16 Must-See Pics Of The Ladies Of DC's Extended Universe

The DC Extended Universe, aka the "DCEU," has burst on to the scene as the answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka the MCU.  The franchise is a shared universe of iconic DC Comics' heroes includi

The DC Extended Universe, aka the "DCEU," has burst on to the scene as the answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka the MCU.  The franchise is a shared universe of iconic DC Comics' heroes including Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and more. While the universe has shown glimpses of greatness, the franchise has heavy skepticism due to the negative ratings of its 3 movies thus far: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad.

Still, the movies have combined to gross billions of dollars, with many more movies on the horizon, including Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Shazam, Green Lantern Corps and other features planned for the future.  How these future films respond with critics and audiences remains to be seen. However, there's no doubt that the DCEU sports some incredibly talented, beautiful women that ought to be celebrated! The squad of movies features ladies from the likes of Margot Robbie and Viola Davis to Amy Adams and Diana Lane.  So far it seems like everyone has made up their minds in regards to which movies stack up; let's see how the ladies of the DCEU stack up in this list of must see photos!

16 Lois Lane Looks Ready To Interview You-In Bed


Amy Adams plays Lois Lane in the DCEU, making her one of the main characters of the universe. Her version of Lois is as defiant and clever as ever, and definitely manages to get herself into trouble, only for her Man of Steel to come through and save her just in the nick of time… Hopefully she doesn’t keep it up though, because I don’t think Supes is able to make the world go back in time to fix death in these movies. Anyway, let us not forget the fact that Amy Adams is actually pretty damn hot; especially when she’s posing for glamor shots like this. Here’s Amy with her red hair, red lipstick delectable curves, and porcelain skin shining to make for quite the enticing shot. Henry Cavill’s Superman is pretty lucky… I wonder if Batfleck’s Bruce Wayne is going to eventually hint at getting with Lois in a future movie. Amy Adam’s next appearance in the DCEU is in Justice League, which comes out this year.

15 Amanda Waller Hot AF At The 2012 SAG Awards


Here’s Viola Davis looking absolutely stunning at the 2012 SAG Awards. She won Outstanding Performances by a Female Actor in a Leading Role playing Aibileen Clark in the acclaimed 2011 movie, The Help; she would later be nominated for an Oscar. Viola Davis added her Oscar worthy talents to the DCEU’s third entry Suicide Squad, playing the villainous Amanda Waller, one of the more known villains in all of comics. The most amazing aspect about Ms. Davis is she’s able to truly become and get into her roles, only to have the ability to make jaws drop in photos like this. Viola is currently setting the film world on fire during awards season with her role as Rose Maxson in the critically acclaimed Broadway adaptation of Fences. Viola Davis definitely adds nothing but grace, pure raw acting chops, and straight up hotness to DC’s Extended Universe. There’s no doubt that fans around the world would welcome Davis' portrayal of Amanda Waller back with open arms!

14 Gal Gadot's Pretty Damn Pretty In Pink!


To anyone that’s seen Gal Gadot in past movies such as Fast Five, the most glaring ting about her, aside from her beauty, was that she was naturally lanky aka skinny. Many fanboys, fangirls, and skeptics in general questioned whether Gal would be able to gain enough muscle in order to properly represent Wonder Woman on the big screen. Well, when looking at this photo it’s pretty damn easy to see that Gadot took to her training very easily. While she still appears skinnier than the comic version, there’s no doubt that Gal gained some serious muscle and toned the hell up. Look at those abs! What the—? Well, her appearance as Wonder Woman is borderline perfect. Gal certainly made sure to shut all the skeptics up with her training, showing that she’s more than able to put on the weight that was required for the role, gaining almost 20lbs of pure muscle.

13 That Girl Is Poison...


Ares has been confirmed as Wonder Woman’s main villain but rumor has it that Doctor Poison could be making an appearance as well. Based on some released photos it appears as though Elena Anaya would play the villain. Anaya is known from starring in films such as The Skin I Live in, Habitacion en Roma and first received significant attention for her role in the blazing hot Sex and Lucia. When one takes a look at Elena, it’s not far-fetched to think of the sultry actress being featured as the beautiful woman she is in some incredibly hot, screen melting work. That said, Anaya has her chance to diversify her talents even further in what’s sure to be one of the blockbusters of this summer. Doctor Poison, like Ares, is one of Wonder Woman’s oldest villains. Poison is also known as Princess Maru, and in the comics she usually wore something that would cover up her face in order to disguise her gender. Her antics unfortunately led her to being involved with some of the most evil entities imaginable. Still, after seeing this photo? Yeah, you know you still want it.

12 Aquaman Is One Lucky Son Of A...


When Justice League was announced everyone was eager to see the casting decisions on various characters of their favorite heroes and their supporting characters. Everyone seemed to breathe a welcome sigh of relief when world renowned hottie with a body Amber Heard was cast as Mera for 2017’s upcoming anticipated hero ensemble film Justice League. For those that don’t know, Mera is the wife of Aquaman, and she’s pretty damn powerful. When news of this photo broke, Justice League director Zack Snyder tweeted that Heard’s form fitting costume was of a “hydrokinetic vision.” With Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman getting a lot of development buzz, fans are surely going to wonder how Amber Heard’s Mera interacts with her on screen husband. With all of the mayhem that is surely set to be going on within the movie, it’s going to be interesting to see where Amber Heard’s Mera fits in. Justice League is scheduled to be released on November 17th 2017.

11 Don't Fall For Faora... Your Life Depends On It


If one were to wake up to a beautiful woman like Antje Traue they’d most likely be in complete and utter bliss… They most likely wouldn’t be able to fathom this goddess being an absolute destructive form of evil out to destroy the pure symbol of hope in all comics…In Man of Steel, that’s exactly the case. Traue played Faora Hu-Ul, a member of the Krypton military and a commander under General Zod. Traue’s Faora was a huge part of the film, especially the action sequences, despite General Zod being the main antagonist. We didn’t have a chance to see much of Antje’s rockin’ body due to her being in Kryptonian military gear for 100 percent of her scenes in the movie. Anyone that’s seen Man of Steel knows the fate of Faora, but the mayhem she helped cause is felt enough to have immensely long lasting implications on the entire DCEU. The arrival of Superman’s enemies in Man of Steel basically opened the entire platform for the rise of Superman and thus the introduction to an entire universe of superpowered heroes and being, amazing vigilantes, and villainous maniacs that are being pumped through DC’s film franchise.

10 Kal-El's Mom Has Got It Goin' On!


Ayelet Zurer has the distinction of being involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe. Fans of Man of Steel will remember this hottie playing Lara Lor-Van, Kal-El aka you know, Superman or the Man of Steel’s biological mother. Zurer’s portrayal of Lara is defiant and stands by her beliefs and her husband Jor-El after his death and right until the destruction of her home planet, Krypton. For those that hated Man of Steel and happen to be more invested in everything going on at Marvel, people will notice the Israeli born actress was also in Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix. On that show she played Vanessa Marianna, the girlfriend of the main antagonist Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin). In the comics Vanessa is known as Vanessa Fisk and is married to the crime boss; it remains to be seen how the hit live action series will continue her involvement. As everyone can see with the photo above, it’s not hard to see why Ayelet has been cast as the “beautiful strong wife” or “beautiful girlfriend” in both of these comic book media live action empires.

9 Gal Loves To Workout, Even While On Vacay...


Here’s yet another photo of Gal Gadot working out for Wonder Woman… Yeah, can you say damn? I can! Damn. This particular shot is from Gal Gadot training for her eventual third appearance as Wonder Woman in Justice League. Anyone that follows Gadot’s Instagram knows that she loves to workout (I mean, she does get paid for that bangin’ body that she’s got). Gal is so dedicated to bringing a proper Wonder Woman to millions of fans that she’s willing to work out while she’s on vacation. Gal has always been into making the best out of her body and being as active as possible. Gadot played sports such as: basketball, dancing, swimming, tennis and more. It’s certainly going to be a treat to see Gadot’s Wonder Woman wreak havoc on the bad guys. If anyone watched the trailers for Wonder Woman, we are treated to the warrior and all of her glory, flying, deflecting bullets, and proceeding to make everyone watching her on the battlefield stare in pure awe and yes, wonder.

8 Dr. Harleen Quinzel Says Hi!


Here’s Margot Robbie chillin on a couch wearing nothing but underwear and top, showing that she’s able to be as sexy as sexy can be without much trouble. Everyone loves to see Margot Robbie dressing up as Harley Quinn, but film-goers who saw her in other films such as The Wolf of Wall Street know that it doesn’t take much in the form of makeup in order to make Ms. Robbie stand out among others. I’m sure this photo would make for a great poster in someone’s college dorm. Margot Robbie’s first post-Suicide Squad film will be a movie called Terminal, where she plays the main character, Annie. Her next DCEU film has yet to be given the green light, but it’s fair to make the assumption that WB is itching to make an announcement regarding Harley Quinn’s next feature. There’s no way that they’d led a hottie such as Margot Robbie slip through their fingers.

7 Christina Wren Is Super Cute


Let’s just get this out of the way; it’s mainstream to be a dork these days, period. The success of the DCEU, despite mixed reviews at best, shows how much money there is to made, and the audience of this genre will always be salivating for more and more. Well, when you have amazingly cute-hot women such as Christina Wren playing comic book characters on screen it’s hard to look away. Wren made her DCEU debut playing Carrie Farris (her comic book counterpart is Carol Farris) in 2013’s Man of Steel. Carol Farris was ranked 36 out of 100 on Comics Buyers Guide Presents 100 Sexiest Women in Comics. It’s crystal clear that Christina is the right woman for this job. Her version of Carrie is an officer in the United States Air Force. If speculation turns out to be correct, Farris will be the eventual love interest of Hal Jordan, aka the Green Lantern, and she also becomes Star Sapphire. Considering there’s definitely a Green Lantern movie scheduled to be released in the future, there’s a solid chance we’ll be seeing more of Christina Wren in the DCEU.

6 Christina Wren Yet Again...


Here’s Christina Wren yet again… She definitely knows how to take hold of being the “hot dork.” A lot of people probably don’t know who this woman is and if they’ve had the pleasure of seeing her they’ve only seen her in full military gear. Fortunately Ms. Wren is fully capable of showing off her sexy side. That look, those round nerd glasses with the slight cleavage is the fantasy of men everywhere; if she was more famous, there’s no question that photos such as this would have gone viral by now. Christina definitely has that look where she can come across as completely unobtainable or mix it up and be completely approachable. She’s a young actor and writer outside of the DCEU, and has been featured in several projects. Some of the projects she’s written include Half Sisters and America (A Love Song). She co-owns the production company Two Kids with a Camera with her partner (sigh) Demetrius Wren.

5 Clark Kent's Mom Has Got It Goin' On!


Diane Lane plays Superman slash Clark Kent’s earth mom Martha Kent in the DCEU. There’s no doubt that Diane Lane is older these days and definitely comes across as that no nonsense, tough, yet caring mother to Superman, but make no mistake about it, she’s still hot. This photo is from when the blazing actress, now in her early 50s, was in her mid to late 40s.  Ummm, can you say, “damn?” Diane knows she’s got it going on and makes sure that smile of hers comes through as she poses in this shoot for the luxury magazine Jezebel. Diane, who shot this before being cast as Martha Kent, provided an in depth interview where she was a promoting the HBO original film, Cinema Verite, which co-starred Tim Robbins and the late James Gandolfini. The film was a behind the scenes (fictionalized) story of the 1973 PBS documentary, An American Family, which is generally considered to be the nation’s first stab at “reality TV.” Fortunately for the DCEU, Diane Lane was more than able to lend her talents to the big screen in the franchise’s first film, Man of Steel.

4 Amber Heard Loves To Be Flirtatious...


Um. Wow. Well, everyone knows that Amber Heard is hot, but photos like this show why she’s most likely at the top of the list of many actors in Hollywood. Here’s Amber sporting that platinum blonde hair, looking back over her shoulder in flirtatious fashion while wearing a backless golden dress. Amber Heard is constantly in the press these days due to her publicized divorce with iconic actor Johnny Depp. There’s something new unfolding in regards to that every friggin’ day. According to TMZ, Johnny Depp feels that Heard is basking in all of the attention the divorce is getting. When reading that I can’t help but think that it’s kind of funny thinking that a woman that looks like Amber Heard would want any more attention than she’s already been getting, but what do I know; that’s their business. Hopefully the money that will eventually be raked in by Justice League later in the year will help to sway attention towards Heard’s successes rather than her unfortunate breakups and allegations of abuse.

3 Enchantress Or Candy Striper?


Cara Delevingne made her presence known in the DCEU playing Enchantress in the hit movies Suicide Squad. Cara plays June Moone, an archaeologist who becomes possessed by an evil ancient force. Enchantress essentially becomes Suicide Squad’s main antagonist. She looks, well, pretty grimy and evil; a stark contrast to the photo of Cara featured above. Here’s a 20-year-old Cara wearing an incredibly sexy outfit as she struts down the runway at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Cara is sporting her goods with short, tight clothing that covers everything up yet leaves little to the imagination. Cara looking like a candy striper doesn’t hurt either. Kudos to the Suicide Squad costume designers who had the unfortunate task of making Ms. Delevingne as unattractive as humanly possible; as you can see from looking at this shot, that’s a tall order. Though the question remains; would you still want to hook up with Enchantress knowing she really looks like the woman featured in this photo?

2 Gal Gadot Always Leaves Us In Wonder...


Here’s Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in all of her warrior glory. The amazon is ready to wield her sword in her debut solo-film, due in theaters June 17th. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t garner the greatest reviews, but Gal’s appearance as Wonder Woman did. Gadot managed to rise from the critical eradication of the film and now the next film in the DCEU is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. A Wonder Woman movie has been a long time coming, considering the character is an absolute icon and over 75 years old. The movie is set during the World War I era and the trailer has garnered immense buzz, showing Wonder Woman whooping all kinds of ass. Wonder Woman’s appearance in Batman v Superman hinted at an old photo featuring other actors from the upcoming film, and will certainly play a part in why the photo was so important. Regardless, this shot shows that mix of beauty and badass everyone wants to see from the iconic member of DC’s “Holy Trinity."

1 You Know You Want To Be In Harley Quinn's Squad!

When it was revealed that the iconic Harley Quinn was finally going to make her big screen debut courtesy of Suicide Squad, buzz immediately began in regards to who would play the psychotic girlfriend of the Clown Prince of Crime. Much to the chagrin of males and females everywhere, blonde bombshell Margot Robbie was cast, but she certainly didn’t disappoint (unlike the actual film, according to critics). Margot’s portrayal of Harley inhabited many of the things that made her famous in the eyes of Batman fans everywhere. She didn’t wear her classic Harlequin costume that everyone who grew up on Batman: The Animated Series became accustomed too, but she did maintain the bubbly-yet-insanely "out there" personality of the popular character. As for her looks? Well, obviously watching Margot dressed up as the hell raiser was a sight to see. It was no surprise that Robbie’s Harley Quinn took over headlines and was the most popular Halloween costume of 2016. There are strong indicators that Robbie’s Harley Quinn will be featured in a Suicide Squad spin-off titled Gotham City Sirens, which would feature other famous villainous ladies from Batman’s extensive rogue gallery.


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16 Must-See Pics Of The Ladies Of DC's Extended Universe