16Counselors on Set

As we previously mentioned, this series is all about a teenager who decides to take her life after certain events lead her down a spiral of depression, self-loathing, and isolation. Since almost all of the main characters were played by teens or youngsters who had just recently graduated high school

and the subject matter was not only true to real-life experiences but also horrifyingly dark, it should be no surprise to anyone that Netflix and series producers were smart enough to keep real-life counselors constantly on and around the set. Can you blame them? We're actually highly encouraged and happy that the producers were smart enough to take initiative and surround their cast and crew with such safety measures since hard stories like these clearly take a toll on the psyche of everyone involved. Not only were counselors constantly on and around set observing everyone and making themselves available, but main character actors were required to have appointments with them on a regular basis.

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