16Tara Correa-McMullen

There's the old saying about “art imitating life,” but in this case, it was the opposite for Tara Correa-McMullen, who played a gang member on the show Judging Amy at the time of her death. Her career was just getting going; the 16-year-old got her own apartment in Inglewood, California

and began dating a gang member who was 26 years old. She was outside of her complex one night when the man she was dating got into it with a group of people, a ruckus ensued, and he shot Tara. Two other people were also killed in the incident. Damien Watts was sentenced to five life sentences for his part in the incident. She was also in an episode of Zoey 101 and the movie Rebound with Martin Lawrence. Who knows what might have happened in her career had she survived?

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