16Justin Bieber Was Groped By A Fan In Spain

This isn't the first time Justin Bieber has had incidents of violence and outbursts regarding people getting too close to him, but usually, he tends to lash out at reporters and paparazzi. On this occasion, Bieber was arriving at his concert at Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi

stadium in November 2016. His chauffeur-driven vehicle was riding down the road at a slow rate when Bieber rolled down his window to greet his fans. A video emerged that depicted the event as it happened, with a female's voice calling out to him. Yet, it wasn't the female that reached into his vehicle. Instead, a minor (who was later revealed as a young homosexual man) reached into the vehicle and started groping Bieber's chest area and then went on to touch his face. Bieber reached through the open window and delivered a punch that left the obsessed fan's lip bloodied.

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