16Billy The Exterminator Rap Sheet

Billy The Exterminator would seem to be one of the less controversial reality TV shows on A&E – take a colorful character, add some disgusting rats and other household vermin, and watch what happens. It hasn’t got the glamour of some of the network’s offerings but

garnered solid ratings from its debut in 2009. In 2012, however, Billy, aka William Bretherton, and his wife, Mary, were arrested for drug possession. The show went off the air in late 2012, with Billy citing personal issues. In April of 2013, however, he got the good news that the judge was going to be lenient on the couple. As long as he performed four 8-hour days of community service, took a substance abuse test, and stayed away from drugs and booze as verified by random drug testing, he'd stay out of jail. After a hiatus, he resurfaced on a Canadian version of the show in 2016 called Billy Goes North, but then, the show was picked up by A&E for another run as of April 2017. We're just guessing that producers want us to forget the drug bust in between.

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