16Zeke Smith

Although Zeke Smith has spent most of his adult life working as an asset manager - a career totally unsuited to his wacky style and infuriatingly charming personality - he managed to captivate television audiences earlier this year when he began appearing as a contestant on the CBS series Survivor.


appearance on the show was marred by the fact he was forcibly outed as transgender by fellow contestant Jeff Varner, who believed doing so would result in Smith’s elimination from the series. Thankfully, Smith’s teammates were nothing less than supportive and it was Varner who was voted off (and later fired from his job in the real world). CBS actually gave Smith the final say on whether the footage should be aired or not. Tired of hiding his status as a transgender male, he gave the network the green light and immediately received a justified outpouring of support from television watchers all over the world.

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