16 Insanely Hot Instagram Stars Who Try So Hard It's Pathetic

What crosses your mind when you think of hot women who also are Instagram stars? Do you think of how gorgeous and cool they are? How they have so many people checking out their accounts to see how hot that they look and how interesting they are? I mean, these women are taking selfies all day long and showing off their bodies, sometimes to millions of people. How cool is that? It isn't cool -- as a matter of fact, not even a little bit. These chicks are just desperate for attention, so much so that they'll pose for the camera and take a hundred selfies of their butt just so they can post the one or two that make them look the best.

These chicks are not cool. They're pathetic. All they want is attention, and they simply don't care how trashy they look trying to get it. Does this mean I don't like looking at them? No, far from it. I do like checking them out, but only because they're so lame. When a woman is that desperate for attention, they're almost certainly going to get it, but does that mean they aren't pathetic? Nope.

What follows is 16 women who spend almost all of their time trying to look hot on Instagram. Feel free to enjoy how hot they are while you laugh at them. Isn't that what hot chicks on Instagram are for?

16 Sarah Scotford

Sarah says on her Instagram account that she's a model and a makeup artist. She also says that she's an adventurer, and if you don't believe that, there are numerous shots of her in helicopters and hanging out in locations that are supposedly kind of exotic. Sarah has two things in common with every other chick that is on this list: she's totally gorgeous, and she's trying way too hard to get people to notice that. Who knows? Maybe letting it all hang out on social media is the way for her to get noticed, or maybe she's just another chick who's looking to get all sorts of attention by posting photos showing a lot of skin. Who knows?

15 Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine is a pretty successful model, which makes one wonder why she's spending so much time throwing photos of herself up on Instagram. In one way, I'm joking, as I know that building an Instagram following helps models make more cash and get more gigs. Does that mean it's any less pathetic, though? No, it doesn't. Every time Jasmine posts a photo of herself, there's some guy in Ohio eating Oreos in sweatpants looking at her and thinking how hot she is. Considering that she takes photos of herself all day long, that means that the above scenario is happening a lot. We get it, Jasmine. You're hot. You can stop now.

14 Cherie Noel

Cheri is another woman who just won't stop pushing herself on Instagram. All of her photos are hot, and all of them show a lot of skin. You may wonder what I'm complaining about when it comes to this. Oh, I'm not complaining about anything. Just pointing out a simple fact that when one tries to look totally hot and does so constantly, then it kind of takes away from the overall hotness. Trying too hard is always completely lame, and Cheri is trying way too hard. Of course, I get that once you decide that you're going to try and make your living because you have a killer butt, then you better go all the way with it as hard as you can.

13 Jen Selter

Jenn has to be on this list. There's no way that she couldn't be. Yes, I get it -- she has one of the very best butts in the history of the world, but does that mean that she needs to take like 10 photos of it a day and put it on the Internet? Here's the thing: I can tell how hot her butt is by just looking at one photo of it. I don't have to look at a thousand. Sure, it's kind of cool looking at a thousand photos of her bum, but with that said, is this really a life that she wants to lead? Does she ever regret her life decision when she decided to make a living off of how her butt looks in yoga pants? For the record, it looks great, and also for the record, Jenn seems pretty lame for showing it off constantly.

12 April Cheryse

April is all about taking photos of herself, and when you look like her, who could blame her, really? Well, I could, for one. She looks like pretty much any other hot chick out there, and that's just it: the more that women do this kind of thing, the more others follow in their footsteps. Pretty soon, you won't be able to turn around without seeing some bleached blonde taking a photo of her butt in the mirror. I want to go back to the days when women realized that being hot was more than just about showing off. Remember when women used to get mad about guys checking out their butts? Now, they're competing to see how many people will.

11 Bianca Ghezzi

Bianca may be a lot of things, but one thing she's not is shy. Her Instagram is filled with tons of shots of her body, and while there are plenty of butt shots going on, she really likes to show off her chest and does so pretty much every chance she can. She's a perfect example of what this is all about; she looks amazing, and pretty much any guy would want to get with her, but at the same time, posing for all of these photos and acting this way makes her seem really lame. I'm not trying to be mean for saying that -- just being honest. She might as well be running down the street naked waving a flag that says, "Look at me!" Yeah, I know that sounds hot.

10 Ashley Schultz

Ashley is truly looking for attention, in part, because she wants to show off her hot body but also because she's a singer of sorts. She's plugging a new video on Instagram, which, amusingly enough, is called "Watch Me." I say it's amusing because it's more than apparent that Ashley really does want people to watch her and to think that she's talented musically. I'm going to let you make your own decisions on the latter, but I can tell you that I wasn't all that impressed. There's no doubt that Ashley is a total smoke show but not more so than a thousand other women, all of whom are posting on Instagram constantly.

9 Sofia Jamora

Sofia is a model who puts up a lot of photos on Instagram, and when I say a lot, I'm not kidding. Looking at her page; it's very apparent how hot she is. She's a total stunner and also has a totally nice body. In particular, her butt is pretty amazing. But the thing is, Sofia, you're trying way too hard. You really should be trying to make us want you, not the other way around. When you put up like 900 photos of yourself and pretty much 800 of them look exactly the same, you seem less like a super hot chick that we want to be with and more like a totally insecure chick who's desperate for attention. Slow your roll just a little bit.

8 Adrianne Ho

Adrianne is a model and is also the founder of something called "Sweat the Style," so it makes sense that she would be constantly trying to get attention on Instagram. That's what people do when they're trying to make a living. I totally get that, as long as she gets that we're onto her. She does have a pretty nice body, I have to admit, and I probably would even follow her on Instagram if I actually was into seeing 3,000 photos of the same person doing pretty much the same thing day after day. Adrianne, remember, sometimes playing hard to get is a good thing even if you're trying to sell a product to make beer money, just like you are.

7 Shania Perrett

Shania is, without a doubt, a very attractive woman, and she also has another thing going for her, which is that she really likes to take a whole bunch of photos of her butt all the time and post them on the Internet. Now that sounds kind of okay until you really start thinking about it. That's the whole issue with all of these chicks; they're so hot that you want to look at them, without a doubt, and you would hit on them if you saw them at a club, but would you want to go out with them? I wouldn't. In fact, I prefer to hang with someone who doesn't think posting photos of her butt on the Internet is a good career choice.

6 Christen Harper

Christen is one of the classier types that you'll see on this list, and by that, I mean that she's not totally showing off that she has a big round butt all the time. And she has to get some credit for that, but still, though, this whole thing is what it is. These chicks get up in the morning and when they're having breakfast, they try and decide if they should Instagram it. They probably even wonder that when they're in the bathroom. We get it -- all of you chicks are just totally gorgeous, and we should feel oh-so-excited to check you out. The thing is, though, when people are desperate for attention, they just aren't that exciting.

5 Katya Elise Henry

Katya is another butt chick. Not that there's anything wrong with that -- far from it. In fact, I'm a huge fan of butts, to the point that it's caused some problems in my relationship before. I know I'm totally beating a dead horse at this point, but Katya, listen up: you can look as hot as you want, you can have over 3 million followers, and you can have what very well might be the world's most perfect butt. All of that is cool. But when it's all said and done, you're still just hanging out and taking photos of your butt all day long and posting them on the Internet. And I have to tell you, Katya, that's kind of pathetic. Come on...

4 Sveta Bilyalova

Sveta is yet another woman who's trying way too hard to be hot on Instagram. This whole thing is kind of like being around every single chick in high school whom you couldn't stand at all and who totally irritated you. Like maybe, you're trying to watch the Celtics or play World of Warcraft, and all she wants to do is show you how cool she looks in the selfie she just took. Why are chicks so fixated on taking pictures of themselves all the time? When you're as totally smoking as Sveta is, there's pretty much only one thing that's going to make you less hot, and that's acting like you have no brain whatsoever. Have some pride.

3 Monifa Jansen

Monifa was a former Miss Universe contestant from Curacao, and her Instagram says that she's a model, an actress, a law student, and a businesswoman. I mean, I guess that all sounds pretty cool and all, Monifa, but maybe if you have all of that going on, you might want to take a little time away from posting all day on Instagram. You look great, and your body is totally amazing -- no doubt about it. But, you know, if you're trying to be a woman who's selling herself as a law student and a businesswoman, then posting a ton of pictures of yourself looking all worked up in a bikini is probably not the best way to get that accomplished.

2 Julia Lescova

Julia is a model from Latvia. If you want to talk about trying too hard, check out her website. Basically, the whole thing is just a bunch of videos of her strutting around with no real information on her at all. Now that I think of it, that's the perfect example of what this whole thing is all about. A chick prances around and takes a photo of her butt, millions of people check it out, and then nothing else really happens. Sure, some of the people who have millions of followers probably figure out how to make some coin off it, but for the most part, it's nothing but a bunch of women prancing around in no clothes trying to make a dollar.

1 Samantha Sepulveda

Samantha is totally hot; there's no doubt about that. But is she trying too hard? Yes, she completely and totally is; there's no doubt about it at all. It says on her page that she's an "internationally published model." What does that mean? Honestly, I have no idea whatsoever, but what's more than apparent is that Samantha is planning on making her living by looking good, and her main plan on how to do that is to plaster about a million photos of herself all over the Internet until someone decides to pay attention. Today, the person who's paying attention is me, but for all the wrong reasons. She's trying way too hard.

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