16 Insane Game of Thrones Theories That Could Come True Next Season

While fans of GoT have been waiting patiently for season seven to kick off, theories and debates have been going full throttle behind the scenes.

While fans of Game of Thrones have been waiting patiently for season seven to kick off, theories, debates and discussions have been going full throttle behind the scenes. With so many mysteries yet to unravel and George R.R. Martin taking his sweet time to finish writing the books, it's getting harder and harder to wait. So, we're not waiting anymore. We're forging ahead and discussing what's going to happen, what could happen, and what probably won't but you can imagine what it would be like if it did happen. We're considering everything no matter how crazy the ideas seem. In case you weren't aware, there's a thriving Game of Thrones underworld online, full of well-read and informed fans who think they know where the show and the books are going next. Some of the theories are fueled by knowledge learned in the books, while others are purely based on the events of the show. We'll try to make the distinction when necessary.

Now before we get started, we want to address some of the most popular theories. There are incredibly detailed accounts online about hidden alliances and political manipulations. People have spent countless hours detailing and fleshing out histories and developed theories that are almost certainly accurate. However, many of these have little in the way of plot line repercussions. Most will likely never make it to the show, so we're avoiding them. With such little space, we've also been forced to condense these theories into small snippets of their former selves, so be sure to check out the more detailed discussions of these theories online if you're interested in them. Now, let's get into the meat and potatoes. Oh, if you're not caught up in Game of Thrones, walk away. While these theories are all speculative and may never come true, it's likely that some will, so if you want to watch season seven like a naïve newborn babe, you might think twice about reading what's to come. Here are 16 Insane Game of Thrones Theories That Could Come True Next Season.

16 Littlefinger and Cersei

While many have suggested that Sansa looks like she might fall for greaseball Littlefinger's tricks again, it's unlikely that she ever will. We're seeing a new Sansa. We should expect to see some growth and change in her. So, after Sansa tells him to get lost, what's next for Peter Baelish? He's too cunning and too important for the story to just go away easily. Some say the next step is for him to unite with Cersei. Let's consider the potential for marriage, which would give her a connection with the knights of the Vale and Harrenhal. What, then, if Cersei were to die after allying or marrying Littlefinger? This would leave the Iron Throne to him, an interesting twist for sure. While, if it did happen like this, it almost certainly won't last long, it would make sense that Littlefinger's monumental rise to the top hits a great climax before he is brutally killed by Sansa or someone close to her.

15 Dany's Son is Alive

The last thing the series or the shows need are new characters, so we're not really holding our breath for this to happen. The great failing of the books compared to show is that Martin insists on expanding the story and introducing 65 new characters with each new book, rather than bringing it all back together, tapering it toward some much-needed conclusions. Well, the theory that posits that Dany and Khal Drogo's son, Rhaego, is still alive would contribute unnecessarily to this expansion. However, if done correctly, a living Rhaego could be used as a weapon against Daenerys. Maybe the child will be used as leverage or in negotiations. The one thing that still haunts us about Rhaego's death is that we never saw the body. If it was as gross as it was described, you would think the show would want to show that off. It's possible, at least, that he is still alive. It would also keep the Dothraki legend of the Stallion that mounts the world alive, if only to show how every culture has their own "last hero" legend and each could be true or none at all.

14 Bran and the Mad King

When Bran started going through his lessons with the Three-Eyed Raven, he saw a lot of visions and heard a lot of things. Watching these flashes in real time made it difficult for us to pull anything out, let alone everything. But technology and a boatload of free time has allowed some viewers to do just that. The Mad King theory is not nearly as far-fetched as some on here, so there's a good chance it'll be true. Heck, it could be true and the show just never deals with it. After we learned what Bran's manipulation of his greensight could do with Hodor, people started applying that to other people in history. One of the possibilities that got the most interest is that Bran (or in some versions the Three-Eyed Raven) were the ones who made the Mad King mad, whispering to him or showing him visions. This could have been a slow process as some have suggested or maybe Bran tried to warn the Mad King about the White Walkers, which might explain why he yells, "Burn them all." Also, when Bran sees the Mad King in his visions, he sees White Walkers right after. These two things appear to be connected.

13 The Faceless Men's Plan

There are many powerful forces in Game of Thrones and some of them may never reveal their intentions at all, but one group that we've become interested in, if only because of Arya's connection with them, is the Faceless Men. What do they want? Their sole purpose in Game of Thrones can't be to train Arya, can it? Well, the books and the show look divided on this, but since Jaqen H'Qar has been such a central figure in the show and the books, it's possible that he still has a role to play, even after the latest developments. It would be disappointing if he didn’t. One of the most intriguing bits from the books is that the Faceless Men seems to have a connection with dragons. One strong theory online discusses the possibility that they are intending to hatch a dragon egg in the heart of Dragonmont, a massive volcano on Dragonstone, Daenerys' old home. By doing this, the faceless men might recreate the Doom that destroyed Valyria.

12 Arya's Revenge

We've seen Arya consumed by revenge for several seasons now. Even when trained to forget herself by the Faceless Men, she has shown to be incapable of forgetting her past and her journey for revenge. The last we saw of her, Arya was cutting down Walder Frey and getting even. Many now believe that Arya won't stop there. We know that the impersonation trick she learned from the Faceless Men requires only their face, so we expect to see Arya using Walder Frey's face to get close to a number of people who deserve very harsh deaths. We also expect Arya's drive for revenge to continue to occupy her for a long time yet. While there will come a time for Arya to meet up with the living members of her family again, we think she'll start crossing plenty of names of her list first, beginning with the entire Frey family.

11 Jamie Will Kill Cersei

Of all the theories and season predictions on this list, the one that suggests Jaime is the Valonqar, "little brother," that Maggy the Frog told Cersei she would be killed by is the most likely to happen. For those who haven't heard this long and commonly held belief, when Cersei was younger, she was told by a maegi that she would be killed by her little brother. She always assumed that it would be Tyrion, but many think that Jaime will be the one to do it, especially now that she's slipping into madness. This one isn't very far-fetched anymore. It would mirror his killing of the Mad King and show how necessary king or queen-slaying can be. If you're wondering how this fulfills the prophecy since Jaime and Cersei are twins, well, Cersei is a few minutes older.

10 The Three-Headed Dragon

Long ago now, Dany learned that she would take back Westeros as part of a Three-Headed Dragon. Since we learned that, fans have been trying to figure out who the three Targaryens would be. We know one is Dany, and now we know the other is probably Jon in some way. Many believe the third will be Tyrion. We've seen how good Tyrion is with dragons. We know that Tywin, Tyrion's father, always hated him. It's very possible that when Aerys “The Mad King” Targaryen used his kingly rights to sleep with Tyrion's mother, they conceived Tyrion. This would explain why Tywin claimed Tyrion was "no son of mine." It's not necessarily a far-fetched theory these as the shows look like they are closing in on this reveal. All three of Dany, Jon and Tyrion had their mothers die in childbirth too.

9 Missandei's Revelation

Ever since Game of Thrones decided to pay so much attention to Missandei's character, fans have begun to wonder what her importance will be. We know that no characters are ever as straightforward as they appear. We also know that Dany will betrayed "for love." While everyone is looking at Jon Snow or Jorah Mormont to play this role, it could fit that Missandei is the one betraying. But the question is why and how? That we don't know. Some fans speculate that Missandei could be a Faceless Man, which would explain her intense knowledge for a young slave. This one is a bit hazy, but basically you should expect more from Missandei. If she turns out to be the two-dimensional character she appears to be, simply one half of a love story with Grey Worm, we will all be disappointed.

8 The Wall is Coming Down

It's bound to happen. We all probably expect this. Assuming it does happen, it's going to take place at the end of the season. It would be the perfect cliffhanger for finale season. But how does it come down? Well, if you've read the books, you know that there is a mysterious artifact called the Horn of Joramun or the Horn of Winter that is said to bring down the wall and awake giants, whatever that means. Many believe that Sam is actually in possession of the horn because he carries with him a broken old warhorn that could be ancient. Remember back to when the men of Night's Watch found that cache of Dragonglass in Game of Thrones. In that bundle was a horn as well, much like the books except they didn't speak about it in the show. Why wouldn't they show the horn if they weren't going to talk about it? Anticipate Sam finding a book on the horn in Oldtown. It's probably broken as in the books, which might require someone to fix it, maybe Gendry? Then we have to ask, why would they want the wall to come down? Maybe they need the White Walkers. Then again, maybe not.

7 Ned Stark is Alive

Admittedly, this theory is a little bit silly, but that's why we’re here. We know that Ned's death is just too important for him to be actually be alive, but we'll honor the theory anyways. Some of the ways in which Ned lived are as follows: he warged into the speechless Ilyn Payne or he switched places with a faceless man. Some of the evidence that could help substantiate his being alive is that Sansa claimed her father's head didn't look like him when it was tarred up and weathered and Catelyn says that Ned's bones look smaller than she thought they should. Now both of these examples are very likely just excellent ways of separating the man, the father and the husband from the human flesh and bones. With Catelyn's bit, Ned seemed like a giant in life but, in death, he's smaller. For Sansa, the tarring of her father's head shows how dehumanizing the death process is. Still, if it did happen, it would be a crazy twist. That's for sure.

6 White Walkers are Good

This reveal is more likely to happen in the final season, if it does happen at all, but we're coming around to it as a real possibility. Keeping in mind Martin's love for graying the standard black and white binaries of good and evil in both fantasy and history. Since history is written by the victors, the enemies are often made out to be monsters or others. It's possible that the Others have a story of their own. It's possible that they're not just demonic villains. Everything we know about them is passed down through the histories of man. Everything we know about the Wall and the Night's Watch is passed down in the same way. What if the histories are wrong? What if, like the Wildlings, the Others are misunderstood?

5 Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai

Over the years of online theorizing, nearly ever character in the books and show has been a Targaryen at one point. Well, since the real Targaryens are being fleshed out and the options have dwindled to only a few possibilities, the latest "guess who" mystery has been to figure out who Azor Ahai is, the one the Lord of Light says will save the world from darkness. This is what we know must happen with Azor Ahai: he needs a sword that must be tempered in water, captures a lion, is born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone, kill the one they love more than any other. Jorah could fit in many ways. For instance, in the books, Dany promises Jorah a wicked sword—there's a sword rumored to lie in the Smoking Sea (smoke and salt) called Brightroar that they happen to be sailing by right now—Jorah kidnapped Tyrion (a lion), the born again bit could be in relation to his curing of the fatal greyscale, and Jorah loves Dany and may need to kill her if she goes mad. It's a stretch, but it's certainly possible.

4 Bran is Bran the Builder

As discussed above, as soon as we discovered that Bran could warg into people (Hodor) and interact with people while greenseeing, theories flooded the forums about what the repercussions could be. We mentioned with the Mad King that Bran could be a part of several different stories in history. One of the strongest connections could be with Bran the Builder, the one who built the Wall and Winterfell. Both the show and the books included a part with Ned telling Arya that Bran might be able to become someone like Bran the Builder. There's also the following passage from the books, which seems to bring this all together:

"Thousands and thousands of years ago, Brandon the Builder had raised Winterfell, and some said the Wall. Bran knew the story, but it had never been his favorite. Maybe one of the other Brandons had liked that story. Sometimes Nan would talk to him as if he were her Brandon, the baby she had nursed all those years ago, and sometimes she confused him with his uncle Brandon, who was killed by the Mad King before Bran was even born. She had lived so long, Mother had told him once, that all the Brandon Starks had become one person in her head."

3 Arya Will Warg into Nymeria

This theory, in our minds, is one that will come to be. The show hasn't done as good of a job with Nymeria, Arya's direwolf, as the books have, but we fully expect to see more of the she-wolf in these coming seasons. As a refresher, Nymeria bit Joffrey way back when, so Arya told her to run away. Ever since then, there have been stories (and Arya wargs into her during sleep sometimes in the books) about a she-wolf who leads a huge roaming pack of human-killing wolves. We know that people can warg into another being. We've seen it. We know that if they do this and their human body dies, they will stay in the animal and slowly lose themselves to it. Why would we learn this if it's never used? Well, we expect that Arya will be the one to warg into Nymeria before she dies. This will make at least two of the direwolves important (the other being Ghost) and it will give Arya the pack she's always been searching for.

2 Sansa and the Direwolf Dilemma

A long time ago, people started pointing out that the direwolves have a lot in common with their masters. There's some undeniable symmetry going on here. Let's look at it all. Ghost and John are the runts of the litter, John is also back from the dead, like a ghost. Both Grey Wind and Robb, his master, were killed while being held captive in cages, literally for the direwolf and metaphorically for Robb. They were also joined physically in death. Summer's death came at the hands of the White Walkers and signaled the true arrival of winter. Arya is the lost child, like Nymeria, and as we mentioned, will likely become one in the same eventually. Shaggy Dog and Rickon were both irrelevant and killed. That leaves Sansa and Lady. Lady was the first to die, killed by Ned as a stand-in for Nymeria's wrongdoing. In a way, Lady sacrificed herself for Arya, which might signal that Sansa will do the same for Arya at one point or vice versa.

1 Thar be Ice Dragons

Ice Dragons have been a topic of discussion for a while among both Game of Thrones fans and those who only care about the books. We know George R. R. Martin has written about Ice Dragons in the past. We know there are stories in Westeros about Ice Dragons existing as well. Some believe that there may be a dragon in hibernation somewhere, theories range from Winterfell to inside the Wall itself. It does, however, seem to be a little late in the game to introduce a brand new dragon. Yet, we've seen other beasts turned to side of the Others. We might see Summer as a wight soon enough. Who's to say that one of Dany's dragons won't be turned and used by the Others. When we saw the Ringwraiths riding the winged steeds in Lord of the Rings, we collectively peed our pants with glee. It makes sense that Martin and/or the show creators would try and recreate that here.

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16 Insane Game of Thrones Theories That Could Come True Next Season