16 McDonald's Memes That Are Savage AF

While emojis and gifs were once the only go-to forms of quick humor posts on the Internet, the varying memes have become even more popular. There have been some hilarious memes that have highlighted various scenes in iconic films. In fact, film and television references have been some of the most popular memes that have made their way across the Internet but that doesn't mean they are the only ones used. There's often a theme that's used in creating memes, whether it's mobster films or animated classics.

Yet, there is another popular meme theme that has become the go-to for seeing something humorous and disgusting at the same time. While McDonald's is thought of as a classic American staple, it has also garnered a horrible reputation due to the quality of their food and the cleanliness of their establishment locations. McDonald's has repeatedly tried to revamp their reputation over the years, whether it's updating their mascots or trying to put healthier alternatives onto their menu. Although the franchise has done its part to try and remain competitive in the fast food market, it seems like the obsession over healthy eating habits and GMO-free food is trying to push this fast food giant out of business. It's hard to deny the fact that McDonald's isn't exactly a leader in healthy dining and the criticism over the additives used in their food is becoming more prevalent in people's minds. Check out our list of the 16 funny (and disgusting) McDonald's memes found on the Internet and see if you can stomach getting through all of them.


16 Ronald’s Special Sauce

There was a time when Ronald McDonald was a huge part of the advertising campaign for the McDonald's food chain. He was seen in commercials and the actual man dressed in full clown uniform would bring a smile to children's faces. Yet, that time is no longer here and clowns don't exactly have the best reputation nowadays. From John Wayne Gacy to the people dressing up as clowns and terrorizing people on the street, people are starting to wonder about the face behind the clown makeup. With this picture of Ronald McDonald, most people would start off being a bit creeped out just because of the way he looks. Yet, the meme is made complete with the mention of "special sauce." While it might evoke some nervous laughter, it is completely disgusting.

15 Poor Man Gets Turned Into McDonald’s Meme


Screenshots of film scenes aren't the only backdrops to popular memes spread across the Internet. In fact, some of the best memes show just a regular photo of an unknown person. Yet, it's usually not a flattering photo and those that have been chosen weren't exactly happy about it. In this particular meme, the clinically obese person is basically portrayed as the perfect example of what not to do, health wise. Although McDonald's has tried to revamp their menu to include healthier options, no one thinks of McDonald's as the best place to get a salad. While it is a little funny to see McDonald's advertising through the photo of an incredibly obese man, it's disgusting to think about what a "Diabetes Delight" would entail.

14 Mc Fist

Ronald McDonald wasn't just a man dressed as a clown for commercials and promotional events. In fact, there were many McDonald's locations that featured a life-sized Ronald McDonald statue. There were some in various positions but the most common featured him sitting on a bench. With one leg up and an arm extended, this leisurely position was perfect for some oddly positioned photos. This one was taking it to an extreme level and featured a person seemingly in excruciating pain. The tagline referenced "Mc Fist" which was bad enough but then the reference to the seasonal menu item, McRibs, just took it way too far. While it may be funny to see Ronald McDonald in a sexual manner, it became pretty disgusting as the tagline line fully hits you.

13 Messed Up Sign


Everyone has had the misfortune of passing by a sign and reading a message that wasn't what the organization intended. There are those that just had a few letters fall off and others that looked like it was spelled by a Kindergartener. Yet, this one seems like a deliberate sabotage to the McDonald's sign. There are a number of these signs outside of various McDonald's locations, whether they're high up out of reach or low to the ground. If the sign was altered by someone that just so happened to see a golden opportunity, then it definitely makes you wonder what the original message was supposed to read. However, this was most likely a McDonald's employee that didn't seem to take his job very seriously.

12 McDonald’s Vomit

Everything about this meme is disturbing but the fact that it's a man dressed like Ronald McDonald just makes it so much worse. There have definitely been a number of different individuals that have been hired to appear as the famous Ronald McDonald clown of the franchise and not all of them have been completely convincing. Yet, this clown doesn't seem like an actual employee hired by the McDonald's company. Instead, he seems like someone that just threw on the Ronald McDonald costume and painted his own clown makeup in a cross between Las Vegas drag queen and scary circus clown. The wig is totally off and it's questionable whether or not it was taken inside an actual McDonald's. Yet, the worst part of it all is to see that the clown appears to be vomiting. The caption is comical but the scene is truly disgusting.

11 Not Natural Ingredients


With so much focus on food without preservatives or added hormones, McDonald's has been heavily criticized for their menu items. Some of the most disturbing tests have been done on McDonald's food and the results were absolutely alarming. So much has been pumped into the menu items that it seems like it never actually rots or decays, even after being tested beyond a month of sitting out. While the McDonald's company can pass off the accusations of pink slime and chicken nuggets made of ground up chicken bones, the fact that the food doesn't react to decay the way it's supposed to is beyond explanation. This meme shows a commonly used photo of a Ronald McDonald character on the phone and the caption is pretty funny. Yet, it gets a little disgusting when you realize that it's true.

10 Great Advertising Tactics

There have been a number of eye-opening photos that have surfaced online, depicting the stark contrast between what is advertised at McDonald's compared to what customers truly get. From larger than life burgers that come looking like flattened pancakes to an abundance of golden fries that are delivered looking half empty, it's a given that the marketing department at McDonald's know how to make their menu items look truly tempting. On top of the advertisements making it seem like the food is much more appealing than it really is, the entire food chain has managed to master the way it lures in customers. From celebrity endorsements to catchy tunes to the toys that come with the kids' happy meals, McDonald's knows what they're doing. Yet, seeing this meme is a little too into the face of the consumer because it references eating your own feces under the McDonald's guise.


9 Bear Grylls Urine Reference


When Bear Grylls was first introduced as a survival enthusiast, adventure seeker and all around outdoorsman, he had an incredible amount of charisma and seemed like the perfect choice for the next reality star. Grylls has become a superstar television personality with a number of hit shows in the UK. From Man vs. Wild to Bear Grylls: Mission Survival, it seems like there is always a new Bear Grylls show. Yet, he lost a bunch of cool points when he drank his own urine in order to prove a point about dehydration. The episode caused such a stir that this McDonald's meme was created to mock his quick readiness to drink his own urine. Yet, it also references how filthy the McDonald's play areas are at any given location.

8 Funny But Also A Little Sad

When the 2004 documentary film, Super Size Me, was released, audiences were utterly disgusted with the thought of being solely on a McDonald's diet. While it seemed completely unappetizing to think of eating all of that greasy food day in and day out, the truly disgusting part was seeing the effects a McDonald's diet was having on the human body. This particular meme is meant to be funny since it's being told by the side of a comedian but it also conjures up disgusting memories from the Super Size Me film. The premise of the meme is to think about how truly sad it is to have an old McDonald's trash bag in your car as you are walking into McDonald's to have yet another greasy meal.

7 Body Transformation


With the entire world going through a shift in what is deemed worthy of eating, McDonald's and other fast-food chains are being thought of in the worst possible light. With the focus on non-GMOs and organic foods, McDonald's isn't exactly seen as healthy eating. While the franchise has tried to change its image over the years, it's going to take much more effort on their part to get people to think of it as a great place to eat healthily. In the meantime, the idea of McDonald's containing horrible food that will make anyone big and fat has become pretty much expected. This meme shows what the Hulk would look like after regularly going to eat at McDonald's and it's pretty disgusting to think that it would cause that big of a change.

6 Ronald McDonald Died

When Ronald McDonald was the main mascot to the McDonald's fast food chain, he was seen as pretty fit. Although his costume kept him covered from head to toe, he always managed to keep his weight in check. In fact, he looked like he was in great shape (until he completely disappeared). McDonald's phased him out and began a completely different marketing campaign to cater towards a hipper demographic. Yet, the question remains on what actually happened to Ronald McDonald. This hilarious meme says that Ronald McDonald died due to how unhealthy he became after eating all of that McDonald's food. While it is funny to see the McDonald's clown looking like Monica wearing a fat suit on Friends, it's a little disgusting to see the incredible amount of food that is on his tray.

5 Referencing Digestive Issues


There has always been an intrinsic reference to digestive issues when it comes to eating fast food. While you definitely wouldn't expect to have bathroom issues after eating at a fine dining establishment, fast food doesn't have a great reputation when it comes to doling out high quality food. This meme shows off the new mascot McDonald's chose to promote for their Happy Meal menu item. People have been highly critical of this new mascot since it actually looks a little creepy with the bulging eyes and big teeth. Yet, McDonald's probably chose it to appeal to young kids so it was necessary for it to look very animated. However, the caption referencing digestive issues is anything but appetizing. While everyone has already accepted White Castle as having sliders for more reason than one, the same sort of reference seems to work for McDonald's as well.

4 Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have become far more than the apparel women wear while going to a yoga class. They have become the go-to apparel item for working out, lounging around the house, or running errands. Photos of women out and about wearing yoga pants have filled the Internet in recent years, with many men drooling over this new fashion trend. Yet, not all women have the ideal body for wearing yoga pants and there is a huge difference in quality between certain brands of yoga pants. In this particular meme, these yoga pants have seen better days and look completely worn through. They are no longer a jet black and are basically see-through to reveal the flesh tone beneath. To make things even worse, the person wearing them is clinically obese and bending over. While the caption is comical, the view is completely unappealing.

3 What’s In Your Drink?


The ordering process at fast food chains doesn't always go by smoothly and people get really upset when they don't get what they ordered. With a job as simple as working at a fast food chain, it would seem impossible for it to be too much for someone to manage. Yet, there are those that feel that a minimum wage job should entail minimum work and getting people's orders correct is acting a bit too much. For drinks, it can be a bit confusing when there are multiple cups being filled with different contents and it is important to get them correct. In an effort to make things easier, the caps offer a push button feature to help identify the contents. Yet, this meme points out that the "P" may stand for something else. With fast food workers getting a bad reputation for messing with people's food and drinks, this meme is a little more disgusting than you might want to think about.

2 Toy Story Reference

The characters in the Toy Story film series have become a favorite backdrop for some of the funniest memes on the Internet, probably because their faces are so expressive. This particular setup seems to show Buzz explaining the difference between McDonald's and Chick-fil-A and the caption is actually pretty humorous. Yet, really thinking about it is seriously disturbing and disgusting. The fact that McDonald's is so filthy that it is completely acceptable to urinate on the floor of their bathroom is truly horrifying. It's actually comical for there to be a comparison between McDonald's and Chick-fil-A since the two have such varying differences in their food practices. There are never any qualms about the chicken at Chick-fil-A but the "chicken" at McDonald's is criticized on a regular basis.

1 McHummers


There are a number of sexually related memes involving the Ronald McDonald statue bench outside of various McDonald's locations. From his extended arm to his leisurely pose, the position is far too tempting for some to pass up. This particular meme has definitely taken it one step further since it seems like the woman took off a few articles of clothing in preparation. It's hard to tell whether or not this shot was truly set up on purpose but the coincidence of her kneeling down into the lap of Ronald McDonald seems more than just a happy accident. While it would have been amusing without any text included, the caption just puts more of an emphasis on it. Naming it the "McHummers" is actually pretty disgusting.

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