16 Pics Stephanie McMahon Doesn’t Want You To See Of Current WWE Divas

The prerequisites to being a WWE female Superstar have changed drastically over the last couple of years. For one, the company now labels the females as Superstars, like the men, unlike the previous days of seeing them as Divas. Today, the company is all about in-ring talent. When recruiting new stars, the company looks at several criteria, putting athleticism at the forefront of what they expect. Back in the day, this was not the case. Athleticism was a small part of it all, while the biggest importance was looks. Thankfully, that has changed with the new crop of stars today.

With that being said, this doesn’t mean the class of today is perfect or better than the former Divas for the matter. As you’ll see in this article, some have a past you might not have known about whether it be working for Hooters or in the modelling field. A current star even posed nude for Playboy. We look at these current women and some of the pictures Stephanie might not want you to see.

So why Stephanie you ask? The answers simple, she’s been at the forefront of revolutionizing the division and as the Chief Branding Officer of the company, she only wants what’s good for the company’s image and integrity. We go against the grain in this article showing you guys 16 pictures Stephanie doesn’t want you to see of the current female starts in the WWE. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend!


16 Nia Jax Before The WWE

With wrestling excellence running through her bloodline, the WWE signed Nia to the developmental brand of NXT despite her lack of experience. It helps when you’re cousins with various WWE Superstars including the Usos, Roman Reigns and of course the great one himself, The Rock. To Jax’s credit, despite the fact that she was rather green to the business, she managed to pick up the fundamentals rather quickly thrashing through the NXT roster. WWE officials were so pleased with her developments that they decided to give her a quick call-up to the main roster joining the Raw brand during the draft. She’s been protected ever since and you can expect some big things in the future.

In the ring, she’s a dominant and at times a scary Superstar, but what Stephanie likely doesn’t want us to know is the fact that she’s quite the sweetheart outside of the ring. Along with that, prior to becoming a WWE Superstar, Nia was a plus-sized model as you see in the picture above.

15 The Bellas Brief Indie Stint


Looking at how high the brand of the Bella twins is today, we certainly believe the WWE holds the twins in a high regard. Both have a massive following on Instagram along with a YouTube channel which keeps on rising. In addition, the duo helped the WWE immensely in the world of reality television finding great success on the E! program Total Divas. Back in May of 2012, however, nobody would have predicted that. We turn back the clock and dissect this moment Stephanie wants us to forget about.

Some fans forget, but the Bella twins did in fact part ways with the WWE at one point. On May 1st, 2012, they would debut for another promotion called CTWE Pro Wrestling. The picture you see above is of Brie escorting a local wrestler to the ring. Both Bellas played the roles of managers on the night. The footage is available online and quite cringeworthy considering the atmosphere the two are surrounded by. Given their current success, Steph wants you to forget that this ever went down!

14 Liv Morgan Working at Hooters

Stephanie McMahon played a huge role in changing the course of the women’s division. Back in the day, the word 'Divas' was used to describe the females of the company. The prerequisites for a job a couple of years ago was simply being good looking and coming from a modelling background (most of the time).

Today, that has finally changed. The term Diva is now out of the WWE’s vocabulary as they refer to them as Superstars, just like the men. In addition, the scouting process is much different nowadays. The WWE looks for athleticism more so than anything else and not good looks. Well, it turns out that young 22 year old Liz Morgan, came from that old school mindset looking at her past as a model/Hooters girl. Now to her credit, she aspired to be a WWE Superstar from a young age and has brought it inside the squared circle. However, we truly believe Stephanie wants us to forget about the picture above given the company’s current climate with the term “women in power” being heavily pushed.

13 Asuka Looking Not So PG


Like we discussed earlier in the article with Nia Jax, the WWE has pushed Asuka like a dominant and vicious in-ring performer. Since she got shipped to North America joining NXT, Asuka has decimated every opponent in sight still going undefeated. In February she made history with the NXT brand, becoming the longest Singles champion in NXT history, an accomplishment she should truly be proud of.

Booking-wise, the WWE has lead most fans to believe that Asuka really doesn’t have a “sexy” side given her vicious in-ring skills. However, something Steph probably doesn’t want us to know is the fact that Asuka has various revealing pictures online from her prior days back in Japan. In addition, she even has other R-rated photos that show Asuka actually licking her opponents inside of the ring. For Stephanie, she truly hopes fans don’t do their research on Asuka because if they do, they’ll be pleasantly surprised with some top notch edgy pictures.

12 A Young Paige & Becky Lynch in SHIMMER

The WWE would love us to believe that the first time Paige and Becky Lynch met was in their company, but that is not the case. Struggling to find herself, Lynch “no showed” an event in 2008 claiming she needed to find herself. Lynch left the wrestling business and proceeded to work as a flight attendant. She returned to her first love in 2011 reprising her role in the wrestling industry. Becky joined SHIMMER, meeting Paige for the first time.

During her stint, Lynch actually became the manager of the mother/daughter Tag Team featuring Paige and her mother Saraya. Oddly enough, Paige and her mother would even compete in several matches against each other, but you’ll see all about that in The Rock’s new film which documents the crazy life of Paige’s family.

As for the two in the picture, Paige would earn a contract in her second tryout getting the call to join FCW. Becky would join her buddy two years later inking an NXT deal in April of 2013.

11 Lana’s Not So PG Past


Lana seems like a Superstar Diva that was made for the 90s. Had she been born a decade earlier, we truly believe she would have been an even bigger star with the WWE. Today however, her credentials are out of the norm, but despite that, she’s managed to find some serious success because of her good looks which have connected with the crowd. Looking at Lana’s background before coming to the WWE, it seems like she pursued everything but the pro wrestling field. Lana participated in several films and television shows. She even released a single in the music industry at one point in time.

Along with that, Lana was also a model. She has various pictures online of the revealing nature, some we truly believe that Stephanie McMahon doesn’t want the younger generations to see. At the age of 31, the Ravishing Russian still plays the role of Rusev’s manager. It remains to be seen how much time she has left in the company given her interests potentially being elsewhere.

10 Emma’s Mugshot

We weren’t sure which picture would irritate Stephanie more here. Either the mugshot we put or a picture of Emma under the Emmalina gimmick. In what was one of the most bizarre character developments ever, the WWE decided to drop the gimmick just as it was about to be launched. The portrayal was meant to be a throwback similar to Sable, but when it was all said and done, the company didn’t believe in Emma’s take on the character so they decided to scrap it. Oh goodness!

The picture you see above is another sticky situation regarding Emma which took place in the summer of 2014. Emma was arrested in Hartford for allegedly stealing an iPad at a local Walmart. Emma claims she had problems with the self-checkout counter. When it was all said and done, she was scheduled for community service and released by the WWE. Once the details came out, the company quickly hired her back. The entire ordeal is something Stephanie, the WWE and Emma, likely want us to forget about.


9 Exposed Mickie


We weren’t sure which picture to feature in this slot. An honorable mention for close second goes to the picture of Mickie alongside the WWE’s poster boy John Cena. When it comes to backstage dirt, Cena was clean for the most part, but that entire situation was one of his biggest blemishes. We believe the WWE wants us to forget that the hookup between the two ever happened.

That situation was forgettable but this one we believe is even more so. Before she entered the world of pro wrestling, Mickie was a model taking pictures of the amateur nature. Several revealing photos have made the rounds online featuring Mickie and minimal amounts of clothing as you see in the picture above. She even has fully nude pictures, ones we truly believe she would like to take back given her current status as a happy mother nowadays.

8 Maryse The Bunny

One of the biggest changes to the WWE nowadays is how squeaky clean the company wants to be internally with its talents on the roster. With a PG rating, and the addition of so many new sponsors, the WWE is very careful with what they put out on TV and how the Superstars behave off-screen. We seen countless wrestlers in the past get released for poor behavior outside of the ring.

Another aspect the company frowns upon is a wrestler with a “revealing” past. Let’s look at some examples, shall we. Sunny has been rarely mentioned since signing a deal with an adult entertainment company, while even Chyna wasn’t mentioned because of her role in the adult industry. The company is no-nonsense when it comes to these issues today. Maryse is borderline when it comes to prior WWE content, and this is one of the reasons why, as the picture you see above comes from Maryse’s Playboy shoot before the WWE. Along with that, the Quebec beauty even has a leaked tape of the amateur nature online; without a doubt, Stephanie wants us to forget about both these things.

7 Alexa’s First WWE Gimmick


We’ve seen the WWE get it wrong so many times before. In some instances, its broken the careers of great performers, but thankfully in this instance, the performer Alexa Bliss was still quite green and had time to recover down in NXT.

With a background in cheerleading, the WWE decided to play off of her real life passion by turning the Ohio native into a shy babyface. The idea was lackluster and it led to lackluster results.

Thankfully, she would get changed to a heel managing the team of Blake and Murphy. Eventually, Bliss grew bigger than the Tag Team and she would branch off on her own as a huge star. She was drafted to SmackDown Live following the brand extension and she’s thrived ever since. Bliss is the current Women’s Champion and a two-time title holder. With all that success, Steph wants us to forget about that other failed gimmick pursuit as a happy go lucky cheerleader.

6 Carmella The Cheerleader

If you like cheerleaders you’ve come to the right place. The next three entries in this article discuss former cheerleaders that converted into the world of sports and entertainment. We discussed Bliss in the prior entry and now we turn our sights to another product of the NXT development, Carmella.

Sure she doesn’t have an extensive indie background or a prior career in the world of pro sports, but we can’t discredit the athleticism required to work in the field of cheerleading. It requires agility, mobility and even a serious amount of strength. Prior to entering the WWE, Carmella worked with several pro teams including the New England Patriots and the NBA’s LA Lakers performing as a Laker Girl.

Her popularity grew as a manger, but would later branch off on her own as a Singles star. Her hard work has paid off as she got a call-up to SmackDown Live during the brand extension draft. The past is the past, and she’s now thriving as a WWE Superstar.

5 Naomi Before the WWE


We round out the list of former cheerleaders with the athletic Naomi. Prior to her days with the WWE, Naomi was a cheerleader/dancer for the NBA’s Orlando Magic. She even took her talents for dance onto the music scene serving as a background dancer for the popular musician Flo Rida.

She started off in NXT (the season not the development brand) and would make her way to the main roster, as a dancer oddly enough with the Funkadactyls which was one of the worst things wrestling fans had ever seen in the 2000s. Mercifully, Naomi was the only one that was salvaged from that disastrous group and after years and years of development, she’s now finally thriving on SmackDown Live as a former champion. Her in-ring skills warrant the push, and we can safely put aside her lackluster days as a cheerleader behind us, something Stephanie certainly wants us to do.

4 Becky Lynch Rocking Bullet Club Gear

Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, Lynch was a huge fan of pro wrestling. She got started early alongside her brother as the two joined the wrestling school of a familiar face most of us know, that is of Fergal Devitt, aka Finn Balor.

She spent years on the European indie scene finding her way. At times she struggled both in and out of the ring. Outside of the squared circle, Becky struggled with alcohol and marijuana, however wrestling would help steer her in the right direction. She left the business briefly as we indicated earlier, but would make the wise decision to return. Today, Lynch is the top female star on SmackDown Live and the program’s first ever champion. I think we can agree she made the right choice.

Speaking of right choices, we aren’t so sure she made the right one with this picture, rocking the Bullet Club t-shirt. Stephanie and the WWE are all about their own product, and we believe that the company would rather see Lynch rocking a shirt from someone in the company, and not of a rival promotion overseas.

3 Charlotte’s Mugshot


Perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact that the signing of Charlotte Flair would have on the company. An athlete at heart, Flair picked up the fundamentals of the business rather quickly, showing she had the industry running through her veins. She blazed by NXT and would later change the course of the women’s division on the main roster. During her title run, the WWE changed the major female championship from the Divas Title to the Women’s Title. Charlotte continues to thrive as the face of the women, along with being a four-time champion.

Looking at all her accomplishments, you best believe the WWE and Stephanie are very sensitive when it comes to things pertaining to Charlotte. This picture, is likely something they don’t want us to see. This is a mugshot taken of Charlotte before her WWE days in September of 2008. Charlotte was arrested in North Carolina for a fight with her boyfriend and assaulting an officer. She was sentenced to prison but got away with the charges by serving a probation period along with a $200 fine. WOOOOOOOO!

2 Sasha’s Airport Antics

You got to love Sasha’s attitude as she tries to make it as a trailblazer in the world of the WWE. She continues to break records with the company, whether it be being the first female to main event a WWE PPV, or setting the record for longest Women’s match ever with her Roadblock bout which was 34 minutes; the Boston resident is without a doubt destined for greatness.

What isn’t so great however, is her fan interaction at times. Unlike the norm of the WWE stars that live in either the California or Florida area, Banks resides in Boston, meaning her travel time is likely larger than her peers. With that said, numerous fans have seen Banks at airports and let’s just say the interaction wasn’t the way many mapped it out to be. Banks isn’t the nicest in candid settings and has even expressed her desires to make fans look like fools when they approach her in a public setting. With the WWE being so family friendly, we aren’t sure Stephanie is all that thrilled about this. Nonetheless, her faces in some of the pics are truly priceless, but the one showcased above takes the cake.

1 Paige Attending Other Wrestling Shows


Many of us believed that the brand extension would help to reset the career of the WWE’s wild child Paige. Instead, she hasn’t been seen since on the company’s program, suffering from a neck injury, along with facing multiple suspensions from the WWE for the use of banned substances. 2016 was not a good year.

Furthermore, she toured the indie scene alongside her new man Alberto Del Rio. Did this infuriate Stephanie and the WWE? Most probably, yes. In the picture you see above, Paige was not only at the event but she stepped foot inside of the foreign squared circle proposing to Del Rio. As of October, the two were happily engaged just adding to the furry of the WWE.

She remains absent front WWE TV, although many believe she’s finally slotted for a return following WrestleMania. Thankfully, the Norwich native still has age on her side as she’s only 24 today.

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