16 Cringe-Worthy Photos That Trigger The Perfectionist In Us

Do you want everything to be well-organized? Do you check your lock or stove a couple of times before going to bed? Do you wash your hands frequently in fear of germs? If yes, try reevaluating yourself. These may just be peculiar habits or these can be signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. According to the medical definition, OCD is a psychological health disorder affecting people of any age bracket stuck with "obsession" and "compulsion" cycle.

Obsession is a common word that you can hear every day, but this has a different effect to people with OCD. Obsessions are the common thoughts and impulses that a person has in mind affecting one's feelings, such as fear, disgust, anxiety, and doubt. Compulsions, on the other hand, are behaviors or thoughts that people do to make the obsessions go away. These compulsions or actions affect or delay the important things that a person with OCD needs to accomplish.

For example, a person affected with OCD that has an obsession with contamination, such as germs and diseases, washes their hands excessively, glued with hand sanitizers, and cleans the house really often. A person with an obsession with exactness and organization will often have their own numeric patterns – some people with OCD only want odd numbers and feel uncomfortable with even numbers, and vice versa – or overly organizing their stuff just to make things right and symmetrical.

OCD also has different levels from mild to severe. In fact, all people have their own inner obsessive compulsiveness behaviors, but unlike people diagnosed with OCD, these behaviors are not delaying the significant things they need to do. There are things that simply annoy your inner obsessive compulsiveness, including things that are not symmetrical or things that are not exact and organized.

Here is a list of some cringe-worthy photos that will annoy your inner "OC-ness" and could potentially give people with OCD some panic attack.

14 What an Eye Sore!

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Imagine that you are dining at your favorite pizzeria or you have a pizza delivered for your movie night. You are excited to open the box and indulge in a heavenly slice of your favorite pizza, but your friend decided to do this. Every person, whether diagnosed with OCD or not, will be annoyed with this kind of pizza cut out. That friend needs to be reminded that there are only two types of pizza cut – triangle cut and square cut.

Yes, that is a triangular cut pizza, but that is not correct. The pizza should be cut evenly and equally – every piece has a crust and middle part. The square cut is another type of pizza cut, wherein there are smaller pieces. The benefit of this square cut is if you like crust, then you can take the all crust cut, but if you don't like the crust, then you can take the middle part.

13 Mom, Dad, and Three Siblings Worked on These Towel Dispensers

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Symmetry and perfection is a type of obsession wherein OCD-diagnosed people will really be bothered. A single inch of misalignment will make them annoyed and worried. They will keep on thinking about this misalignment and will try to cope with it by either doing something or thinking of something else as a diversion. However, in this photo, everyone will be annoyed and bothered with the severe misalignment of the paper towel dispensers.

Where do you think this bathroom is? Aside from the misalignment that the contractors were unable to recognize, imagine how difficult it is to reach the end and get a tissue paper. There are also a few other things that do not add up. Why are there three sinks and five paper towel dispensers? Why is there no mirror and why is there a box of facial tissue? Blame the contractor.

12 When You Don't Want to Roll

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There is a reason why this is called "Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape". It was made to look like a rolled tape wherein you need to use the container as tape dispensers that will hold the roll of the bubble tape with a shear-like end to cut the gum. With this said, there is no reason to bite almost half of the roll. The person needs to be reminded what the proper way of eating this Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape is.

For the record, Hubba Bubba (chunks) was first introduced in 1979 and it is the first bubble gum ever introduced by the Wrigley Company, but stopped its production in the 1980s. In 2003, the Hubba Bubba once again hit the market with their Bubble Tape and Squeeze Pop.

11 A Pie Slice That Will Make You Uncomfortable

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There is a reason why there is a line pattern. That is where you need to cut this deliciously-baked pie. Why? Why did these people cut the piece like this? You better get the knife away from that person and stop him from cutting another similar piece.

However, looking at the border, there is an odd circle in the middle and that is another question. How should you really cut your round pie? Mathematician Alex Bellos said that if you are cutting your cake in small triangles, you are doing it wrong. Start by cutting two slices down the middle (vertically). If there are leftovers, bring the two halves of cake together again, because that will still be round. This way, the cake will be preserved and will taste better the day after.

Why Would Someone Miss One Bush?

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Landscape architecture is the art of designing the outdoor of a home or an establishment. This involves proper process, such as landscape designing, site planning, environmental restoration processes, stormwater management, and other essential planning and designing that will impact the final outcome. The people behind these beautiful landscapes are called the landscape architects.

However, not all landscape designs are thoroughly planned and designed, including this landscape with a missing bush on one corner. Looking at the photo, it seems that the landscape architect or whoever designed and constructed this outdoor area forgot that there is still a corner that needs to be filled with a bush to balance the whole design. There is even no plot to place the bush and it's just a plain ground with grass on it.

10 Is It That Hard to Align The Two Body Parts?

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First, a landscape architect failed to deliver a good result. Now, a tile setter was unable to determine and place the correct design of the ceramic tiles. Tile setters are usually employed by contractors and construction companies. Alternatively, they can also be freelancers, working under their own conditions. They are responsible in covering walls, floors, and even ceilings on both the interior and exterior parts of the house or any establishment with tiles – can be ceramic, marble, quarry, or any other types of tiles.

Unfortunately, the tile setter hired in covering this wall did not seem to know that this is a princess portrait painted or printed on each of the tile. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, people can't figure out what piece will be attached to the other piece to form the whole picture.

9 I Can't Have a Break With This Kit Kat

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How to properly eat a Kit Kat? Kit Kat is that one chocolate that you need to eat appropriately, piece by piece. However, the person who ate this Kit Kat does not know that. He (or she) did not even bother to just bite off the Kit Kat. Instead, he (or she) just improperly cut out the middle section, without even forming a perfect circle.

Kourtney Kardashian even made a Youtube video that shows how to properly eat a Kit Kat. According to her, there are six steps – break off one piece of Kit Kat, eat chocolate on each end, eat chocolate on each side, separate the wafer and eat the top, eat the bottom part, and eat the last piece of the wafer.

8 Every Time!

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Office and school supplies are one of the most in-demand products all over the globe and that's not a secret. Papers and pens are the usual things that every student and every employee needs. Pens, in particular, usually come in packs of different ink colors – blue, black, and red. In this picture, you can see a pack of fineliners. Similar to marker pens and highlighters, fineliners have their own ink-source and the tips are made of pressed fibers.

Packs of pens and its different variations are usually made from cardboard and hard plastic material. To open, you need to break the packaging by peeling off the plastic material or sometimes, there's a small inch opening at the back of the packaging (on the cardboard) that needs to be peeled off.

7 Trying To Tell My Eyes That This Is Not Rainbow

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Colors are beautiful and rainbow represents this beauty. A rainbow is a colorful phenomenon involving production of a spectrum of light on the sky that is caused by refraction and reflection of light in prism, such as water droplets, hence the saying there is always a rainbow after the rain. At school, books teach us about the acronym "ROYGBIV" or "ROY G. BIV" to make sure that students can effectively remember the sequence of colors in a rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

In this picture, the simple sequence of the colors in a rainbow was not followed and causes such a big pain on the eye. The colors blue, green, and violet were not in order. There are only six bowls and the color indigo is missing, too.

6 Insert Straw Here

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Everyone has experienced drinking fruit juice from a laminated foil pouch at least once. However, the pouches were so intact, making it difficult to insert the straw. Because of this, the laminated foil pouches evolved and companies started producing pouches with an area dedicated for punching those straws, thus the instruction "insert straw here". That was a real relief, but there are people who just won't insert the straw there. In this picture, the person did not even bother to just insert the straw on the upper portion of the pouch, instead, punched the straw in the middle. Let us just hope that whoever this person was, he (or she) did enjoy the Capri Sun concentrated juice drink.

5 This is Not How You Open Minute Maid

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The juice problem will just not go away. First, the person was not informed that straws should be inserted through the small circle with an "insert straw here" instruction. Now, there is a person who does not know how Minute Maid's juice carton works. How could someone miss that big cap? Twist the cap just like how you open your plastic bottle. That was the only thing that he needed to do to enjoy his Minute Maid Lemonade Juice. Instead, he cut open the carton.

Aside from probably causing a heart attack to people's "OC-ness", just merely twisting the cap to open and close is the right thing to do. That way, the juice will not be exposed to some external sources of contamination.

4 I'd Take That Inverted Seat Off And Revert It

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A walk at the park is one of the most relaxing activities that you can do with your friends and families, or even just solo. After a great walk, you can bring a picnic blanket and share food with your company. This relieves any stress and anxiety you may have, whether these be personal or work-related. If sitting on the grass is not your thing, then you can just sit down and relax on the park's bench or the park's table set, where you can also eat or do other stuff.

No matter how relaxing that idea is, you will feel anxiety once you encounter this table set. Why did the contractor not realize that one seat was inverted, while all the other seats were installed accurately?

3 Intended Pun

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This psychological, behavioral, and psychiatric health center surely knows how to bully people with OCD. This is annoying and an OCD-diagnosed person will surely make actions just to align it properly with the other labels to ease the obsession that person is feeling. Looking at the bright side, you can also just have a good laugh about this intended pun that a person did.

According to experts, the most effective treatment for OCD is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) that involves exposing the person to his obsessions and make sure that he will not make any compulsive behavior to break the chain. In other cases, mild OCD can actually go away on its own without treatment.

I See Where We Are Going Here

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This is another example of how contractors make mistakes. If you want to end up being a tree hugger, go ahead and use this combined bikeway and pathway. The main reason why there are pathways and bikeways is to help the pedestrians and cyclists to have a safe and sound trip without worrying about cars and other vehicles going into their way. Basically, these are made to increase safety and security and prevent accidents.

For the contractor who made this pathway and bikeway possible, you may have forgotten to remove the tree in the middle of your project. Yes, there are projects that prohibit cutting down trees, especially the old ones, but this tree is not included. For the record, there are laws stating that when there are environmental impacts as a results of an infrastructure project, new trees need to be planted in replacement of the trees that were cut down.

2 You Have One Job, Just One Job

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You only have that one job! The contractor who made this infrastructure project may be thinking how he lost his shovel. Little did he know that he left it in the middle of the road. Literally, he left it in the middle of the cemented road. How did the person even forgot his shovel while the asphalt concrete was just setting? This shovel can even cause a road accident.

Asphalt concrete is a combination of cement and aggregates like sand and gravel. This is used in surfacing roads, kerbs, parking lots, and even dams. There is a machine that is connected to a dump truck used to lay the hot asphalt on the road. Proper precautions should be practiced when doing works related to asphalt, such as surfacing the roads.

1 Article-Worthy

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When they decided to create an article about the list that will be featuring different fail photos, which are annoying to people's OCD side, they forgot to review the article for mistakes and some repeated words. When writing and publishing articles like this on the web, it is vital to review, reread, and re-check the article to spot some spelling and grammar errors.

That's why there are editors and proofreaders. These people are the ones responsible for reviewing, refining, polishing, and enhancing the articles. Unfortunately, this article was published without proper editing and proofreading. Coincidentally, the article is about cringe-worthy photos that will annoy people's inner "OC-ness", but it is now included in the list of the things that will give an OCD a heart attack.

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