16 Photos Of The One And Only Halle Berry

Halle Berry has plenty of roles and moments where she's going to leave your jaw on the floor. And we've got you covered with the best ones.

Halle Berry has been a sex symbol and a succulent talent ever since she burst on to the scene in the early 90s being featured in movies like Spike Lee's Jungle Fever and starring alongside Eddie Murphy in 1992's Boomerang. She is an Oscar Award Winning Actor, winning the coveted award for Monster's Ball.  She's been in high profile relationships and breakups and has been involved in some of Hollywood's biggest franchises (X-Men) and biggest box office blunders (2004's Catwoman).

If anyone hasn't noticed already, Ms. Berry is also extremely hot AF.  Her everlasting hotness has been celebrated on such a consistent basis that her never ending beauty has almost reached "default" status.  Yes, everyone, we've taken how hot this amazing woman is for granted.  The modern day beauty was voted and named "Sexiest Woman Alive" (at age 42) by Esquire Magazine and has been ranked as "The Most Beautiful Woman In The World" by People Magazine. Today, she's still very much in the public eye and she certainly hasn't skipped a beat in the looks department.  It's time for us to take a nice long look at these hot AF pics of Ms. Berry.

16 Instagram Goodness

Halle Berry has amassed almost 2 million Instagram followers. Gee, I wonder why. Is it because Ms. Berry has no problem posting photos such as the one above? She knows exactly what's up and has no problem living the digital life she wants to live. If you've got it, why not flaunt it? Here Halle Berry made sure to be "stylin' and profilin," striking a pose while wearing a nice white tank top that can't help but fit rather nicely on her buxom frame. Ms. Berry has been more vocal these days, talking about issues that are on the table in Hollywood and making comments about fellow "buzz-worthy" actors such as Gal Gadot, the breakout star of the summer's top grossing blockbuster in the US, Wonder Woman. Halle Berry was recently quoted via her Twitter account saying that the DCEU and Fast and Furious actress was "fire." From one gorgeous woman to the other...

15 How Can Anyone Resist?

Halle Berry is one of the hottest celebrities of all time and this blazer of a photo shows exactly why.  It's very hard not to know what Halle Berry is up to these days because she's one of the few celebrities that's somehow managed to stay somewhat relevant over the years, even if she's well past the peak of her stardom.  Her highest grossing film of the last decade was her appearance in the blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past.  However, her success on the big screen isn't the hot topic these days.  You're more likely to find out about her 3 divorces and her "uncanny" ability to be a mom of two while being a superstar at the same time than whatever happens with her movie success.  When you're this beautiful you can probably get away with whatever you want.  I'd like to think that Halle Berry, despite being accused of callous-post-breakup behavior, is certainly a down to earth hottie that isn't too much of an egomaniac.

14 Remember Jinx?

Halle Berry has many accolades to her name. She's an Oscar award winning superstar. She landed the coveted role of Storm in the X-Men franchise. She's been featured in other notable films such as 1991's Jungle Fever and playing fallen superstar Dorothy Dandridge 1999's biographical film Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. It can be said that in the grand scheme of her career those (non-Oscar Winning) roles paled in comparison to Ms. Berry earning the coveted Bond Girl role. Berry played Jinx in 2002's Die Another Day. Die Another Day was the last James Bond movie for Pierce Brosnan, but it only enhanced Halle Berry's status as one of the hottest women on the planet. Who could forget when Jinx emerged from the ocean wearing the amazing bikini displayed in the photo above? Take a nice long look and see what the fuss was about "back in the day."

13 Black And Gold

This is more of a "classic" shot of Halle Berry who used to sport the "short hair" look like no one else.  Halle sports a white tank that she is being flirtatious with.  I wonder what she could be suggesting with the whole lifting up her (curve inducing) tank top?  Well, if anyone has had the pleasure of following any of Halle Berry's roles, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she has no qualms with showing off her amazing body; especially her two, well--you know.  Look no further than films like Swordfish or Monster's Ball to catch a glimpse of Ms. Berry unleashing her two luscious round (beautiful) "orbs."  Halle Berry hasn't really made any noise in regards to having a nude scene in the latest round of movies she's been involved in...Let's just say if she were to decide to shed her clothing at the ripe "old" age of 50, she would definitely make everyone's jaws drop.

12 She Always Gets What She Wants...

This Instagram shot of Halle Berry is simply angelic. It basically shows that no matter what as the Oscar winner is, she'll always be about to make mouths hit the floor by flaunting her stunning beauty. Fortunately for mankind, TMZ exists for the sole reason of reporting the escapades of celebrities and Halle Berry is no exception. In this shot Halle basically wears an almost see through robe that extenuates her well-known orbs or goody-goody-goodness. Halle made damn sure to let her Instagram followers know what's up.

"Me when someones says 'I'm coming over and I've got snacks.'" That's what Berry posted in association with this blazing hot-yet-elegant shot. Whatever Ms. Berry wants, Ms. Berry gets, especially when she wears something like that.

11 Esquire Greatness

In 2008 Esquire made the appropriate and accurate decision of naming Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive.  As you can see from almost any and every photo ever taken of the Goddess, such a title shouldn't come as a surprise.  Here Halle Berry is looking as provocative and as mysterious as ever.  You've got to admit; it takes a certain kind of talent and beauty to harness such a balance of sexiness.  Ms. Berry represents hard in this Esquire photo shoot, highlighting the everlasting beauty of the Monster's Ball actress.  Halle was in her 40s (42 to be exact) by the time she was deemed such a succulent title by the men's magazine.  Halle definitely set the standard for "well seasoned" celebrities in this photo shoot.  She makes men half her age want to be with her and women half her age who want nothing more than to be just like as hot as her!

10 Making Swordfish Memorable

As you can see, Halle Berry definitely shows off the goods outside of her debut topless scene in Swordfish.  This time she strips down to her bra and panties, only to eventually draw her gun and she looks incredibly sexy during the whole moment.  This is perhaps one of the times where we see Halle Berry at her absolute sexiest.  She doesn't always have to show off her chest in order to gain attention the way she wants.  Believe it or not, sometimes wearing clothes can be even better than wearing nothing.  You don't think filmmakers don't have that in mind when showing off talent on film?  Haven't you heard that sometimes it's all about the tease?  It's all about the curiosity of what's lying underneath the little bit of clothing that's on! Okay, I'm done.

9 49 Going On 30

So, as we can see, Halle Berry simply doesn't age. This photo was featured on Halle Berry's Instagram as a celebration of achieving over half a million followers. The Oscar-Award Winning actor captioned the pic saying, "When you look at your page and you realize there are now half a million peeps here to hang with you... excited to be creating with you guys. Thank you!!"

Halle was 49 years young when she took this bikini shot. When I say 49 years young, I'm kinda-sorta not kidding. Ms. Berry sports a body that most women half her age wish they could obtain. Showing off your bikini-clad body to over 500,000 followers shows the amount of confidence that must go into being a ridiculously hot celeb such as Ms. Berry. Did I mention that Halle has two kids? It must be said that having millions of dollars at one's disposal certainly helps when shedding those post-pregnancy "LBs."

8 Watch That Tongue...

Halle Berry is so ****ing hot that she doesn't even need to show her smokin' hot bod.  All she has to do is show off her gorgeous face and pop a smile;  a little tongue doesn't hurt either.  It's that tinge of innocence and sexiness that makes a photo like this sexier than a sex scene or a nude pictorial (okay, maybe I'm going too far or maybe I'm getting too ahead of myself here).  Here I am talking about this cute photo of Halle being playful with her tongue and I'm willing to wager that ya'll are thinking about other more "suggestive" things Halle could be doing with her "instrument."

Let's see.  She could be licking a Popsicle or clearing something out from the back of her teeth.  Maybe the photographer made her laugh and a moment in time was captured that they decided to had to be shown to the masses?  Maybe she was just straight up trying to imply the obvious? Let's be real, that's probably the case.

7 Dat Abs...

It's incredibly easy to become fixated on an individual with ample features such as Halle Berry.  It's so easy that perhaps it's even easier to forget that she's one of those beautiful ladies that has the total package.  Every frame of her body is complete with an amazing asset, totalling up to becoming more than just another woman.  If we were to construct a poll ranking Halle's looks from a 1 to 10 I'd be willing to place a conservative bet that the results would skew towards the 8.5-9 range (remember, nobody is perfect, even Halle Berry).  Halle strikes a pose, showing off her chiseled abs and her striking frame.  If someone were to show this photo to a person don't for some reason has no idea who Halle Berry is, they probably would assume that she's no older than 35.

6 Stop The Presses

So Halle Berry decided the best way to exclaim her lack of fear when it comes to facing challenges in her life was to post a photo of her in her birthday suit posing against decorated glass in what turned out to be a super "artsy" proclamation... That photo is, well, a little TOO racy, so here's a more laid back photo of Halle Berry that still manages to convey exactly how breathtakingly hot she is.  Whenever Ms. Berry makes sure to put a post on Instagram everyone looks!

Halle has made it a point to live a "fearless" life.  In an Instagram post, she quoted the great Nina Simone, saying "I'll tell you what freedom is to me. No fear." Halle, we are totally with you on that and we totally encourage you to post more examples of having no fear and celebrating your freedom as a mother, American, and Black woman. Yes! Please, be as fearless as you want to be!

5 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Ms. Berry decided to make her presence known on the red carpet at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.  She was at the MTV Movie Awards to honor fellow superstar Will Smith, who was a recipient of the show's MTV Generation Award.  Halle Berry made sure to show up to show the MTV crowd that she hasn't slowed down and was more than willing to remind everyone what a truly beautiful woman such as herself looks like when she decides to "doll" herself up for the flashing lights.  Halle's outfit, specifically her washboard abs was one of most talked about highlights of the night.  It wouldn't be far fetched to assume that Halle would add a similar "lifetime" achievement award or recognition of some kind in the not too distant future...The golden statue winner may not have had an Oscar caliber performance as of late, but she's still going strong making under the radar entertaining flicks.

4 As Elegant As Ever

Here's a photo of Halle at the 2017 Academy Awards....This shot is more than just hot AF. Halle is just as elegant and eye catching as ever in her striking gown and amazing hair.  If one were to take a look at past photos of Halle had previous awards ceremonies, this one would stack right up with the best of them.  Berry has had time to digest her epic Oscar win over the years and came to the conclusion that her win didn't do much for diversity in Hollywood. In fact, she went as far as to say it "meant nothing."  The jury is still out in the grand scheme of things, but there's no question when a former Oscar winner comments on her win doing nothing to push the Oscars in a more "colorful" direction.  Her full quote in regards to hearing about the controversial nominees for the 2016 lot of movies was:

"I sat there and I really thought, ‘Wow, that moment really meant nothing. It meant nothing. I thought it meant something, but I think it meant nothing," she said in an interview with Teen Vogue.

Fortunately, she wore that amazing dress though. Whew!

3 Halle Berry As Storm

Back in 2000, a comic book movie came on to the scene that would help to be the pre-cursor to the absolute modern day domination of comic book and superhero adaptations we see today.  That movie was X-Men.  The Bryan Singer blockbuster did not come without its usual moments of backlash from "fanboys" even when fanboy culture had not become as prevalent as it is today.  Trust me, fanboys and gals have always been around and they're not going anywhere anytime soon.  There were questions about the casting and distinct worries about how the cast's costumes deviated from their comic book counterparts in favor of a more ultra-sleek, black leather "Matrix-Era" style.  Let's just say that everything ended up being OKAY...Oh yeah, and Halle Berry looked DAMN GOOD as Storm.  The role marked Berry's entry into the blockbuster franchise world, playing the powerful weather controlling mutant in 4 times over the course of 14 years!

2 Sexiest Woman Alive!

Halle Berry once again showed why she was deemed the sexiest woman on the planet back in 2008.  Not much as changed since then, especially if you take a look at this photo right here.  Ms. Berry is one of the few hotties around that is able to come across as sexy as ever while wearing a long shirt that covers the entire top half of her body.  Halle is an everlasting sex symbol and a huge example of being a powerful woman who has no qualms with embracing her sexuality.  Trust me when I say that there are absolutely no complaints from us when it comes to appreciating the gifts that Ms. Berry allows us to see whenever she decides to take a photo. Esquire did a great job selecting Halle and having her hold a title that she rightfully deserved.

1 Melting Oscar

Here's the ultimate photo of Halle Berry from the red carpet of the 2002 Oscars. She sported a now iconic dress and, as we all know, won the Oscar for Best Actress in a film, playing Leticia Musgrove in Monster's Ball.  If anyone is able to melt the golden statue from their sheer molten hot attractiveness, it's definitely Halle Berry.  Berry seized the moment when she was announced as the winner.  She delivered a memorable speech that went down in the annals of Oscar history.   In 2017 she was able to reminisce about her win in an interview with Teen Vogue.

“I don’t even remember where that speech came from because I didn’t have a speech [planned]...I was pretty sure Sissy Spacek was going to win..." Halle said.

Berry went on to mention how she wants to get more involved in the film-making process to help increase the amount of diversity in Hollywood.

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