16 Disney Stars Who Were Too Young For These Roles

Take a look at some of our favorite Mickey-infused beauties and the roles they took that were considered too much for their age.

Like any good movie, if there is a strong demand for more, we’ll get plenty of sequels. Richest readers have gotten a kick out of two previous articles of Actresses Who Were Too Young For These Scenes, and we saw a lot of lovely leading ladies as young girls being bullied, doing the bullying, enchanting and entrancing older men, or just being possessed by the devil himself.

So it’s come to this – one of the great corners of the genres – Disney kids. In the Mouse House, there are and there have been a slew of pretty faces that eventually mature and lately more often than not it would seem, dirty their images up from the levels of ever so slightly to “uh–oh, we might need an intervention” territory.

While it might not be the concluding chapter on this topic, it is time to take a look at some of our favorite Mickey-infused beauties and roles they’ve taken that they might have been a little too young for, or at least seen that way.

16 Demi Lovato – Prison Break “First Down”

Our other Barney/Disney girl on the list is the multi-talented Demi Lovato. Certainly known a lot more for her singing than her acting, the starlet has decided to focus more on singing and dancing than on acting, which is just fine for her fans.

That doesn't mean she's stopped acting either, with guest stints on Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, and most recently From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series have shown that the powerhouse performer still has her toes dipped in Hollywood waters.

In between her early stints as one of Barney’s little friends and Camp Rock, Lovato played Danielle Curtin, a little girl who was firmly in the lecherous crosshairs of T-Bag on Prison Break before her father was able to stop the murderous madman from doing any real harm to the little girl.

15 Camilla Belle – The Quiet

It really wouldn't be a “Too Young” list without mentioning either Linda Blair or the Poison Ivy series. Sadly, Ms. Blair never made it to the Magic Kingdom, but Camilla Belle did and she played one of the young daughters in Poison Ivy II: Lily at ten years old (reference over).

Belle starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie, or DCOM Rip Girls as a girl who just moves to Hawaii with her family. Unlike other girls on this list, the role was just another rung on Belle’s climb, but she still was part of the Disney family as a wholesome Disney family member.

At 19, she played a girl Dot, who experienced terrible trauma in The Quiet, which also starred Elisha Cuthbert. Now being tormented by Cuthbert’s character, the traumas Dot endured no one of any age should, and have rendered her a deaf-mute.

14 Ariel Winter – Duress

While she has been getting more and more famous for the less and less she wears as she gets older, Ariel Winter is another young starlet who is known for how hot she is as well as the roles she takes. Most famously as one of the Dunphy kids on Modern Family, but also her voice will be most known across the Disneyverse as Princess Sofia on the wildly popular Sofia the First.

If her Instagram pictures are any indication or indictment of who Winter wants to be as an actress, then we're in for a lot of steamy roles one day for the actress. But for now, we have the horror thriller Duress to watch.

The film is a psychological thriller that features Winter as a girl coping with her mother’s suicide while her father is trying to connect with her and at the whim of a madman, who loves to taunt dear old dad by stalking Winter.

13 Bella Thorne – You Get Me

Another Disney millennial coming of age, another Disney kid being crazy and provocative on social media - Annette Funicello must be doing somersaults in her grave right now. Perhaps one day we can examine the phenomenon of growing up wholesome Disney kid and becoming raunchy role model, but we're digressing. Then again, if girls start wearing “cuntie” beanies like Bella Thorne, we might be devolving instead of digressing.

Thorne made her bones working on the Disney channel show Shake It Up, But she has also had roles interspersed in and around her Disney roles in horror movies like Forget Me Not, Keep Watching and Amityville: Awakening going through harrowing events that no one should ever go through.

Thorne’s craziest role to date is in the film You Get Me. Here, she plays a teenage temptress in the same vein as Glen Close in Fatal Attraction, or any other man-cheats-on-woman-with-psycho-from-hell (Is MCOWWPFH too big for a shirt?) movie. She plays Holly, a girl that Tyler cheats on his devoted girlfriend Ali with and then Holly shows up at their school to do all she can to keep and torment her new “boyfriend.”

12 Danielle Panabaker – Law And Order: SVU “Intoxicated” & Mom At Sixteen

Now crushing it weekly as part of The Flash and the rest of the Arrowverse shows on The CW, Danielle Panabaker is no stranger to the super hero genre…her first film is Disney’s Sky High. Not the traditional “Disney Kid,” complete with her very own series that she starred in for years, Panabaker instead interwove roles in several Disney flicks throughout her career, including Read It and Weep and Life is Ruff, which co-starred sister Kay.

In between her Disney roles and The Flash, she also has become a little bit of a scream queen, playing in the thriller, Mr. Brooks, and outright horror movies Friday the 13th, The Crazies, The Ward, and Piranha 3DD.

As she was coming of age however, Panabaker landed herself not one, but two Lifetime original movies playing a young teen mom Sex and the Single Mom and Mom at Sixteen. Like several young actors of her generation, she also found herself in a whodunit “is she a victim or a perpetrator” case on Law and Order SVU “Intoxicated,” where after her mother demanded the 21 year old boyfriend be charged with statutory, may or may not have murdered her mother.

11 Hayden Panettiere – The Good Student & Guiding Light

Some of the ladies on this list didn’t grow up solely being on the Disney Channel, some were like Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Nashville), who dipped in and out of the Disney pool. For the Mouse, at ten years old, Hayden was part of the ensemble in Remember the Titans. Before that, she was part of Daytime TV staple, Guiding Light.

At just nine years old, Panettiere played the role of Lizzie and like plenty of soap operas; the poor girl suffered a whole lot of over-the-top drama, beginning with accidentally killing someone who was threatening her mother, fleeing the country, and of course suffering nightmares – all of this before she was kidnapped by a stalker and developed leukemia.

A few years older and a few months before Heroes, Hayden played high school student, Ally Palmer in The Good Student, where she was the object of her teacher’s (Tim Daly) affection, who in turn is the prime suspect in Ally’s kidnapping.

10 Emmy Rossum – Law And Order “Ritual” & Mystic River

One of the most underrated actresses of her generation, Emmy Rossum is also one of the most underrated in terms of sex appeal and talent - as a little girl she sang with Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo (two out of three Tenors is not bad). For the past seven years she has been the rock of the cast of Shameless as Fiona, the oldest of the Gallagher kids and all of her younger siblings’ defacto mother.

Rossum, who got her start in the Disney family movie Genius. Like many New York based actors, she also had a part in the Law and Order episode "Ritual", where she played a young Egyptian girl at the center of a cultural conflict having been the victim of a circumcision, a procedure no girl should have to go through much less a pre-teen.

In 2003, as a fresh-faced 17-year-old, Rossum was part of the powerhouse ensemble cast of Mystic River, playing Sean Penn’s 19-year-old daughter, Katie, whose tragic murder sets off the events of the movie.

9 Miley Cyrus – Two And A Half Men

Sometimes when you try to shed the saccharine image of a sugary sweet Disney teen, you go the the complete opposite way. Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus certainly fits that bill tenfold. Humping panda bears and being overly sexed up to spark debate and controversy certainly helped propel Miley to the top of the pop music food chain.

The debate over how sexual Miley has been since leaving Disney actually made her guest performance on Two and a Half Men actually seem kind of tame. The usually raunchy show scaled back for the usually raunchy Cyrus as she played Mississippi, daughter of one of Walden’s ex-girlfriends.

Even though she was 19 at the time, this was sill during her initial “I'm not a little girl anymore phase,” which she played to the hilt as someone who was tempting both Jake and Walden before ultimately breaking both of their hearts and giving them both the "bye Felicia" treatment.

8 Dove Cameron – Shameless

If you've ever seen just one episode of Shameless, then you know very well how many creepier-than-creepy moments just one hour of the series can have. Things get slightly more eyebrow raising when a starlet from Mouse House makes an experience.

Before she became a Disney kid, Dove Cameron starred on both Liv and Maddie and The Descendants she guessed starred on the Showtime original playing a “friend” of Deb’s (Part I lister, Emma Kennedy), Holly Herkimer. Unlike Deb, Holly is uber-promiscuous for a thirty old, much less the little girl in Junior High that she was playing - you don't earn the nickname "Holly Hickeymaker" by being a good girl.

With her character supposedly still in the fourth grade, she's clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer. So she certainly wasn't thinking when she invited herself over to Deb’s house to try and sleep with her much older brother, Lip. Thankfully, Lip does have a brain in his head and didn't do anything stupid; Holly decides to run away after being dismissed.

7 Sarah Hyland – SVU “Hothouse”

While she plays the hot sister on Modern Family, Sarah Hyland doesn't seem to be wearing less and less on her Instagram like her TV sister, or other members of the Mouse House. She's not a prude by any means though and doesn't mind posing for some good looking pictures. With Family, Hyland became part of the Disney family (Disney owns ABC) and has since joined her TV sister, voicing a Disney character – Tiifu on The Lion Guard.

With her super–young looking face, even at 19, she seemed a bit young, perhaps because she played a 14 year psychopathic prep school kid on Law and Order SVU in the episode “Hothouse.” In the episode, she played a girl named Jennifer Banks who fought with her friend Elsa (no, not Disney's Elsa) over a boy before dumping her into the Hudson River and to her demise.

6 Selena Gomez – Spring Breakers

Certainly one of the most popular “Disney Kids” of the past 20 years or so, Selena Gomez actually got her start on another uber popular kid’s franchise of the nineties – the big ol’ purple dino himself, Barney. Even now at 25, Gomez has a cherub fresh face and hasn’t strayed too far away from younger and young adult roles.

Some hullaballoo was made in 2012 when Gomez was part of the exploitation film Spring Breakers which was essentially about Gomez and three other hotties girls committing crimes for psycho rap star James Franco - somehow the movie made a lot of critics’ best of lists for 2012.

But the popstar actress along with fellow list member Vanessa Hudgens shocked the world even more so by appearing in their skivvies with two other young hotties and a dread-locked James Franco with a gun for the movie’s poster. The film featured the then 20 year old Gomez as Faith, the good girl of the group.

5 Bailee Madison – Look & Law And Order: SVU “Locum”

In case you haven’t seen it, go watch Bridge to Terabithia right now…we’ll wait…

Ok, you’re back…and you’ve wiped your tears away? Good, now let’s talk about one of the film’s stars – Bailee Madison, who played little May Belle. The Disney movie does what Disney does best; have a little cutiepie rip right at your heartstrings while showcasing stunning visuals to wow audiences. Something Madison was also able to do as young Snow on Once Upon a Time.

At the tender age of 8 years old, Bailee was part of the avant-garde film Look, which is found footage film of a different type. The movie shows the ordinary or not so ordinary lives of several different people thanks to all of the security cameras in and around populated areas that now permeate our lives. Bailee played Megan, a little girl who becomes the subject of a pedophile’s stalking and eventual abduction.

Even more out of control was the 2010 episode of SVU, “Locum,” where Madison played a young girl Mackenzie who runs away with a man she met on the internet because her mother continuously abused her and tried to make her look like her first daughter, who was abducted.

4 Sierra McCormick – Supernatural “No Rest For The Wicked” & Some Kind Of Hate

Perhaps after being a little kid in peril for several episodes of some dark twisted shows, you might need a little dose of the little mouse to center you again. Sierra McCormick has been a guest on Hannah Montana before landing the role of Olivia on the Disney show A.N.T. Farm.

Before her big break at the Magic Kingdom, McCormick had bit parts on two popular criminal/victim of the week shows on CBS - CSI and Criminal Minds. But her most memorable part was as one of the many forms of the demon Lilith, holding a family hostage on the seemingly never ending Supernatural. While not Linda Blair, we have now filled our requisite little girl being possessed quota.

With all of the hubbub about how bad bullying is, it was only a matter of time before someone made Some Kind of Hate, in which she plays a teen who was subjected to death by bullying (which no one of any age should have to experience) comes back from the dead to exact her revenge.

3 Piper Curda – Law And Order: SVU “Blood Brothers”

Just turning 20 years old in a few weeks, Disney channel staple, Piper Curda has been all over happy rodent-infused television now for the past five years, since her voice was first heard in the series, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. More prominently, the Tallahassee born Curda has been a part of A.N.T. Farm, I Didn’t Do It, and Liv and Maddie.

Perusing around the internet and you’d be hard-pressed to find a lot of OMG type of provocative Piper pics. For all intents and purposes, she seems to be one of the more level headed child actresses out there, much less a Disney kid. Out of all of the girls on this list, she is definitely one of the positive role models for young girls out there, no scandals and barely any skin showing.

One thing you'll learn while reading this list is shows like Special Victims Unit have some fairly gruesome imaginations. That or when real life drama hits, they know to pounce on it and adapt it. So when the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal broke several years ago, SVU jumped on it and came up with the episode “Blood Brothers,” starring a pre-Disney Piper Curda as a young girl, who may or may not have been impregnated by rape at the hands of a powerful man or his son.

2 India Eisley – Kite

Filling in our uncomfortably hot “girl with a gun” quota for these lists is India Eisley, former star of the Disney-owned ABC Family Drama Secret Life of the American Teenager. Similar to prior listers-with-guns Natalie Portman and Saoirse Ronan, Eisley shows a certain poise with her roles, and a level of sexuality that might make normal people uncomfortable.

Always an attractive young girl, Secret Life took a minor creeptastic turn when India’s character, Ashley developing feelings for her older sister’s baby-daddy, Ricky. But cooler heads (and theory, the writer’s room) prevailed and that story didn't come to fruition.

After the series ended, Eisley found herself starring alongside Samuel L. Jackson in the action film Kite. Here as young girl Sawa, Eisley witnessed her parents grisly murdered and is now a covert assassin hunting down flesh cartels all across the globe.

1 Honorable Mention – Britney Spears – Rolling Stone Magazine March 1999

Before she shaved her head, before she made out with Madge, even before infamous flesh-colored spandex striptease and snake-charming entrapment of slaves, the original Queen of the Disney kids - Britney Spears debuted her hit single, “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” in get this - a very risqué schoolgirl outfit. Imagine that?! A Disney girl dancing sexy in a schoolgirl outfit was a little too taboo in 1999, when she was already 18! Miley would eat that for lunch.

But after Britney made her grand re-debut after a stint on the Mickey Mouse Club, that included Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling, the real furor was over the even more risqué Rolling Stone cover that depicted her as a cross between a little girl and fully formed Fembot ready to ensnare any man that came near her.

The image caused the American Family Association to state that the shot was a disturbing mix of childhood innocence and adult sexuality,” and called to boycott any store selling Britney’s albums. According to spears though, she was just tired of being compared to Debbie Gibson.

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