16 Friends Characters Who Were Probably Serial Killers

Those late night binge-watching sessions have opened my eyes to just how totally weird some of the characters on Friends were.

Friends was one of the biggest television sitcoms to have ever happened. And, that isn’t an opinion, but a simple fact. Friends was HUGE. Like, Game of Thrones huge. Airing for 236 episodes, the NBC sitcom raked up award nominations and wins every single season it aired. It was notorious for paying the six leads – Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer – a whopping $1 million per episode during the final season. Oh, and 52.5 million people tuned in for the finale in 2004. Ten years later, Friends still seems to be just as relevant as ever, with Netflix paying $118 million to acquire steaming rights for the series. Whether you liked the show or not, you have to admit that this show was an actual event.

All that being said, Friends was kind of a weird show. This is not to say I don’t love Friends, because I totally do. But, those late night binge-watching sessions have opened my eyes to just how totally weird some of the characters on Friends were. Yes, the main characters all had their quirks. Yes, the main character even went off the deep end sometimes – I’m talking about Ross, obviously. Between these quirky leads and the flat-out INSANE guest characters, there were a few characters on Friends who were most likely serial killers... Like, they were 100% serial killers with anywhere between 8 to 12 heads in their refrigerator at any given time.

If you're wondering who the serial killers on Friends were, EASY! The below 16 characters were 100% secret serial killers. Read on and change the way you watch the series forever.

Gunther, Obviously

I’ll start with the most obvious Friends serial killer: Gunther. Now, I love me some Gunther and I also think he was seriously under-utilized on the show, but I would not want to be caught in a dark alley with Gunther late at night. Actually, that’s not true. I don’t think Gunther would be the "I’m going to lurk in an alleyway and kill rando people" type. Instead, I see Gunther finally snapping and killing every single friend - Monica, Chandler, the whole damn gang! Gunther would clearly kill Ross in the most brutal fashion because Ross dated, cheated on, and had a baby with Rachel. As for Gunther’s love/obsession, he’d probably tie up Rachel and keep her in his basement forever, except no one in New York has a basement so I don’t know where he’d keep her.

Long story short, Gunther was heading for a major SNAP, and I wouldn’t want to be in Central Perk when that happened. Also, the fact that Gunther knows literally everything that has ever happened in the lives of the friends characters means he could probably somehow get away with this, right?

7 Eddie Menuek

Gunther may have had an unhealthy obsession with Rachel and been excluded for comical effect, but he was fairly harmless. Eddie Menuek, on the other hand, was an actual scary character. Eddie Menuek was honestly a psychopath, like a real psychopath. In case you don't remember Eddie Menuek (aka the - BY FAR - weirdest guest character ever), he was Chandler's roommate. When Joey started making that soap opera dough, he moved out, leaving Chandler to find another roommate. Enter Eddie Menuek.

Eddie Menuek was a guy who was aggressive, obsessive, and overall unable to connect with other human beings. He watched Chandler sleep. He accused Chandler of hooking up with his ex-girlfriend and killing his pet fish. When Chandler tried to kick him out, Eddie simply refused to go. Then – in maybe the biggest twist and most perplexing part of his character – Chandler finally kicks Eddie out by saying that he never lived there... and Eddie just says okay and leaves. It’s… I don’t know. I have no words for this character. But, I do know that someone who behaves like Eddie Menuek behaved on Friends is not okay. Eddie Menuek was an unstable person, who would kill anywhere between 4 to 26 people just for funsies.

Danny (Formally Known As The Yeti)

Danny was one of Rachel’s many, MANY weirdo crushes. Also, just so we can all be clear, someone who looks like Jennifer Aniston would not be dating guys like this. I’m pretty sure the Jennifer Anistons of the world date guys like Prince Harry and Brad Pitt (obviously). Anyway, Rachel bumps into Danny in the basement and is terrified of him... because he has facial hair. It was such a Rachel Green thing. But, once Danny shaved, Rachel was all about Danny and his clean-shaven face. Again, this is such a Rachel Green thing.

Things with Danny go awkwardly, as most the romantic pursuits on Friends did. Things then get even more awkward when Danny’s sister is visiting and they apparently have a really close relationship. Like, not okay close... like, taking baths together close. Danny’s neglect of social norms makes us think this is potential serial killer. I mean, sibling baths aren't cool anymore after the age of maybe four or something. I don't know the age, but it definitely gets weird at some point way before your 20s. Also, Danny was just kind of an asshole, so there’s that too.

Honorable Mention: Because Rachel loved weirdos, Ben Stiller’s Tommy also makes this list. Tommy was the guy who loved to freak out and scream at random people. He was probs a serial killer too. Rachel Green, you need to learn how to pick 'em.

6 Ugly Naked Guy

Since we’re talking about social norms, I’ll throw Ugly Naked Guy into the mix. This was a guy who was naked ALL. THE. TIME. He was naked literally every single time the friends saw him. He was naked so much that he earned the nickname Ugly Naked Guy. I mean, you have to be naked a lot to earn that nickname.

Now, do I think being naked is a sign that you’re a serial killer? No, of course not. Being naked is awesome. I love being naked and we should all love being naked, but there’s also a time and place for being naked. That time is not all the time and that place is not in front of a window. Also, let us not forget that Ross had to get naked with Ugly Naked Guy in order to get his swagger apartment. He even loved when other people were naked.

Why does this dude love nudity so much while living in NYC? MOVE TO MAINE.

Pete Becker With His Murder Money

Pete Becker was maybe the richest character to ever be on the show. He was like a Mark Zuckerberg type before Mark Zuckerberg was a type. Okay, I guess the pre-Mark Zuckerberg type would have just been Bill Gates, but whatever. The point is that Pete Becker was mega rich and had a mega crush on Monica. He liked Monica so much that he bought a restaurant so that she could run it, all in hopes that she’d fall in love with him in the process. Dwell on that level of obsessiveness for a minute. He bought a restaurant because he had a crush on a girl. That's some Gunther sh*t right there.

The real scary part of Pete Becker’s story came when he was determined to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion, at which point he ended up in a full body cast. Despite the minor setback of the full body cast, Pete was still dead-set on becoming the Ultimate Fighting Champion. That kind of obsession Pete Becker has is a red flag. You have to know when to give up on being the Ultimate Fighting Champion or Monica's boyfriend or both.

Also, Pete Becker totally had enough money to get away with murder. Just sayin', he had that murder money.

Phoebe Buffay

I mean, OF COURSE Phoebe Buffay made the serial killer list. If anyone of the main cast members was a serial killer, it would totally be Phoebe. Phoebe was the bohemian character, who worked as a masseuse and singer during the course of the show. Though, I’m not sure if Phoebe made any real money with her singing at Central Perk and other various locations. Actually, I'm not sure how Phoebe, like, ever made her rent but that's an issue for another article.

While Phoebe may have been kind and wise during many of her scenes on the show, Phoebe would also openly talk about her time on the streets. Phoebe retained some of the street hardness. I mean, remember the time she took the Christmas donation job too seriously? On top of her street cred, considering all Phoebe's childhood trauma from her mother's suicide, she has serial killer written all over her.

Honorable Mention: Remember Phoebe’s cop boyfriend named Gary? He seemed totally sweet and loving... until he shot a bird at point blank just for chirping in the morning. That is seriously serial killer behavior.

Ursula Buffay

If Phoebe could have potentially been a serial killer, her twin sister Ursula definitely could have been a serial killer. Ursula’s uncaring personality was often played up for humor, but it was also a little... scary. Like, she was way too cold. She didn't even really care about Phoebe, her twin sister. They shared a womb! Oh, and remember that one time Ursula tossed their mother’s suicide note out, without even having Phoebe read it? That's some serial killer style stuff right there.

Oh, let's also remember the time Ursula starred in porn, which is totally cool if that’s what she wants to do, but then she used Phoebe’s name as her stage name. Ursula was manipulative, uncaring, and cold. Though, Ursula would probably just blame her serial killing spree on ol’ Phoebe, sending Phoebe to jail for her crimes. That's how Ursula rolls, y'all.

5 Mr. Heckles

Mr. Heckles didn’t have the longest run on the show, but he sure did make an impression with his serial killer behavior.

Mr. Heckles was the guy who lived below Monica and Rachel’s apartment. He would also always be upset about the amount of noise they made in their apartment, which seemed to be because he was just a grumpy old man thing. Or, was Mr. Heckles more than just another grumpy old man? His most obvious serial killer move was in "The One With the Black Out" (S1, E7), during which Monica and Phoebe are trying to find a lost cat’s owner… and Mr. Heckles tries to say he's the owner of the cat, when he's actually not at all. He tried to steal that cat! Mr. Heckles, what were you going to do with that poor, poor cat, you sicko?

Yes, he may have just been your run-of-the-mill grump old man, but the dude also seemed like he was trying to steal random cats and that’s pretty alarming.

4 Fun Bobby

Back to more weirdos that the main characters dated, mostly because there were just so many weirdos that the main characters dates. In fact, considering what crazies they were often dating, it's actually surprising that none of the main characters ended up murdered. Though, I guess that wouldn't make for a funny episode. "The One Where Monica Gets Chopped Up Into Little Pieces"? Yeah, that's way too dark for NBC.

One of those crazies was Fun Bobby. Fun Bobby is actually a completely tragic character, as Monica realized that Fun Bobby is only “fun” because he’s always completely hammered. Monica confronts Fun Bobby about his drinking and he decides to quit for her. At this point, Monica develops a drinking habit of her own to deal with how lame Fun Bobby is without the fun juice. Since 70% of serial killers deal with substance abuse, I had to include Fun Bobby. I mean, why was Fun Bobby drinking so much? What was he trying to repress, you guys?

Susie Moss And Her Underpants

Julia Roberts doesn’t normally play serial killers, but she totally may have during her guest-spot on Friends. Roberts played Susie Moss, Chandler’s former classmate. Susie seemed like the perfect woman, y’know because Julia Roberts is friggin’ playing her. Susie, the perfect woman, convinces Chandler to wear her underwear to dinner. At said dinner, Susie tells Chandler she wants to get it on in the bathroom. Way to go for Chandler, right? Well, not right. The whole thing was an elaborate scheme to get Chandler stuck in women’s underwear and only women’s underwear at the restaurant. It was all payback for embarrassing her in grade school. UM, someone who carries a grudge for twenty or so years… yeah, that’s serial killer behavior. You don’t cross Susie Moss and live to talk about it.

Honorable Mention: Will Colbert, aka Brad Pitt on the funniest Thanksgiving episode ever. Like Susie Moss, Will Colbert holds a grudge for a really long time. But, at least Will wasn't actively trying to get back at Rachel.

Erika Ford, Joey's Biggest Fan

First of all, this character spelled her name Erika instead of Erica, so that’s a sign of her insanity right there and then. I mean, who honestly spells it Erika? I won’t condemn her solely for spelling her name the weird way. No, her character does some pretty outrageous things that make you know she’s probably a serial killer because, after all, this is a full-grown woman who doesn’t understand the concept of television. She thinks Joey actually IS Dr. Drake Ramore. She can’t understand how he was inside her television but then back at his own apartment so quickly. Oh, and she really doesn’t like it when Joey/Dr. Drake Ramore goes and kissed someone else on television.

The extent that Erika is out of touch with reality is kind of insane. Girlfriend may have a bunch of "television characters" she’s killed before Dr. Drake Ramore. But, shout out to Brooke Shields who plays the whole crazy thing perfectly.

Wendy, Stealer Of Ham

Friends was a real fan of the crazy-love-interest thing. Almost every single love interest on the show was bat-sh*t insane. One of these (almost) love interests was Selma Blair’s Wendy. Wendy was Chandler’s co-worker in Tulsa, where he was spending one fateful Christmas and pretty bummed about it. Because all the Tulsa employees were bummed about it, Wendy goes and steals the ham from the Christmas party a floor down. Girlfriend clearly did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. This was proved to be true when she came onto Chandler HARD. In fact, she came onto Chandler so hard that he ended up deciding to quit his job. Someone who had no impulse control would definitely be a serial killer.

Plus, I’m not sure what else there is to actually do in Tulsa. Obviously Wendy was killing people just to keep herself occupied.

Chloe, The Girl From The Xerox Place

Did Chloe even know what she did?! Um, I doubt it. Also, if you’re not sure who Chloe is, she’s the girl from the Xerox place, the girl who ruined Ross and Rachel. Well, technically Ross and Rachel ruined Ross and Rachel, but still. Actually, mostly Ross.

Side note: because of technological advances and the fact that Xerox places are obsolete, does that mean that if Friends took place in 2017, Ross would have never cheated with the girl from the Xerox place and him and Rachel would have never broken up? Oh, so many questions.

But, Chloe made this list for the same reasons Wendy from Tulsa did. She also seems like a person who solely follows her impulses. She doesn’t care about consequences and acts in the moment. HELLO, isn’t that how all murder happens? Also, I clearly had to add Chloe to this list because of all the heartache she caused us viewers for so long.

3 Monica Geller 

In all fairness, Monica Geller showed very few signs of being a serial killer, but I am going somewhere with this so follow along.

Monica wasn’t too indulgent on her urges. In fact, she was one of the most controlled characters on this show, or any show for that matter. However, maybe that constant control was all so she would never break her perfect persona...? Okay, control issues aside, if anyone could get away with murder, it was Monica. Monica dreamed about cleaning. No, there was literally an episode in which Monica comments on Chandler having seen her cleaning in her sleep. Monica could slaughter, like, forty people but dispose of everything and get away with it.

Some of the other characters may have been crazier, but Monica would really get away with murder because of her LOVE of cleaning. In fact, I feel like Monica would straight up murder people just to clean it up.

2 Ross Geller 

From one Geller sibling to the other Geller sibling, we now have Ross Geller. Ross could have totally been a serial killer. First of all, the dude is obsessed with bones. Like, he loves bones so much that he made a career out bones. I wouldn’t doubt the fact that some of the “dinosaur” bones are really human bones. Also, what a sick way to show your serial killer trophies in plain sight, right?

Mostly, though, Ross was probably a serial killer because he completely snapped during the course of this series. After having a child with his lesbian ex-wife, losing the love of his life because of some confusing infidelity, and then saying the wrong name at the altar, Ross was on thin ice. He finally snapped when someone ate his Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. To be fair, I get that part. If I were going to ever be a serial killer, it would probably be because someone ate my sandwich.

Another damning fact is that Ross had a pet monkey. A PET MONKEY! If a dude collects dino bones, has a pet monkey, and gets divorced as a hobby, he's probably a serial killer.

1 Dr. Donald Ledbetter

And, finally we have Dr. Donald Ledbetter, aka THE MAN WHO ATE ROSS' SANDWICH. Because honestly, what kind of monster just eats someone else’s sandwich? Like, no normal person goes around eating someone else’s food. That breaks all social and moral code. To eat someone else’s food just because you feel like it is maybe the most self-indulgent thing ever. It means you have no control over your impulses at all. If Dr. Ledbetter feels like eating your sandwich or slitting your throat, he'll do it. The guy does whatever he wants, social norms be damned. Also, Dr. Ledbetter didn't seem to care that this sent Ross into a severe spiral. Unfeeling, much? Yes, Ross was mega insane and possibly a serial killer, but Dr. Donald Ledbetter had serial killer written all over him too.

On the surface, Friends may have been a fun show about besties drinking coffee and never working, but it was probably a show with a minimum of 16 serial killer characters so there's that too.

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16 Friends Characters Who Were Probably Serial Killers