Mode.

1 Nikki’s Enhancements

We’ve seen Nikki “enhanced” in more ways than one throughout her WWE career. Her first run with the company was a major bust, but upon her return, Nikki finally began as a serious competitor and she’s now one of the most respected women in the WWE today. Along with in-ring prowess, Nikki has grown an empire outside of wrestling with a massive social media following stemming from her role as a star in reality television.

Her second type of “enhancements” took place in her chest area. If you’ve followed Nikki throughout her career and didn’t notice a significant change in the “puppies” area, we seriously feel for you. Yes, Nikki did in fact get enhancement surgery and to her credit, she hasn’t shied away from the critics admitting to the surgery. This isn’t the first nor will it be the last time a Diva gets this procedure done. Even greats like Trish Stratus underwent the surgery, although it should be noted that once she left the WWE and entered motherhood, she got the enhancements taken out.

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16 Pictures The Bella Family Doesn’t Want You To See