16 Hottest Women Captain America (Chris Evans) Hooked Up With

It should come as no surprise that Chris Evans has dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. He has all the qualities women look for in a man; he’s handsome, successful, charming and he's Captain America. Early in his career Chris Evans was best known for appearing in the films Not Another Teen Movie, The Perfect Score and Fantastic Four. It was around that time that he started dating some of the hottest women imaginable. Chris Evans is best known for playing Captain America/Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s portrayed Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Solider and Captain America: Civil War. Additionally, Evans has portrayed Captain America in several Marvel Cinematic Universe films, such as The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’ll reprise the role in The Avengers: Infinity War and an Untitled Avengers film.

Steve Rogers is shy, awkward and nervous when around beautiful women, but it’s safe to assume Chris Evans doesn’t have those problems. His success playing Captain America has led to more fame, more money and even more women. He’s dated or been linked to some of the hottest and most famous celebrities in the world. Additionally, he’s been rumored to date several women that make his list even more impressive. However, he’s recently expressed interest in starting a family and settling down. Chris Evans has dated hilarious comedians, stunning models and Oscar winners. Here is a look at 16 Hottest Women Captain America’s Chris Evans Hooked Up With.


16 Christina Ricci

Anytime a guy gives a girl his jacket to keep her warm it must mean something is going on (or maybe it just means she’s cold). Christina Ricci first rose to fame as a child actor when she appeared in Mermaids, The Addams Family and its sequel Addams Family Values. Later she had her breakthrough with her roles in Now and Then and Casper. She took a more adult direction with her roles and starred in several memorable films, including Sleepy Hollow, Monster and Black Snake Moan. She is currently married to dolly grip James Heerdegan, however before that she was linked to several of Hollywood’s most beautiful men. In 2007, rumours swirled that she and Chris Evans were dating when they were spotted together at the MET. They walked arm-in-arm and he gave her his jacket when she got cold. The world was buzzing with the possibility of Evans and Ricci dating. However, it was only a short time and both have since moved on.

15 Jennifer Lawrence


In early 2016 rumours ran rampant that Chris Evans and Jennifer Lawrence were dating. However, Jennifer Lawrence completely denies ever dating Evans and claims she’s not even sure if she’s met him. Perhaps, fans just wanted to see Captain America date Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence has her own list of celebrities she’s dated or been linked to, so maybe most just assumed Chris Evans would make the list. Jennifer Lawrence is best known for her roles as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games franchise and Mystique in the X-Men series. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in Silver Linings Playbook. She’s also appeared in several memorable films, including Winter’s Bone, American Hustle and Joy. It was reported in 2016 that Lawrence and Evans were dating but it was very early in the relationship. It was even noted that they had a “pizza and movie date night”. However, turns out they never were in a relationship at all. Jennifer Lawrence said, "There were like four headlines one time [saying] that I dated Chris Evans and I don't even think I have ever met him."

14 Emmy Rossum

Chris Evans has dated so many beautiful women in Hollywood that many just assume he’s dated every single one. Emmy Rossum is best known for playing Fiona Gallagher in the TV series Shameless. Additionally, she has appeared in several memorable films, including Mystic River, The Day After Tomorrow and The Phantom of the Opera. She’s also had a successful music career and released several albums, such as Inside Out, Carol of the Bells and Sentimental Journey. Emmy has dated music executives and other musicians before meeting Sam Esmail. Emmy and Sam became engaged in 2015. However in 2007, it was rumored that she was in a relationship with Chris Evans. Rumours circulated that they were seen “making out in front of everyone.” If it was true nobody could blame these two hot celebrities for having their hands all over each other. However, Emmy’s spokesperson stated that Emmy and Chris are “just friends”.

13 Gisele Bundchen


Gisele Bundchen and Chris Evans were briefly linked together in 2006. Gisele Bundchen is one of the most gorgeous and hottest women in the world. Gisele has her own impressive list of beautiful men she’s dated or been linked to. She is one of the richest and best-known models in the world. Her career started to take off when she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2000 to 2007. She’s appeared on the cover of several magazines, including Vogue, Rolling Stone and GQ. She also appeared in the films Taxi and The Devil Wears Prada. In 2006, rumours began to swirl that Gisele and Evans were dating. It was reported that “Things seem to be heating up” between them. However, Gisele was also linked to both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Slater during that time. Gisele denied the rumours that she was dating the future Captain America and stated, "If everything that's written about me was true, I'd have about ten kids and I'd be married five times, one of them with some actor named Chris Evans, whose name I heard for the first time two hours ago."

12 Ashley Greene

Just because Chris Evans is often seen flirting with beautiful women that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s dating them. That’s apparently what happened when Chris Evans was seen with Ashley Greene. Ashley Greene is best known for portraying Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga. She’s appeared in several TV series as well, such as Crossing Jordan, Shark and Pan Am. In 2011, Ashley Greene was seen with Chris Evans and they seemed very cozy with each other. According to someone who was there, "Ashley was all over [Evans], and he certainly didn't mind." It was also noted that there seemed to be a lot of “sexual chemistry” between them. However, a friend of Chris Evans noted that Evans seems to flirt a lot so it shouldn’t cause major headlines. The friend said, "just because [Evans] gets flirty with one doesn't mean he is all of a sudden dating her." It was never confirmed if the two ever had a serious relationship but it’s easy to assume that these two beautiful people would be attracted to each other.

11 Kristen Cavallari


At one point the gorgeous Kirsten Cavallari and handsome Chris Evans were briefly linked together. They were seen together in public, which caused the rumours to start swirling. Kirsten Cavallari is best known for her appearances in the reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County in 2004. Later she appeared in the Laguna Beach spin-off The Hills. Additionally, she moved into a TV career and has appeared in several TV series, such as Dancing with the Stars, CSI: NY and Veronica Mars. She has also been involved in several charities, including Aids research, PETA and the NOH8 Campaign. She is currently married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. They were married in 2013 but before that she was linked to several men in Hollywood. It should come as no surprise that at the top of that list is Chris Evans. In October 2008, rumours suggested that Chris Evans and Kristen Cavallari had hooked up and were possibly dating. The following week, Kristen denied they were an item and claimed that they were “just friends”.

10 Dianna Agron

When it comes to Chris Evans, one thing is for sure; he has incredible taste in women and Dianna Agron is proof of that. Dianna Agron is best known for her role as Quinn Fabray in the critically and commercially acclaimed musical comedy Glee. She’s appeared in several other memorable TV series, such as Veronica Mars, Heroes and CSI: NY. In 2016, Dianna married Winston Marshall of the band Mumford & Sons but before that she was one of the most sought after celebrities. Just about every celebrity in Hollywood wanted a chance with Dianna. In 2011, unconfirmed rumours suggested that Dianna was engaged to Alex Pettyfer. However, soon that relationship came to an end. It was at this time that it was reported that Dianna Agron was dating Chris Evans. Rumours suggest that they met at a pre-Oscar party in 2011. However, the relationship never got too serious and it eventually ended. Both have now gone their separate ways.


9 Amy Smart


In 2010, rumours suggested that Chris Evans and Amy Smart were “spending a lot of time” together. It would be very smart of Chris Evans to date the incredibly beautiful Amy Smart. Amy Smart first started as a model working primarily in Italy. After attending acting school she decided purse a career in television and film. Later, she gained early recognition and praise for her roles in Campfire Tales and Starship Troopers. She’s gone on to appear in several memorable films, including Varsity Blues, Outside Providence and The Butterfly Effect. Additionally, she appeared in several hit TV series, including That '70s Show, Scrubs, Shameless and Justified. In August 2010 Chris Evans and Amy Smart were seen leaving a club together in London. Perez Hilton reported that they were getting closer, which helped intensify the rumours. However, Smart denied they were in a relationship and her representative publicly denied there was anything going on between them.

8 Vida Guerra

Chris Evans and model Vida Guerra were briefly dating years ago. Vida is a model and had her breakthrough with a lingerie spread in FHM magazine. She has gone on to appear in several magazines, including Escape, Open Your Eyes and Smooth. Additionally, she has appeared in music video for several artists, such as Kanye West, Nelly and P. Diddy. She was featured in a spread in Playboy magazine in 2006. In June 2008, Chris Evans and the beautiful Vida Guerra were seen together in Los Angeles. Instantly fans and the media were buzzing with the possibility that Evans and Guerra would be the new hot couple in Hollywood. It’s never been confirmed how long they dated for but it was rumored to be a hot and heavy relationship. However, it does appear that most of Evans' relationships are hot and heavy.

7 Stacy Keibler


Rumours swirled that Chris Evans was dating the incredibly beautiful Stacy Keibler but both denied anything was going on. However, they were actually caught on video together being all cute and cuddly. Stacy Keibler is a retired professional wrestler and worked for both WCW and WWE. She is best known for having incredibly sexy legs that go for days. After she left wrestling she pursued a career in film and television. She was a contestant on the second season of Dancing with the Stars where she finished in third place. She made guest appearances in several popular TV series, such as Psych, George Lopez and How I Met Your Mother. She dated George Clooney for several years but they eventually broke up. Chris Evans and Stacy Keibler were caught on camera in each other’s arms and even shared a kiss. This led to rampant speculation that they were in a relationship. However, it appears nothing serious came out of the brief encounter.

6 Kate Bosworth

In 2000, Chris Evans was at the early stages of his career. He was also at the early stages of dating some of the most beautiful women in the world. He started off the best way possible with the gorgeous Kate Bosworth. Kate Bosworth made her first film appearance in the 1998 film The Horse Whisperer. She had her big breakthrough with her role in Blue Crush. She has since gone on to appear in several films, including Wonderland, Win A Date with Tad Hamilton and Straw Dogs. Before either Kate Bosworth or Chris Evans was a household name they were on the verge of a budding romance. They apparently dated briefly after meeting on the set on the film Newcomers. However, the relationship didn’t last and was said to be very short. It was at a time both of their careers were just about to take off. They have since gone their separate ways.

5 Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel is one of the most beautiful and hottest women in Hollywood. It’s no surprise that Chris Evans would be attracted to her. Jessica Biel had her big breakthrough with her role in the family drama 7th Heaven. She went on to star in several memorable films, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and The A-Team. Jessica Biel and Chris Evans began dating in 2001 and even played boyfriend and girlfriend in two films. They appeared in Cellular, which was released in 2004. They starred in the film London, that was released in 2005. The plot revolved around a couple played by Evans and Biel that ends up breaking up. The plot would reflect real life as in 2006, Evans and Biel broke up. Jessica Biel later met and married Justin Timberlake. Everything worked out for Chris Evans as he continued to add to his roster of beautiful ex-girlfriends.

4 Lily Collins

A few years ago, Chris Evans was seen out in public with the beautiful Lily Collins. This caused great speculation that the two were dating. Lily Collins is the daughter of iconic English singer Phil Collins. As a child she appeared in the BBC series Growing Pains. While acting she embarked on a career in broadcast journalism. She wrote for several publications, including The Los Angeles Times, Teen Vogue and Seventeen. She also pursued a modeling career as well, and Spain’s Glamour Magazine named her International Model of the Year. Additionally, she appeared in several films, such as The Blind Side, Mirror Mirror and Rules Don’t Apply. In 2015, rumours swirled that Lily Collins and Chris Evans were dating after they met at an Oscar’s after party. It even appeared that things were getting intensely serious when they were seen at an Italian restaurant sharing a romantic dinner. However, it was never confirmed how serious the relationship became and both have since moved on.

3 Jenny Slate


Jenny Slate is both beautiful and hilarious so it’s no surprise that Chris Evans would be attracted to her. It wasn’t long ago that they were a couple and had the world buzzing. Jenny started her career as a member of the sketch duo, Gabe and Jenny. She was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2009 to 2010. In 2014, she starred in the film Oblivious Child. She’s appeared in several popular TV series, such as Girls, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation. She also co-starred in the FX series Married, for one season. She was married to Dean Fleischer-Camp for three years but they separated in 2016. Not too long after she began dating Chris Evans. They first met in 2015 on the set of the upcoming film Gifted. Things seemed to be getting serious when the couple was seen on a double date with Chris’ brother. However, the relationship only lasted about 9 months as they broke up in January 2017. It was reported to be a very amicable break up.

2 Minka Kelly

At one time, Chris Evans and Minka Kelly were the ultimate “will they or won’t they?” couple. In a lot of ways they were like a real life Ross and Rachel. Minka Kelly is best known for portraying Lyla Garrity in the NBC series Friday Night Lights. Additionally, she starred in several films, such as The Kingdom, 500 Days of Summer and The Butler. Recently, she made guest appearances in several TV series, including Man Seeking Woman, The Path and Jane The Virgin. Minka Kelly and Chris Evans had an on again off again relationship for several years. They first started dating in 2007 but things didn’t work out because of their conflicting schedules and eventually broke up. They rekindled the romance in 2012 but again the relationship didn’t last and they broke up in 2013. In 2014, they were seen together at Chris’ house and were seen together again in 2015. This led to speculation that they might have got back together. However, the relationship seems to have ended and both have moved on for the time being.

1 Sandra Bullock


It’s common when growing up for children to develop crushes on the larger than life celebrities they see on TV. Many dream of the day they might even get the chance to meet that celebrity or go on a date with them. For most people that dream is unrealistic and unattainable. Unless, your name is Chris Evans because he makes his dreams come true. Sandra Bullock is one of the most famous, respected and richest celebrities in Hollywood. Additionally, she is one of the hottest and most beautiful celebrities alive. Sandra Bullock first rose to fame with her breakout performances in several memorable films, including Demolition Man, Speed and A Time To Kill. After she gained her worldwide fame she starred in numerous critically and commercially acclaimed films, including Miss Congeniality, Crash and Gravity. She won an Academy Award for her role in film The Blind Side. Growing up Chris Evans had a major crush on Sandra Bullock and got the chance to live a dream. In 2012, Chris and Sandra were seen being all cute and cuddly at the Vanity Fair party. They were also seen together going for dinner with Melissa McCarthy and Chelsea Handler. At the time E! reported that "They haven't put a title on it, but they really like each other." The relationship was never confirmed and it seems that it never got too serious. Both have since gone their separate ways.

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