16 Hottest Disney Sitcom Moms Of All Time

Sesame Street, Hasbro and Scholar’s Choice are but a few examples of brands that make products that are designed for family fun and despite how famous they are there is another one that reigns supreme. Disney has to be the king of family friendly companies as evidenced by the fact that they are famous all over the world and have created a bevy of characters that children embrace and recognize. While it is easy to argue that their most famous entities have to be the famed Disney Princesses, Ariel, Belle Tiana and Jasmine, for instance, that is but the tip of the iceberg.

While Walt’s namesake company’s bread and butter has been their theme parks and animated features, there is no doubt that they’ve made significant headway into the television realm. Between the shows that they are involved in producing, as well as the ones that are filmed specifically for Disney-branded channels, their fingers are in a lot of pies. While they typically focus on shows that are child-friendly, they are in a business where attractiveness routinely seems to be of paramount importance. That is probably why we’ve noticed a tendency for their shows to feature mothers that can easily be described as hot. Remembering all of the MILFS that have been featured on Disney Television in the past inspired us to put together this list of the 15 Hottest Disney Sitcom Moms.

In order for a television mom to qualify for consideration on this list, the series they were involved with needs to have been connected to Disney in some way. As a result, we will only be looking at shows that Disney either had a hand in producing, or those that aired on a Disney-owned channel (like ABC) during their initial airing. We also limited the series we looked at to ones that were produced in 1980 or later. Other than that the only criteria is that the mom in question has to have been a regular of the series, thus people who had a guest appearance on a series as a random child’s parent didn’t qualify.

16 Brooke Shields - Hannah Montana

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Hannah Montana is a show that is renowned for being the launching pad for the career of Miley Cyrus and for relaunching her father’s dwindling celebrity, but another famous person played a part too. A lot of people may not realize it but during the series' second and third season, famed actress and former sex symbol Brooke Shields was cast as the mother of the main character and her brother. An actress who is also a former model and intelligent woman that graduated from Princeton University, there doesn’t seem to be any positive attribute she doesn’t possess. All we can say for sure is that she will go down as one of the most dazzling celebrities in history if you ask us.

15 Leigh-Allyn Baker - Good Luck Charlie

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Another Disney series that lasted four seasons, Good Luck Charlie aired on the Disney Channel and focused on the Duncan Family as a whole. Unlike other series produced for the Disney Channel, this one wasn’t as dependent on the children and involved storylines for the whole family, which was in the midst of adjusting to the births of their fourth and fifth children. Leigh-Allyn Baker, the actress who brought Amy Duncan to life on the show also had recurring roles on series like Charmed and Will & Grace in the past on top of a long list of guest appearances on popular shows. A beautiful and busty blonde with a figure to die for, she looks magnificent whenever she appears on a red carpet or in front of a camera.

14 Courteney Cox – Cougar Town


Ok, this one is kind of a stretch, but come on, she's a TV icon. For those of you that aren’t aware, ABC television is a division of The Walt Disney Company so the shows that first aired on that channel are fair game for this list. Case in point, Cougar Town, which featured former Friends star Courteney Cox in the main role. An actress who also made a name for herself as one of the stars of the Scream franchise, she has had a huge impact on entertainment over the years. Focused on a group of aging pals who struggle to define their lives outside of being parents and husbands or wives, the series ran for a respectable six seasons despite never getting the attention it deserved. If Courteney had starred on the series years earlier, prior to transforming her face through a series of plastic surgeries, she would have likely taken the top spot on this list. Instead, she’ll have to be content with just making the cut due to her always impressive figure.

13 Nancy McKeon - Sonny with a Chance

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A show that aired on the Disney Channel, Sonny with a Chance introduced a lot of people to the talents of the popular singer Demi Lovato in her early years. Running for two years, it was eventually renamed So Random and changed its focus but prior to that, we’d gotten to know Nancy McKeon’s Cannie who played the mother of the titular character. Remembered best for her starring role in the eighties sitcom, The Facts of Life, this show proved that Nancy could still act and looked as gorgeous as ever. An actress whose resume includes roles dating back until the 1970s and up until 2011, she has been in a long list of films and shows over the years. A beautiful brunette with stunning cheekbones and a big butt, she has continued to look great throughout her career.

12 Tammy Townsend - K.C. Undercover

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Another show that was produced for the Disney Channel, K.C. Undercover is probably remembered best for starring Zendaya who is about to star in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Focused on a math genius who is wrapped up in the spy world when she discovers her parents are undercover agents who recruit her to aide them, it ran for two seasons and fifty episodes. Featuring Tammy Townsend as the aforementioned mother and spy, it was far from her first major role. Crowned Miss Talented Teen California in her youth, she would go on to have a recurring role on Family Matters as Eddie's girlfriend and played a part on Days of Our Lives for a couple of years. An alluring woman who is known to wear cleavage-baring clothes on red carpets from time to time, anyone would be lucky to have her spy on them if that meant they got to spend time with her.

11 Courtney Thorne-Smith – According to Jim

And we’re just going to come out and say it, According to Jim, on ABCwas the type of show that was so obviously hateable that it seemed like it wouldn’t last a season, let alone more. Despite that, it must have been beloved by some people as it aired for an incredible four seasons amidst much critical derision. Perhaps part of the reason it was able to show such staying power was due to the eye candy the show provided in the form of series co-star Courtney Thorne-Smith. Cast as the wife of the series lead, Jim Belushi, and a mother to three, she is another example of an attractive woman who was cast as the partner of a schlub of a man on television. Also remembered for roles in the series Melrose Place, Ally McBeal and Two and a Half Men, Courtney seemed to have the Midas touch on television and when it came to looking amazing.

10 Paula Marshall – Gary Unmarried

Gary Unmarried is the type of show that is really easy to forget ever happened but it did just that on CBS. While that channel does not fall under the umbrella of Disney ownership, this series was co-produced by ABC Studios which means that Disney had its fingers all over it and its stars were up for contention here. That is how Paula Marshall’s performance as the main character's ex-wife and mother of his kids took a spot on this list. Played by an actress you are likely to remember for a long list of supporting roles in shows and movies like Cheaper by the Dozen, Californication and The Exes, she seems to have it all going on. Both elegant and superb looking, she appears like she could seduce virtually anyone she set her sights on.

9 Patricia Richardson – Home Improvement

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A mild, family-centered ABC show that should/could have been on Disney, Home Improvement never focused on the sex appeal of its female lead, Patricia Richardson, who played the mother of the show’s main family (instead, they always relied on Pamela Anderson and then Debbie Dunning to the fulfill that role). The wife of the series lead, Tim Taylor, who was, of course, played by Tim Allen, she was mainly seen as the person who would act amazed at her husband’s ridiculous actions while also being a strong woman. However, we can’t be the only ones who always had a bit of a crush on her. A woman who clearly cleans up nicely, we can’t think of a single person who would be anything but proud to have her on their shoulder.

8 Angel Parker - Lab Rats

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A show that was also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for a time, this series lasted four seasons and aired on Disney XD. Focused on Leo Dooley, a kid who becomes friends with three super-humans after his mother marries a billionaire, the series is one of many that took advantage of the superhero trend of late. Portraying the aforementioned mother of the series, Tasha Davenport, Angel Parker had a recurring role on the series where her character was a TV reporter and becomes a mother figure for the super-humans too. Also known for guest appearances on shows like Angel, Criminal Minds, ER, Days of Our Lives, The Closer, Castle, and many more, Angel’s name is perfect considering how beautiful she is being hard to believe. With Lab Rats recently coming to an end, we can only hope that she gets more work in mature roles that show her off in all her glory soon.

7 Paget Brewster – Grandfathered

6 Danielle Fishel – Girl Meets World

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A sequel series to Boys Meets World, a show that was a touchstone in the childhood and teen years of an entire generation, it is safe to say that Danielle played a character that many saw as fantasy fodder. Eventually married to her longstanding boyfriend in the original show’s final run, Topanga was brought back to play a mother in this follow-up series. A woman who blossomed before the world’s eyes by the time she was an adult she was curvaceous enough that she eventually posed in a cover shoot for Maxim Magazine. If you question her placement so high on this list, which is something that seems unfathomable to us, take a look at that photo spread and you’ll see why she is here.

5 Cerina Vincent - Stuck in the Middle

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A show that was produced and aired on The Disney Channel, Stuck in the Middle only aired for one season but at least one aspect of it is unforgettable. It took Cerina Vincent, a woman that would turn heads no matter what room she walked into and cast her in the role of the mother. A former Miss Teen USA contestant who would look glorious in a bikini, she has shown a willingness to show off her body again and again. In fact, her first film role came in Not Another Teen Movie, where she played a foreign exchange student, she appears in the buff every time she is in the frame. On top of that, she played a highly sexual character in the cult horror film Cabin Fever as well. To describe her as exquisite somehow actually feels like an understatement.

4 Tisha Campbell-Martin - My Wife and Kids

A series that aired on ABC for five seasons, it may have starred Damon Wayans but we’re pretty sure there were a lot of people who were tuning in to see more of Tisha Campbell-Martin. Playing Janet Johnson-Kyle, the wife of the main character and mother to their three children, she may be written as the voice of reason but she also provides the eye candy. Best known by many for a similar role she played in Martin earlier in her career, there is no doubt that she is adept at playing women many people would love to be married to. A fine female for sure, when putting together this list there was no way we could leave her off.

3 María Canals Barrera - Wizards of Waverly Place

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The final Disney Channel show on this list, this time around we’re looking at a character from Wizards of Waverly Place, a series starring future singing and acting megastar, Selena Gomez. Lasting four seasons, the show focused on a trio of wizard siblings who are in competition to inherit the full use of their family's magical powers. The matriarch of the magical clan was brought to life by María Canals Barrera, an actress who you are likely to recognize even if you don’t know her name. An accomplished voiceover actress, she has also played guest roles in shows like The Big Bang Theory, The Loop, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and many more. One of her greatest strengths is that she is hard to forget once you’ve seen her. A beautiful woman who carries herself in a confident manner that makes it seem like she knows what she wants and how to get it, there is something supremely sexy about her energy and body.

2 Malin Åkerman – Trophy Wife

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When you name your show Trophy Wife and have it star a woman who people may think is just that if she were married to an older man, then you have to go all out on the hotness meter when casting her. Luckily for them, and this list, the producers of this ABC series did just that when they decided to cast Malin Åkerman in the titular role. An actress who is the type of beauty that inspires people to write odes to her looks, she made a name for herself in movies like The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen and The Proposal. Seeming to have a sense of humor about herself and the world too, which makes the clear pick for our runner-up slot.

1 Christina Moore - Jessie

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A sitcom that aired on the Disney Channel for four seasons between 2011 and 2015, Jessie focused on a girl from Texas, played by Debby Ryan, who traveled to New York in order to try her hand at acting, and then falls into being a nanny to some very wealthy and hilarious children. When it came time to cast that family's mother, producers had a tough task at hand. A character that is a former supermodel who has turned into a successful businesswoman, she had to be gorgeous and able to come off as tough and smart. Turning to Christina Moore to play the character was nothing short of a genius move as she could handily pull off all three. Their only mistake, only including the actress in a mere seven episodes of the show.

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