16 Hot Photos Of Jennifer Love Hewitt That Will Make You Miss The '90s

When we say that these photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt will make you miss the ‘90s, it’s not because she peaked in the ‘90s. Hewitt is still hot as eve

Just to get one thing clear from the start - when we say that these photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt will make you miss the ‘90s, it’s not because she peaked in the ‘90s. Hewitt is still hot as ever and there are even photos in this article that prove that. When we say you'll miss the '90s, it's because Hewitt was everywhere in the ‘90s. She was in teen horror films, teen romantic comedies, and long-standing television shows. Literally, any screen you looked at in the ‘90s had Jennifer Love Hewitt on it.

Now, Hewitt can mostly just be seen on the small screen, which is one of the sadder parts of 2017. Even though the 37-year-old seems to have taken a step back career-wise, her personal life seems to be thriving more than ever. In 2013, Hewitt married her The Client List costar Brian Hallisay. Since then the couple has welcomed a daughter and a son into the world.

So, how hot is Jennifer Love Hewitt? Well, the plot of Can’t Hardly Wait was all about how she was the most attractive girl ever. In 2008, TV Guide named Hewitt the sexiest woman on television and that was back when Blake Lively was on Gossip Girl. She beat Blake Lively! Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot as hell, guys. Below are 16 photos to remind you just how hot Jennifer Love Hewitt is, y'know, in case you forgot or something...


The question is out as to whether that’s a bikini or a matching underwear set. Since Jennifer Love Hewitt is posing on a beach, we’ll guess bikini, but it really does look like a matching underwear set too. Well, that part actually doesn’t matter all that much. What does matter is how smokin’ Hewitt looking in this photo. God bless the ‘90s and, y'know, Hewitt's insanely hot natural figure.

Hewitt moved to Los Angeles at a young age for her career. In her early days, she booked more than 20 commercials, some of which were for Mattel toys. Her first big break came from a Disney television show. Yes, Hewitt is yet another Disney star who went on to grow up into a gorgeous woman. The kids variety show was called Kids Incorporated and ran from 1989 – 1991.


There is so much wrong with what Jennifer Love Hewitt is wearing. So very much wrong.

She’s rocking crimped Britney Spears-style hair, which was such a thing in the ‘90s and early ‘00s. We can’t totally fault Hewitt for that one. But, we can definitely fault her for that tan choker with two pink feathers at the end. Between the bedazzled pants, grandma’s purse, and stripper heels, it’s just a mess. However, Hewitt is so hot that she still looks good. Yes, the outfit may be the hideous, but Hewitt is still hot while wearing it. It definitely helps that her body was in incredible shape. Look at her abs! She almost looks hot enough to forget about how ugly the outfit is. This just goes to show that even ugly outfits can happen to the hottest people.


We won’t lie to you. 2001’s Heartbreakers was not the best movie ever made, and no it technically wasn't in the '90s, but is also wasn’t the worst. The reviews of the film are pretty split, with some critics trashing it and other saying that it’s a fun escapist movie. The film starred Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver, who played two con women. The women are a mother-daughter team who trick old, lonely men out of their money. Like we said, fun escapist film. On a $35 million budget, the film only grossed $57 million, which doesn't necessarily make it a box office success.

All of that aside, that photo is what Jennifer Love Hewitt looked like in the film. Yeah, I know. It’s surprising that the film didn’t do better in the box office. I mean, look at her.


Jennifer Love Hewitt bounced around a bit before finding a home on Party of Five. The ‘90s drama followed five orphans, who were thrust into responsibility after their parents died in a car accident. Hewitt joined the show in the second season and stayed on through until the end. She played the girlfriend of Bailey, the second oldest sibling played by Scott Wolf.

The show also launched the career of Neve Campbell, another ‘90s hottie who went on to star in the Scream franchise, much like how Hewitt starred in the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise. No word on whether the actresses are friends, but they do seem to have a lot in common. The oldest sibling was played by Matthew Fox, who would go on to play Jack on Lost. Apparently Part of Five was a great show to launch your career.

Oh, and fur and underwear by the pool are totally practical. Not that we’re complaining or anything.


Thank the style gods that Jennifer Love Hewitt learned how to dress herself, or more specifically that her stylist learned how to dress her. There’s no bedazzled pants, grandma’s purse or stripper heels in sight. Hooray!

Hewitt is wearing an elegant blush dress that is cut low enough to show off her ample figure. To be honest, Hewitt doesn’t even really need a dress to highlight her cleavage, because it’s pretty obviously. She may have one of the best natural figures in Hollywood.

This photo was taken at the premiere of 2008’s 27 Dresses. Hewitt was not in the film, which starred Katherine Heigl as a woman who is always a bridesmaid and never a bride. It plays out in typical romantic comedy fashion, with Heigl marrying James Marsden’s character, a jaded reporter, at the end. While it’s a fine movie as far as romantic comedies go, it probably could have used some of Hewitt’s sparkle.


If there is one thing that can make a bed look even more inviting, it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt in a barely buttoned button-down. That is one bed that would be hard to leave in the morning.

After Party of Five ended in 1999, Hewitt starred in the spin-off Time of Your Life. The show followed her Party of Five character Sarah Reeves Merrin. In the show, Sarah moves to NYC to find out more about her biological parents. Jennifer Garner costarred as Sarah’s roommate and struggling actress. It was cancelled due to low ratings, as almost all spin-off shows are.

Hewitt’s next television role was Audrey Hepburn in 2000’s The Audrey Hepburn Movie. While she may not have been starring in huge hits at this time, she was still a wildly popular television actress, which helped her land a contract as the spokesperson for Nokia.


Jennifer Love Hewitt may have never played a cowgirl in her film and television shows, but she obviously should have. Actually, there’s still time. Someone cast Hewitt as a cowgirl, stat!

After achieving television fame for her role on Party of Five, Hewitt transitioned to the big screen with 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer. The film starred four of the hottest young actors of the time – Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippee, and Freddie Prinze Jr. You don’t get more ‘90s than that cast.

Gellar played the popular prom queen, while Hewitt was the pretty, nice girl. On a modest budget of $17 million, the film grossed $125.2 million, making it a success. While the film did not get great reviews, some critics praised the use of teen stereotypes.


Since we were just talking about the movie, we thought we’d include a still… because, y’know, Jennifer Love Hewitt looks hot. Wearing a teeny blue tank top that is low-cut and paper thin, Hewitt leave little to the imagination. You can literally see her bra through the shirt. Oh, and if you didn’t notice how low-cut the shirt is, she’s wearing a dangly necklace to draw your eyes there. The point is she looked really hot in this movie.

The original film did so well, that the sequel, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, came out the following year. Both Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. returned for the sequel. Unfortunately, it received worse reviews than the original and didn't perform as well at the box office. Still, it had Hewitt in it so, at the very least, it had that going for it.


Usually you open a closet in order to find something to wear. If you were to open a closet and find Jennifer Love Hewitt looking this good, clothes would probably be the last thing on your mind.

Party of Five wasn’t the only iconic ‘90s show on which Hewitt appeared. She also appeared on an episode of Boy Meets World entitled “And Then There Was Sean.” This episode spoofed teen slasher films of the time, so Hewitt’s cameo was perfect. She played Jennifer Love Fefferman and her character was basically just there to scream the entire time. The episode is actually one of the highest rated Boy Meets World episodes ever. It was hilarious in the way it poked fun at the teen horror films of the time, but it also revealed deeper truths about Sean.


Jennifer Love Hewitt looks good just lounging around. Her grey tank is low enough to show off her bright blue bra and... wowza. Her hair also looks great. Hewitt has many great features and her long, brown hair is one of them. Of course, it’s sometimes hard to notice her hair when you’re staring at her figure.

In 1998, Hewitt went from starring in teen slashers to starring in teen comedies with Can’t Hardly Wait. The film follows teens throughout a house party on the night of their graduation. The films man protagonist, played by Ethan Embry, has one goal and that is to tell Amanda Beckett (Jennifer Love Hewitt) that he’s in love with her. Her character is basically the perfect girl, beautiful, smart, and kind. If people weren’t already in love with Hewitt, they certainly fell for her after this role. The film only grossed $25 million at the box office, but has gone on to become a cult classic.

2 She Slays In A Green Dress


Jennifer Love Hewitt has had many great moments on the red carpet, but this may be a high point. At 2011’s premiere of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, Hewitt walked the red carpet and looked stunning in a dress that fit her like a glove. The bright green color also complimented her complexion quite well. Her hair looked great too but, like we said, it’s kind of hard to notice her hair when you’re starring at her other features.

This was only a few years after paparazzi had caught Hewitt on the beach in 2007. If you don’t remember those infamous photos, they featured Hewitt and her cellulite. People went crazy over the photos that were clearly taken at an unfortunate angle while she wasn’t paying attention. In the years since, famous women have tried to be much more body positive, with Chrissy Teigen often posting her cellulite and stretch marks to social media.


Not everyone could pull off a blazer like that. I mean, it’s a little bit much if we’re being honest. However, Jennifer Love Hewitt looks super hot in this blazer. Of course, it helps that the blazer isn’t buttoned and she’s showing off her amazing body. Her hair, again, looks totally flawless, but we doubt that her hair is what people really notice. We kind of feel bad for her hair. It’s always getting the shaft.

After Time of Your Life was cancelled, Hewitt took to feature films. She starred in 2001’s Heartbreakers, followed by 2002’s The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan. Despite Chan and Hewitt’s best efforts, the film fell flat. It did gross $104 million at the box office, which isn’t a terrible run. She went on to star in an indie film If Only and Garfield, both released in 2004.

1 Unbuttoned


Are you starting to see a trend here? Jennifer Love Hewitt is a big fan of forgetting to button up her shirt all the way. For that, men around the world can be thankful. Though, if you’re built like Hewitt, why bother buttoning up your shirt all the way, right? All shirts should always be unbuttoned on Hewitt. It's what the universe intended when it gifted her with that body.

Hewitt’s film flops continued. In 2005, she starred in the indie romantic comedy, The Truth About Love. She followed that up with 2006’s Garfield 2. While she was so perfectly cast in films like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Can’t Hardly Wait, it seemed that Hollywood no longer knew what to do with her when she was no longer a teenager. They should have just put her in an unbuttoned button-down, made a movie about it, and called it a day.


Since we’re talking about a low point in Hewitt’s career, we thought we’d remind you of the high point. This was the yearbook photo used in Can’t Hardly Wait. Sure, it’s not too revealing. It’s not even all that sexy, but Jennifer Love Hewitt looks perfect. She looks like the most popular girl in school who everyone wanted to date, which was basically the character she played in the movie.

Fear not, Hewitt fans. She found success on television once again. In 2005, Hewitt’s Ghost Whisperer premiered on CBS. In the show, Hewitt plays a woman who can communicate with the dead, hence the name Ghost Whisperer. The show ran for 107 episodes, finally getting cancelled in 2010. During its time on the air, it received many awards.


Speaking of high points, check out Hewitt in this green bikini. Her figure is gorgeous, as always. She also looks fresh-faced and youthful. It’s basically how women everywhere hope to look in a bikini.

In 2010, Hewitt went on to star in Lifetime’s TV movie The Client List. Hewitt played a wife and mother of three children. When he husband loses his job, she must find a way to make ends meet. She takes a job at a massage parlor, only to realize the clients are looking for more than a massage. After being hesitant, she soon gives into the prostitution because of her dire need for money. When the parlor gets busted, her character makes a deal and hands over the names of her clients. After spending five weeks in jail, she returns home to find all her clients’ wives at her house. She’s afraid they are angry, but they actually just want sex advice. I know, the movie was insane, but what can you really expect from a Lifetime film? For a Lifetime film, though, it received more praise than usual. It even scored Hewitt her only Golden Globe nomination.


If your jaw is on the floor, we totally get it. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks stunning in this promotional photo for The Client List. Her body is just flawless, and can we all look at her hair? Girlfriend rocks some great hair!

After the success of the TV movie, Lifetime premiered a television series with a similar plot also starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. It only ran for two seasons, but the show had great promotional photos. I mean, just look at that picture. Who wouldn’t tune into this show after seeing that photo? After The Client List was cancelled, Hewitt went on to join the cast of Criminal Minds, but left when she became pregnant with her second child. She was written off the show in a way that left it open for her character to make more appearances.

On top of a successful career in the entertainment industry, Hewitt also released several albums and a New York Times Bestselling book. There you have it, Jennifer Love Hewitt can do it all and she has a great body... and a great head of hair.

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16 Hot Photos Of Jennifer Love Hewitt That Will Make You Miss The '90s