16 Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Hermione That Would Make Ron Jealous

Hermione sure grew up! We may first remember Emma Watson as the cute-as-a-button eleven-year-old from the first Harry Potter movie, but she’s certainly changed a lot since 2001. Hermione might have been a nerdy, awkward girl in the Harry Potter universe, but she’s developed quite a few assets since then. Assets, like personal wealth, and… get the drift. In the Potter universe, Hermione may have hooked up with her gawky fellow wizard, Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), but in real life, Emma’s on another level. These pictures are enough to make any boyfriend (real or fictional) jealous. (But the franchise ended in 2011, so really, Hermione can do what she likes now…)

While Emma may have been a little young while filming the franchise she has become most known for, she’s now 27 and a full-grown adult. Just like her onscreen character, Emma’s actually a really smart person. Her parents are both lawyers and she graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She works as a women’s right activist in between films and gave a famous speech to the United Nations about gender equality in 2016. We commend all her great work, but at the end of the day, she’s still a gorgeous human being. These photos will prove it! Here are sixteen pictures of Emma...


16 Looking Surprised

via Pinterest

There’s something that’s just so sweet about someone looking genuinely surprised. Hollywood stars are always trying to play it cool and be the coolest people in the room or else stay classy and act like they know everything. Emma puts all that to shame. Here she is looking at someone, probably someone she knows, and greeting them with the excited expression of a little girl opening a new toy on Christmas Day. It’s just so refreshing to see a movie star look so real on the red carpet. She also looks absolutely stunning here, with perfect makeup, tons of jewelry, and an expensive clutch. This is a great shot of the little girl who started out playing a teenage wizard as she transforms into a woman seemingly before our eyes. She still looks quite young in this picture, but maybe she’s not. Maybe it’s just her childhood wonderment coming through.

15 Looking Stunningly Normal

via Ebaum's world

In this sultry photo, Hermione sits casually on a chair while smiling deceptively charmingly into the camera lens. There’s something about the expression on her face in this photo that just pulls the viewer in, a little half-smile playing across her face which suggests just what she might be capable of. She looks like she’s asking for a kiss but playing it off a little so you just don’t know if she’d be up for it. It’s an amazing photo, and it’s a reminder of what makes Emma so hot she just looks so attainable yet totally in charge of the situation. She wants you to think you could get with her, even if she knows deep down you never could. Most it comes through in the eyes. Those perfect, perfect eyes.

Ron, better watch out.

14 Looking Classy

via Twitter

In this photo, Emma’s wearing a sleeveless dress that just suggests so much more than the eye can see. She’s hunched forward towards the camera, arms slung carelessly across her knee like some queen deigning to pose for a silly photo. In this shot, she knows how hot she is. She doesn’t need to show it off to the viewer.

With her hair up like that and the classy dress, she looks like she got dressed up for some gala, but now it’s later in the evening and she doesn’t care to look quite as buttoned-up as she did when she first got there. A couple of strands of hair have slipped out of their bun. The dress has began the slow slide down her arm. She looks like she could be up for anything but she’s still Hermione, so don’t try anything stupid.

13 Caught Unaware

via Imgur

This looks like a paparazzi shot of Emma caught unaware as she’s riding shotgun in a car. This paparazzi caught a little more than he bargained for, as Emma’s shirt appears to be flying open a little more than she expected. You can tell by the expression on her face that she either doesn’t know the photo is happening or doesn’t want to be posing for it at all. It’s a stark contrast to how carefully her beauty is put on display in the previous two photographs, but somehow even in this snapshot, she still looks beautiful. If you think she looks a bit younger in this photo, you’d be right, since it comes from 2009 (or earlier). This is peak-Harry Potter era Emma, from right around the time she hooked up with Ron onscreen. She better be careful she doesn’t flash the paparazzi!

12 Teasing In The Bling Ring

via Melty

This is a screenshot from Emma’s turn in The Bling Ring, one of her first major film roles after the Harry Potter series ended. In the scene, Emma’s character is dancing with another girl at a crowded club when she looks up and out at the rest of the crowd and sticks her tongue out at someone (probably a hot guy who just caught her eye). The move is smooth, suggestive, and nothing like anything Hermione would have ever done. This version of Emma knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out there and get it. It’s such a power play and totally seductive.

Sorry, Ron. She’s not looking at you. In fact, if anything, this seems like the kind of move a girl would pull if she had an average-looking boyfriend like you waiting for her back at home and a whole world of opportunity waiting for her at the club…

11 Wearing Bunny Ears

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Emma might be a modern feminist icon, but she’s not above a little playing around “below the belt,” as they say. In this photo, she poses in the classic bunny ears, and while we get the sense that she might be mocking the bunnies that you’re thinking of, she can’t help but make it hot. Here she looks sassy but also sexy and different. She’s not your typical blond bombshell, opting here for the short-cut brunette look. But while that may be a turn-off for some fans of a certain magazine, some might say she’d be the sexiest bunny of them all. We’re not sure if this is meant to be a Halloween costume or just a funny new look for Emma, but it sure is jaw-dropping. She’s clearly messing with all of us.

10 Looking Like A Bohemian


This one is a little different. Here we get Emma laying on a table in an artist’s studio, working on some painting. This is a more Bohemian Emma, and she looks nothing like the buttoned-up society girl or Hogwarts schoolgirl we’re used to seeing. Her hair is almost painfully short, seeming more punk than cute, and she seems more like the kind of girl who take your kale salad order at the local vegan restaurant than some world-famous actress. But despite the ripped shirt, studded belt, and cutoff skirt, it’s just impossible for Emma to look totally ordinary. This picture still looks a bit posed. If she’s really painting, shouldn’t her shirt be a little bit dirtier? And her eyes are the dead giveaway, as she gazes into the camera knowingly. I guess she’s still a wizard at heart.


9 On A Pillow

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This photo isn’t really a photo at all, it’s actually a pillow. But what a good-looking pillow, though. I mean who doesn’t want to curl up with Emma Watson at the end of the night, right?

The image on the pillow itself doesn’t leave much to the imagination. She’s wearing a pink frilly thing which barely covers her bits on the bottom, and you can see all kinds of arm up top. Here, again, she’s looking right at the camera. If there’s one thing this former child wizard knows how to do, it’s to control the camera. She always looks like she’s looking right through you, not at the camera but into it.

On the plus side, after she’s done with him, Ron can always buy this pillow to cry into. Just like, you know, literally every other human male on the planet…

8 Posing For Natural Beauty

Is that really Hermione? The babe in this picture doesn’t resemble the little wizard from the books in any way, shape, or form. Emma took off all her clothes for this racy photoshoot for the book Natural Beauty, which is raising money for Global Green USA, an environmental organization. In this shot, she looks like some magical fairy being doused in a waterfall. It seems as if she’s left Harry Potter behind for another type of fantasy. The flowers add to the look, and as the title suggests, it all works together to accentuate her “natural beauty,” of which she has lots.

Apparently, she’s staying true to her roots as an activist. It turns out that even when Emma’s taking her clothes off, it’s still for charity! Wow. Is there anything not to like about this girl?

7 Looking Sultry At A Fashion Show

via Metro

This picture is incredibly revealing. Emma’s basically not wearing anything at all under this shawl, which just covers enough to leave a little to the imagination. This photo is from a Vanity Fair photoshoot from early 2017 where Watson was the cover model. In the article, Watson is described as “more like a real person than a movie star,” which is kind of the vibe that makes her seem so approachable in the first place, right?

If there was any doubt that little Hermione’s all grown up, the pictures from this photo shoot are the so-called proof in the pudding. We’re not sure how this photo fits into her whole mantra about feminism and gender equality, but who’s complaining, right?

Well, maybe Ron is. Poor Ron Weasley. He was always the worst wizard of all of them, and then he finally got the girl…and now, the girl’s a freaking bombshell.

6 Looking Like The Girl Next Door

via Pinterest

This is a cute photo. Emma looks like your typical girl next door here. You could just imagine her knocking on the front door asking for a donation for her prom fund. Except, who are we kidding? She looks way hotter than the girl next door. Decked out in a casual getup with jeans, a studded belt, and a form-fitting white T, she looks to be in her prime here. It’s not immediately obvious when this picture is from, but by our best guess, she looks to be of age. As usual, she’s staring right at the camera, drawing you into this picture. Emma is amazing at combining unattainable hotness with utter approachability—it’s her knack.

She looks like she’s inviting you to get to know her, but warning that what you find might not be what you’re looking for. She’s like a cat, stunning yet dangerous.

5 Looking... Goth?

via Pinterest

This is a stunning shot of Emma in all her glory on the red carpet. This whole event with all the black outfits and costumes seems vaguely gothic, and Emma makes about the classiest goth we could imagine. She’s wearing a sheer black see-through top, some kind of a black skirt and sexy black heels, and in this shot, her hair is chopped tight to her head. This is a post-Hermione Emma. No one would catch Hermione walking around with hair barely down to her ears. She looks great here, but more than anything, she looks serious and in charge. There’s nothing sultry about a girl walking around with practically a buzz cut—it’s a woman’s look, not a girl’s.

More than anything, though, this getup just emanates style. This is high-class Emma, looking bad-a*s in a way that almost no one else would dare to look.

4 Relaxing At The Beach

via Bombify

This is a shot of Emma just chilling on the beach with a shirtless dude. (Sorry, Ron!) It’s possible that this is just a still from a break in filming on a set, but more than anything, it looks like Emma’s just being a teenage girl who loves to hang out on the beach in her free time. She looks totally relaxed—note the dangling sunglasses as she chats this guy up. But even at her most relaxed, she’s still looks utterly stunning, her casual outfit just barely containing her best assets.

To us, it looks like she’s sizing this guy up. It’s hard to tell what he looks like from this angle, but while he probably can’t compete with her for looks, the same can’t exactly be said for poor Ron Weasley. What’s that expression they use in football? Don’t outkick your coverage?

3 Walking Down The Street

via HawtCelebs

When she’s not living at Hogwarts, Emma’s actually a lot like the rest of us. She has to walk between modelling gigs, go out to restaurants, and walk to her favorite yoga class. In this shot, Emma is reportedly walking to a pole dancing class. To which we say, wow.  Where are the pictures from inside the class? Emma seems to be into all sorts of interesting pastimes, between posing without her clothes on and wearing the Playboy ears. Is there a side to Emma that she doesn’t reveal to the public?

The best thing about this picture is just that it emphasizes how normal Emma is. She’s just strolling down the street like a regular person in an outfit that looks thrown together but still, somehow, emanates style. Emma can be anyone. She can be Ron’s girlfriend, the neurotic wizard, a classy lady, the girl next door, or just a regular Jane walking down the street.

2 Wearing A Skirt (Channeling Brown University Graduate Status)

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Emma looks young here, but she looks undeniably classy. The earthy brown colors of the skirt gives her an organic, hippie-ish vibe, but you can tell from her angular cheekbones and look towards the camera that she’s a real Hollywood star. You get the feeling looking at this photo that you’re looking at someone who’s destined to be successful in life.

In this picture, Emma looks like the high school girlfriend that she was for Ron Weasley in the series. She’s ordinary enough to hook up with him and start a semi-serious relationship, but everyone looking on from the sidelines can tell that eventually, she’s going to be a stunner and leave that loser in her dust. Sometimes, that’s just the way it works. You’ve just got to enjoy her while you’ve got her.

1 Looking Punk

via Pinterest

Wow. Now this is a different Emma. If you thought she was gothic in #5, here she goes full-on punk. Emma truly can take on any style and make it sing. She looks like a biker girl you wouldn’t want to screw with in the back alley behind a bar, but that’s just Emma’s personality shining through all the costumes, While we don’t imagine Emma goes through her everyday life looking like this, we have no doubt that she could pull it off and look sexy doing it. She’s like a better-looking Joan Jett.

Even though she’s still gorgeous, you almost can’t even tell that this is Emma at all. She looks like a completely different person. It’s the eyeliner mostly, but it’s also the way she angles her body—spread-eagle, almost masculine. She’s looking at the camera like, “come at me, bro.”

Let’s be honest now, Ron never stood a chance.


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