16 MAJOR Spoilers We Already Know About Game Of Thrones Season 7

I should state this (very, very obvious) fact right off the bat: this article is loaded with spoilers. It’s literally an article solely about spoilers. If you don’t like spoiling things for yourself, turn around right now and continue living in the dark, my friend. If, on the other hand, you live and die for spoilers (like me), feel free to continue reading.

Okay, now that I got that fun disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about Game of Thrones season seven. Set to premiere on July 16th, HBO kept us waiting longer than usual for our yearly dose of Game of Thrones. While all the previous seasons premiered in the spring, season seven's premiere comes this summer. Why the long wait? It’s been claimed that they needed to film this season during colder months because winter has finally arrived, but I honestly just feel like HBO was toying with our hearts. (Not cool, HBO.) Then, HBO also toyed with us by announcing season seven would only be seven episodes long, instead of the usual ten episode seasons. Of course, the network later announced that all the episodes would be longer than usual, with the finale clocking in at 81 minutes – y’know the run time of some feature length films. It'll basically be a Game of Thrones movie.

Now that we are so close to the premiere (I can almost taste it, guys!), below are 16 MAJOR (MAJOR!!!) spoilers about Game of Thrones season seven. We know which characters will make it to season eight. We know what new, important characters we'll meet. We know about Ed Sheeran's appearance on the show, because apparently that’s a real thing. We even know how season seven will end. Yes, we know how it will end!


15 Certain Actors Already Signed On For Season 8

Some stars are already signed on for season eight of Game of Thrones. YUP, this is major, because it should mean that they make it through to season eight, right?

It’s been revealed that Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are all signed on for season eight, which seems like good news for fans of Tyrion, Jon Snow, Cersei, Daenerys, and Jaime, right? Well, not completely. They could still possibly be killed off. After all, Natalie Dormer had already been signed on for season seven, but that didn’t stop Margaery Tyrell from going up in flames in the season six finale.

So while contracts for the actors portraying Tyrion, Jon Snow, Cersei, Dany, and Jaime are all a hopeful sign for their safety, it’s not a guarantee that their characters will make it through to season eight. In fact, Lena Headey doesn’t have much hope for the fate of Cersei at all. When asked about Cersei’s outcome, Headey straight up said she’s “f*cked.” Though, maybe Headey was simply referring to Cersei's awful haircut?

14 All The Symbolism In The Trailers


Ah, the trailers! There's some good stuff packed in there.

In the Sigil trailer, there was admittedly very little spilled. The trailer showed the sigils of all the houses in the war, while playing dialogue from previous seasons. I have to admit that hearing Ned Stark’s voice again was a sweet, sweet treat. But back to the trailer, the sigils crumble... and form the eye of the Night King. So, White Walkers will kill everyone? Ugh, that kind of seems to be what this trailer is saying.

The next trailer released by HBO showed Jon Snow, Dany, and Cersei walking towards their respective thrones. The biggest spoiler in this trailer was that Cersei breathed out some icy cold breath and she’s the only on to do so. This could be a red flag when it comes to the fate of Cersei, but like Lena Headey so elegantly said, Cersei is pretty much screwed. Girlfriend is going to die either this season or in season eight.

In the first official trailer released from HBO, there’s some major clues to what will be going down – um, like Arya wearing Northern clothing. Arya is totally coming home to Winterfell, y'all! Most notably though, Cersei and Jaime stand on top of a giant map, because that’s apparently how war strategy was done way back then. But where they are standing is of importance. Cersei is standing on a part of Westeros called “The Neck,” as this is an area where the land narrows before expanding into the North. Jaime stands on the area called “The Fingers,” as it’s a series of peninsulas sticking out into the sea. Do you see where I’m heading here?

Cersei is standing on the neck and Jaime on the fingers. In Cersei’s prophecy, shown (not in its entirety) in season five, she is told “the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” Valonqar is the Valyrian word for little brother, which is why, among other reasons, Cersei hated Tyrion all her life, as she assumed he’d be the one to make this prophecy come true. However, Jaime is the younger twin, and so also the younger brother. Many theories suggests that Jaime will be the younger brother who chokes the life from Cersei... with his fingers... around her neck! Is HBO toying with us or is Jaime totally going to take down Cersei this season?

Also seen in this trailer is a lot of action scenes, Grey Worm and Missandei finally hooking up, and Yara and Ellaria hooking up. So basically, all the stuff for which Game of Thrones is known.

Guess Who's Back?

Gendry’s forearm must be hurtin’. This dude was last seen rowing a boat at the end of season three – SEASON 3! Not seeing Gendry since season three was kind of weird, because what kind of a show sends a seemingly important character rowing for three seasons?

And yes, Gendry did seem important. First of all, he got a decent amount of screen time, especially considering the amount of characters who were still alive way back during the season three episodes. Secondly, Gendry is the only living son of Robert Baratheon, which seems like it holds some weight. There’s also the fact that someone rowing off to never be seen again would be sloppy writing, and Game of Thrones is not sloppy. So, everything about Gendry rowing away into the sunset to never be heard from again was weird. But alas, we will hear from him again.

Before every season, there’s been speculation as to if Gendry will return. Well, speculate no more. Gendry will 100% be in season seven of Game of Thrones. Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, was spotted filming and we know some mega details. In one particular scene spotted filming – major spoilers – Gendry saves Tyrion and Davos from a threat with his Warhammer, which is the same weapon Robert Baratheon used to kill Prince Rhaegar. I'm having such feelings over this information, guys! Though, it’s unclear if it’s the same exact Warhammer Robert used or if it's Gendry's own Warhammer.

Anyway, Gendry is back and I'm excited.

13 Ed Sheeran Will Be On The Show (I’m So Serious)

Uh, Ed Sheeran – the guy who sings “Shape of You,” a song that has no doubt gotten stuck in your head at some point in the past few months – is going to be on Game of Thrones. It’s weird, right?

Well, the story behind it is kind of sweet. Apparently Maisie Williams is a HUGE fan of Ed Sheeran. I don’t know Arya would approve of Williams' taste in music, but whatever. Because of Williams' fan girl status, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (the show's creators) have been trying to land Ed Sheeran as a guest role for several seasons now and they finally succeeded. Thankfully, Sheeran didn’t score a huge role. “I just do a scene with Maisie,” he said. “I sing a song and then she goes, 'Oh, that's a nice song.'"

Also, I don't know why I'm hating on Ed Sheeran so much. I'm just annoyed by how friggin' catchy "Shape of You" is.

12 The Stark Reunion Will Finally Happen


This is presumptuous of me to say - I’ll definitely admit that it's presumptuous - but I’ll also bet any amount of money on the fact that we’ll see the long awaited Stark reunion this season. I mean, we simply have to have a Stark reunion before the end of the series and, uh, the series is ending, y’all.

What clues do I have about this Stark reunion? Well, there’s the fact that Jon Snow, Sansa – both of whom are already in Winterfell – Bran, and Arya have all been spotted in Northern clothes. Like, Arya would not be wearing that much leather if she wasn't in Winterfell, right?

The S7,E1 photos were also released by HBO already and they just so happen feature a photo of Meera in the North, probably Castle Black. If Meera made it to Castle Black, it’s very likely Bran did as well, which means he’ll be reunited with Jon Snow and Sansa soon enough.

Oh, but it gets better. In an image released of Sophie Turner filming as Sansa, there was a stand-in behind her. And the stand-in was holding a sword that looked a lot like Needle, y'know Arya's Needle!

There will be a Stark reunion, you can take that to the bank.

11 And A LOT Of Other Reunions

Season seven is shaping up to be like one big family reunion that no one wants to have. I mean, the Starks will be happy to see each other (I think?), but the same can definitely not be said about the Lannisters.

With Tyrion and Dany sailing towards Westeros, a Lannister reunion seems inevitable. Cersei obviously loathes Tyrion as much as she always has, but Jaime had always seemed to get a long with his little brother. Though, things may be different now since the last Jaime had heard of Tyrion, he killed their father.

Speaking of sibling reunions, there’s also rumors of Cleganebowl, in which the Hound and the Mountain fight to the death. This simply needs to happen before the end of the series, so season seven is as good a time as any.

Iain Glen, who plays the greyscale-stricken Jorah Mormont, was also seen on set, so we can expect a reunion with his beloved Dany.

Basically, everyone is in Westeros and ready to party with each other. And by "party with each other," I mean kill each other.

10 Sansa Stark Will Definitely Make It To Season 8


Sophie Turner could totally be playing us here, but I want to believe Sansa Stark will make it to season eight so I'm going to believe it. I mean, girlfriend just started being THE BEST. I could watch her feed Ramsay Bolton to his own dogs every single day for the rest of my life. Disclaimer: I’ve actually liked Sansa since season one, so I’m just excited to have more people on the Sansa bus now.

There’s been rumors of power struggles between Sansa and Jon Snow, with some theorizing that she’ll turn on Jon Snow, which could lead to her end. While a power struggle seems plausible, if not inevitable, I personally doubt she’ll turn on Jon Snow, especially if it means allying with Littlefinger. But I also never thought Ned Stark would get beheaded in season one, so what do I know?

Well, what I do actually know is that Sophie Turner said she’ll be filming season eight. She said she'll be filming season eight, guys! During an interview at the BAFTAS, Turner slipped, “We’re about to start shooting the next X-Men, we just finished shooting season season of Thrones, and I’ve got a couple of movies to do before X-Men starts, and then we go on to season eight. So I’ve got a busy year lined up.”

So… Sophie Turner plans on filming season eight of Game of Thrones. Got it.

Again, Turner could be playing us, but I want to believe that Sansa Stark makes it out alive. Hasn't this girl been through enough already?

9 “Young Lord And Lovely Lady”

Oh, new characters! What fun!

What we know for sure if that Game of Thrones’ casting notice was looking for a Lovely Lady and Young Lord. This non-name way of looking for characters is pretty typical for Game of Thrones, as they like to play things close to the chest.

Lovely Lady was described as attractive and sure of her own mind. It was also said to be a good speaking part that required full nudity. Likewise, they were looking for a Young Lord in his late 20s. He was to be handsome and white. Many have speculated that this could mean we’ll see a Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen scene – though, Lyanna Stark appeared in season six and therefore is already cast. So, the notice could have been looking for a different Lovely Lady and a Rhaegar Targaryen...? Particularly, the Lovely Lady could have been a notice for Elia Martell, who was Rhaegar Targaryen’s wife at the time he abducted Lyanna Stark.

This is all just speculation, but we’ll for sure be meeting a Lovely Lady and Young Lord, who both seem to play semi-important roles.


8 The Most People Ever Will Be On Fire


How many people will be on fire in season seven of Game of Thrones? A lot. Actually, the most people ever. That’s right, the most people to have ever been on fire on television or on film will be on fire in season seven.

“One sequence has 73 fire burns and that itself is a record," the show’s stunt coordinator told Entertainment Weekly. "No film or TV show has ever done that in a whole show, let alone in one sequence. We also set 20 people on fire at one time, which is also a record.”

While Braveheart had 18 people on fire at once and Saving Private Ryan 13 people, Game of Thrones is once again proving that it is film-quality television by breaking all the records.

This also means we’re in store for some pretty boss dragon scenes, which should be no surprise, as it’s been noted that the dragons are bigger than ever in season seven. Quite frankly, I kind of preferred when the dragons were tiny and adorable, but I guess they’re more useful for domination when they’re the size Boeing 747s.

7 There Are Even Spoilers In The Wardrobe

There are even spoilers in the costumes, guys!

As we know, everything on Game of Thrones is done with intention. Everything - every line of dialogue, every sideways glance, or even a banana on the table - means something. This is also the case with the wardrobe, and it’s led to some spoilers.

Obviously, Arya’s Northern clothing has led to many fans to believe she’ll be reunited with her Stark family members, but we already covered that. A big (possible) spoiler comes in the form of Dany's costume. Clapton said that she had to create a costume that was fit for a leader, but she also notably took some inspiration from the clothing we saw Dany’s awful brother, Viserys Targaryen, wearing in season one. Dany's high collar and chain across her chest both evoke Viserys' wardrobe. Clapton said Dany's costume design was done to show the audience what her mindset is, which… uh… does that mean Dany is going to go full-blown Viserys? I really hope not. One Viserys was enough Viserys.

OH, but there’s more and this is HUGE.

Clapton explained the significance of Jon Snow’s cape by saying, “We had a lot of discussions about does the cape give him presence or is it better to not have that presence? What are we trying to say? There are times when we removed it because we wanted him to be more vulnerable. Especially I think, when he saw Dany, and he went to see her for the first time in her chamber. We decided to remove it, but then when he went to see Cersei, we put it on.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Jon Snow will be meeting Dany this season, in her chamber no less. He’ll also be meeting Cersei Lannister, who is responsible in some way for the deaths of Ned, Catelyn, and Robb Stark. Maybe he’s coming to collect, because y’know a Lannister always pays their debts. (Sorry, I had to go for that joke. It was bad, I know.)

6 The Episode Lengths AND Titles


Though season seven of Game of Thrones will only be seven episodes, those episodes will be longer than your average episodes. Reports state that the episodes will be as follows:

Episode 1: 59 minutes.

Episode 2: 59 minutes.

Episode 3: 63 minutes.

Episode 4: 50 minutes.

Episode 5: 59 minutes.

Episode 6: 71 minutes.

Episode 7: 81 minutes.

Basically, episodes six and seven are mini-movies. Thank you, HBO.

We’re also privy to the episode titles and descriptions of the first three episodes. The first episode is titled “Dragonstone” with the description reading, “Jon organizes the defense of the North. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home.”

Personally, I’m glad they’re just cutting to the chase with Dany arriving in Westeros. We all know it’s happening, so don’t drag it out – and they won’t, which is awesome. The title ("Dragonstone") also refers to Dany coming home, as Dragonstone was the original seat of House Targaryen in Westeros.

As for Jon Snow's plot, he is probably organizing against the White Walkers, because he appears to be the only person aware of this threat. It’s likely he won’t organize against forces like Cersei until necessary or until Dany asks him to. The Cersei plot is the most mysterious, though this could mean that she makes an unholy alliance with Euron Greyjoy, which has been heavily theorized. I mean, girlfriend needs someone else on her team, so why not another bad guy?

Episode two is titled “Stormborn,” with the description reading, “Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces a revolt. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros.”

The title of the episode is another reference to Dany, as she is known as Daenerys Stormborn, because she was born during a storm that wrecked the Targaryen fleet. Though, one could argue that Jon was born during a storm in the form of Robert’s Rebellion. I’m bringing that up, because “Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor” could be Jon Snow… or Jorah… but probably Jon Snow.

Since Tyrion’s plot is that he plans the conquest of Westeros, it’s likely that he’s gathering allies (like Jon Snow). The last plot point is that Jon faces a revolt, which is a snoozefest. I mean, how many times has Jon Snow seen a revolt? Also, are the Northerns still not into the Wildlings? Get over it, Northerns! There’s bigger sh*t going down. Likely though, this revolt will be done to create conflict between Sansa and Jon Snow, as they may disagree on tactics.

The final episode details we’ve been given are for episode three, which is titled “The Queen’s Justice,” so expect a female-heavy episode. The plot description reads, “Daenerys holds court. Cersei returns a gift. Jaime learns from his mistakes.”

Cersei returns a gift sounds like it’s bad news for whoever she is returning the gift to – maybe Ellaria Sand who poisoned her daughter, Unella the famous “shame” nun? Jaime learning from his mistakes could definitely mean there’s tension between him and Cersei, which isn’t good news for Cersei because she needs all the allies she can get. Lastly, Dany holds court seems pretty obvious. She’s ramping up, y’all.

5 Khal Drogo Is Back (But Probably Not)

Khal Drogo is coming back! But he’s probably not, LOL. There were, however, some heavy hints to Khal Drogo's return that got fans really excited.

The first hint was that Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo and is now known as Auqaman, posted a photo of him drinking Guinness with David Benioff and Dan Weiss. So… the man who played Khal Drogo was drinking with the creators of Game of Thrones. Of course fans went crazy with this information.

Fueling the rumors, Momoa was unable to make it to the Justice League wrap party. He posted to Instagram, saying he was unable to make it to the wrap party because “Unfortunately I prepare for the north.” Very cryptic, especially when you consider “The North” is used frequently in Game of Thrones.

THEN, Momoa posted a photo of him and Kit Harrington with part of the caption reading, “Can't wait for the next season.”

Honestly, I just think Jason Momoa is the coolest guy around so he’s remained friends with the cast and crew. That, and he’s trolling us so hard with these posts. He knows we’re reading way too into everything and hoping for a Khal Drogo appearance. Even if he doesn’t turn up in Game of Thrones (which he almost definitely won't), you can see Jason Momoa in Justice League.

Okay, maybe this one wasn't a spoiler, but I had to include it because I can't resist a picture of Jason Momoa drinking a Guinness.

4 Euron Greyjoy Will Be Worse Than Ramsay Bolton


Euron Greyjoy is a little late to the villain game. I mean, we’ve sat through Joffrey and Ramsay both being the absolute worst already. As an audience, we can take anything at this point, right? Well, Pilou Asbæk, who plays Euron Greyjoy, doesn't think so. In an interview Asbæk even said, “After this season, Ramsay's gonna look like a little kid.”

Yes, Ramsay who let his dogs eat people, chopped off Theon’s penis, routinely raped Sansa, and skinned people alive will look like a little kid next to Euron Greyjoy. And those are some pretty big villain shoes to fill. Many fans have theorized that Euron and Cersei will join forces to create a super-villain force, which could be worse than Ramsay.

We also have to assume Euron Greyjoy will be bringing something new and horrible to the table because of this late intro. I mean, for him to be introduced so late into the show, he has to be integral to some major (and very horrible) upcoming plot points.

3 Daenerys Will Actually Be In Westeros (!!!)

This may not be a “spoiler” to the finest degree, since we did see Dany sailing towards Westeros after all. But guys, Dany’s actually going to be in Westeros. I can’t believe it. Dany’s been talking about going back to Westeros to take what’s “hers” since season one and it’s happening. It’s actually happening!

Of course, it will be interesting to see how this pans out since there’s been so much build up to Dany’s conquest of Westeros. I mean, wouldn’t it be very George R.R. Martin-like to have all this build up to Dany coming to Westeros and then she gets her ass handed to her there? Remember, ol’ GRRM loves to subvert our expectations. This is the guy who made us think Ned Stark was the hero before chopping off his head. The rest of this series will likely not play out how we (or Dany) think it will.

At this point, I’m just curious to see if Dany – or Tyrion for that matter – knows Cersei Lannister is the one on the Iron Throne. Oh, and I'd like to see their faces when they find out.

2 Jim Broadbent Will Play An Important New Character


Jim Broadbent was cast to appear in season seven of Game of Thrones and it’s been said that his part is “significant.” But we need more details! Well, we got some. We know that Broadbent will appear in five of the seven episodes, so that’s pretty big. He also said he has one major scene in each episode. Again, pretty big.

Of his character, Broadbent confirmed he’s a maester, which one could have guessed since he certainly looks the part. Many fans have even theorized that he’ll be playing Maester Marwy, though that’s unclear and not confirmed. Broadbent did say he shares his scenes with Samwell Tarly, so it's likely he'll be a maester at the Citadel. That much we know.

A significant maester character likely means he’ll serve some important exposition, either in explaining the threat of the White Walkers to Dany or in explaining his true parentage to Jon Snow, because Jon Snow has to find out about that eventually.

1 We Know How Season 7 Will End

Maisie Williams doesn’t play by anyone’s rules. Especially not HBO’s rules, as they notoriously try to keep everything hush hush.

In an interview, Williams revealed that season seven will end in a cliffhanger. Yes, a cliffhanger. Now, this is a big deal as Game of Thrones seasons don’t usually end in cliffhangers, aside from that time Jon Snow was “dead.” Instead, Game of Thrones does a good job at tying things up, while also getting you excited for the upcoming season. The writing is so good that cliffhangers aren’t necessary to gain viewership.

Since we’re in the territory of the ending, a season seven cliffhanger makes sense, as it would lead directly into the final season. In her statement, Williams continued, “We've come to the climax and it's rolling down to the end. I really felt like at the end of last season everything was set up for how it was going to end. Every character came to a little junction in their lives. Now we're all going to crash down together to however this show ends."

Word, Arya.

Game of Thrones premieres on July 16th on HBO.



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