16 Fans Who Got Too Close To Their Favorite Stars

Not all people dream about throngs of fans screaming their name or seeing their photo on the pages of magazines, but those that do are often chasing a dream that's seemingly impossible. Whether it's breaking into the music industry or trying to pursue an acting career, the chances of actually becoming a worldwide success are slim to none. Achieving this goal seems like an impossible feat but is still one worth pursuing for some despite seeming to be beyond reasonable logic. Yet, it's important to note that fame isn't just about obtaining riches and success since sometimes, the fans can be just a tad too obsessive about their favorite celebrities.

While getting the world to recognize you is probably the first of many goals in the list of milestones on the way to true fame, the fact that all privacy is gone as a celebrity is something that's worth considering. Although people might hope to gain fans in any capacity, there are quite a few stories about obsessive fans that may make people rethink their pursuit for fame. It may seem like celebrities have an amazing life, filled with owning lavish properties and visiting Hollywood hotspots all over the world. Yet, there's far more to having a celebrity lifestyle than just spending piles of money and waiting for the next lucrative project. In fact, after hearing some of these obsessive-fan stories, you might just wonder what you were ever thinking when you wished you would one day be famous. Check out our list of the 16 times fans got too close to their favorite stars, and see how much sacrifice must come to live the life of a celebrity.

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16 Justin Bieber Was Groped By A Fan In Spain

This isn't the first time Justin Bieber has had incidents of violence and outbursts regarding people getting too close to him, but usually, he tends to lash out at reporters and paparazzi. On this occasion, Bieber was arriving at his concert at Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi stadium in November 2016. His chauffeur-driven vehicle was riding down the road at a slow rate when Bieber rolled down his window to greet his fans. A video emerged that depicted the event as it happened, with a female's voice calling out to him. Yet, it wasn't the female that reached into his vehicle. Instead, a minor (who was later revealed as a young homosexual man) reached into the vehicle and started groping Bieber's chest area and then went on to touch his face. Bieber reached through the open window and delivered a punch that left the obsessed fan's lip bloodied.

15 Sandra Bullock Home Invasion

As if Sandra Bullock hadn't been through enough, she had to deal with a stalker fan that had delusions about her. In 2014, she had an ultra-scary encounter with her stalker when he broke into her home. Joshua Corbett broke into Bullock's home, presumably while she was taking a shower prior to going to bed. After she came out from the shower, she heard noises inside the home. When she went to her bedroom door, she saw Corbett dressed in dark clothing, standing in the hallway. She immediately shut the door, locked it, and called the police. The police arrived, and details surrounding his arrest were released to the public. Not only did they find 7 guns inside Corbett's home, but he was also carrying a pretty intense notebook while he was at Bullock's home. It included magazine photos of Bullock and handwritten notes. One note stated, "I will forever be thinking of you and Louie, my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of God, and you belong to me and me to you."

14 Ashley Judd’s Stalker Was Chased Down By Her Former Husband

Ashley Judd has had to deal with some issues regarding stalking, and one stalker, Guy P. Dukes, entered her rural home in 1998. He left after she requested that he leave the premises, and later there was a civil order put against him to stay 100 feet away from the Double Jeopardy actress. In 2008, Judd made headlines again when the stalker broke into the home she shared with her former husband, Dario Franchitti. It was actually Franchitti who first spotted the intruder while he was enjoying his morning cereal (without any pants on). The man took off upon seeing Judd's husband, but this Indianapolis 500 winner took chase. He helped the police in pursuing him, and he was ultimately caught and taken to jail.

13 Paris Hilton’s Stalker Arrested Outside Her Home

James Rainford had already had a judge's order placed against him for previously stalking Paris Hilton. The order stated that he had to stay a certain distance away from the hotel heiress, but that didn't seem to deter him in 2011. Paris Hilton was having a Fourth of July celebration inside her beach house in Malibu when photographers noticed Rainford peering into windows of her home. It was the paparazzi that actually called the police, and then, he was confronted outside of her home. He was arrested on suspicion of violating the previous order by the judge and taken down on the beach. Rainford has had quite a history with the hotel heiress since he served time in jail for a misdemeanor battery charge for striking Hilton's former boyfriend, Cy Waits, on the back of the head.

12 Taylor Swift And Her Numerous Stalkers

Taylor Swift has been the focus of a number of different stalkers over the years. In 2013, a man swam around two miles in the middle of the night in order to get to her beachfront property in Rhode Island, and photographers have caught numerous individuals seemingly following her while walking on the street. In 2016, a Texas man, Frank Andrew Hoover, violated a protective order stating that he couldn't come within 500 feet of her. Hoover reportedly followed her motorcade after a concert at Austin's Circuit of the Americas and then followed to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. He reportedly wanted to accompany her to her plane and was arrested. Another stalker, Mohammed Jaffar, was recently deemed unfit to stand trial, and his tweets had been shared to the public. On top of calling her management over 60 times in a three-week period, there was also an incident where he rang her doorbell for an hour straight.

11 Chris Brown’s Home Invasion From Obsessed Stalker

Chris Brown is usually the one making headlines due to his over-the-top antics and violent tendencies. Yet, that wasn't the case when 21-year-old Amira Kodcia Ayeb broke into his California mansion. This incident occurred in 2015 when Brown discovered her inside his home (reportedly, naked on his stairs). Ayeb was in the home for a substantial amount of time and reportedly threw out clothes belonging to Brown's 10-month-old daughter, as well as items belonging to Brown's dogs. She sprayed the words "I love you" and "Mrs. Brown" throughout the house. Brown took to social media and wrote, "I get home and find this crazy individual in my house. She had broken the hinges off the doors. She found time to cook her[self] several meals." He went on to say, "She painted her name on my cars!!!! I love my fans but this is some real crazy s***! I pray she will get help."

10 50 Cent Punches A Fan That Pulled Him Offstage

50 Cent is a rapper who's known for being quite vocal about the people closest to him, as well as those that he has had feuds with from the entertainment industry. Yet, his volatile behavior has sometimes been directed toward his fans. In May 2004, a fan allegedly threw a water bottle at him during one of his concerts, which reportedly hit him in the head. He ran into the crowd and started throwing punches, but no charges were filed. In April 2017, 50 Cent was performing onstage at The Lox At Baltimore Soundstage when he stopped to shake the hands of some fans in the crowd. The entire scene was caught on video, and a woman could be seen grabbing hold of his arm, which caused him to fall from the stage. He immediately punched her in the chest before security swarmed. The woman was later asked to join him on stage, and she even twerked for the crowd.

9 Keanu Reeves's Multiple Home Invasions

While Keanu Reeves has had a hugely successful acting career, he's actually known for being quite humble when it comes to his regular life. He's been photographed riding the subway like any other person, and he doesn't seem to live the lavish lifestyle of some of his fellow A-list actors. Yet, that doesn't mean that he doesn't live in a multimillion-dollar mansion. Despite the fact that his home is "built like a fort," Reeves was awoken by noises coming from his library one evening and discovered a woman in her mid-40s sitting in his chair. Police detained the woman, but her erratic behavior caused them to take her to a mental health facility rather than to jail. Two days after this incident, another female intruder went to Reeves's home while he was away. The cleaning crew found her naked and swimming in his pool.

8 Pitbull Punches A Fan He Pulled On Stage

Pitbull is often thought of as the performer that knows how to get the party started and is often a favorite for music festivals and New Year's Eve celebrations. There doesn't seem to be anyone who doesn't like Pitbull, and he's known to have befriended a number of other music artists. In 2009, Pitbull was performing in Colorado when a fan was throwing money onto the stage. There's no telling why the fan would do this since Pitbull is pretty much set for life due to his record sales and amazing stage performances, but the scenario was starting to make a commotion that was taking away from Pitbull's stage performance. Trying to be the amazing performer that he was, Pitbull pulled the fan on the stage and that's when things really went downhill. Caught on video was the incident where after Pitbull had pulled him on the stage, the fan threw money into Pitbull's face. The fan was removed but not before Pitbull got a good punch right into the fan's face.

7 Courtney Love Calls Out Her Fans

While Courtney Love was once pitied for being the widow of Kurt Cobain, her over-the-top antics over the years have put her in a different light. There are numerous videos of her trying desperately to grasp the spotlight at award shows, and some of the outings in her personal life have been equally as disturbing. Yet, that doesn't mean that she should take repeated abuse from her "fans." During a 2014 concert in Australia, Love was performing at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide when a fan threw a beer can at the stage. One of the other members of the audience captured the rant that ensued afterward as she called out the fan and even made claims about his small "weenie." This isn't the first time where she felt betrayed by her fans since she once made claims that she was digitally molested by a fan while she was crowd surfing at another of her concerts.

6 Tim McGraw Has His Crotch Grabbed By Fan

When Tim McGraw first married Faith Hill, it seemed like she was more of the star in the relationship. Yet, his career completely skyrocketed, while she seemed to take more of a backseat in order to fill the role as the wife and devoted mother. The couple has continued to remain united in the way they've raised their children and have even managed to schedule their touring dates around the kids' school schedule. When they decided to go on tour together in 2007, the Soul2Soul tour brought on fans for both of these two country artists. When they were performing together at the Cajundome, McGraw was finishing his set and began walking between the barricade and the stage to greet the fans. This was when a female fan grabbed his crotch and then was berated by Hill, which was all caught on video.

5 Ariana Grande Fan Creeps Up Behind Her On Stage

Ariana Grande has received a huge amount of publicity for her stage performances because of the horrific terror attack that occurred during her Manchester performance. Yet, that wasn't the only time when her stage performance made headlines. In March 2017, Grande was performing in Philadelphia for the Dangerous Woman tour when she was surprised by a fan who got a little too close. While she was performing the ballad "Moonlight," Grande didn't fill the stage with backup dancers or huge theatrics. Instead, she was kneeling at the front of the stage and surrounded by fake smoke. A video taken of the incident shows a fan who had made his way onto the stage and can be seen creeping up behind her, with her completely unaware. He managed to get all the way to the front of the stage before he was finally taken away by security.

4 Beyonce Pulled Off The Stage In Brazil

Beyoncé's fans are known for being extremely aggressive with regard to their love for the "Drunk in Love" singer. Her fans are known as the Beyhive and have had her back on more than one occasion, whether it's flooding social media to promote her albums or shutting down her rivals. Yet, there have been a few times when her fans have become a bit too much in their devotion to her. In 2013, Beyoncé was performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was performing the hit single "Irreplaceable" while it was being taped by a number of fans in the audience. One video showed the moment when an overzealous fan grabbed her around the waist and began dragging her off the stage. Security personnel was able to emerge and help her back onto the stage, and Beyoncé even shook the man's hand and told him that she loved him, too, but the interaction was definitely something for the books.

3 Britney Spears Attacked On Vegas Stage

iHeartRadio Music Festival Day 2, Show, Las Vegas, NV, USA - 24 Sep 2016

Britney Spears is often thought of as the Princess of Pop because of her amazing success during the late '90s and '00s. Because of her immense success and status as a pop icon, it shouldn't be surprising that she's had her fair share of obsessive fans. Yet, some of the interactions with her most devoted fans have been more than just a tad alarming. There have been a number of stage performances that have been interrupted throughout her career, but the most notable was at Planet Hollywood for her Las Vegas residency. She was performing "Piece of Me" when a man came onto the stage. He did a flip in the air as he made his way closer to Spears, but a security officer stopped him. The man threw the officer into the air and slammed him into the stage before being set upon by Spears' background dancers. The man was later arrested for trespassing, and Spears was visibly shaken.

2 Adam Levine Surprised By Fan On Stage

As the frontman of Maroon 5, it would seem that Adam Levine would be used to female fans throwing themselves at him. This is especially true since he became a solo artist and then went on to become one of the favorite judges on The Voice. Yet, it seems like no amount of fame or success could prepare him for what occurred in April 2015 on stage in Anaheim, California. A fan jumped onto the stage and grabbed him while he was singing and began trying to hug him. He immediately tried to get her to back off of him and then was able to compose himself. He later described it as "You're in the moment. You know, you're singing and your eyes are closed. And you're having this beautiful moment. And then the next thing you know, someone's f***ing in your face. Super terrifying."

1 Ally Brooke Hernandez Attacked By Fans

Reality singing-competition shows are notorious for throwing together groups, despite the fact that they may not have been inclined to come together. From Making the Band to The X-Factor, there have been numerous people behind the manufacturing of some of the biggest girl and boy bands to hit the music industry. The Fifth Harmony group was created from The X-Factor, but it seems like Ally Brooke Hernandez has been the group member who has garnered the most obsessive behavior from fans. She was attacked by a crazed fan during a stage performance, and then, she was knocked to the ground once the security personnel approached. She was attacked again when she was at the airport when an overzealous fan tried to grab her while she walked with the rest of her bandmates.

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