15Brittany Murphy

Before she became a household name with her breakthrough role as scene-stealing Tai in 1995’s Clueless, Brittany Murphy was a regular on television during her teen years, appearing on such shows as Party of Five, Blossom, Sister Sister, and even Kids Incorporated. As she entered adulthood,

her star shone ever brighter, starring opposite Eminem in 8 Mile and voicing Gloria in Happy Feet and Luanne in King of the Hill. It shocked the world when she died in February 2010, and the coroner’s report said she died of pneumonia, which was aided by iron-deficiency anemia and multiple-drug intoxication, although doctors were quick to point out that the drugs in her system were all the type that would treat a respiratory infection like pneumonia. In a strange turn of events, Brittany Murphy’s husband died under very similar conditions shortly after her death.

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