16 Photos Proving The Spice Girls Were The Hottest Thing About The '90s

In 1994, the Spice Girls were formed and, after that, the world was never the same. No, seriously, the Spice Girls changed both the world and the '90s as we all know it.

The ‘90s were all about the Spice Girls. From their hit songs, to their music videos, to their feature film, to their fashion choices, the Spice Girls were the hottest thing about the ‘90s. I mean, five hot, talented women promoting girl power, what could possibly be hotter than that? The group consisted of Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), and Victoria Adams, now better known as Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice). With each Spice Girl representing a different persona, every woman could connect to them. Before women were a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte from Sex and the City, they were a certain Spice Girl.

After signing to Virgin Records in 1996, the Spice Girls released their debut single “Wannabe” and began their world domination. This single topped the charts worldwide and helped their first album, Spice, sell more than 31 million copies. This made them the best-selling female group of all time, which is a record they still hold. (Sorry, Fifth Harmony.)

If you still need more proof that the Spice Girls were the hottest thing about the ‘90s, below are 16 smokin’ photos of the girl group. The ‘90s may have been a time without iPhones, Netflix, or Barack and Biden memes, but we’d still 100% go back just to be in the age of Spice Girls again.

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14 Leather Never Looked So Good

via fansshare.com

There weren’t many times that the Spice Girls all dressed the same. They were generally in their particular Spice Girl's preferred clothing. Sporty always rocked track pants and sneakers. Ginger always wore as little clothing as she physically could. Baby was generally in a short baby-doll dress. Posh was chic and fashionable, much like real-life Victoria Beckham today. And, Scary… well, you really never knew what Scary would be in, but you knew it would be fun and possibly leopard print.

In this photo, they are all in black leather, but still rocking their individual style. The dress Baby is wearing is similar to all her other dresses. Ginger still looks sultry, Sporty athletic, and Scary… well, zany.

Because of the sheer popularity of the Spice Girls, they are often compared to the Beatles. The craze for the Beatles was so insane that it was dubbed Beatlemania and the Spice Girls had a similar effect in the '90s.

13 The Slumber Party Of Your Dreams

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In the ‘90s, every woman and man would have loved to be invited to this sleepover party. For women, the Spice Girls represented a group of cool, beautiful, successful women who seemed to have a genuine friendship. They all had their individual personalities, but they got along well. It really was Sex and the City before Sex and the City.

‘90s men would have liked to be invited to this slumber party for… uh, other reasons. The Spice Girls were sex symbols. Between the clothing they sported and the music videos they released, they oozed sex appeal while still promoting “girl power.” It was a new brand of feminism ushered in by the Spice Girls. Don’t forget, their first hit “Wannabe” was actually a very feminist song that promoted female friendships over romantic relationships. It even had lines like, “Now don't go wasting my precious time/Get your act together we could be just fine.” Girl power indeed.

14. Still Hot While Covered In The Pepsi Logo

via pinterest.com

I know, I know. Your eyes are being assaulted with the Pepsi logo right now. If you give your eyes a moment to adjust, you will see that the Spice Girls actually look amazing in this photo – yes, even while covered in the Pepsi logo. Apparently, some marketing executive at Pepsi thought covering the Spice Girls in their logo could sell more Pepsi. Seeing Ginger's Pepsi booty shorts may not make anyone thirsty for a bubbly soda, but the booty shorts certainly remind you that Ginger Spice is hot. The Spice Girls also made a commercial for Pepsi, as it was part of their multi-million dollar promotional deal.

Pepsi loves contracting young, hot pop stars to push their soda. Don’t forget the early '00s commercials with Britney Spears, in one of which she teamed up with Beyonce and Pink.

12 That Time Ginger Showed Us Her Underwear

via forums.yoworld.com

Everyone had a favorite Spice Girl. For many, it was Ginger Spice and it’s very easy to see why. Ginger’s persona was that of a sassy pin-up girl. She spoke her mind and was often wearing very little clothing while doing so. This pin-up part of her persona may have come from a sultry shoot she did when she was just 19-years-old. The photos originally appeared in The Sun and were later reprinted in Playboy and Penthouse after her rise to fame.

While in the Spice Girls, Ginger was surely just as sultry as she was at 19-years-old. To the 1997 BRIT Awards, Ginger wore the Union Jack dress (pictured above), which holds the Guinness World Record for being the most expensive piece of popstar clothing ever sold in an auction. What made it so iconic? Oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that it was so short her underwear peaked through the bottom. But, that was Ginger for you. Plus, she looked amazing while flashing her underwear.

11 The Spice Girls... As Cheerleaders

via fansshare.com

As if the Spice Girls weren’t hot enough, let’s just dress them up in men’s fantasy clothing, right?

This photoshoot is clearly supposed to look like a high school women’s locker room and the Spice Girls all really indulged in their Spice Girl personas. Ginger and Baby are both cheerleaders, though Ginger’s version of cheerleader is a little sexier. Sporty is getting ready for, like, basketball practice or soccer practice. Who knows? It’s just pretty clear that Sport wasn’t really rocking that cheerleader look, but rather a more athletic look.

No one knows what in the hell Posh is supposed to be. Maybe, she’s the school nurse? Her character often wouldn’t run or do anything too physical because she was in heels, so it makes sense to keep her out of the cheerleader uniform. Oh, and Scary Spice is, of course, caught in her leopard print underwear.

10 Some Love For Scary Spice

via hawtcelebs.com

All of the Spice Girls were hot. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t get to show off how smokin’ they were because of their personas – in particular, Scary Spice and Sporty Sport. But, let’s give Scary Spice some love. Scary Spice was every bit as hot as the other girls, but she just got stuck rocking the zaniest outfits. At least she rocked them well, right?

Now known as Mel B, she has aged incredibly in the last two decades. Mel B went on to have a profitable solo career after the group broke apart. She also competed on Dancing with The Stars and served as a judge on the Australian and UK versions of The X Factor. Her solo career may not be as successful as her time in the Spice Girls, but really no career could outdo the major popularity of the Spice Girls.

If nothing else, Mel B should at least be happy that she no longer has to rock leopard print and be labeled the Scary one.

9 Who Really Dresses Like This?

via buzzfeed.com

Taking a trip down memory lane with the Spice Girls is a harsh reminder of all the awful clothing people wore in the ‘90s. If you need proof, just look at the above photo. It doesn’t get more ‘90s than that, my friends. Scary is in a leopard print suit. Sporty’s whole outfit, complete with the rosary beads, screams ‘90s. We’re not even sure what Ginger is wearing, as it looks like a female Elvis costume. The ‘90s ridicule aside, the girls all still look amazingly hot. I mean, Post Spice is rocking one of the shortest dresses known to mankind and she certainly has the body for it. Also, Scary is showing off her leopard bra on the red carpet.

These daring and revealing outfits that the Spice Girls wore were part of their charm. They were aspirational. No one could dress like this in real life so to see them rock such extreme outfits on the red carpet was like living out a fantasy through them.

8 Ginger's Short Shorts

via bbc.com

If nothing else, you could count on Ginger to bring the spice every single time. I mean, just look at those red hot shorts.

One of the amazing element of the Spice Girls is how they came together. A management team simply placed an ad in The Stage, which read: “WANTED: R.U. 18–23 with the ability to sing/dance? R.U. streetwise, outgoing, ambitious, and dedicated? Heart Management Ltd. are a widely successful music industry management consortium currently forming a choreographed, singing/dancing, all-female pop act for a recording deal. Open audition. Danceworks, 16 Balderton Street. Friday 4 March. 11 am-5:30 pm. Please bring sheet music or backing cassette.”

All five women – and 400 others – replied to the ad and so history was made. The fact that these five women had such great chemistry, on and off the stage, is miraculous really, especially since they had never met before all responding to that ad. It was not only their music and style that set them apart, but also their seemingly genuine friendship. Girl power!

7 Posh Spice

via celebzz.com

Following the breakup of the group, Victoria Beckham has undoubtedly been the most successful. She has amassed a net worth of $300 million and is basically British royalty. Seriously, she even went to 2011’s royal wedding, in which Prince William married Kate Middleton. Part of what makes Victoria Beckham UK royalty is who she married: David Beckham. He is a former professional football player – and, perhaps, the hottest football player who has ever lived. The home of “Posh and Becks” has even been dubbed the Beckingham Palace by the British media.

Much like Posh Spice, Beckham clearly loves fashion. Since the Spice Girls split, Beckham launched a wildly successful fashion line that has become a fixture at New York Fashion Week. One thing is for sure, Posh Spice was always hotness royalty. The above photo is from the “Say You’ll Be There” music video and, yes, Posh is wearing a leather catsuit. Meow!

6 That '90s Life

via pinterest.com

This may be the single most ‘90s photo of the Spice Girls. Between Ginger’s chunky highlights, Posh’s pin-straight hair, and everything else, this photo is just so ‘90s. Of course, they all somehow still look good even while indulging in the biggest ‘90s trends.

If you’re craving something really ‘90s. you could pop on 1997’s Spice World. It may not have gotten great reviews (with only a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes) but it’s become a cult classic for anyone who loved the Spice Girls. With a budget of $25 million, the film went on to gross $100 million. That doesn’t make it the next Titanic or anything, but it did well in the box office for what it was. The movie pushed their individual personas, while also enforcing the idea that all the women were really great friends. Oh, and they also look hot the whole movie, because of course.

5 Everyone Had This Poster

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This was the It poster of the '90s. The ‘70s had the Farrah Fawcett poster and all the ‘90s kids had this Spice Girls poster. Per usual, Ginger is wearing next to nothing and looks hella hot. Scary is wearing… uh, it looks like a weird jumpsuit. Poor Scary, also known as the hot Spice Girl who was forced to wear the kookiest shit ever. We all know she’s smokin’ under that awful jumpsuit, though.

This poster was released only a short time before the band broke up. Ginger was said to have left due to her depression. While this may have torn the band apart, the women all still remain friends. In fact, Geri Halliwell asked Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton to be the godmothers to her first daughter. Female friendship is the truest form of girl power.

4 Girl Power

via pinterest.com

This photo is more of a candid photo, as many of the other photos included are promotional stills. Even in a more candid shot though, Geri Halliwell is still full-on Ginger Spice with her ample cleavage showing. Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) is front and center and looks as adorable as ever.

Baby Spice was the more conservative of the group. While many of the other women would wear midriff bearing tops, Baby Spice was rarely – if ever – seen showing off her stomach. Instead, she wore baby-doll dresses that showed off her long legs. It was Baby’s mixture of sweetness and sexy that grounded the group from being overtly sexy. In a way, Britney Spears picked up Baby Spice's torch. When Britney hit the scene, she exuded this sweet and sexy mixture as well.

Britney Spears is not the only one who was influenced by the Spice Girls. Pop stars from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga have all been influenced by their music videos and the way the Spice Girls played up particular personas.

4. Ginger Spice Is The Spiciest

via celebzz.com

We don’t want to say Ginger Spice was the hottest Spice Girl, but it’s hard to argue with the photographic evidence. I mean, look at her.

After their hit “Wannabe,” the group released their next single “Say You’ll Be There.” It’s hard to say which music video is more iconic, but “Wannabe” usually takes the cake. The “Wannabe” music video introduced the Spice Girls to the world for the first time ever and thus was an iconic video because of that. However, “Say You’ll Be There” was both a better video and a sexier video. The "Say You'll Be There" music video featured all the Spice Girls singing and dancing in the desert. They were all assassins with assassin nicknames. Clearly, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video drew inspiration from this one.

While every Spice Girl looked superbly sexy in the music video, Ginger was a standout. Between the boots, the leather outfit, and her perfect body, there is nothing to not like.

3 Spice World

via fansshare.com

At least in this photo they let Scary Spice wear something that was semi-attractive. In a form-fitting dress, Scary Spice looks stunning. As usual, Ginger steals the show with her fishnet stockings and a black bodysuit. Like we said, Ginger Spice is the spiciest.

The Spice Girls are all holding a blow-up globe, as it was a promotional photo for their next album Spiceworld. Their first single from this album was “Spice Up Your Life,” which was a hit like all their other singles. After their 1997 performance of "Spice Up Your Life" at the MTV Europe Music Awards, the five women fired their manager Simon Fuller. This was worldwide front-page news. Yes, the fact that the Spice Girls fired their manager was major, major news worldwide.

Many people believe that Fuller was the true mastermind behind the group and his getting fired was when the group lost their way. Considering that they split a year later, these theories about Fuller’s vision and influence may be correct.

2 Backstage Realness

via pinterest.com

This photo was taken backstage at the 1997 BRIT Awards. Ginger is wearing, of course, her infamous Union Jack dress and, yes, you can still totally see her underwear. The other women are bringing heat too, with Scary’s cutout jumpsuit, which is in leopard (because duh). Posh is rocking a tiny white skirt and white bikini top.

This was when they were at the height of their career. At the 1997 BRIT Awards, they went home with the Best British Single (for “Wannabe”) and Best British Video (for “Say You’ll Be There”). In their time, they also won numerous Billboard Music Awards, MTV Awards, and other various awards.

If there was an award for being the hottest thing about the ‘90s, they'd 100% win that award, too. You really can't argue with the Union Jack dress, guys.

1 Their Most Iconic Photo

via pinterest.com

This may be the single most iconic photo of the girl group ever taken. Between the peace signs, the wardrobes, and the Union Jack in the background, it’s essentially everything that the Spice Girls were about.

The Spice Girls really only existed in the ‘90s, as they were formed in 1994 and Ginger left the group in 1998. The fact that in those short four years, these five women produced such iconic pop songs and music videos makes them majorly hot. They are iconic and have forever changed the world of pop music. Sure, the Spice Girls are sadly no longer a group, but their influence can be seen in any of today’s pop princesses – from Britney, to Katy, to Taylor, to Fifth Harmony.

It’s not every day that five beautiful and talented women join forces to take over the world, and the Spice Girls did just that in the '90s. Oh, what a time to be alive.

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