16 Photos Of Sophie Turner And Maisie Williams Being BFFs

Watch out, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. There’s a new pair of besties taking over Hollywood! Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, who play Sansa Stark

Watch out, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. There’s a new pair of besties taking over Hollywood! Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, who play Sansa Stark and Arya Stark respectively, have not appeared in a single scene together since season one of Game of Thrones. That hasn’t stopped the two young actresses from forming a friendship like no other. It seems that Turner and Williams don’t even need to be in scenes together or on set together in order to bond. The two actresses do everything else together. They walk red carpets together and go to Comic Con together, but that’s pretty much on par when it comes to being Hollywood buddies. Turner and Williams go further than the average Hollywood besties, though, wearing matching Halloween costumes and getting matching tattoos. Yes, they have matching ink. They even have their own duo name: Mophie. They may, in fact, be the two closest friends in all of Hollywood.

With the final season of Game of Thrones almost upon us, it seems like we’ll probably see a Sansa and Arya reunion very soon. While neither of their characters may sit on the Iron Throne in the end (or maybe they will – who knows?), the actresses have found something even more important: a long-lasting friendship. While we (not so) patiently wait for the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones, here are sixteen photos of Turner and Williams giving everyone best friend goals.

15 They Dress Up As "Special" Brownies Together


When you have a best friend, you sometimes want to dress up with them on Halloween. We totally get it. I mean, doing a costume with your best friend is 100% better than doing a couple’s costume. In fact, single people should feel relived every Halloween since they don’t even have to worry about the possibility of a lame couple’s costume. They are truly the worst.

Last Halloween, Turner and Williams dressed up as pot brownies together. Get it, guys? Since some Girl Scouts are called brownies, they rocked Girl Scout uniforms with not-so-subtle pot leaves on the costume. Luckily for them, HBO is super liberal. If they were on a show on, say ABC or Disney, this costume choice may have gotten them in trouble, since weed is still illegal in a majority of US states. Regardless, the two look adorable as pot brownies.

14 They Get Touchy With Each Other


Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are really, really tight. Case and point: the above photo. At the season 6 premiere party, the two friends worked the red carpet together... but not in the traditional sense. A photographer snapped a photo of Turner feeling up the petite Williams. What exactly is going on in this photo is anyone's guess, but it certainly looks like Turner is grabbing her friend's chest.

The two girls were probably very excited for season six to premiere, since it was such a huge season for both of their characters. Sansa finally grew into the badass we always knew she could be. Her character has done a complete 180 from the pilot episode, in which we were introduced to a bratty girl obsessed with marrying Joffrey. Now, Sansa slays, both figuratively and literally. Arya also had quite a season, with her training at the House of Black and White finally paying off. She even started crossing more names off her infamous list. Keep slayin', Stark sisters.

13 They Get Matching Tattoos Together


One of the most obvious signs of a serious relationship is a matching tattoo. In fact, it's almost cliché to get matching tattoos at this point. While it’s more common for people in romantic relationships to get matching tattoos, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams got matching ink because they are the greatest besties of all time. Cliché or not, their matching tattoos are totally adorable.

The two actresses had apparently been talking about getting matching ink for quite some time. At one point, they were planning on getting wolf tattoos, since it is the animal of House Stark. Finally, Williams said that they had to pull the trigger on the tattoos soon, since she wanted to get it done before one of them gets killed off the show. That was probably a good idea. Considering the rate at which people get killed off, there really is no telling how much time either of the actresses have left on the show.

They finally decided to get the date they were both cast on the show tattooed on their arms because it’s the day the officially became sisters. Like we said, totally adorable.

12 They Ride Together


Best friends are ride or die. Apparently, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have the ride part down just fine. They look like they are having a blast in the back seat. In fact, they always look like they are having fun every single time they're together. The actresses are constantly posting photos and videos of each other on social media. In almost every post the ladies are giggling and doing something goofy. The best kind of friendship is the one that lets you just have fun and they seem to have found just that in each other.

While both actresses have given amazing performances thus far on the show, Williams is the only one of them to get an Emmy nomination. Williams was nominated for her performance in season six, alongside Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister). All three Game of Thrones actresses lost to Maggie Smith for her performance on Downton Abbey.

11 They Have Inside Jokes


Like we said, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams literally cannot stop giggling when they are in each other’s presence. Despite the fact that the actresses haven’t shot a single scene together since season one, they have clearly spent a lot of time together. They both spend time on location filming their individual scenes, meaning they can hang out when shooting wraps for the day. They also go to the same awards shows, premiere parties, and Comic-Con panels. While they may not get screen time together, they obviously get a lot of off-screen time together.

Fans of the show are hoping to see a Stark sister reunion in season seven. With only two seasons left, a reunion seems inevitable. While the actresses are best friends, the sisters they portray were not. In season one, they were at each other’s throats the way most young sisters will be. Since both characters grown a great deal, it will be interesting to see what their relationship is like when they are reunited. We're hoping Sansa and Arya become as tight as Sophie and Maisie.

10 They Strike A Pose Together


We’re not even sure what Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are doing in this photo. It seems like they are playing dress up, or more specifically it seems like Maisie Williams is playing dress up. Between the hat and the fishnets, it just does not look like an outfit Williams would seriously wear, but hey, you never know.

Considering the fact that their roles on Game of Thrones were the first acting roles they had ever taken, the two actresses have been exceptional. Since their Game of Thrones success, they have both expanded their careers an impressive amount. Most notably, Turner starred in X-Men: Apocalypse as the iconic Jean Grey. She is also set to return to more X-Men films. While Williams had tried her hand at a few films, she has found success with a small role on the beloved Doctor Who.

One thing is for sure, both actresses have great careers ahead of them.

9 They Were Baby Besties


How were Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams ever even this young? They look like such adorable baby besties. It’s also amazing that Turner has been about a foot taller than Williams since they were teenagers.

The actresses were cast in their Game of Thrones roles when Turner was 14 and Williams just 13.  In a recent interview, Williams opened up about their friendship saying, “It was so wonderful to have someone my age plucked out from normality into this world. It’s really lovely to have someone to hold my hand through this. She’s like my big sister.”

Like we’ve been saying, they are the cutest best friends ever. Also, with that quote, it totally makes sense as to why these two have bonded so much. Being young girls who were thrust into a world of fame and success on a popular HBO show, they are the only two to really understand the experience. Almost everyone else on the show was older and had worked in the industry before.

8 They Have Secrets Together


Those Stark sisters have secrets. What we’re really wondering is if Sophie Turner has shared any Joe Jonas related secrets with Maisie Williams.

Recently, Turner has been romantically linked with 27-year-old Jonas. Not that we’re worried for Turner or anything, but Jonas is something of a playboy. He famously dated Taylor Swift and broke up with her via a 27-second phone call. She, of course, wrote songs about it because she’s Taylor friggin' Swift. If the Starbucks guys spells her name wrong, she writes a song about it. Jonas also been linked to Camilla Belle, Brenda Song, Demi Lovato, and Ashley Greene. That's a lot of Hollywood hook ups.

If Jonas screws Turner over, she should take a page from Sansa Stark’s book and feed him to the dogs. Okay, maybe that’s illegal but it was still a great scene. We're guessing Williams wouldn't be too happy either if her best friend had a broken heart.


Sophie Turner just loves touching Maisie Williams’ chest. Here the pair were at Comic-Con and, yet again, Turner was getting pretty touchy with Williams. It seems like Williams didn’t mind though, so it's all good. Since the show’s premiere, there is almost always a great Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con. Though, they do their best to not reveal any spoilers, they will often reveal a new trailer.

Turner and Williams should get used to their Comic-Con appearances. With Turner reprising her role as Jean Grey in the upcoming X-Men: Supernova, she’ll likely be a fixture at Comic-Con until she’s done portraying the mega strong mutant in the franchise. Williams has been linked to the upcoming X-Men: New Mutants, which is still in pre-production. She is rumored to be playing Wolfsbane, a mutant with the power to shift into a wolf. While the women may be soon leaving Westeros, their new home is with the X-Men franchise.

Also, you have to love that Williams comes from House Stark, whose animal is the direwolf, and now she’ll be playing a wolf in the X-Men franchise. Keeping that Stark-ness alive.

7 They Go To Festivals Together


Like any normal girls, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams just want to have a little bit of fun while they’re young. The two of them look like they had a ton of fun at a recent music festival. And, now that Turner is supposedly dating a musician, she better get used to going to music festivals – though, she already seems to like them just fine.

It was recently announced that Turner and Williams will be going to South by Southwest festival, but this time in order to be part of a Game of Thrones panel. Both showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, will also be at SXSW. What does this SXSW appearance mean for the actress? Will they die in season seven? Well, there is absolutely no way to tell and we doubt they’ll let any spoilers slip during the festival, though they could potentially debut a new trailer. There are rumors that they could be debuting a reunion scene between Arya and Sansa, which would make Williams and Turner’s presence even more special.

Can season seven just premiere already? We've waited long enough.

6 They Take Bathroom Selfies Together


They may be famous, rich, successful, and beautiful, but Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are not above taking a bathroom selfie. We’re not completely sure where the two besties were off to that night, but they looked super hot. Williams was even letting her lacy bra poke out of her tank top.

To some, it may feel weird to see the two actress looking so sexy. I mean, audiences have been watching them on the scene since they were young teenagers. Now, they are both clearly women. This is always the weird case with young actresses that fans watch grow up, like the Olsen Twins.

Unfortunately for the men of the world, both actress are off the market. Williams is dating a guy who she describes as “really sweet.” In an interview with Nylon, she also opened up about sexuality, stating, “I’ve never sat up and thought about my sexuality for hours. It’s like what Shailene Woodley said: 'I fall in love with personalities and not people or genders.'”

While she’s in love with a man right now, it seems that Williams is open to falling in love with anyone.

5 They Slay The Red Carpet Together


Best friends who slay the red carpet together, stay together – that’s the saying, right? The onscreen sisters looked completely gorgeous at the 2015 SAG Awards, where the actresses were both nominated for the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. At this point, Turner was still rocking her red hair. While she looks amazing as a red head, Turner is naturally a blonde and has recently dyed her hair back to her natural color. For the final two seasons of Game of Thrones, she’ll be rocking a red wig.

Turner and Williams almost always walk the red carpet together, which is nice since walking the red carpet must be really awkward if you think about it. Imagine posing for 1,000 cameras and then answering the same dumb questions over and over again. At the very least, doing it with your bestie could keep it exciting.

4 They Sit On The Iron Throne Together


Let’s have a Stark takeover in Westeros! If this isn’t everyone’s dream, I don’t know what is. After watching the moral, kind family be slaughtered and tortured throughout so much of the series, it would be amazing to see them get theirs in the end. I really can’t think of any other family that deserves the Iron Throne more than the Starks. Of course, it’s unlikely that the Stark ladies will actually sit on the Iron Throne. While Cersei is currently on the Iron Throne, that will surely not last. If the show ends with a woman on the Iron Throne, it will most likely be Dany, who has been talking about the Iron Throne for, like, a million years.

However, there is one theory that places Sansa on the Throne. If Tyrion Lannister ends up being the bastard son of the Mad King, which is a popular theory, that would actually make him the rightful heir to the throne. In an effort to unite the kingdoms, Sansa and Tyrion could resume their marriage, thus making her the queen. It seems a bit far-fetched, but at this point, the show really could end in a number ways. The Night King could potentially be sitting on the Iron Throne. Who knows?

3 They Go To The GoT Premieres Together


Here is Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, once again, having the time of their lives at a Game of Thrones premiere. This was the season four premiere, when both girls were considerably younger. They were obviously beautiful when they were younger, but they have definitely grown into their looks much more in the recent years.

Turner has also come into her own by being more outspoken about politics. On Twitter, someone posted a photo of Donald Trump and Melania Trump with the caption, “Name a better duo. I’ll wait.” Turner went full-on Sansa Stark. She posted a photo of a fork and electrical outlet. Slay, Sansa – uhhh, we mean Turner. She didn’t stop there. A week later, Turner tweeted saying, “Sorry I haven't been tweeting much guys. Here's a roundup 1. No to that orange guy 2. Yes to women's march. 3. Alternative facts is lol.”

One thing is for sure - Turner does not like Trump on the Iron Throne.

2 They Snuggle In Bed Together


Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have sleepover parties and snuggle in bed together. Don’t worry, we’re not totally jealous or anything... I mean, a Game of Thrones slumber party with Sansa and Arya would be, like, a dream come true, but we’re totally not jealous or anything.

Like all famous celebrity duos, the actresses have a couple name. It’s Mophie, of course, a perfect combination of the actresses names. (Mophie is also the name of a company that makes external batteries for cell phone, so not to be confused with that or anything.) There’s really no word on whether Turner and Williams first thought of it or fans first thought of it, but the actresses have embraced Mophie. They will often post things to social media with the phrase Mophie, because even they ship their own friendship.

1 They Assist Each Other On The Red Carpet


If this isn’t the greatest photo of Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams ever, I don’t know what is. It's the epitome of female friendship. Obviously, the number one rule of female friendship is that friends don’t let friends take bad photos. Turner takes this rule to heart, as she can be seen in the above photo getting on her hands and knees on the red carpet, all to make sure that Williams takes a flawless photo. We’ve never before seen an actress go to such great lengths for another actress on the red carpet. I mean, she's down on the ground all to help her friend. Way to go, Sophie Turner! It is totally heartwarming. This photo is from the 2017 Golden Globes, where neither of the actresses were nominated but they totally dominated the red carpet.

After looking at these 16 photos, it’s pretty obvious that Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams love each a lot… like, a lot a lot. Here’s to hoping both actresses survive the next two seasons of Game of Throne so we can get more bestie pictures of them together.


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16 Photos Of Sophie Turner And Maisie Williams Being BFFs