16 Photos Of Blake Lively In A Swimsuit To Get You Extra Excited For Summer

Guys, let’s talk about Blake Lively in a swimsuit, because Blake Lively should pretty much always be in a swimsuit. I’m not sure if it’s the long blonde hair thing, the impeccable tan thing, or the perfect body thing, but something about Blake Lively in a swimsuit just makes it seem like everything is right in the world, right?

The 29-year-old actress rose to fame while starring on The CW’s Gossip Girl, on which she rarely wore a swimsuit, y'know because the show took place in New York City. Aside from the random Hamptons episode here and there, it didn't make much sense to put Blake Lively’s character in a swimsuit while she walked the streets of New York City. Though, no one would have complained about that.

From there, Blake Lively hasn’t exactly blasted off into superstardom. She’s yet to find her Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games moment. Though, Blake is married to a man having his own special moment in Hollywood: Ryan Reynolds. Oh, Ryan Reynolds, you lucky bastard.

While she's yet to find that one role to set her over the top, Blake, it seems, will always be in the headlines because of how uniquely gorgeous she is. She just has one of those faces that seems to literally light up a room. Oh, and then there’s her body. Her body is somehow both thin and curvy. It’s… well, it’s scientifically impossible, but somehow Blake Lively pulls off being both thin and curvy. Basically, she’s built like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Since Blake Lively has the body of an angel and looks so damn good in a bikini, below are 16 hot swimsuit photos of her, y'know to get you really excited for summer.


15 The Perfect California Girl

The fact that Blake Lively became so well known by playing an iconic New York City character is comical because of how much of a California Girl Blake Lively really is.

Blake Lively grew up in California and just exudes that California style of beauty. She’s a natural beauty with a very relaxed vibe about her. Like, she has the most perfect hair and tan ever, but it also seems like that just happened by accident. And, that’s the mystique of Blake Lively. When other actresses are this put together – like Gwyneth Paltrow – the effort is usually very obvious. For Blake Lively, on the other hand, her beauty doesn’t seem like it requires so much effort.

The above photo of Blake Lively in a white bikini was taken during a Vogue photoshoot, so it’s been airbrushed and all that other great stuff that they do for celebrity photoshoots. However, we’ve included candid photos of Blake Lively below because girlfriend doesn’t need airbrushing.

14 On The Set Of The Shallows


This is a candid photo of Blake Lively in a bikini, and WOW. Like, she just looks like that... on her own... with no Photoshop or airbrushing.

Of course, candid photos are never as perfect as photoshoot photos, y’know because Blake Lively isn’t posing or anything. In fact, it’s likely that she didn’t even know this photo was being taken. That means Blake isn’t sucking it in or pushing it out. Nope, this is just how Blake Lively looks when she’s chillin’ on the beach and paparazzi are unknowingly taking photos of her.

If that orange bikini top looks familiar, it’s because you saw it in all the promotional stills marketing The Shallows. On a budget of $17 million, the film brought in $119 million, making it a box office success. Though, one has to assume that much of that box office money was made simply because everyone wanted to watch Blake Lively wear a bikini for two hours. Well, we can’t blame them.

This Is How Every Surfer Wants To Look, Right?

I’m assuming that all surfers aspire to look like this, right? I mean, if you’re surfing this is how you want to look – athletic, strong, and still effortlessly hot.

This is another photo from Blake’s Vogue shoot, in which she channeled her inner surfer. Taken in 2010, this was long before Blake would star as a surfer in The Shallows, though it was probably only a matter of time before she played a surfer in a movie. I mean, look at her.

It also seems like it was only a matter of time before Blake Lively became a famous actress, right? With a face and body like hers, Blake was bound for stardom. However, Blake had planned on attending Stanford University and not pursuing an acting career at all. Her brother actually had his agent send her out on auditions, which is when she booked the role of Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, thus changing the course of her life forever. She filmed her The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants scenes between her junior and senior years at Burbank High School.

13 Still Hot With A Cardigan

Even with a cardigan on over her bikini, Blake Lively still looks smokin’ hot. I mean, she was pretty much created to just wear bikinis all day, every day.

After The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Blake Lively went on to costar alongside Justin Long in Accepted. In 2007, she then played Anabelle in Elvin and Anabelle, an indie film about a bulimic girl with hopes to win a beauty pageant. Blake had stated that she had to lose serious weight in order to play the role of Anabelle. Her efforts paid off, as many critics praised Blake’s performance as a breakthrough role. Her real breakthrough role would come in the form of Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, which premiered in 2007 and immediately set her star power skyrocketing.

12 We Get It, Penn Badgley


Penn Badgley, no one can blame you for checking out Blake Lively’s bod. Of course, at the time these photos were snapped, Penn and Blake were dating both onscreen and off screen, so him checking out her bod was totally cool.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley's Gossip Girl counterparts, Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey respectively, were in an on-again, off-again relationship, mostly because almost every TV relationship is an on-again, off-again relationship. (It's all about the rating, guys!) Blake and Penn started dating shortly after meeting on the Gossip Girl set in 2007. They split in 2010, but still played on-again, off-again lovers until 2012, which was awkward, to say the very least. Penn Badgley has even stated that Blake was his best onscreen kiss but, after the breakup, also his worst onscreen kiss. I mean, could you imagine your ex being THAT hot and having to kiss her… for work?

11 Blake's One Instagram Post

Some celebrities take to Instagram to post rather steamy photos of themselves. If you pull up Ariel Winter’s or Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram pages, you’ll find some seriously NSFW photos. No judgment, as everyone should put out exactly what they want to put out into the world.

Blake Lively, on the other hand, doesn’t want to put out steamy photos of herself. Girlfriend’s Instagram account is rather PG. Especially when you consider how amazingly hot Blake looks in a bikini, it’s almost surprising that she doesn’t post more scandalous photos. But, that’s the Blake Lively appeal. She has the ridiculously hot look, but really she’s just a wholesome gal. Blake Lively doesn’t even drink, that’s how wholesome she is. She says her one vice is chocolate. Guys, her one vice is chocolate! Blake is about as wholesome as they come. In fact, this is the only bikini photo Blake has ever posted to her Instagram account and it’s pretty PG. But, we can all imagine how hot she actually looked in this swimsuit.

10 Look Back At It, Girl


We can all thank The Shallows for the abundance of Blake Lively bikini photos. There have been quite a few other times Blake has been spotted in a swimsuit or has posed in a swimsuit for a photoshoot. But, The Shallows specifically provided us all with some epic candid photos – like this one. This photo is a perfect example as to why Blake Lively’s body is scientifically impossible. She’s long and thin, but she also has meat in all the areas men love for women to have meat. What I mean is that Blake Lively has some junk in the trunk, but in a good way.

During her time on Gossip Girl, Blake expanded her career through roles in indie films and smaller roles in bigger films. She appeared in 2009’s The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, in which she played the younger version of Robin Wright’s Pippa Lee. Blake also scored a small role in 2010’s The Town, in which she played a trashier version of Serena van der Woodsen.

9 Has Orange Juice Ever Looked So Hot?

This photo is yet another from her 2010 Vogue shoot. And, apparently Vogue thinks that surfers drink a ton of orange juice when they’re done riding the waves...? Hm, okay. Blake Lively, of course, looks mega hot, because Blake Lively always looks mega hot. Also, it’s my personal belief that no one has ever looked this good while on the beach. Blake Lively is somehow sweat-free and 100% perfect. I know that Photoshop and airbrushing has a little something to do with that, but she’s still a goddess among all us regular woman who sweat.

In 2011, Blake Lively appeared in Green Lantern, which was… not good. Ryan Reynolds played Green Lantern while Blake Lively played his love interest, but the two claim to have not begun dating until after filming. (Suuuuure, guys.) The film had a budget of $200 million and only brought in $220 million at the box office, which is pretty much a flop. Most experts were predicting it would bring in about $500 million, so to make half of that is very disappointing to the studio.


8 Queen Blake Still Rocks A Bikini When She's Pregnant


The fact that Blake Lively rocked a bikini while pregnant is pretty badass. Also, she looks great for being pregnant. I mean, yes she has a pregnant belly, because that’s what happened when you’re making a human being inside of you. But, the rest of her body is pretty much just as it’s always been. Well, except for her boobs. She was definitely feeling the perks of pregnancy in the chest department.

Though, it shouldn’t be all that shocking that Blake Lively would rock a bikini while pregnant since she loves being photographed while pregnant. I mean, Blake Lively rocks more pregnant red carpet looks than any other celebrity ever. It seems like Blake genuinely enjoys the way her body looks and feels while she's pregnant. And, she should! Blake has that whole pregnancy glow that makes her look ridiculously hot when she’s pregnant. Yes, Blake Lively is still hot when she's pregnant because she's basically a superhuman.

7 That Green Bikini, Though

We’ll go back to a non-pregnant Blake Lively with this photo. Blake is wearing a green bikini in this photo and she’s really, really wearing it. Like, I don’t think a green bikini has ever looked this hot on another human being in the history of bikinis.

Being that Blake Lively basically looks like a supermodel, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find out that she dated Leonardo DiCaprio for a brief, perfect moment in time. At the 2011 Cannes film festival, the pair was spotted getting very cozy, because Leo was just being Leo, y’all. They had a very picturesque courtship, which included going to Disneyland and riding bikes through New York City. (I know, right?) The pair split only a few months later, around the same time that Blake Lively was spotted spending a lot of time with Ryan Reynolds. Well, maybe Blake knew Leo is not the type to settle down.

6 So, When's The Shallows 2 Coming Out?


Yes, another candid shot of Blake Lively filming The Shallows. But, I can’t help it. She looks too good.

Of course, Blake Lively put in a lot of work to look THIS GOOD while filming The Shallows, which began production only eight months after she gave birth to her first daughter. I mean, talk about losing the baby weight, right? Blake Lively looks like she was never pregnant at all. She looks better than most women who have never given birth. Her post-pregnancy body is most women’s goal body period.

To get in shape, Blake Lively cut out all soy and gluten from her diet, which she says kept her from eating processed foods of any kind. She's stated that the hardest part of the diet was the fact that the crew was making fresh muffins on set every day of filming and she couldn’t indulge. We have to give it up to Blake, because it looks like a muffin has never touched that body. Ever.

5 There's Nothing Hotter Than Having Fun In A Swimsuit

Really, the hottest thing for a woman to be while in a swimsuit is simply comfortable and confident. So many times women are self-conscious and shy in swimsuits. They try to cover up and hide their flaws. Instead of hiding, the hottest thing a woman can do is just embrace the way she looks and have fun while in a swimsuit. Of course, it’s easy for Blake Lively to embrace how she looks because she’s basically a supermodel. In this photo, she may be wearing a one-piece swimsuit but she still looks hot, and she looks hot because she’s enjoying herself.

So, if you’re a lady reading this article and you’re having some anxiety about being seen in a swimsuit this summer, just remember that the hottest thing a woman can be is confident.

4 Making A Swimsuit Look High Fashion


In this photo, Blake Lively is rocking another one-piece swimsuit, but this time it’s more high fashion than the cutesy piece she was wearing in the last photo. This photo was taken during a shoot for Esquire, in which Blake looked much more edgy than usual. I mean, when do we ever see Blake Lively with her hair slicked back? No way. Girlfriend likes her hair free and flowing.

Blake Lively married Ryan Reynolds in 2012 and after that time, she took a short break from acting. With Gossip Girl having wrapped and her films mostly having lackluster performances at the box office, Lively likely needed to figure out her next move in her career. So, she decided her next move would be something… um, weird. She launched Preserve in 2014, which was a digital magazine and e-commerce site. It was her attempt to do Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and it, unfortunately, didn’t take off. At all. Blake shut down the site in 2015, citing that it had been launched before it was ready.

3 Blake Literally Always Looks Good

Blake Lively literally always looks good in a swimsuit... like always. In fact, it’s almost hard not to hate her for being so friggin’ flawless all the time. Case in point: the paparazzi snapped this photo of Blake taking a phone call while in a black bikini and, yep, she looks flawless.

After her failed Preserve venture, Blake returned to acting with The Age of Adaline, in which Blake played a woman who got to be 29 years old for forever. For the record, it was really hard to connect with the main character because she got to be THAT HOT for forever. Also, the movie is pretty weird, as Blake’s character falls for Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) only to meet his father (Harrison Ford) and realize she’s had sex with his father 40 years earlier. No, I’m not kidding. That's really the plot of the movie.

2 Blake Makes Surfing Look So Incredibly Hot


And, one more from that Vogue shoot in which they imagined Blake as a surfer, because Blake looks so incredibly good as a surfer. Also, is every dude in the world jealous of that surfboard Blake's getting cozy with?

Following The Age of Adaline, Blake appeared in Woody Allen's Café Society and The Shallows, which both had 2016 premieres. Blake will next appear in All I See Is You, which is set to be released in August 2017. All I See Is You is a romantic thriller starring Blake as a blind woman, who gets her vision back and realizes some disturbing truths about her marriage. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to mixed reviews, so you'll have to wait for the release to see if it's any good. (I'm betting it's not.)

It’s recently been reported that Blake will star in The Husband’s Secret on CBS. It’s an adaption of a book written by Liane Moriarty. Moriarty also wrote Big Little Lies, the source material for the acclaimed HBO mini-series. A return to the small screen with a great story may do wonders for Blake’s career, as the small screen was where her career really took off in the first place.

1 We Get It, Blake

GOOD LORD. We get it, Blake Lively. You have the most perfect body ever created.

This is, of course, a still from The Shallows. Blake Lively isn’t necessarily looking her best, because she’s covered in blood and dirt. She’s not glammed up or anything. Nope, Blake is trying to survive a shark attack. However, even covered in blood and dirt, Blake's body is still on another level. Like I said, Blake is magically both curvy and thin. Her stomach is a solid sheet of muscle, but she’s got some softer parts too. She straddles that hard line of being fit and still being feminine.

While we can attribute her glorious body to a fitness regimen and diet, it’s also genetics. Blake Lively is 5’10” with the hair of a mermaid and the tan of a Bahamas commercial. Yes, she can pay for the food, trainers, and makeup artists her millions can afford her, but she’s also been blessed with amazing genes. Seriously, look at old photos of Blake Lively. Girlfriend has always looked good in a swimsuit.

Alright, so that’s 16 photos of Blake Lively making swimsuits look good. Who else is excited for summer now?



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