16 Photos Of Britney Spears And Her Belly Button Ring

At this point, Britney Spears, now 35, has spent a majority of her life in the public eye. Like anyone in the public eye, we’ve been privy to her romantic relationships, some good and some, errr... no

At this point, Britney Spears, now 35, has spent a majority of her life in the public eye. Like anyone in the public eye, we’ve been privy to her romantic relationships, some good and some, errr... not so good. In 1999, she was on top of the world with her debut album, ...Baby One More Time, becoming the all-time highest selling album by a teen artist. She was also dating Justin Timberlake, the breakout star of NSYNC and imaginary boyfriend of every girl in America. They were pop music royalty. They even wore horrible matching denim outfits to prove it. Life was good.

In 2002, the Britney and Justin called it quits. Justin then released “Cry Me A River,” a song that was rumored to be about Britney cheating on him. He even went one step further and cast a Britney lookalike in one of the weirdest (but still sexy) music videos. Britney shot back with “Everytime,” rumored to be a response to Justin, her apology for hurting him. Once the pair stopped taking hits at each other via song lyrics, Britney moved on with Colin Farrell. It's also rumored that she hooked up with Fred Durst and Jared Leto. I mean, it's Britney Spears. The world had seen Britney in a school girl outfit, in a red latex jumpsuit, and with a snake on her shoulders. She was hot and everyone knew it. It wasn’t too hard for her to move on from Justin.

She went on to get married to her hometown friend Jason Alexander for 55 hours in Las Vegas, which may be the shortest marriage ever. Then in 2004, the Kevin Federline thing happened. After having two children with Federline and going through a messy divorce, Britney’s had several relationships but none of them seem to be the one. Now that Britney is single (for now), many people are hoping that she’ll find her one perfect person. Britney Spears deserves happiness… but, the thing is she may have already found her soul mate: Her belly button ring!

Britney and her belly button ring have been an inseparable duo since 2000 and it may truly be the one real love of her life. Below are 16 photos of Britney and her belly button ring. If, by the end, you’re not convinced that Britney loves her belly ring more than any man in the world, you're missing something.


2001 was the year of Britney Spears. Plain and simple.

In the two short years since her explosion into international fame, Britney had proved to be a serious star. Because of her serious star power, Britney negotiated a deal with Pepsi for $8 million. Yes, little 20-year-old Britney was being paid a whopping $8 million to promote the soft drink brand. To be honest, they may have low-balled her, considering how infamous these Pepsi commercials became.

In perhaps the most memorable commercial, Britney, Pink, and Beyonce were dressed up as gladiators and singing “We Will Rock You.” The greatest part of the commercial is that Britney may be wearing a Roman-style gladiator costume, but girlfriend refused to do the commercial without her beloved belly button ring. While it's not confirmed, we totally think Brit had a belly button ring clause in her contract. We wouldn't put it past her.


Britney has entertained the world for years with some of the most daring performances at the MTV VMAs. If Britney is performing, you never know what you’re going to see. She may walk around with a snake draped around her shoulders. She may kiss Madonna. She may expertly dodge a kiss from G-Eazy (Britney doesn't just kiss anyone, G-Eazy). Whatever the case, Britney brings it.

One of her most iconic VMA performances was back in 2000. She walked onto the stage wearing a pantsuit and a fedora, singing “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones. She then ripped off her pantsuit to reveal a nude, sparkly bikini top and pants. It. Was. Hot. She then gave a knock-out performance of “Oops!...I Did It Again.” Critics widely praise this performance as Britney’s way of telling the world that she was a woman and not a little girl. But, we have a different theory.

What is she ripped off her pantsuit because it was covering up her belly ring? I mean, the nude outfit clearly showed off her beloved belly ring. The whole performance may have been a metaphor about the fact that she’ll do anything to show the world her precious belly ring. Now you see the 2000 VMA performance in a different light, right?

5 Britney, Her Belly Ring, And A Snake


The following year at the VMAs, Britney entertained once again. The 2001 show may be her most famous performance on that stage, and perhaps the most famous VMA performance of all time.

This time, there was no pantsuit. Britney couldn’t be bothered with hiding her belly ring this time. Instead, she chose a green, bejeweled bikini top and the shortest shorts of all time. Oh, and a large albino Burmese python. PETA was pissed, but everyone else seemed to enjoy her performance - except, of course, the belly ring.

Word on the street is that Britney’s belly ring was angry about being upstaged by the python. We hear you, belly ring. No one could stop talking about the snake. In a recent interview, Britney was asked if she’d ever dance with a python again, to which she replied, “F**k no—never. That’s so dumb. No! Never!”

We’re pretty sure her unwillingness to ever perform with a snake again comes from the fact that it upstaged her belly ring. Britney’s belly ring must always be front and center. If everyone is talking about a goddamn snake, Brit and her belly ring are not happy.

4 Couldn't Perform At The Super Bowl Without It


If you thought Britney would perform at the biggest show of the year without her belly ring, you thought wrong. At the 2001 Halftime Show, the headliners were Aerosmith and NSYNC, with Britney, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige joining them on stage for the finale. In 2001, this performance was literally the coolest thing to happen in history. NSYNC sang “Bye Bye Bye,” because what else? Nelly was hot off his debut studio album, Country Grammar, which featured the singles “Country Grammar (Hot Shit),” “E.I.,” and “Ride With Me.” Basically, all of these stars were on top of the world, including the biggest star of all: Britney’s belly ring.

Britney wore a t-shirt, but cropped it so she could show off her belly ring. This was a trying time in Britney and her belly ring’s relationship, as Justin Timberlake was weaseling his way between them. Belly ring was happy when Brit said bye, bye, bye to ol' JT.


Some cynics thought Britney's relationship with her belly ring would burn out, but Britney and her belly ring proved them all wrong. Today, their relationship is stronger than ever. The above photo is from Britney: Piece of Me, Britney's Vegas residency. As you can see, she is rocking her belly ring harder than ever. In fact, her belly isn’t exactly exposed, but she’s still wearing her belly ring. This prove you can take the Britney to Vegas, but you can’t take the belly ring from Britney. (That kind of made sense, right?)

We’re wondering if Britney specifically had this costume made so that it would be see-through. There have been rumors that her belly ring was very upset by the jumpsuit Britney wore in the “Oops!...I Did It Again” music video. It was red latex and covered up her sensitive belly ring. This belly ring has some very hurt feelings. Since then, Britney had promised to not let her love of jumpsuits come between her and her belly ring.


This jacket is mini. It's almost like a jacket a little girl would use to dress her dollies. The fact that it's so teeny and it's unzipped basically means that it’s doing nothing to keep Brit warm. Britney could have just been wearing one of her bikini tops and it would have been the same thing. The thing is, of course Britney can only rock teeny, tiny jackets! A jacket could never come down to her waist because it would cover up her beautiful belly ring. In fact, Britney probably only buys cropped jackets for this reason. She may even have a special tailor that does all of her jackets. Brit can’t hide her belly ring from the world and only teeny, tiny, ineffective jackets will do the trick.

As long as Britney isn’t taking a trip to Wisconsin, or Russia, or somewhere else notably cold, she should be fine. Question: Would Britney freeze just to show off her belly ring? We think so.

3 Britney And Her Belly Ring On Rolling Stone


Britney’s first Rolling Stone cover was infamous for Britney’s blunt sexuality and youthful innocence. She first graced the cover in 1999, holding a Teletubby and a telephone. She was wearing a button down that was spread open, with just a bra and teeny underwear underneath. She was sex on a stick, but she was notably not sporting her belly ring. Though, this may have been before Britney had gotten her belly button pierced, y' know a time before Britney ever knew true love.

In Brit’s first music video, the iconic “…Baby One More Time,” she was also without her belly ring. Her belly ring is also absent from the music videos for “(You Drive Me) Crazy” and “Sometimes,” as well as her 1999 VMA performance. When exactly she got her belly button pierced and began the greatest love affair of this century is anyone’s guess, but it seems to be sometime between 1999 and 2000.

Britney’s belly ring finally made its Rolling Stone debut in September 2001 with this hot cover.


2001 wasn't the last time that Brit’s belly ring graced the cover of Rolling Stone. In December 2008, Britney and her belly ring were the stars of the cover once again. In a shocking change, Brit Brit’s rocking a reddish-orange ring. Usually, she’s sporting something silvery and dangly. It’s usually pretty ornamental, but this red belly ring was decidedly low-key in terms of Britney. That worked for the cover, though, since Britney looks low-key as well. She's rocking jeans and a grey t-shirt. It’s something that us regular people would wear and a far cry from what Britney is usually wearing on covers or on stages. In this relaxed look, Brit is also rocking a fresh face and flowing, free hair.

Britney and her precious belly ring go hand in hand. When Britney is low-key, so is the belly ring.


This photoshoot is much more revealing than some of Britney's previous shoots. I mean, this photoshoot is just about as revealing as it can really get without being nude, right? This shoot is notable also because it lacks Britney's usual theatrics. When she is posing for a sexy shoot, she usually has a prop or costume. This is just Britney... in teeny, tiny underwear. Good thing for Britney that her body looks amazing. Her body always looks amazing. She has looked on point since she introduced herself to the world, all while wearing a school girl outfit.

While she may have gone sans clothes for this shoot, girlfriend would never go sans belly ring, so of course the belly ring is making an appearance. Also, it is back to Britney's traditional silver, dangly belly ring. The reddish jewelry was cute and all, but it wasn't Brit. We prefer her silver, dangly rings instead.


I like to imagine that after a hit performance, Britney sat in her dressing room. She was sweaty and exhilarated. The fans were still cheering from her belly dancing and lip syncing. She was at the height of her fame, but exhausted. She took a sip of Pepsi, looked down at her belly ring and said, “Hey you, how about you and I run away from this for a little bit?”

While the belly ring didn’t reply, Brit Brit knew, just knew, that the belly ring totally needed a vacation too. Britney then booked a flight (or a private jet) for her and her belly ring to go frolic on a beach somewhere, free of paparazzi. Just kidding, beaches are never free of paparazzi. Paparazzi or not, Britney and her belly ring went on to have a carefree week in the sand and sun together. It's Britney's fondest memory and this photo is all that remains.

In reality, this photo is from a shoot that Britney did for something. While she was doing the photoshoot, she was probably thinking of how great it would be to take a vacation with her belly ring, right?


Britney’s VMA performance of “I’m A Slave 4 U” got all the buzz. There was a live snake, so buzz was to be expected. However, her music video for the song may be her hottest video ever... like, ever.

In the video, Britney was wearing pants with underwear on top of them. Her underwear were on the outside of her pants, people! It defeats the purpose of said underwear, but Britney made it look totally hot. This music video was probably the sexiest thing to happen on planet Earth, which is why Britney had to wear her belly ring. Britney simply could not have made the sexiest music video ever without having a belly ring front and center. Excluding the belly ring may have caused a riff in their relationship beyond repair, and Britney could not have that.

In fact, there is speculation that “I’m A Slave 4 U” may actually be an ode to Brit’s belly ring. She is, after all, a slave to her beloved belly ring. Imagine wearing crop tops all day, every day because you literally love your belly ring so much. That is what "I"m A Slave 4 U" is all about.

2 In An Intergalactic Space Fantasy


We really just included this photo because Britney looks smokin’ hot. It was clearly taken in the early 2000s, when that much lip gloss and purple eye shadow were culturally acceptable. Britney’s honey-golden hair and tan, taut body look amazing. She is perfection, even if she is wearing an impractical chainmail shirt. We also love the metal wrist cuffs and whatever the hell that belt is.

What’s hilarious about this photo is that even in this side-view, you can see Britney’s belly ring poking out. Do you think Britney tilted her body towards the camera – just so – in a way that her belly ring would definitely be in the picture? I’m pretty sure she did.

Britney’s intergalactic space photoshoot would be nothing without the belly ring.


Here we are again with a side view of Britney’s belly ring. In this photo, Britney's presenting with little sister, Jamie Lynn, at the 2002 Teen Choice Awards. While we love that Britney refuses to present at an awards show without her belly ring, her fashion choices are a little questionable. In defense of Britney's shirt, she was probably running low on crop tops. Girlfriend had been sporting midriff-baring shirts since falling in love with her belly ring. There are only so many teeny, tiny shirts in the world, right?

Maybe Britney had worn all the cute tiny shirts and was now forced to sport an ugly tiny shirt. Because of her love of her belly ring, Britney has made some poor fashion choices. That's the truest love.


If this photo doesn’t bring back some 90s and early 2000s vibes, we don’t know what will. This photo was taken while Brit Brit was promoting her second album, Oops!...I Did It Again. It is vintage Britney, mostly because we really don’t understand what’s going on here. Britney is wearing a jersey-style shirt that says ocean, so that’s weird. The jersey isn’t full length, because Britney would never cover up her darling belly ring. There is a metallic strip across Brit’s stomach and we’re not sure what the point of that is but, hey, it’s Britney, bitch.

Speaking of her second album, can we all talk about how cocky it was to name her follow up album Oops!...I Did It Again? Considering the fact her debut album was the best-selling album by a teenager ever, Britney's basically like, "Oops, I'm going make a hit album again, y'all! Tee hee!"

But, Britney can be cocky. Oops! went on to be a mega success, as was her third album, entitled Britney.

1 Can't Button A Cardigan, But Can Totally Put In Her Belly Ring


This photo was taken during a 2003 shoot with Rolling Stone, but Brit Brit recently posted it on her Instagram with the caption: “My friends sent me this picture today... and it’s weird because I just realized it’s one of the only pictures I’ve ever taken upside down!”

That’s basically the most Britney post ever. She posted a photo that is super sexy with about 97% of her body exposed, but she captioned it was something goofy and sweet. That is how Britney won her way into America’s heart. She is the girl next door, but also a vixen.

Of course, belly ring is in this photo because duh. There is even speculation that when Britney said "my friends" in the Instagram caption, she was actually referring to belly ring. Why keep quiet Britney? We all know that you and your belly ring have a close, personal relationship.


Our final entry is the above photo of Britney at the 2015 VMAs, in which she wears a dress that visibly shows off her belly ring. There has been speculation that Britney specifically had this dress designed for her belly ring. It's even been suggested that Britney mandated all sparkly details start one inch from her belly button so as to not take attention from her belly ring. That wouldn't be too shocking, considering the fact that about 90% of her wardrobe up to now has been designed with her belly ring in mind. When you love something as much as Britney loves her belly ring, you take it into consideration with every single clothing choice.

If you were ever worried about a happy ending for Britney, have no fear. She is already living out her happy ending with her belly ring. It is her one true love and her soul mate. And no matter what, they always end up back together.


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