16 Movie Questions You Never Thought You Had Until You Heard Them

For the most part, we watch movies, think about them a little, and move on. Some people think, if there was a problem in the film, someone out there would have pointed it out to me by now. So, they go through their life thinking that every one of the movies they've ever seen have it all figured out. But what if they don't? What if you have questions about a movie but didn't even know it. Well, we're here to tell you that you do...or you will very soon. The reason you're unaware that you have questions is because you've never thought about the details of these films. Things went down, and you accepted the results. But, for the films on this list, the results brought about some inconsistencies or issues, and we're calling them out.

The films on this list are not small indie flicks that you've never seen. These are some of the biggest and most watched films in history. While each of these films are great, they all have problems. You may call these insignificant, but it doesn't change the fact that something went wrong. Does it make us enjoy these films any less? Hell to the no. We may even like them more because of these oddities. Let's take a look and get you questioning the world around you, shaking your perfect little existence. Here are 16 Movie Questions You Never Thought You Had Until You Heard Them.

16 Why Was The Suicide Squad Assembled In The First Place?

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Aside from answering "because they needed to make a movie," we're not quite sure if there is a proper answer here. Suicide Squad was not a good movie. Sure, it looked nice, but the logic in this film and the execution was horrific. Most of the characters have no soul and most have no purpose. In fact, the entire mission's purpose is insanely silly. We are kept in the dark about what the Squad is supposed to do. Then, we get the big reveal! The mission is to rescue and escort Amanda Waller to safety. The Squad fights their way to the top of the building to find Waller there with her special ops protection unit. She kills them all to make her look crazy! Then, it's on to the extraction part of the mission. How far will they have to go? Miles? Entire cities away? Countries? Nope, just a couple of stairs really. Seriously, just walk me up these stairs to the roof. We can just call a helicopter to get us from there. So, why didn't the Suicide Squad just ride in the helicopter to get her?

15 What's With This New Life In BTTF?

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Listen, we love Back to the Future. We love the entire trilogy and believe it to be one of the best trilogies ever made. Still, there's no harm in asking a few questions about the logic of the film. Most of our questions surround this new future that Marty has made for himself after the events of the first film. For one, wouldn't Marty be a little weirded out by his new family? Sure, they may have been a little rough around the edges in the beginning, but most of our families are, and you don't see us trying to erase them from history. This new family doesn't even really look the same and they're totally different people. Oh, and why isn't anyone the tad bit uncomfortable with Lorraine's would-be r*pist working for them? We're all for restitution, but maybe seeing him every morning is a little much.

14 Wait, What Was The Kid's Name In Interstellar?

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OK, Interstellar is a long and complex movie, so bear with us here. We have Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey). He has two kids, Tom and Murphy. Later, Tom has a baby named Jesse. We see the baby in the videos he sends to his dad in space. In the video, Tom explains that he wanted to name the baby Coop, but his wife insisted on Jesse. Sadly, this little guy dies. But it doesn't end there. We do know that Tom and his wife have more kids. We see them later on when Murph visits the farm. She notices the kids are sick because they're coughing, but Tom and his wife don't want to get them medical treatment. Well, Murph lights the cornfield on fire to distract Tom and get his kids some medical help. But here's our big question. Did we just hear that the little boy was named Coop? Looks like Tom got his way on the second kid. But wait, Cooper is their last name. So, does that mean that this kid's name is Coop Cooper?

13 Who Actually Won The Cannonball Run?

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Cannonball Run is a strange little film with an all-star cast. It tells the story of a cross-country car race. It also has one of the strangest finishes in movie history. The film begins in Connecticut. It is explained that the drivers will start at different times—what's called a staggered start. Each team then drives up to the starting line at different times, punches their time clock, and sets off. The team that punches out in California with the shortest time overall wins the race. We're all on the same page at the beginning, but then the shenanigans begin, and we get distracted. We become forgetful. So too did the filmmakers. By the end, all the cars get bunched up. There's a fistfight and then the car race turns into a foot race. For whatever reason, totally disregarding the rules of the race, the racers now believe that the team who crosses the finish line first wins the race. Yeah, that's massive mistake. But the movie ends without clarification. So, who actually won the race?

12 How Does The Flash Ever Get Punched In Anything?

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This isn't necessarily about Justice League, it's more about the character, The Flash, as a whole. How does the Flash ever get hit by anyone or anything? Like, this is the same guy that turned on all the radios in the world at once, he's impossibly fast. He outran death. But then some stupid ol' henchman will land a haymaker on him here and there. Hell, why do we ever see him stationary? He should just run up to the bad guy, pick them up, and carry them to prison. That's it. No one should be able to see him let alone touch him.

11 You've Been Friends For How Long Mike And Sully?

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Remember back to Monsters Inc. Good movie. We quite enjoyed it. Still, there are issues. In that first film, Mike and Sully are walking down the street and Mike says, "You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade." This gives us a look into their relationship. They've obviously been friends a long time. Then, Monsters University came out. This told the story of when Mike and Sully met. Yeah, it took place in university. So, how was Sully jealous of Mike in the fourth grade when they didn't meet until university? Huge error, guys. Disgusting really, and you should be ashamed.

10 Why Not Work Together In Hunger Games?

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As much as we believe that there is a commonly accepted rationalization in the Hunger Games books, the films don't quite make the reaping system clear. We know that people can obtain tessera, which are basically food stamps, in exchange for entering their names more times for the reaping. We know that these are limited based on the members in your family and your age. But we (and others) have wondered why this system hasn't been gamed. Why not ensure that every one of the eligible tributes enter their names in the maximum times? This balances out the odds for everyone involved and gets more food for the families. Or train a volunteer like the Career districts, knowing that this person will volunteer and then every other eligible tribute takes out the maximum tessera. Obviously, if the capital got word of this scheme, they would screw you over, but keep it secret.

9 Is Hermione A Werewolf?

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In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Snape is teaching the kids about the differences between an Animagus and a Werewolf and asking the class for the answer. Predictably, Hermione crushes it, listing the exact differences in extensive detail. As part of her answer, Hermione says, "a Werewolf only responds to the call of its own kind." This is cool to know, but it becomes a little troubling when later, Hermione calls a werewolf by howling and, listen closely folks, it responds. So, is Hermione a werewolf?

8 Why Does No One Believe Randy Quaid?

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In Independence Day… We should have added that in the question because it's obvious why no one believes Randy Quaid and his crazy accusations in real life. So, yeah, we're talking about Independence Day. In that film, Quaid's character is a drunk and he is untrustworthy. Sure. Under normal circumstances, when this guy starts going on about alien abductions and probes, we wouldn't believe him either. But these aren't normal circumstances. Alien aircrafts have dropped into our skies all throughout the world. Aliens very clearly exist. Yet no one believes Quaid's story about an alien abduction. Who's actually acting crazy here?

7 Why Didn’t The Decepticons Just Buy The Glasses?

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You know, the Transformers franchise doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Truthfully, we could spend an entire lifetime going through all those films and pointing out things that don't add up, but for this list, we will focus in on a small element of the first film. Most of the time, in a film that is centered around bad guys trying to get an object from the good guys, the good guys don't want to lose the object. That's not the case in Transformers. Nope. Unbeknownst to him, Sam Witwicky, our hero, is in the possession of glasses that have the coordinates for the AllSpark etched in them. Because of this, the Decepticons need these glasses. But Witwicky doesn't even want these glasses. Hell, the kid is selling them on eBay. Why don't the Decepticons just buy them and keep their game low key?

6 Why Did Bradley Forget To Pay The Bookie In Limitless?

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Limitless is the story of Bradley Cooper taking a mystical drug which allows him to use his brain to its full capacity. He becomes a genius and makes money hand over fist. To make the movie more exciting, Cooper borrows money from a Russian loan shark. He borrows $100,000 and turns it into $2 million in no time. But, guess what happens? While loaded up on this wonder drug, a drug that magically enhances the user's memory, Cooper forgets to pay back the loan shark. Now the film has a bad guy. How did this moron forget to pay the bookie?

5 Were The Minions Created Or Not?

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When Despicable Me came out, we learned that the Minions were created by Gru. He knew them each by name and he was their father. It is known. Later, there were whispers that they were created from the corn DNA. But it appears that the Minions crew weren't feeling that origin story. If they followed that explanation, the filmmakers couldn't do a prequel that began with the dinosaurs, so they rewrote the Minion history and made them into creatures that had evolved from yellow single-celled organisms. So, now we want to know, which is it? Were they created or not?

4 Can Ice Sink G.I. Joe?

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It's obvious that G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra is a terrible movie. That isn't up for debate. But, let's sit back and consider what the hell went down in that crap storm of a film. Actually, we're only going to look at the climax because it is hilariously bad. Here's what happened. The evil lair is underwater underneath a large iceberg. The iceberg is floating as icebergs are wont to do. So, guess how they destroy the base? They shoot rockets at the iceberg causing it to break up and sink, smashing the evil base in the process. Here's a science project kids. Take a large piece of ice. See if it floats. If it does, break it up. Now, see if those pieces float. Never mind, don’t waste your time. The answer is yeah, they float.

3 Camp Crystal Lake To Manhattan?

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One of the most beautiful things about the Friday the 13th  franchise is that it doesn't have to make a lick of sense to be great. In fact, the nonsensical elements of the films are much of what make them great. For example, in Jason Takes Manhattan, the 8th installment if you're keeping track, Jason kills a couple of schmucks aboard a houseboat in Crystal Lake. The next morning, Jason is boarding the SS Lazarus, a ship that is setting sail for New York via the Atlantic Ocean. But, we have to ask, how the heck did the houseboat from Crystal Lake take Jason straight to the Atlantic Ocean?

2 What's With Twilight And The Fluids?

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This is a pretty gross conversation, but let's lay out the question. We have Twilight. It's outrageously dramatic and totally overacted. But that's neither here nor there. We have a vampire who has no blood, no tears, no sweat, and no fluids. But here's the issue: he can make a baby. Let's set aside the fact that he's probably got no saliva, so he would sound like he has a severe case of cotton mouth. It appears that he only has one fluid in his entire body, a baby-making fluid. How convenient. Also, how does he, you know, get excited? Is there only blood in that part of his body? People will say it's venom, but don't buy that garbage. These movies make no sense.

1 Who's Keeping Score In Space Jam?

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Remember at the very end of Space Jam? Of course, you do. Well, here's the situation in case you forgot. The score is 77-76 for the Monstars. Michael Jordan draws up a plan, saying, "Somebody steal the ball and get it to me." It's a complex plan, but he's a legend. The Monstars inbound the ball. Daffy duck obliterates the Monstar and Michael Bradley's Monstar, a guy who was unable to put up a single stat line the entire game (seriously, check it out) watches as the ball slowly rolls to Bill Murray. Murray gets the ball to Jordan. It's game time. Facing tight no-foul defense, Jordan dishes to Lola Bunny, but she gets swarmed. They pass the ball back and forth between a bunch of them. Where they are on the court is very confusing during this sequence. It appears that they commit several over-and-back violations, but we can't be sure. Either way, the ball gets back to Jordan. He then jumps from half court, flying through the air, and dunks it. The physics are challenging to accept, especially since he starts a downward motion well before the three-point line. Still, his arm gets real long, and he smashes it down. The good guys win, 78-77. But here's the thing. Wasn't that a three-pointer? He jumped from half court. Shouldn't the score be 79-77?

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