16 Must-See Photos Of Maxim's Hottest Australians of 2016

When it comes to thinking about who the most beautiful women in the world are, it can only be natural to think about the celebrities in Hollywood. But it's a big world, and while not a ton of Australians make it big in Hollywood, we assure you there are some incredibly good looking people down under. While some of our entries are known to you, such as Miranda Kerr, Margot Robbie and Ruby Rose, you might not recognize some of these other Australians who have made it big. But think of it as a mystery box of jaw-dropping photos of gorgeous Aussies, and you'll be understandably excited.

Every year Maxim puts out their list of 100 hottest Australians, and not only do we have 16 of them below, we have photos that will definitely reaffirm why they landed on the list. With a variety of women ranging from former Miss Australias to former reality stars and even a Miss Universe, it is clear that the editors have no shortage of women to pick from.

16 Sam Frost (54th)

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When it comes to celebrities who had a big "drop" on this list, nobody is a better example than the blonde bombshell, Sam Frost. Last year, she was #4! Probably thinking to herself (at least at the time) that she may have a chance to move up on the list. Instead, Maxim slammed her by dropping her to the 54th spot.

But the biggest reason why isn't her looks, but perhaps because in the past year she came out and absolutely railed into Maxim for using photos from a photo shoot in December, for their February issue the following year (without telling her).

As well as this, Frost said "They've actually photoshopped my hair dark because I was blonde then and now I am dark. They've enhanced my boobs, I am quite flat-chested and I am OK with that, and brought in my waist. I'm not proud of the fact that I did that shoot and I'm quite disappointed in myself."

That's definitely not a winning combination if you want to land yourself in Maxim's good graces.

15 Robyn Lawley (27th)

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Both Robin Lawley, alongside Ashley Graham, is considered to be the first "plus-sized" models for Sports Illustrated. Both women are absolutely gorgeous, something Maxim definitely was aware of when they gave Lawley the 27th spot in this past year's list. But if you're sitting there and hating the phrase plus-sized, you aren't the only one. One person who hates being called plus-sized: Lawley!

"Compared to regular models, who are incredibly skinny, I look plus to them. But to the average everyday person, I'm just like them. So it's a tag we don't really need. You know, I'm a regular size 12 and that's quite a common size, that's a size that sells out usually the most. My swimwear line that's out, it's one of the highest selling sizes," she said in a past interview.

Another piece of advice from Lawley is to make sure you are doing something that is not only active but that you love doing. For herself, it's kickboxing, so you better make sure you aren't rude when you come up to her!

14 Fiona Falkiner (#26)

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When Fiona Falkiner appeared on the 1st season of Australia's The Biggest Loser back in 2006, she definitely would not have been able to predict that in 2015 she was going to be hosting the show! Falkiner lost roughly 30 pounds on the show and helped catch the eye of many Australians. Falkiner was selected to be the cover model for Maxim in January, leading her to get to talk openly about her self-love, saying "The person I am now is happy, healthy and strong ... I normally train five times a week. I’m far from perfect, I’ve got wobbly bits, I’ve got all sorts of bits going on but I love it, it’s me. I know that I’m healthy and I’m loving life, I’m happy and that’s what it should be about.”

Falkiner is now one of the most popular plus-size models in Australia and we are sure it is only a matter of time before she starts making a big break in America.

13 Tegan Martin (25th)

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You aren't going to be able to leave someone like Tegan Martin off your list if you're Maxim Australia, and even if she was the 25th, you imagine there is no shortage of love for Martin in her native Australia. In 2014 she was crowned Miss Australia, and while she did not place in the top 15 at the Miss Universe pageant, that's still one heck of an honor.

Naturally, Martin has been asked her thoughts on Donald Trump (who was the owner of the event), leading her to say "I most certainly don't agree with everything he stands for but I do like his tell-it-like-it-is attitude. There are so many politicians who just tell the public what they want to hear which is quite boring. I have only good things to say about him, and the way he interacted with people at the pageant, but that's not to say I think he is suited to run the nation that leads the world."

At least Trump knows this is one former model that won't come out against him!

12 Jesinta Campbell (#20)

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Now I hate to give too much away, but not only is Jesinta Campbell absolutely gorgeous, but she is also a former winner of Miss Australia, as well as being the 2nd runner-up at the 2010 Universe Pageant. At least you know she also has a winning personality, as she was awarded Miss Congeniality at the pageant (though Sandra Bullock probably didn't show up!).

Ready for the spoiler? Not only is Campbell an accomplished model, she is not the last Miss Australia from this list. Below at #4 we've even got Jennifer Hawkins who won Miss Universe!

That's not to take away from Campbell though, who alongside modeling also appeared in The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

11 Pia Miller (#13)

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Pia Miller is not only an absolutely gorgeous model, but she also has spent some time as a television presenter, so there is no shortage of avenues in which you can check her out. Miller competed in but did not win the reality show Search for a Supermodel, and while that may have dampened her ego, it's definitely still an honor to get picked for the show. Similarly, while we are sure Pia Miller would have loved to crack the top 10 this year, are you really going to argue with the #13 spot?

And just in case part of you is thinking "Hey, maybe she'd super be into me!" you may be happy to hear that Miller is single. She and her now ex-husband Brad Miller separated roughly a year ago.

10 Ruby Rose (#10)

We definitely are not going to blame you if this list is chock-full of women whose names you probably did not hear long before you started reading this. But Ruby Rose has spent most of 2016 making her splash in North America after appearing in Orange is the New Black. It is clear that Maxim thought she rocked those prison clothes because there is definitely nothing wrong with helping round out the top 10 spot on their list.

Rose is looking to keep herself busy, including appearing in three major upcoming movies: XXX: Return of Xander Cage, John Wick 2, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. If that acting resume is any indication, it looks like Rose can both kick ass, and look good while doing it!

9 The Veronicas (#9)

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When you consider the several factors at play here, it makes it easy to understand why The Veronicas earned such a high spot on this list, even if you don't know a ton of their music. One of the big reasons is that even when their albums (such as their 2014 album The Veronicas) does not do well in America, they go on to be huge hits in Australia.

The group, comprised of twins Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, has been active since 2004, but are perhaps never more eye-catching than in the above photo. Released earlier this year in conjunction with their song "In My Blood", the duo decided to elect for only purple body glitter and body paint.

They shared their thoughts on Instagram, saying "It's that elated, euphoric feeling of love at first sight. Love and adrenalin are rushing through your blood. It's like a chemical injection. You've instantly connected with someone. You're knocked out by this person."

8 Bindi Irwin (#8)

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Wait what? Just when you thought the name Steve Irwin would only make you miss the amazing man that he was, it now will also remind you that he has a smoking hot daughter. Crikey! Irwin is only 18 years old, making her the youngest entry on this list, but you can imagine she has the potential to be a mainstay for years to come.

Irwin is far from just a pretty face, in 2015 Bindi Irwin appeared on the reality show Dancing With The Stars and not only did she dance her ass off, she won! Granted, it helped that she was paired with six-time winner Derek Hough, but still!

You can imagine her moves on the dance floor are partially what helped get Maxim's attention.

7 Olympia Valance (#7)

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If you were trying to track down Olympia Valance in a fictional world, your best bet may be on 32 Ramsay Street where she lives as the character Paige Smith on the Australian soap opera Neighbors. The character has been a waitress, as well as a garage manager, but when you consider how beautiful she is, why not try out modeling!

Valance signed a three-year contract with the sitcom, but has said in the past that she is looking forward to branching out once her time on the show is done. Valance also works with the same acting agency that helped develop Australian stars Liam and Chris Hemsworth, so at least there is a nice track record there.

Valance was the 7th entry on Maxim's Top 100, leading the star to cheekily take to social media and declare that she was officially a 7/10!

6 Miranda Kerr (#6)

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When it comes to inspirational supermodels, for Australians Miranda Kerr has to be pretty high on their list. Kerr was the first ever Australian Victoria's Secret Model, and since then has gone on to establish an outstanding career. Most recently Kerr made waves for her breakup with ex-husband Orlando Bloom. Kerr has admitted that she battled depression following their split but has recently found love in the arms of Evan Spiegel who is one of the co-founders of Snapchat.

One of the best ways to stay gorgeous is to also make sure your complexion is always on point, which is probably why Kerr has also released her own brand of organic skincare products under the brand name "KORA Organics."

Kerr may have landed in at the number 6 spot this year, but we'd be far from shocked to see her move up in the next year.

5 Renee Somerfield (#5)

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If you take one look at Renee Somerfield's Instagram, you won't find many photos where she isn't wearing a bikini. It definitely helps that she has her own line of swimwear, SomefieldSwim, which you can imagine she makes sure looks good on her body first before sending it to mass production. Somerfield is no stranger to Maxim, appearing not only on the cover in the past but also being selected as their Instagram girl of the week back in 2015.

While the advertisements didn't make their way to North America, Somerfield was at the center of controversy in the past when she appeared in a bikini on a poster for ProteinWorld with the tagline "Are You Beach Body Ready?"

The advertisement was for a weight loss collection, which many people took offense to as they felt the ad implied that only skinny people should go to the beach.

Despite the hate that she's received when talking about her past lifestyle, Somerfield said "I’ve always been skinny. Growing up that way felt very awkward but I have grown to love and embrace my body."

4 Jennifer Hawkins (#4)

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When you consider Jennifer Hawkins took those above photos for Maxim, you can imagine they had a pretty good reference point when deciding on just how high they were going to place Hawkins this past year. They decided on #4, which is definitely a fitting spot for someone who not only won Miss Australia but won Miss Universe in 2004! Hawkins also came back as a judge for Miss Universe 2008. In the past when talking about working with Maxim, Hawkins said, "I chose to do Maxim because I knew it was going to be a beautiful and classy shoot."

When she isn't busy being in front of the camera, Hawkins has kept herself busy by being the host and one of the main judges on Australia's Next Top Model.

3 Delta Goodrem (#3)

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When it comes to creating Maxim's list, we are sure that one of the first things they do is look at past top candidates and see if they've gotten any hotter, or substantially less hot, in the past year. For Delta Goodrem, they may have loved her in the past, giving her the top spot in 2015, but this year she fell all the way back to #3 (Oh the horror!).

You may find yourself wishing for a trip to Australia when you also find out that Delta Goodrem is a guest on the Australian The Voice, meaning that citizens of Australia get reminded of how gorgeous she is on a weekly basis. Determined to keep things interesting, Goodrem also appeared in a theater production of Cats.

2 Jessica Marais (#2)

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Jessica Marais may be coming in at our number 2 spot, but when you come second place to Margot Robbie, are you really going to be too upset? While the show may not have been a thing in North America, Marais spent years on the television show Packed to the Rafters from 2008-2013. Marais was actually engaged to James Stewart, one of her co-stars on the show, but their engagement fell apart after 5 years together.

Not afraid to keep herself busy, in 2016 Marais made appearances in the television series Love Child and The Wrong Girl. Marais has also completed work on the movie Chasing Satellites, but sadly it's probably not making its way to North America. Perhaps Robbie will be able to convince her to try making her break in Hollywood!

1 Margot Robbie (#1)

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There aren't going to be many people in the world that do not know who Margot Robbie is at this point. While that may have been the case a few years ago, 2016 was a huge year for Robbie, which saw her playing the role of sexy seductress Harley Quinn. Naturally when you also have things in your back pocket like her outfits (or lack thereof) in The Wolf of Wall Street and you can start to understand why Robbie was literally considered the hottest woman in Australia.

Robbie definitely had to feel like she had a pretty good chance of coming out in the top spot on the list, as last year she came in at #2 to Delta Goodrem (who by this point, you not only know came 3rd this year, but is also absolutely gorgeous!).

Sources: dailymail.co.uk

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