16 Must-See Photos Of The Bachelor Twins, Haley And Emily Ferguson

Identical twin sisters Haley and Emily Ferguson made Bachelor history when they stepped out of the limo together last year on season 20's first night.

Identical twin sisters Haley and Emily Ferguson made Bachelor history when they stepped out of the limo together last year on season 20's first night, both hoping to win Ben Higgins' heart. Neither sister found love with Ben, and since then, they have appeared on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, and the spin-off show to Ben's season called Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Now, Haley and Emily have their own show that premieres March 20 on Freeform, called The Twins: Happily Ever After?

Bachelor Nation fell in love with Haley and Emily's sweet personalities. They are quirky, funny (without always meaning to be), and totally endearing. Even better, they are models. The two blonde bombshells are pretty, of course, but being that there are two of them, their hotness skyrockets. Their new show will focus on the 24-year-olds just living their lives, while continuing to make us laugh. They will explore different jobs, try their hand at new hobbies, and try to forge their own separate identities, something they have never truly seemed to be able to do, despite stating how different they are all the time (and then proving the opposite). And of course, Ben and his fiancée Lauren will appear on the show, as well as some of the other stars from the franchise, many of whom have maintained friendships with the twins.

Haley and Emily Ferguson are fan-favorites for a reason, and one of those reasons is simply how damn gorgeous they are. So get ready to feast your eyes on 16 super hot photos of Freeform's newest starlets, the girls Bachelor Nation lovingly (and aptly) call "The Twins".

16 Hot Haley

Both of these photos are of Haley, one of her modeling lingerie, and one of her working as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It is almost surprising that she is the shyer, quieter one, because in photographs she is often the sexier one. Although her sister has more Instagram photos and more followers, Haley's photos are much hotter. She is described by her mother in an episode of The Bachelor as a person who takes longer to warm up to people than Emily does, but once she does, she will give a thousand percent of herself. Haley does not drink or party, which is interesting since she worked amongst drinkers and partiers in a Vegas nightclub. She also loves everything about Taylor Swift, including that she is very classy.

15 Enticing Emily

These three photos are all of Emily, who made it farther than her sister did on The Bachelor, probably because she is able to open up to people and be comfortable with them easier and faster than her sister is. When you are on a schedule like Ben was for The Bachelor, that is a pretty important in getting to know someone. Emily was crushed to have to leave her sister after she'd just been dumped, but both twins went into it knowing and accepting that it would have to happen eventually. Emily is a very sporty person, and likes to jet ski, go bike riding, play tennis, paddle-board, and practice yoga. However, as active as she is, she hates hiking with a passion. She says she never wants to hike again after an exhausting hike on Camelback Mountain.

14 "The Twins"

While on The Bachelor, many people took note of the fact that the twins' job titles were just "twin", and that they were labeled that way for every interview that aired. It would say "Emily" or "Haley", and under their name read, "twin", where other girls had their profession listed (well, except for the "chicken enthusiast"). This led many to wonder what they actually did for a living, besides being clones of each other and promoting their twinness through modeling and reality television. The Las Vegas natives do make a living off being twins because of all of that, but they also used to work as cocktail waitresses and even run a lifestyle blog along with one of their friends. Surprisingly, it is a blog not about being twins, but about recipes, travel, and fashion/beauty advice, which they are, according to reviews and comments, very proficient at.

13 The Nice Girls

The twins look absolutely glamorous in this photo shoot, even wearing shabby-chic denim cutoffs. Their faces do look slightly different, which is something we rarely see with these two, but that is only due to the makeup. Emily, on the left, has fuller lips and lighter eye makeup. Haley, on the right, has darker eyes and less emphasis on her mouth. The two young women look like they could be the mean girls of the group in this shoot, with those smoldering facial expressions, but the reality is that that could not be further from the truth. On The Bachelor, they stuck up for the underdog, called people out for "not being nice", and continue to be friends with Ben (their ex) and their former competition to this day, including his fiancée who is one of their best friends. Some of their closest friends are Lauren Bushnell, who became engaged Ben on The Bachelor, and Amanda Stanton, his third runner-up. With never a bad word to say about anyone, a great attitude, and the ability to be besties with the girls who were dating their boyfriend at the same time they were, the Ferguson twins have the looks of the prettiest "mean girls", but are the complete opposite of them.

12 Stunning Sisters

Haley and Emily may look perfect pretty much all of the time, but the great thing about them is that in their real lives, they do not really care about being perfect, at all. If you have seen any episode of The Bachelor (season 20), Bachelor in Paradise, or any of the episodes they appeared on Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?, you will know what I am talking about. And this makes them even more attractive. In this Instagram photo above, the duo shows that while they certainly do have stunningly beautiful hair, makeup, and bodies, they don't have to act the part. This silly snapshot was posted by Emily, and labeled "So blessed to have you by my side forever and always. Love you so much, sis! #NationalTwinDay #MyOtherHalf #LoveHer #Twinning".

11 Bombshell Besties

This sweet photo is refreshing in that it flaunts more of the twins' natural beauty than their usual photos do. Yes, they are still made-up, but not as heavily as usual. The less-is-more look really works for them, just as much as the heavy glam makeup does, as well. The sisters look sweet, innocent, and happy holding hands and strolling through the park. It makes one wonder if they ever fight? We have never seen a fight between them on television (yet), and with all the gushing over each other that they do, it really does seem like they have as close to a perfect relationship as any two people can have. I suppose when you grow up with someone who looks exactly like you, who you share everything with, and who is your carbon copy, there might not be a lot to fight over. Even when they dated the same guy at the same time, Ben, there was not one argument. There was hardly even a disagreement!

10 Bachelor in Paradise

This is a shot of Haley and Emily on Bachelor in Paradise last summer. During the opening credits, they are seen frolicking along the beach to cheesy music. To the song, "Almost Paradise" by Ann Wilson and Mike Reno, all of the the love-seekers and Bachelor/ette have their few seconds in the show's intro, and this was Haley and Emily's. Of course, their credit was shot together because they went to paradise as a pair, which is weird because they cannot fall in love as one person, yet they were expected to only hand out one rose between them (meaning they could only choose to keep one guy for their pick each week). At least when they were on The Bachelor they were each their own person (well, more or less) and although they were the ones receiving the roses, they each got their own.

9 Who is Who?

Another tropical bikini shot, here Haley and Emily are sporting cute (and very different) bikinis, sunglasses, and hats. It would be easy to tell them apart here, assuming you knew who was who to begin with. So how do people tell them apart? One easy way is by their ears. Emily has several piercings all up the rim of her right ear, while Haley only has a few. That is one surefire way to distinguish one twin from the other, although as alike as they are, I assume close friends and family of theirs have other ways to do it. They may be clones of each other, but they must have at least some differences that become apparent if you spend enough time around them. There are some personality differences (the usual story of one twin being more outgoing than the other), but physically, those who know them best probably have their ways of determining which sister is which without any effort, at all.

8 Makeup Artists

Both Haley and Emily are talented when it comes to anything beauty related. Hair and makeup and anything of the sort are their areas of expertise. On the left, Emily shows off her skills for Halloween last year, when she was a "bad kitty". Although this is not her typical look, her knack for doing makeup well comes in handy at that time of the year. In the photo on the right, Haley has just given an eye makeup tutorial on her site. It was part of she, Emily, and a friend's lifestyle blog and website called "Blondesense". Reviewers of the blog seem to mostly agree that the girls know what they are talking about, and have some pretty good advice when it comes to beauty. Clearly, they must, since they always look so perfect.

7 Stylish and Sophisticated

Here, the twins appear much taller than their actual height of 5'4''. The chunky heels, short hemlines, and low camera angle make their legs look oh-so long. They also look more mature than usual, with makeup that is subtle, and outfits that, while still sexy, are not as risqué. Even their facial expressions are toned down. It is a photo that is all-around more sophisticated than their usual flirty ones. Both styles of the twins- fun and flirty or stylish and sophisticated- are lovely looks for them, though. Either way, they have made a business (and presumably, some decent cash) from being fun, young, beautiful twins. It is definitely working for them.

6 Workout Women

Obviously, the twins have very toned physiques, and great bodies overall. From head to toe, they are very attractive. But while genes may play a role in that, they maintain their hot bods with workouts, and they look great doing it. As dancers and former cheerleaders (they even auditioned to be NFL cheerleaders on the CMT reality series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team), fitness is an important aspect of their lives, and remaining fit will continue to be so if they want to keep working in the entertainment industry. Aside from wanting to cheer for the NFL, Emily and Haley are also sports super fans- they love the LA Dodgers, University of Nevada's basketball team, and the Texas Rangers.

5 Blondies With a Bond

The twins dabbled in modeling before becoming more successful as reality television stars, and this photo is a throwback to those modeling days. They almost do not even resemble themselves, as usually in every other photo they are smiling ear to ear, looking over-the-top bubbly, which is fitting to their personalities. It is also rare to see them essentially without clothing, since they are not that kind of model, for one thing, but also because they are fashionistas who love to show off their chic sense of style and cute wardrobes. Haley and Emily obviously look exactly alike, but their bond goes beyond the physical, as they are constantly gushing about the other twin. They love to say how their twin is the better half and that they are lucky to have the other, and you can tell that they genuinely do feel blessed to have each other.

4 American Beauties

Here is another photo from their earlier modeling days, which, like the last one, is sort of uncharacteristic of them. More than sultry and seductive, Haley and Emily are known for being refreshingly goofy, and very endearing in their ditziness. Of course, they are still hot as hell, especially since they are twins. But away from the photo shoots, they do not take themselves too seriously, something the country has come to love them for. Because at the end of the day, the twins are genuinely kind-hearted women who are gorgeous on the inside and out. They make it easy to root for them, and that is a quality that is hard to come by with most reality stars, and really, most stars of any kind. Haley and Emily are two of very few Bachelor stars who made a ton of friends (and kept them) during the process, and they never let it get to their head.

3 Workout Selfie

Used to being in front of the camera by now, here Haley and Emily pose for a selfie in workout attire, and they even look perfectly put-together while exercising! The sisters definitely keep up appearances, but their guilty pleasure is sugar. They love donuts and candy, meaning they must need to workout more often to support their love of junk food while managing to stay so thin. One way they probably get a lot of exercise is walking, as they have five Dachshund dogs between them, three of which are named Tobi, Timber, and Mazie. Four of the five are brown-colored, and one is black. Even though the dogs are little in size, they still need plenty of walks, keeping Haley and Emily out and moving.

2 Ben Was One Lucky Guy

So two young women as beautiful as Emily and Haley Ferguson must get their good looks  from somewhere, right? Well, their mother looks just like an older version of them. Fans got to meet her on one episode of The Bachelor when Ben took the twins home while the show was filming in Las Vegas. At this point, he was still dating them both, and that was not even the most awkward part of the "date". Having decided that dating twins was too "sister wives" for him, in the fourth week of his season, Ben brought them home to meet their mom. Haley gave him a tour of her bedroom, which had photos of her ex-boyfriends that she was obviously humiliated about. Then, seated on the couch with all three Ferguson blondes, Ben eliminated her and kept Emily, the more outgoing twin, leaving Haley and Mom at the house to go party in Vegas. Awkward! Emily wound up being eliminated a few weeks later, though, and it does not seem like it affected the twins' relationship whatsoever.

1 Dancing Queens

Here is a photo from the twins' first reality show, Dallas Cowboys: Making the Team. A competition to become an NFL cheerleader, Haley and Emily got a decent amount of screen time (another example of how being a twin has helped them), but they did not make the cut. This was back in 2013, three years before The Bachelor would make them famous. The twins also auditioned to be Lakers Girls, but again, it did not work out for them. While their cheerleading skills may be lacking, they are, however, talented Irish dancers, an art form they showed off during a group date on Ben's season of The Bachelor when the girls all put on a talent show for him. Between the time of their cheerleading auditions and becoming involved with The Bachelor franchise, the girls worked as cocktail waitresses at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas' Marquee Nightclub.


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16 Must-See Photos Of The Bachelor Twins, Haley And Emily Ferguson