16 Must-See Photos of The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan plays a fan-favorite on The Walking Dead: Maggie Greene. There’s not much to not like about Maggie. She’s strong, resourceful, independent, caring and loyal. She essentially has many of the traits one would need in order to survive the zombie apocalypse, and surviving she is. After being introduced in season two, Maggie is one of the characters still standing on a show that is willing to kill off any character. This article, though, isn’t about how great Maggie Greene is. It’s about how great Lauren Cohan is.

At only 34, the actress has already had a great career as an actress. Honestly, even if she had only appeared on The Walking Dead, she’d be able to say she's had a great career thus far, as 17 million viewers tuned in for the season seven premiere. 17 million viewers! However, she’s also guest starred on quite a few other successful shows and even had a small role in the DC Universe this year - more on that later.

They say people can’t have it all, but Cohan seems to be proving that wrong. She’s talented, successful and beautiful. Oh, and the cherry on top is that she has an English accent because one cannot truly have it all unless they have a sexy accent, right? Below are 16 photos that showcase not only Cohan's beautiful looks but also her great personality.

15 Lookin' Hot Brushing Her Teeth


We’re all pretty well aware that Lauren Cohan looks good most of the time. I mean, she rocks her zombie apocalypse look - at least for the most part. We’ll just ignore her current haircut on the show. It’s, uh, not her best look.

Anyway, like we were saying, the farmer’s daughter looks good just about all the time. Case and point: the above photo. She’s just brushing her teeth but she’s looks hella good doing it. For the record, I do not look like that when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning and I think most women can agree with me on that one.

The fact that Cohan has her hair and makeup done in this picture certainly helps amplify her attractiveness, as we’re not used to seeing her done up. Also, her short shorts and teeny, tiny, almost-not-there tee shirt are working for her.


Admittedly, we highly doubt Lauren Cohan actually went swimming before this photo was taken. Nobody’s makeup looks that good after taking a dip in the pool. However, she is totally rocking some sexy swimming hair, which is working for her.

Not surprising, Cohan actually worked as a model before her break as an actress. I mean, her legs are about 100 feet long so that totally makes sense. Oddly enough though, Cohan has admitted in an interview that she doesn’t actually remember deciding to pursue acting as a career. Somewhere in LA, every struggling actress is hating Cohan right now. It sure would be nice to kind of fall into major acting success, right?

14 When Maggie And Negan Were Married


This photo may not be as hot as the others included but we just had to include it. It’s a screenshot from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Lauren Cohan played Martha Wayne, which turned out to be a bigger role than one would think. She’s only on screen for the iconic scene in which Bruce Wayne watches his parents die in a street robbery. However, later in the film when Superman and Batman are at odds with one another, Superman says his mother’s name is Martha. What?! Two dudes with moms who have the same name! I know, totally mind-blowing, or at least that's how the film made it seem. It was this fact that changed Batman’s mind, resulting in him helping Superman rescue his mom.

The best part about Cohan playing Martha Wayne is that Jeffrey Dead Morgan plays Thomas Wayne. The same Jeffrey Dean Morgan that plays Negan. Meaning that in the DC Universe Cohan and Morgan play husband and wife, while in TWD Universe Morgan plays the antagonist who killed her husband. We don't know how we feel about that.

13 Glenn And Maggie Live On


We admit that we totally don’t know what’s going on here. It looks like Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun are goofing around together at a formal event. We included it, because who doesn’t love this duo?

Obviously, working on The Walking Dead will change big time for Cohan after the loss of Glenn. Since Maggie’s introduction, she has been paired up with Glenn and now, she’s... well, not. After the season seven premiere, Cohan said, “Steven has been a leading man professional on the show without ever having been any of those things before being on the show. You know what Steven is? He's ride or die: You know he has your back. Everything that we see in Glenn is what Steven brings to him, and that's that steady heart. I'm so excited for him knowing he's going on to do amazing things. He's the most professional gentleman and the silliest, funniest goof ever. And Steven's still alive! So that's good.”

Ugh, so obviously Cohan is going to be missing her onscreen hubby in a big way.

12 Legs For Days


Holy Maggie Greene! Actually, Lauren Cohan is much difference from her character in this photo. Besides the hair and makeup, Maggie would never, ever wear those heels. They are completely impractical for running away from zombies. Although, one could make an argument that the heels might work for killing zombies.

Being that she’s so perfect as her character and has been on the show for quite sometime, it may surprise fans to hear that she considered leaving the show. After reading the script for the episode in which Maggie gives Lori a C-section, Cohan told Steven Yeun, “I have to leave the show. I don’t think I can do it.”

We don’t necessarily blame her for that reaction to the script, as it is still one of the darkest moments on the show and it didn’t even involve a zombie. We’re sure glad Cohan stuck it out!

11 Uh, It Goes The Other Way


We’re going to assume that Lauren Cohan was joking around in this behind the scenes photo because duh. Having working on many shows and films, she would know it goes the other way. Actually, just being a person who lives in the world, you would know it goes the other way. We've all seen clapperboards. Her joking aside, Cohan looks beautiful here even with minimal makeup on. Like we said, girlfriend rocks the zombie apocalypse look.

Through her career, Cohan has had luck in both film and television. With her first film role in 2005, Cohan’s biggest breaks were in 2016 with her starring in The Boy and her minor role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. She is also set to portray Leila Steinberg in All Eyez On Me, the upcoming Tupac biopic. We obviously all know she’s had great success on The Walking Dead, but Cohan also had minor roles in big shows like Modern Family, CSI: NY, and The Vampire Diaries.

10 Maggie Ain't Afraid Of No Zombie


This may be one of the funniest photos on this list. Lauren Cohan stands with Sarah Wayne Callies and a zombie. Cohan doesn’t seem to be afraid of the zombie lurking next to her, probably because she’s surrounded by zombies on set all day. The juxtaposition of Cohan and Callies’ formal clothing against the zombie makes the photo even better.

We don’t know if Callies and Cohan are great friends off-set, but their characters got along very well on the show. Admittedly, they have a rough start when Maggie almost died getting Lori Plan-B. After that, though, the two women grew closer. They had many things in common, as they are both strong but caring individuals. The relationship ended, of course, when Maggie had to give Lori a C-section to deliver baby Judith.

9 Cohan In A Bikini


Yeah, we know, guys. Lauren Cohan is a smoke show. Seriously, look at her in a bikini. It’s unreal. Her body is super hot. Of, and on top of it, she’s also totally gorgeous.

While she may be a knockout, she’s got brains too. We know, beauty and brains. It’s almost not fair. She graduated from University of Winchester with a BA in Drama and English. After graduation, she toured with a theater company that she actually founded while she was still in college. Yeah, like we said, beauty and brains. After the theater company, Cohan would split her time between London and LA. Since exploding into fame with The Walking Dead, she’s probably has her pick of roles these days.

8 Goofing Off On Set


Not only is she a stunning beauty, but she also has a sense of humor and isn't afraid to take a goofy picture. In this behind the scenes photo, she is on set goofing around. Behind her is Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita Espinosa. Serratos seems to be completely unaware that Cohan is taking a goofy photo.

Cohan was born in New Jersey to an American father and British mother. She lived in Cherry Hill for much of her childhood. She also lived in Georgia for one year, which, oddly enough, is where The Walking Dead shoots. When she was 13, she moved to the UK with her mother, who had remarried. Lauren took her new father’s name, which is how she became “Lauren Cohan”. She also converted to her Jewish step-father’s religion.

7 She Finds Bob's Eaten Leg Hilarious


Remember good ol’ Bob? Bob, whose leg the cannibals ate. Of course, Bob had the last laugh when he told the people from Terminus that they were eating tainted meat, as he had been bit by a zombie earlier in the day. Still, waiting the Terminus people taunt Bob by eating his own leg in front of him was gruesome.

The above photo should make you feel a bit better, as you can see the behind the scenes magic that went into creating his eaten leg. Bob’s actual leg was wrapped in blue and the prosthetic eaten leg was placed on top. Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) looks grossed out but Lauren Cohan seems to find Bob’s eaten leg hilarious, which is just one more reason why we love her.

6 Strong Is Sexy


Lauren Cohan is no wimp. We know that from The Walking Dead and her fearless portrayal of Maggie, who has kill endless zombies. She’s also taken down a few people as well. At Woodbury, Maggie took down a few of The Governor’s people. Maggie can’t really be blamed for that though, because The Governor sucked and he needed to be taken down.

To be cast in such a badass role, Lauren Cohan would have to be strong herself, which she totally is. Sure, she has a slender physique, but she is not a stick-skin actress. She is muscular enough for us all to actually believe it when she plays Maggie, a sharp-shooting, horse-riding, zombie killer. Cohan has stated that she loves doing yoga, which may be to credit for her slender but muscular frame.

5 Glenn... With One Eye


We were big fans of Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee. I mean, obviously. Who wasn’t?

This behind the scenes photo is fun for several reasons. For starters, look how tight the pair are! They literally look like they are filming a scene as Maggie and Glenn, but this was taken behind the scenes. You don't go resting your nose on someone's forehead unless you're pretty close.

The other reason this photo is amazing is… well, look at Glenn’s eye! Steven Yeun is covering his one eye. Perhaps he is foreshadowing the fact that, uh, his one eye was going to pop the hell out. Sure, the photo may just have been snapped at an odd moment when Yeun was covering his eye, but we can’t help but think that maybe this was Yeun’s way of trying to give his fans a heads up.

4 Hot In The Walking Dead Still


Don’t we all hope we’d look like Maggie Greene while living through a zombie apocalypse? Yeah, we probably won’t. She somehow rocks a seemingly no makeup look. She also looks totally hot with tussled (very unwashed) hair. It helps that her body is perfection. Seriously, jeans and tank tops look amazing on her bod. In the above still from The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan looking her most Maggie Greene look.

Here's another fun Lauren Cohan fact: Before she was on The Walking Dead, Cohan appeared on Supernatural for six episodes. Jeffrey Dean Morgan also appeared on the show for 13 episodes. Yep, ol’ Maggie Greene and Negan both appeared on Supernatural way before the paths crossed on The Walking Dead. It's a weird, weird world.

3 A Behind The Scenes Photo To Break Your Heart


If this photo doesn’t just completely shatter your heart, you must be cold as ice. Sisters Beth and Maggie Greene weren’t necessarily similar but they certainly loved each other. While Maggie was practical, strong and independent, Beth was young, innocent, naive and helpless. Of course, Beth did grow into a stronger, harder character throughout her time on the show.

After the fall of the prison, everyone was separated. Beth ends up with Daryl but then gets separated from him too, ending up at Grady Memorial Hospital. When the group gets wind of this, Maggie is overjoyed. She had given up hope that her sister might be okay but now they knew Beth’s whereabouts. We all know what happens next: Beth gets shot and Daryl carries her lifeless body out to Maggie, who falls to the ground in grief. It’s a truly emotional scene.

This behind the scenes photo is of Cohan and Emily Kinney hugging after shooting that particular scene. We so wish this reunion could have actually happened on the show too but TWD wanted to break all of our hearts.

2 The Farmer's Daughter


Lauren Cohan may have never looked more like the goddess farmer’s daughter than in this photo. Her white bra and matching underwear aren’t even necessarily that risqué. I mean, the underwear comes up way past her belly button. That being said, there is still something so completely sexy about the delicate under garments matched with the denim shirt. With the wooden chair and wood floors, Cohan is channeling some farmer’s daughter earthy vibes in this one and she’s looking amazing doing it.

If you want even more of Lauren Cohan, she recently starred in The Boy, a horror film in which she plays a woman hired to babysit a creepy looking doll. Any movie that involves a creepy looking doll is pretty scary in our book.

1 Guys, The Look Of Love!


If you’re still having feelings about Glenn’s death (aren’t we all?) this picture may make you feel a bit better. While Steven Yeun was answering a question during a Comic Con panel, Lauren Cohan was looking at him with an adoring face as he spoke. It's basically how Maggie would look at Glenn. Of course, they don’t actually love each other because, y’know, acting and stuff. They definitely did have a great working relationship and clearly loved acting together. Cohan even dropped an F-bomb on the live The Talking Dead following the season 7 premiere. That's how many feels Cohan had about Glenn's death. (Us too, girl!)

We’re sure they will miss working with each other almost as much as we’ll miss watching Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee together. That's all we've got folks. If you didn't already love Lauren Cohan, we bet you totally do now.

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16 Must-See Photos of The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan