16 Celebs You Forgot Guest-Starred On Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy has been on the air for almost 14 seasons now. That's given Shonda Rhimes over a decade to gift your favorite surgeons, with the most gruesome surgical cases ever. This is also where the celebrity guest stars come from. You've seen emotional cases where interns and surgeons fall for their patients. Then, there are the extra bloody or creepy cases. Those are the ones that make you feel their patient's pain. Like when Callie used to snap some bones back into place. Ugh. Oh! Let's not even get started on the awkward, funny cases. Remember that one where the exes got stuck together? See? This is the stuff celebrities were meant to guest star in roles for. You can't just stick any old extra, in a bloody, sad, near-death experience role and think it's going to work out great. You need real actors and actresses.

It's cases like these that gave Shonda the opportunity to fill those famous hospital beds with awesome celebrities! Rhimes had already hit the best-cast mark, with members like Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, and Justin Chambers as Alex. However, she must have felt as though that wasn't enough, seeing as how she went on to give you the best of both worlds. Those Seattle Grace, Seattle Mercy West, and Grey Sloan Memorial walls have kept a steady flow of the best celebrities acting as patients, surgeons, and any other role necessary.

There have been 13 seasons, so it makes sense that you've forgotten some of the celebrities who have been on the show. We're here to refresh your memory. Here are 16 Celebrities You Forgot Guest Starred On Grey's Anatomy.

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16 Jeffrey Dean Morgan

I'm sure you remember the super-squishy romance that Izzie Stevens had with her patient, Denny Duquette, as an intern. However, did you realize that Denny Duquette was the reason for that nagging feeling that you just couldn't place? He was why you couldn't get that icky "I really hate this guy" feeling about Negan on The Walking Dead. Yep, bet you never saw that one coming. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was Denny long before he began terrorizing Rick Grimes.

He was one of many celebrities who guest-starred on Grey's. Bingo! It's all Denny's fault; Denny with his charm. He was a likeable guy on Grey's. It all started when he came to Seattle Grace in need of a heart transplant. He was on the transplant list, but there was concern that he wouldn't get one in time. He sweet talked Izzie into falling for him. The next thing you, know she's cutting his LVAD wire to steal a heart. He survived the surgery, but died shortly after. Death didn't stop him from returning for Mere's near-death experience and Izzie's tumor. Now, we just can't picture him as being so evil, can we?

15 Sarah Paulson

In recent years, Sarah Paulson is best known for her role in the American Horror Story series. Although, she was acting in movies like What Women Want long before that. Then, she came to old-school Seattle Grace as young Ellis Grey. That was about a year before she became Billie Dean Howard in American Horror Story: Murder House. She was everything that we'd expected Meredith's infamous mother to be...only hotter.

Ellis and Richard (played by J. August Richards) were working on an AIDS case, aka GRID. They were only interns back then, but the pair diagnosed a patient with the rare disease on their own. Their attending wouldn't listen to them because he "wasn't a gay." The patient threatened to sue the hospital for slander, but came back sicker apologizing and asking for their help. Paulson was supposed to return as young Ellis again, but AHS was filming at the same time. She had sprouted two heads as Bette and Dot Tattler in AHS: Freak Show.

14 Seth Green

Seth Green is the funny guy with the voice! He provides us with the obnoxious thoughts of Chris Griffin on Family Guy. Seth contributes his voice to Robot Chicken too. Need I say more? He was also on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as several films, including the voice of Howard the Duck on both Guardians of the Galaxy movies. He's also a pretty recognizable guy. This doesn't mean you haven't forgotten about his 2 episode arc on Grey's Anatomy, have you?

Mark Sloan had just removed a tumor, but the surgery left his carotid artery exposed. Mark left Lexie to watch over him, with explicit instructions to page him immediately if the artery ruptured. He was making a Denny-type pass at Lexie, who was upset at Alex. Nick's charm looked as though it was working, but he began to laugh and his artery began to pulse and then ruptured. You could see the vein in his neck throbbing just before his blood splattered on poor Lexie. He made it into surgery, but he died on the table.

13 Abigail Breslin

This Little Miss Sunshine wasn't near as shiny on Grey's as she was in the movie. In fact, Megan Clover (Abigail Breslin) was all about self-mutilation. To make matters worse, she enjoyed using a stapler to staple up her own wounds. The story was that she had cut her leg on the playground and was brought in to Seattle Grace Hospital. This was her fourth ER visit in just three months. Your first thought was abuse, but the real shocker came when she told Alex that she was a superhero. She also wanted him to punch her in the stomach to prove it.

The entire situation went from scary to creepy, then got downright interesting. It turned out that she had CIPA, which stands for congenital sensitivity to pain. In other words, she didn't feel pain. She had to undergo surgeries for the massive internal injuries that she had sustained. As a result, she let other kids beat her up to test her powers. Perhaps, this is where Abigail Breslin got her practice for her future role in Scream Queens? It sure didn't prep her for her role as Baby, the lead in ABC's remake of Dirty Dancing.

12 Christina Ricci

This was one of the best episodes of Grey's Anatomy. It also had some awesome celebrities as guest stars. Christina Ricci's portrayal of Hannah Davies was the absolute best. You might remember her in the past as Kat from Casper, Rae Doole in Black Snake Moan, or more recently, as Lizzie Borden from Lizzie Borden Took an Axe. However, you might have forgotten that Ricci came into Seattle Grace Hospital as Hannah too.

Hannah was this kick-a*s paramedic who had stuck her hand in a patient's chest cavity to stop a bleed. Heroic, huh? That was before finding out that she had her hand on a live explosive. If she let go, it would blow. She got nervous at the news. Then, the anesthesiologist began talking about the bomb squad's name for people who have been blown up. "Bloody mist." He politely got up and left. It wasn't long before Hannah followed his lead. Mere grabbed the explosive, taking Hannah's place.

11 Keke Palmer

Look! It's a Scream Queen reunion! Keke Palmer has been invading films since she was only a child; much like her Scream Queen co-star, Abigail. Back then, Keke was snatching up lead roles and giving award-worthy performances such as Akeelah in Akeelah and the Bee and Olivia Hill in Joyful Noise. Let's not forget her roles as Nikki in Madea's Family Reunion. She did all of that as a child. If at all possible, her story on Grey's was even more dramatic than some of her other roles.

Keke's character was a pregnant teenage runaway named Sheryll Jeffries. She showed up at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital looking for Cristina Yang in the hope of buying more time for her heart condition with Cristina's HLHS trail. Her condition was hypoplastic left heart syndrome. She thought her only hope was a heart transplant, but her pregnancy gave her the will to fight. However, she wasn't a match for Cristina's trial because she was too old.

10 Dylan Minnette

This little boy was unforgettable on Grey's Anatomy, but you probably forgot which celebrity he grew up to be. On Grey's, he was just a cute little boy who wanted ears for Halloween. His mom worked at the cafeteria in Seattle Grace Hospital. You might remember Derek slipping him a $20 to tell Mark he thought he might be his daddy. He eventually caught up with Meredith who helped him go on a trick-or-treat for the means to get Mark what was needed for a pro bono surgery to fix his ears.

Surely, you recognize him from somewhere, don't you? His most recent role was as Clay Jensen. Yep, that's him! The guy in Selena Gomez's hit show, 13 Reasons Why. It's his responsibility to listen to Hannah's 13 cassette tapes, which is a crazy job from what I hear. There's even some fan fiction going around saying that Meredith helped him get those ears, specifically so he could listen to those tapes.

9 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has come a long way since her childhood days on Barney & Friends. There was Disney's Camp Rock and later, Glee. Plus, there's her music career too. She just recently made Time's list for 100 Most Influential People and did Smurfette's voice in Smurf's Lost Village. However, I bet you forgot that she guest-starred on Grey's back in 2010. She was Hayley May in the episode "Shiny Happy People." Only Hayley May wasn't a happy shiny person...at all.

Demi Lovato rocked Hayley's role. She was brought in to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, after she tried to claw her eyes out. Her parents were convinced that she was schizophrenic. Meanwhile, she was mutilating herself trying to convince them that she wasn't. It turned out that she had a disease called Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome. One symptom of the disease is that it makes the room appear to jump at the sound of loud noise. Hayley was back to her old self with a simple surgery.

8 Martha Plimpton

Grey's Anatomy has been on for what seems like forever. This makes it easy to have forgotten some of your favorite celebrities who were guest stars. Take Martha Plimpton for instance. She's one of those faces that you recognize but you forgot why. Sure, you might've seen her on that newer show, The Real O'Neals. But if you're over thirty, then her recognition goes back much farther than that. Her face sticks out to us because she was Stef Steinbrenner from The Goonies. That was a long, long time before she was on Grey's.

Martha was Pam Michaelson on Grey's. She was the mother of Andy Michaelson. Pam brought her son into the ER, just after George died. She was extra concerned about his care because everyone at the hospital was crying. Arizona still gave them the wrong diagnosis. They came back but Chief Webber was cutting costs and wouldn't let Arizona run a 3D MRI. She ended up sending them to the hospital where Callie was to get the MRI. They found out that Pam's son had a tethered spinal cord.

7 Neve Campbell

There was a time when Neve Campbell was one of the hottest actresses around. She got her start in Party of Five. Then, she went all wild on us in Wild Things. Plus, there was her stint as the ultimate scream queen in the movie Scream. This girl was on every hottest list around back in 1998, but WTF happened? She just doesn't look like her anymore. At least, she's still been out there acting on shows like House of Cards. But still...

Not to mention that time she popped up on Grey's Anatomy as another one of Derek's sisters. Dr. Lizzie Shepherd was the most forgettable of his sisters, if you ask me. She wasn't as mean as the first one and not as much fun as Amelia. Lizzie came when Meredith had Heather Brookes call for nerve donations to fix Derek's hand. Lizzie was the sister that came, but she was upset that Meredith hadn't called herself. You know Mere; she didn't know how to deal with family. As for Neve, her part wouldn't have been so forgettable had she been recognized without having to Google who she was.

6 Sara Gilbert

These days, Sara Gilbert is best known as a creator, producer, and co-host on The Talk or her many guest appearances as Leonard's fling, Leslie Winkle, on The Big Bang Theory. However, her acting career goes way back to her childhood days as Darlene Conner on Roseanne. They're actually bringing Roseanne back, by the way. It'll include most of the original cast members, including Sara Gilbert. She's also one of the celebrities that you forgot guest-starred on Grey's Anatomy.

You might remember her character, Kim Allen, though. She had an especially complicated and controversial case where she enlisted Teddy Altman's help to end her life through physician-assisted suicide. She had been diagnosed with stage IV large-cell lung cancer. The cancer had spread, despite having a large mass removed from her lung. Teddy needed the signature of another surgeon. Owen refused to do it, but Mark agreed. Sara, aka Kim, died with her husband by her side, after taking the deadly prescription.

5 Kimberly Elise

Kimberly Elise is another celebrity guest star. Her role on Grey's was significantly different from others she's had in the past. She was a bit angry as Izzie's doctor, but not near as angry as she was in Diary of a Mad Black Woman. You probably forgot how she popped up as Izzie's surgical oncologist, Rebecca Swender. Her anger on the show wasn't built off of her sucky marriage or her lying, cheating, and abusive husband. It was based on what she thought was best for her patient.

Now, don't go confusing Rebecca Swender with Rebecca Pope. That chick that Alex fell for was crazy. This Rebecca was a hot, dedicated surgeon. She created controversy with the other surgeons when she felt they were to close to Izzie's situation. She even questioned Derek's ability to remove Izzie's tumor. She was wrong, though. The surgery proved to be a huge success. In fact, Izzie got so healthy that she ran off.

4 Monica Kenna & Bruce A. Young

You probably forgot all about these celebrities who guest-starred on Grey's Anatomy. Monica Keena has been acting since the mid-90's. You might remember her from one of her biggest TV roles back in the day. She was Abby Morgan from Dawson's Creek. Years later, she picked up the leading role in Freddy vs Jason as Lori Campbell. Bruce A. Young came from an entirely different generation. He was in an older movie called Risky Business. You'd have to be older to know anything about that one, but he was also J-Lo's self-defense trainer in Enough. They were on Grey's Anatomy together as Bonnie Crasnoff and Tom Maynard.

Bonnie and Tom came into Seattle Grace Hospital impaled together by a pole. Both were in good spirits and formed a quick friendship. This turned out to be one of the saddest Grey's cases. The MRI results showed that Bonnie's spine had been severed by the pole. The pole had to be removed to operate, but Bonnie would die. Bonnie was also the patient that Meredith couldn't get to stop bleeding after she drowned.

3 Cress Williams

Cress Williams has appeared in countless TV series. These include older hits like Living Single, the original 90210, and Prison Break. If you haven't heard of those, he was also Ornette Howard in Friday Night Lights and Lavon Hayes from Heart of Dixie. As for movies, he was George in Never Been Kissed. Plus, his latest role is as Black Lightning in the upcoming CW series, Black Lightning. That's one to look forward to!

Despite being such a great actor, Cress probably isn't much of a fan favorite when it comes to Grey's. It's not Cress' fault, though. It was his character, Tucker Jones' fault. Tucker Jones was Miranda Bailey's first husband. He was great...at first. He was the kind of guy that almost kills himself just trying to see the birth of his son. Then, he became the guy that gives his wife grief over her surgical hours. That wasn't okay.

2 Eric Stoltz

Eric Stoltz has been acting for years. In fact, he's been acting for so long in so many roles that it's hard to pin him down to just one or two. He's mostly guest-starred on several shows, including Will & Grace and Leverage. It's a shame that he doesn't have more recurring roles. He was one of the absolute best celebrities to guest-star on Grey's. Eric Stoltz' character was William Dunn.

Dunn was on death row for murdering five women. Dunn was admitted by Seattle Grace Hospital with a spinal injury caused by a shank. However, he requested that Derek leave it in his spine because if he stayed paralyzed, he might get a stay of execution. Derek wasn't having it, so his next shot was to offer his organs to a child. Derek told him NO again, but Meredith almost did it anyway. She told him exactly where to hit his head in order to bleed out, then left. Dunn was still executed despite all of this. The episode was crazy, and Stoltz played a perfect insane killer.

1 Camille Winbush

You might remember Camille Winbush best as Bernie Mac's niece, Nessa Thomkins, on The Bernie Mac Show or as Lauren Treacy from The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Howeveryou probably forgot that she guest-starred on Grey's Anatomy as Richard Webber's niece, Camille Travis. It's a little confusing because his niece came twice. The first time was after her prom. She was losing her virginity, but started bleeding. That time, she was played by Tessa Thompson, not Camille Winbush.

Camille Winbush played his niece the second time around. They thought she was cancer-free from her last visit, but she came back because she couldn't breathe. It turned out that the cancer had spread to her chest, lungs, and throat. Camille decided that she was done fighting the cancer. She basically told her uncle she was done and that he needed to see things as her doctor, not as her uncle. He let her go.

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