16 Movie Poster Mistakes We All Missed

There are a lot of things that go into the movie-making process. Directing, screenwriting, acting, and producing are all very important jobs within the industry, but it can be argued that the most important job lies on the shoulders of a film's advertising team. The advertising needs to be one well enough to convince large masses of people to want to go through the trouble of driving to a movie theater, getting in line, and buying a ticket to see the movie being advertised. That's why it seems that so many studios go all out with their movie posters when promoting the film. It can be argued that the movie poster is just as important as the final product for the movie itself.

With that said, there is enough pressure on the promoter's shoulders in this instance that they may be quick to make a mistake or two while producing the poster. Whatever the mistake may be, it makes the movie look a whole lot worse when we can all notice and see those mistakes front and center, and plain as day as soon as we see the poster. Sometimes, they're hard to notice, but when we do notice a mistake, we cannot unsee it. Here are just a few instances where the mistakes on movie posters were too baffling to ignore.

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19 The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment is a film about a group of 80 random participants from the United States who get transported to an office in Bogotá, Colombia and forced to participate in a game of kill or be killed. Even those who are unfamiliar with the films twisted, unique premise, the poster itself is enough to provoke some interest. The poster is so striking in its violent visual that it never even dawns on us that this guy's shirt looks way too clean. For a guy who just got done bashing somebody's brains out with some miscellaneous office object, his white shirt remains white and stainless. Either that takes some magical dedication, or the poster makers never thought twice about what stains should be on the guy's shirt.

18 Basic Instinct 2

The only thing worse than the idea that some overpaid suit at a movie studio meeting decided that making a sequel to Basic Instinct was a good idea, is the fact that the photoshop people in their department thought it was a good idea to release this movie poster. The idea of the poster looks somewhat interesting, with Sharon Stone's wet-haired body in front of a mirror as David Morrissey's (yes, that is The Governor from The Walking Dead) reflection hangs against the mirror. The issue with the poster comes about when we notice that the image also reflected in the mirror is the back of Sharon Stone's head, which unlike Stone herself, the back of her head is somehow not wet.

17 Justice League

The first ever Justice League movie is perhaps the most hotly anticipated superhero film to come out in recent memory — maybe since The Avengers. The advertisers behind the film can release some of the worst posters to come out in movie history and audiences will still arrive in drones to go see this film — which is probably why DC Comics have been releasing a long line of posters for this movie that are riddled with mistakes. This one here has mistakes regarding the height of the actors. Somehow, Wonder Woman can stand side by side-and-shoulder-to-shoulder with everybody despite the fact that the actress portraying her is the shortest among her cast. Sure, maybe it is to symbolize that everybody on the team is on equal footing, but if that was the case, The Flash would not be the shortest of them all.

16 Arrival

Last year, one of the most hotly anticipated films to come out in 2016 was Arrival. When this poster came out to promote the film, audiences were even more excited to see the film. That is, until they examined what the poster contained a little more closely. This poster is supposed to be depicting a spaceship hailing over Hong Kong. The problem with that is that this poster features the historical landmark of the Pearl Tower, which isn't in Hong Kong — it's in Shanghai on China's mainland. Critics were outraged across the internet and appalled at the incompetence of the people who produced the poster. Paramount, the studio producing Arrival, had to take the poster down, replace it with a more accurate setting, and issue an apology.

15 Spider-Man 2

One of the more beloved and memorable Spidey movies to come out over the years is Spider-Man 2. With this being the first sequel to hit theaters after the wildly successful first-ever Spider-Man film, it's easy to say that there was a lot of hype for this movie. One of the things that stirred some excitement were the movie posters. It is easy to see why when the color scheme is so dazzling. The main villain is teased in the hero's eye, and he happens to be close and tight with his love interest. This was such a cool poster that none of us noticed that Mary Jane Watson's arm behind Spidey looks about five inches too long, judging by the way her body is positioned in the poster.

14 Return Of The Jedi

Pay no attention to that "Revenge of the Jedi" sub-title. That is not where the mistake lies on the poster. Truth be told, George Lucas originally planned to call the third entry in his original Star Wars trilogy "Revenge of the Jedi" before he eventually decided against it, opting to call it Return of the Jedi instead. It was because he realized at the last minute that "revenge" was not a noble Jedi action. Anyway, the actual mistake might be harder to notice unless you are a die-hard Star Wars fan. The mistake is that somehow, Luke and Vader have miraculously switched lightsabers. Luke has the red one while Vader has the blue one. It should be the other way around.

13 Wonder Woman

In anticipation for the first live-action Wonder Woman film, all audiences were excited to see a strong, bold portrayal of Wonder Woman as an unapologetic and unabashed badass. This poster itself seemed to hint at the badassery that Wonder Woman would be displaying on the big screen. Here she is in a powerful position lifting a tank over her head. Too bad that it's not the same tank that is supposed to be in the movie. The tanks that we do see in this movie feature a German Iron Cross emblem from World War I, an emblem that is clearly missing from this poster. Either somebody forgot a key feature of this tank, or this is a case of false advertising toward marketing a tank.


11 Snakes On A Plane

Snakes on a Plane, at its core, is a ridiculous movie. From the title alone to the preposterous premise to the even more ludicrous execution of the premise, this movie is ridiculous. With that said, it only makes sense that the poster is just as ridiculous. Much like the film itself, the awful part is not solely in the content itself, but the execution of the content. Here, the fact that two giant snakes are wrapped around a plane is not the biggest concern. It is the way that they are wrapped around the plane that caught our eye. Look closely at the snakes. Although you can clearly see two heads and two tails, there seems to only be one middle, and we're not sure which snake it belongs to! We added colours to the snakes so you can see what we mean!

10 Highlander: Endgame

Sometimes, a photoshop job is so bad, it is absolutely baffling. Take this poster for Highlander: Endgame for example. With all due respect to the vast and complex editing process, while Photoshop takes a certain amount of skill, it's not rocket science. It does not take an expert to properly place Christopher Lambert's (the guy on the left) sword in his hand correctly. Here, Lambert's sword is just barely levitating on or in front of his hand. Adrian Paul's photoshop is not much better — the way that his fingers are wrapped around the handle of the sword does not look natural at all. In fact, it actually looks more artificial than anything else.

9 300

Considering how much work was put into the visual effects for 300, you would think they would pay a little more attention to details in the poster. Pay close attention to Leonidas' hand and the sword that he is gripping — well, mildly gripping. The sword itself seems be twisting its way off to go onto a magical journey elsewhere. One would think that the creators and poster designers would at least put enough effort into this poster to correctly place Leonidas' sword directly above the sword handle, but apparently, that's asking for too much for a movie like this.


7 16 Blocks

16 Blocks is a somewhat forgotten, yet massively underrated crime action film following Bruce Willis as a detective who is tasked with transporting a trial witness, played by Mos Def, to a courthouse for trial. But before he does, he must outrun some dirty cops who hope to kill Mos Def before he snitches out everybody on the stand. For an action thriller, this is actually a pretty witty film. Although, the execution for the poster promoting it is not all that smart.  Bruce Willis is actually sporting a really bad moustache in the film and yet, he is sans moustache in the movie poster. We have no idea what movie this clean-shaven Bruce Willis comes from, but it most definitely is not 16 Blocks.

6 Spider-Man 3

Much of the hype surrounding Spider-Man 3 in the anticipation to the official release was the fact that this film will finally center around Peter Parker's dual persona between his real self and his dark Symbiote persona. Such a fascinating premise called for a fascinating promo poster. We got just that as a black-coloured Spidey sits behind a mirror reflection of his normal, true self. It's a cool poster, definitely, but from the looks of it, it was so cool that we did not even realize how the execution does not make sense. If this really was a mirror image, we would be seeing the inside of Spidey's palm, not the back of his hand. Makes it too obvious that the Symbiote Spidey image is merely reversed and slapped onto the mirror.

5 Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous is a film starring Nicholas Cage as an assassin who must conduct a series of deadly killings assigned to him by a cutthroat crime boss. The way he looks in this poster is just beyond strange. For one thing, the way his hand is positioned would suggest that he is supposed to be wielding a gun, but he is instead empty handed. The way that the bullets are placed on the poster, Cage would have had to fire the shots, but he couldn't have possibly done so when he has nothing to shoot with. We can only assume that whoever was in charge of photoshopping a gun into Nicholas Cage's hand forgot to add the gun in. Why Cage did not take the picture actually holding a prop gun is a question for another day.


3 Street Kings

There is a running gag among the movie community that Keanu Reeves plays the same character in every single movie that he's in. Obviously, we know that is not the case, but when you see a movie poster like this, it makes our suspicions grow a little stronger. See, in this poster for the film Street Kings, Keanu Reeves is seen firing a gun, as evident from the flash in front of the pistol. The weird, and perhaps even funny, thing about that is that Keanu Reeves clearly does not have his finger on the trigger. We like to think this is proof that Keanu Reeves is just playing Neo from The Matrix trilogy, Street Kings is an unofficial fourth sequel, and Neo is merely firing the gun with his mind.

2 Mother!

Mother! was a film that received a lot of controversy in the wake of its release in light of the film's shocking content. One thing that seemed to get no attention was this film poster's baffling depiction of how a heart is removed. Here we see a gaping wide hole in the center of Jennifer Lawrence as she offers her heart. Don't get us wrong, the symbolism is certainly not lost on any of us, but for those of us who have some minor knowledge of surgical removals, it is blatantly obvious that the tissue tear is far too soft to allow the heart to be removed. Even more noticeable is the fact that in Lawrence's gaping wide hole, there are no bones to speak of. Unless there's a deleted scene where Lawrence gets her chest bones removed, we think the photoshop artist was just too lazy to shop some bones in there.

1 Byzantium

Byzantium is another addition to the seemingly never-ending list of vampire films. This one stars Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton as a mother-and-daughter vamp duo who move into a creepy looking hotel in an effort to hide from other vampires who are looking for them. The film was directed by Neil Jordan, the same mind that brought Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire to the big screen. That's Interview with THE Vampire. Not "A Vampire," as this poster seems to suggest incorrectly. It is a common mistake that we can blame on the Mandela Effect, but still, one would assume that at least one person overseeing this poster would have pointed it out before releasing it. When the Internet mentioned the mistake, the poster was replaced with the correct title.

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