16 Celebrities Who Downsized And Loved It!

In Hollywood, there is an immense amount of pressure placed on the women to look a certain way. For many, that pressure translates to years of expensive plastic surgery to alter some of their more prominent areas. While not all the names on this list may shock you that they've gone under the knife (Pamela Anderson, Jenna Jameson and Crystal Harris to name a few), you may be shocked at the negative ramifications that these 16 women have felt towards their breast enhancement surgery.

In fact, they were so unhappy with their boob job that all 16 of these women have come out and talked about how they've also gone back and gotten their boobs reduced, many of them to their original natural size. We've done our best to track down photos of these women both with and without their enhancement.

Regardless of your personal preference, as you'll read in their own words, all of these women are pleased with their decision and that's really what matters in the end.


16 Jenna Jameson - Couldn't Stand Up Straight, Felt Shy

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Jenna Jameson has spent plenty of her life with her clothes off in front of the camera, which makes it all the sadder to read her thoughts on her pre-implant body

"When I had implants, I felt uncomfortable. I would be shy at the beach. I know it sounds funny, but I'd wear high-necked clothes—unless I was at an adult-film convention. So I thought, 'why don't I be who I am and get my real ones back?'" she said in a past interview.

She went on to say, "Even for women with naturally large boobs, getting a reduction is so freeing. I feel like I can stand up straighter. Before, when I jogged, I had to hold my boobs. I looked like I was molesting myself!"

We are sure Jameson is far from the only adult performer who felt pressured into getting an enhancement and then required a reduction after leaving the industry.

15 Victoria Beckham - Chest Enhancement Was A Huge Regret

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Victoria Beckham once joked with Allure magazine in 2014 about her boobs, saying, "I don’t have them anymore. I think I may have purchased them," the latter part of the sentence was clearly tongue-in-cheek when you consider the fact that Victoria got a clear enhancement towards the end of her days with The Spice Girls.

Beckham also showed some nice personal insight in 2016. When she was asked to pen a letter to her younger self, Beckham advised "That is what I want to tell you. Let your skin breathe – wear less make-up (and don’t ever let that make-up artist shave your eyebrows! The effects will last forever). And I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs. All those years I denied it – stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got.”

We're sure that no matter her size that Victoria was always able to keep David a happy man!

14 Amanda Bynes - Loves Surgery, Just Not Her Chest

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Amanda Bynes had some great acting credits to her name, but in 2012 she announced she was stepping away from Hollywood. She later admitted that part of why she stopped was that she hated how her nose looked on camera. As a result, she later underwent nose surgery which she considered a huge success and took to Twitter saying "There's a surgery for everything that's wrong with you! I wanted to share my story with you to prove that I'm not crazy. I was just embarrassed. Surgery is a complete miracle for me."

One other area Bynes got altered? "'I got my breast implants removed, they were uncomfortable ... I prefer them out." she said in a past interview.

Bynes also told a close friend that she feels she looks amazing after the surgery, and while she doesn't look to be making a return anytime soon, at least she's feeling good.

13 Kimberly Stewart - Gave Implants To Jack Osbourne


Rod Stewart has surely seen himself plenty of natural and enhanced breasts throughout his career as a talented musician, but you can imagine it was a much harder sell when his daughter Kimberly decided to "go big".

Kimberly elected to have the procedure done when she was 18 but had them removed after a family friend suffered a health scare related to fake breasts. The situation also caused her mother, Alana to ditch her artificial chest.

Upon removing her implants Kimberley elected to give them to the kid of another rock and roll legend, Jack Osbourne.

"I gave him (Osbourne) my implants, I framed them and I signed them and I engraved them and he has them on his bathroom wall," said Stewart in a past interview.

12 Katie Price - Went Under The Knife 7 Times


Katie Price was adamant when she entered the modeling industry that her size 32B was just not going to be big enough, "'A body - for me at the time - with no boobs wasn't attractive. Everyone said don't do it but I didn't give a s*** - it was what I wanted," she said in a past interview.

Price jumped up to a C, and roughly a year later went up to 32D. She was far from done though, in fact, Price had her breasts get altered 7 times.

In 2000 she went up to a 32F, and then in 2007 went to 32G.

Realizing perhaps then that her boobs were just too large, Price went down to a 32C in 2008. Then she split with her husband in 2012 and jumped back up to 32F, her poor body!

Lastly, Price went down to a 32B in 2014 and in an interview said, "I actually feel a lot more confident without my implants. I've grown up a lot and I'm in a different place now than I was ten years ago and it's nice to be natural."

Let's hope that means she's finally happy with her size!

11 Courtney Love - Dog Died After Biting Implant

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Courtney Love may not be the biggest sex symbol of any person on our list, but she is the only person whose removal led to the removal of another life; that of her pet Pomeranian. Love had her surgery to remove her implants in 2002, and for whatever reason, elected that instead of throwing away her implants she decided to keep them in her house. I guess she figured it would make for some really awkward dinner conversation?

But sadly things took a turn for the worst when her Pomeranian tracked the implant down, bit into it and promptly passed away. When talking about her pets death, Love's publicist claimed that the implant was a Mexican bootleg and that it may have had a factor in being fatal.

10 Tara Reid - Had To Turn Lights Off For Love Making

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Tara Reid had herself a wardrobe malfunction at what would have been one of the worst times for her. It was in 2004 and she had recently had surgery to increase her bust, but it had gone horribly wrong.

"I got my breasts done for the first time because my breasts were uneven, I was a 34-B, but the right one was always bigger than the left.

I asked for big Bs [B cups], and he did not give me big Bs. He gave me Cs, and I didn't want them. At all. Right after the surgery, I had some bumps along the edges of my nipples, but the doctor said, 'Don't worry. It's going to be better.' But after six months of 'it's going to get better,' it started to get worse and worse," said Reid in a past interview.

This was all around the time of her slip, which also led Reid to say "I was on the Web sites as having the ugliest boob job in the world, guys I was dating would be like, 'What's wrong with them? They look really bad. You know, you should really get them fixed.' [It's so] embarrassing. I mean, you definitely need to turn off the lights, that's for sure."

Thankfully for Reid, she was able to get reconstructive surgery and was much happier with the end results.


9 Ariel Winter - Thought Chest Would Keep Growing


Ariel Winter is only 5'1" and while her breasts may have been one her biggest eye-catching features, it certainly wasn't one of her favorites.

"I remember being in my sister's wedding and being so flat and thinking, I just wish I would grow boobs!' and then overnight I did. But then they kept growing and growing and growing and it didn't seem like they were going to stop," she said in a past interview.

Winter said that by the time she was 15 she was already sporting Size F Breasts.

Winter elected to undergo surgery after she continued to find herself in immense amounts of pain. She also had supportive experiences from her (allegedly similarly large breasted) family members, as she went on to say "A few of my cousins have had breast reductions, so it wasn't a shock when I decided to get one."

Winter eventually went from a 32F to a 32D and has said she feels like a whole new person.

8 Melissa Gilbert - Felt Pressured By Society

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Melissa Gilbert made a name for herself on the show Little House on the Prairie and there definitely wasn't enough technology in that era to artificially enhance her chest the way Gilbert did.

When talking about the decision to go bigger, Gilbert explained "Let's face it ladies, we are pressured and bombarded with messages from the moment we can read for ourselves. And another thing...what's with all the plastic surgery billboards? ... This is our culture. It has been for a long, long time and I fell right into it."

Gilbert further expressed her reasons to get them removed saying, "A. I am concerned for my health and 2. I don't like the way they look or feel. Frankly, I'd like to be able to take a Zumba class without the fear that I'll end up with two black eyes."

Pretty good reason if you ask us!

7 Denise Richards - Wasn't Happy With New Size

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Denise Richards has had several roles in which she may get your temperature rising, but one of her most tantalizing may be Wild Things. But while she dials up the sex appeal, the movie actually came after she had some plastic surgery that definitely did not go as planned.

"When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I'd asked for. I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn't research my doctor.' I felt very vulnerable. I was getting ready to film Wild Things and I didn't want to get into a lawsuit with some plastic surgeon," said Richards in a past interview.

Thankfully for Richards, she was able to eventually go and get her breasts altered again until she got to a size and shape that she was happy with.

"It wasn't right what the doctor did, but it is what it is."

Denise says she is finally happy with her breasts, saying "This is the size I wanted them to look at 19. There is a long investment with breast implants."

It took Richards 3 times under the knife to get the desired result.

6 Adrienne Bailon - Asked For B's, Got D's

Anytime you go under the knife there is the risk that you aren't going to be completely happy with the end result. This was definitely the case for Adrienne Bailon who described her horror story nightmare in a past interview,

"I had my breasts done when I was 19. I've always found curvy, voluptuousness so beautiful, and when you're that age, you think, I want to be sexy and womanly. I went to a doctor in Miami and asked for a B cup and ended up with double Ds."

And while she had hopes of reducing her insecurities, the opposite happened,

"I had to go back to work with The Cheetah Girls, where I was supposed to look much younger, and here I was with these porn star boobs. I went from one insecurity to the next — feeling like I was too small to feeling like when I walked into the room everyone knew my boobs were fake."

Bailon has since had her Double Ds removed, but don't think that means she is done altering her chest,

"I had a lift. I might lift them again after I have kids and breastfeed," said Bailon in a past interview.

5 Crystal Harris - Had Several Health Problems


When Crystal Harris got married to Hugh Hefner when she was 26 years old, heads were turning for several reasons; one of which was the 34D breast implants that Harris proudly had on display.

But while her artificial enhancement may have played a role in seducing the now 90-year-old Hefner, she took to Instagram in 2016 to show off her new figure sans implants.

Harris also took the opportunity to list off all the reasons behind her decision that included,

"Intolerance to foods and beverages, unexplained back pain, constant neck and shoulder pain, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), stunted hair growth, incapacitating fatigue, burning bladder pain, low immunity, recurring infections and problems with my thyroid and adrenals."

With side effects like that, we can't believe people get them done!

4 Pamela Anderson - Wanted Body To Return To Natural State

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It's impossible to deny that Pamela Anderson was happy to embrace every inch of her body when she was running around with artificial implants on her chest. Her overall look helped her land the cover of Playboy on several occasions and who could forget Baywatch? 

But in 1999, Anderson elected to remove her chest saying in an interview, "I just wanted my body to return to a natural state," before going on to later say, "It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time and I'm very happy with my decision."

Anderson may be taking a trip back to the beach for the upcoming Baywatch movie and even if she isn't "enhanced" anymore, something tells us she is still going to be able to capture your attention.

3 Sharon Osbourne - Leaked Into Her Stomach

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Above you got to read about Jack Osbourne who was able to take home the implants of a friend, but he definitely would not want anything to do with his mom's boobs.

Sharon famously had her breasts enhanced several years ago, but perhaps even more famously opened up about her reduction on her show

"One morning I woke up and one of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other." A doctor told her the implant was leaking, and her removal surgery revealed it had actually leaked into the wall of her stomach.

That would definitely be a scary situation! Not only was Osbourne happy she went in, she later also said she was thrilled with the results saying, "I don't feel like I have a waterbed laying on my chest anymore."

Talk about a win-win!

2 Heather Morris - Hated Dancing With A Fake Chest


Heather Morris may be used to expressing her emotions through song on the show Glee, but she definitely was not filled with glee when talking about her past enhancement

"Implants were something I thought I wanted when I was younger, and now I don't. It was hard being active with them, because my chest was always sore. It hurt a lot, and I didn't like always being in pain, so they had to go!" said Morris in a past interview.

Morris has been dancing her entire life, including spending time on So You Think You Can Dance, which as you can imagine was one of those activities she hated doing with the enhancements!

Morris had them removed in 2011 which was prior to her time on Glee.

1 Heidi Montag - Went From F To C

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You could be a damn near blind man and still be able to tell that Heidi Montag has undergone several rounds of plastic surgery. Despite only being 5'2", Montag made the brilliant decision (sarcasm here) in the past to go all the way up to F cup boobs.

When talking about her now former breasts, Montag said, "Over the past few years my implants have handicapped me, I have not been able to do a lot of things. For the past nine months I have not been able to do laundry, or look after my dogs or clean my house and I have had to stop working out because my injuries are so severe I cannot even do simple things like rowing or running."

Montag swapped down to a C Cup in 2013.


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