16 Hot Celebs We Wish Were Not So Innocent On Instagram

Let’s get real here folks. Social media, especially an image-based platform like Instagram, was meant to be revealing. Insta wasn’t invented so you could take a selfie at your grandma’s birthday party. It was invented so you could show the world how hot you look in a bikini. Some celebrities figured out the correct usage right away, while others are still posting some pretty lame stuff.

The hot actresses, models, and musicians on this list need to up their game. They have the assets to show off, but they don’t show off enough. They need to amp it up. Look at pros like Kylie Jenner or Ariel Winter. Both of these brunettes have upped their brand by showing Insta flesh. Others, like Sara Underwood, have made an entire career from showing the goods on Insta.

We love the stars on this list, and we want to see them do well. We want to watch their careers thrive and flourish. In some cases, showing a lot of skin on Insta can get you noticed, and that’s what celebrities need more than anything. We’re just offering some kindly career advice, ladies. So, please show off your wonderful curves ASAP.

16 Hilary Duff

We all know Hilary Duff from the old Lizzie McGuire days. Even those of us who didn’t watch the show would easily recognize her in a lineup. She has grown up quite a bit since the Lizzie days, but her career hasn’t really taken off that well. She has released some music and starred on some television shows, but none of it has gotten her to the next level. Then, why are we talking about her now? Well, for one, she’s hot, and we grew up with her which makes her hotter. Secondly, she recently went through a divorce. See, it’s drama that fuels the fires in Hollywood. Hilary was interviewed and discussed the woes of single motherhood. Now, that’s over though, and Hilary needs more drama. How about posting an “accidental” wardrobe malfunction? Or let’s get a closer look at her beach bikinis that the paparazzi shoots all the time. Hilary has posted some cute selfies and hot bikinis here and there, but it is rare and watered down by boring and innocent nonsense.

15 Peyton List

Here is a girl who’s now 19 and trying to look hot and get more famous, but she needs a little help. Her insta shots are still quite safe, and she needs to take it to the next level. You can flip through and see that she’s trying to look good. Don’t get me wrong, though. Oftentimes, she succeeds, but more often than not, she doesn’t. She’s another Disney star in the long line of Disney stars who’s trying to shed her Disney image, while not upsetting the Disney execs too much, since she is still starring in their shows. We know what you’re thinking; not another Disney star gone bad. Aren’t there enough of those already? And the answer to that is NO. There is never enough. These beautiful slightly skilled actresses will keep coming, and we will welcome them with open arms. Hey, they can even cut a record and we’ll never buy it, but we’ll enjoy gazing at their promiscuous album art.

14 Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is a celeb that is so professional on her Insta. And being professional comes off way less attractive than even the innocent pics. Jules is way too busy hyping up her dance show with her brother, instead of showing off her wonderful dancer physique. Jules and her bro, Derek, are kinda creepy anyway, right? There are certain times when the choreography calls for a tango dip or a slow ballroom waltz, and that’s romantic, which is fine since it is a part of the dance. But then, there are other times when the choreography calls for “grab Jules by her rear end and hoist her into the air.” That’s borderline sibling-creepy, but it even gets worse than that. Sometimes, there are things like “passionate embraces.” That’s when the two siblings are hot and sweaty and huffing and puffing, barely clothed in their dancing garb. Then, they press their bodies together and hold each other still until their pulses slow down. We don’t need to see that on Insta. That’s not innocent. It’s not even professional. It’s just yuck. More yachting bikini shots please. That is all.

13 Kim Kardashian West

Innocent and Kim Kardashian are words that don’t normally belong in the same sentence together. Well, they shouldn’t. Kim by definition is not innocent. She made her big break by leaking her naughty tape with Ray J. Everybody knows that promiscuity is what made her famous. But, here’s the reason why she made it to this list—her star is fading fast. Kim needs to get back on board with the style that made her what she is. Lately, her insta page is nothing but makeup samples and face-shading techniques. Gone are the smoking hot pics that built her dynasty. Kim brought her mom and sisters with her, and now they are all more popular than she is. Kylie, as mentioned in the intro, is the insta queen now. Sure, she posts some makeup crap too, but her account is also packed with bikinis and other attractive images. You can look good and promote your products too. It’s all about balance.

12 Gigi Hadid

Here’s a girl who had the world in the palm of her hand, but she has since dropped the ball. She already has some gorgeous stuff on her page, but she needs to amp it up. The Gigi situation is much like that of Kim Kardashian. Gigi is getting shown up by her younger sister, Bella, who’s taking the reins and posting more seductive material than most girls. Bella’s account rivals that of Kylie Jenner or Ariel Winter. Gigi is nowhere near that level. Enough of the Snapchats with the cute kitty nose. That is not hot. And how about all the throwback pics? Can we please make a limit as to how many baby shots you can display of yourself? Unless you are close friends or family, all kid pics look alike. It’s a goofy grin with some grainy photo definition and poor lighting. That is not hot. Step it up, Gigi. You were the star first. Show your sister who is boss.

11 Lindsay Lohan

What in the world is she doing on this list? Lindsay Lohan has got to be one of the most infamously washed-up stars in the history of Hollywood. Yes, this is true, but she is still trying. She’s got a new TV show with Ron! Although the entire world seems to be against her, LiLo still keeps trying to succeed. And as part of this desperation for renewed success, LiLi opened a new Insta account. The problem is that the images are tired, boring, and way too innocent for a starlet with a long list of partners. So, what are you waiting for, Lindsay? Where is your best bikini? Lohan is way prettier than Insta celebs like Kylie Jenner. Lohan just needs to flaunt it. Stop playing to the serious actress mold, and let loose. We’ve seen the goods in men’s mags already, but this time you get to take the pics yourself, unedited.

10 Olivia Holt

Ah yes, yet another Disney princess who is old enough to take on her womanly role and follow the leader into bikini land. You may remember Olivia Holt from Kickin It. She was also on the Disney sitcom I Didn’t Do It. And Disney isn’t done with her yet. Soon, she’ll star in the upcoming series Cloak and Dagger, which is based on the Marvel comic. This young blonde has been busy as hell lately, and she’s grown up a ton. But the problem is, she hasn’t really shown much off on Insta. Maybe she’s just playing it safe because she is still under the Disney umbrella. Or maybe she still has a strong sense of girly innocence. But those days are over, Olivia. It’s time to make a name for yourself. Show some skin. If you did a no-top shot on insta, it’d be all over Extra and Entertainment Tonight. Another Disney star gone bad. But it’s all a stunt. And suddenly, people are talking about you.

9 Kate Upton

This name may be a surprise but it’s true. The once red-hot Upton has gone cold on her Insta account. She still posts a ton, but it’s all awards show, red-carpet type of garb. Where did all the bikinis go? We shouldn’t have to wait until a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue comes out in order to see the goods. What is this? 1993? They invented Insta so there could be a constant stream of exposure here. There are a million hot blondes out there, Kate, and you are losing your relevance. Take it up a notch. Remind the world why you turned our heads to begin with. More bikinis are needed on this page. Here’s a tip: stop taking selfies with people we’ve never heard of. We don’t know those people, and the shots are not flattering for anybody. Also, we know you are dating Justin Verlander, but we don’t need a shot of your seats every time you go to a ballgame.

8 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara has one of the hottest bikini bodies in the world. She can even outperform SI models like Kate Upton. As an actress, she is above and beyond the hottest there is. There is no doubt about that. However, her Insta page is no good, though. Talk about innocent. She is a grown woman. She should know better than to post all this boring everyday junk. How can she choose the most uninteresting images on earth? She posted several shots of a pool party, a pool party which did not include herself in a bikini. She was more interested in the inflatable pool toys than showing off her assets. And we don’t care one bit about her food. Why do people take pictures of what they eat? This trend needs to stop soon. Insta is for showing off attractive flesh. Go to Pinterest if you wanna share a recipe, okay?

7 Lady Gaga

Yes, it’s amazing to admit, but Lady Gaga has turned innocent on us. Here’s a woman who had the shock appeal turned all the way up. Then, when she changed her style, once again, she kinda got dull. If you are imitating Madonna, don’t forget the chapter about removing all of the clothing. For somebody who has touted herself as a creative power, there are an awful lot of “selfies in a car.” That is just lazy. Maybe that’s the problem here. It’s not playing innocent; it’s getting bored of social media. Celebs like Gaga are tired of posting and posting and posting. Well, the only answer to that is to spice it up. Get more adventurous. Have fun with it again. Take it all off and get kicked off the internet. Shock us again, Gaga. We dare you.

6 Miley Cyrus

Talk about Lady Gaga and stars who got bored of shock appeal, but what about Miley? Since when does she play innocent? Can we have the crazy Miley back now, please? Okay, we all know about her Disney past. She did Hannah Montana, then fell in love with a Hemsworth. Then, he broke the engagement and she went nuts. It’s a classic broken heart scenario. Britney did it too, when Timberlake dumped her. Now that Miley is back with the Hemsworth, all is calm again. The madness is over. Her album art for her latest single, “Malibu,” was as mild as a summer breeze. It’s like Miley stepped out of a time machine, and the twerking episode never existed. She still has a couple crazy moments, but the unpredictable has gone predictable. Where is the wild Miley? We were slightly annoyed when she was crazy, but now that the crazy is gone, we kinda miss it.

5 Dove Cameron

What? Another Disney blonde? Have you ever noticed how similar these girls look? Take a lineup of Dove Cameron, Peyton List, and Ariel Winter. Granted the latter is a brunette and did subsidiary ABC instead of straight up Disney Channel, but are these girls all using the same makeup or something? They all seem to have the same high cheekbones, dark eyes, and big lips. This is the face we’re talking about here. Ariel has a much curvier body, and perhaps, that’s why she has set herself apart. Plus, she is obviously not afraid to show it all. As mentioned in the intro, Ariel has set a standard of showing off that we wholeheartedly applaud. Dove needs to get going with the same type of bikini yoga posts, and Kylie Jenner copycatting. Liv and Maddie is over, Dove. You better start splashing some controversy or you’ll end up being forgotten.

4 Zendaya

Spider-Man Homecoming had a huge opening, and Zendaya stunned at the red carpet premiere. She wore a pink gown that was so leggy that it nearly broke the lens and whoever the other girl in that movie was...well...nobody even remembers her. But the problem is that Zendaya’s Insta is basically a rerun of the red carpet stuff. There is nothing we haven’t seen before. Come on, Z, loosen up. Social media is supposed to reveal a side of you that the public doesn’t normally see. We are supposed to feel like we know a personal side of you after looking at your account. But the fact is that Z’s page isn’t innocent, it’s just plain cold. There is no personality here at all. It’s so clean and so professional that it’s boring. Somebody has this girl locked into a mold that is too pro to be true. Where are the beach selfies? Where is the fun? Come on Z, we know you can do better.

3 Taylor Swift

A lot of dudes might laugh at this entry, but for some reason, Taylor Swift has the reputation of being not the hottest coal in the fire. But that’s exactly why she’s on this list. She has been so innocent for so long. It’s time for her to have a nervous breakdown of sorts. How long can you go on being the proper role model? How long can you talk about your cute cats? How long can you be appealing to grandmas, for crying out loud? It’s time for Tay-Tay to straight up snap. She needs to take everything off and go rogue. Let the haters be shocked and awed by that physique that they so often ridicule. Take a page out of the Madonna book, reveal everything physical, and then be free to show your soul. Something has got to give here. Taylor is in the biggest lull of her career and an Insta reveal is the fastest and easiest way out.

2 Katy Perry

Soon we’ll be saying, “Remember when Katy Perry was hot?” Yep, it’s true. The once red-hot star has missed her mark. She has teased us for about a decade already, and the future is not looking like we’ll ever get a decent reveal. Katy Perry is all grown up now and returning to her conservative childhood roots. She has found way too much interest in the political realm, and the Insta posts are just getting duller and duller. She’s not playing innocent anymore. But what’s worse is she’s playing grownup. She’s too good for the T and A game. No more whip cream-dispensing bras. Come on, Katy, how about one last hoorah? Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen. Katy is likely to join the too-cool-for-social-media hotties like Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence. These women are gorgeous and very outspoken against basically social media as a whole.

1 Kaley Cuoco

We can start with the name Norman Cook. Who the heck is that? Well, it’s Kaley Cuoco’s page name. She really fooled us on that, right? And then, once you find her page, it’s rather difficult to find her image. What’s going on, Kaley? Where are the bikinis? Where are the hot workout pics? All she has posted lately are images of her riding horses. She’s all covered in riding pants and a helmet, and it’s so far removed from her acting persona that it’s really not that interesting. You may have won some kind of horse ribbons, but you’ll always be Penny to us. Kaley does have some nice bikini pics, but even those are marred by some super goofy faces. Kaley is revealing her personal side, and that’s what social media is all about. But it can be both—hot and personal. You’re lovely already, Kaley, but we just can’t get enough.

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