16 Celeb Families That Creep Us Out

The world of celebrities is a pretty bizarre place, so it's no surprise that it's a world that tends to draw in a lot of pretty bizarre people. Sometimes you just get a one-off nut job, but sometimes famous weirdos like to make their creepiness a family affair. Maybe it's nature, maybe it's nurture, but famous eccentrics do seem to run in packs sometimes. And some of them are just a little strange, some are general train wrecks, and some of them are immoral or even illegal creeps.

Interestingly enough, most of Hollywood's creepiest families either sold themselves as wild and crazy entertainment families or as extreme paragons of morality, but a lot of their shadiest crimes and misdemeanors tend to be pretty similar. But no matter what screwed up nonsense they're doing, when you put crazy together it tends to multiply, and sadly, if you throw one crazy grenade into a situation it can blow up on the entire family. Drugs, booze, abuse, baby mama drama: every family has to deal with its own problems at one time or another. But sometimes families living in the public eye have to deal with a bunch of these problems at once. So out of all of the celebrity families in the world, who is the most messed up and creepy?

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16 The Lohans

via: people.com

Lindsay Lohan is pretty much the peak stereotypical child actor gone wrong of her generation, but considering what she came from, it's not that hard to see why. Lindsay literally has too many arrests to list and hasn't had a starring role in anything since 2013, and her most notable current work was her bizarre defence of Harvey Weinstein on her Instagram. But Michael and Dina Lohan didn't give Lindsay a great start; when Lindsay first rose to prominence as a child actor her father was actually serving time in prison for insider trading, and over the years he built up a rap sheet that could almost rival Lindsay's. Michael also appeared on a season of Celebrity Rehab for his alcohol abuse. Dina Lohan is probably the "good parent" in this scenario, but many people have accused her of exploiting her children for fame or money, and at Lindsay's party girl peak, Dina was often seen alongside her at whatever club or party she was at. And of course like any Lohan, she has been arrested for DUI.

15 The Browns

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I guess everyone just has to live their lives however they'd like to, and at least the Browns are all consenting adults, but one dude being "married" to four women is nutty, and a dude and his four wives wanting to create a reality show around their enormous family is even nuttier. Sister Wives allowed the average American to see what life is like in a fundamentalist Mormon home (or homes, since now the wives and their kids live separately), and even allowed the audience to see Kody "court" his eventual fourth wife Robyn. For the most part, their show has just been family drama at 4 times the intensity, but first wife Meri legally divorced Kody so that he could legally marry fourth wife Robyn, and despite the fact that Meri and Kody stayed together in a "celestial marriage" Meri was catfished in 2015 and outed by the tabloids not long after.

14  The Huckabees

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White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is probably the most prominent member of the Huckabee family of the moment, but her father Mike Huckabee was the governor of Arkansas for 11 years and eventually became one of the Republican presidential candidates in the 2016 election. Before turning to politics, Mike was a pastor and televangelist, and the entire family really sold themselves as a "good Christian values" family. That family brand wound up being pretty ironic, though. Sarah Huckabee Sanders really only came on the scene because of her ability to lie a lot more convincingly than Sean Spicer could, and her brother David became publicly known for a horrifying incident in his teenage years where he tortured and killed a dog. Mike Huckabee claimed that David didn't "intentionally" torture and kill the dog, but I'm not quite sure how something like that can happen accidentally.

13 The Culkins

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This is a kind of a throwback family drama, since the Culkins haven't really been in the spotlight for a while and all of this nonsense went down when Macaulay Culkin was still a teenager. Many of the Culkin siblings have acted professionally as children or as adults, but Macaulay was really the breakout success of the family and he ultimately became one of the most successful child actors in history. But the family father Kit Culkin was his children's manager, and he had a reputation as a drinker and all around nasty guy. When Macaulay was younger, his parents decided to get a divorce, but then when he was 16 years old Macaulay decided he wanted to get a divorce from his parents. He filed for his emancipation on the grounds that his parents had mismanaged his finances, and wound up winning his independence as well as the fortune he had earned as a kid. He also cut off all contact with his father after the ordeal.

12 The Osbournes

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Unlike a lot of the families on this list, the Osbournes actually pretty much built their family brand around their dysfunctional, wacky behavior. Of course Ozzy Osbourne, front man of Black Sabbath, was the most famous and notorious member of the family for most of their lives. Aside from his years of drug and alcohol addiction, Ozzy will forever be known for an incident where he bit the head off of a bat, which Ozzy claimed he thought was fake after the controversy. His wife/manager Sharon has gone on to significant reality and talk show success, but she also battled her own alcohol and drug problems and she and Ozzy had serious domestic violence issues for much of their marriage. The entire Osbourne family became more well known when they started their own MTV reality show The Osbournes. Unsurprisingly, Jack and Kelly Osbourne eventually wound up with their own drug addiction battles to deal with.

11 The Hogans

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Oh, the Hogans. After a few years out of the spotlight, Hulk Hogan came to prominence along with the rest of his family in their VH1 reality TV series Hogan Knows Best. The Hogan family's attempt to present themselves as the normal American family worked for a little while, but after two seasons, the show wound up getting canceled because of problems within the family. Younger brother Nick was arrested for a DUI after getting into a serious car accident where his passenger was injured badly enough that he will most likely spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. Hulk also allegedly cheated on Linda during the filming of the series, and as a result the couple divorced. And, in a shocking turn of events, both Hulk and Linda immediately started dating people half their age who look almost identical to their former spouses.

10 The Camerons

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9 The Thompsons

via: eonline.com

Alana Thompson, a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo, initially came on the scene when she became the breakout star of TLC's deranged child beauty pageant documentary Toddlers & Tiaras. The network decided to give Alana and the rest of her family a reality TV show of their own. Initially the Thompsons seemed like silly but sweet rednecks who were a genuinely close and loving family, and that image lasted for a while. However, after the first few seasons of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Alana's parents, June and Mike, separated. After the breakup June started dating a new man, but scandal erupted when it was discovered that her new boyfriend was a s*x offender who had been convicted of abusing June's own daughter. TLC abruptly canceled the show after the revelation, but Mama June denied that the relationship ever took place. After the show's cancellation, June's daughter Anna sued her for mismanaging money earned from the show.

8 The Simmons

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Despite having two children and a long term relationship with model Shannon Tweed, the name Gene Simmons does not bring the term "family man" into most people's minds. But with the advent of faded celebrities finding new life in reality TV shows, the Simmons family decided to join the club with their own series called Gene Simmons Family Jewels. The KISS front man presented himself as the "edgy" dad of his rock and roll family, which would be fairly predictable and fine if Gene Simmons hadn't built his entire celebrity image around being some ultimate s*x god and then literally naming the show about his family after his own privates. Unsurprisingly, Simmons continued to generate headlines by saying outrageous things like encouraging people with depression to kill themselves and slamming Islam as a vile religion, as well as having a private tape of Simmons and a model (who wasn't Shannon Tweed) leaked.

7 The Duggars

via: duggarfamily.com

The whole idea behind the Quiverfull movement is creepy as hell on its own. It's essentially a fundamentalist Christian group whose main goal is to have as many children as God will give them in the hopes that in a few generations they'll be able to outnumber everyone else in society. It wasn't a sect that was on most people's radar until the Duggars decided that they could probably squeeze some money out of having a thousand kids, and TLC was more than happy to help. That in itself is a little weird, but isn't necessarily offensive (aside from treating women like literal baby making machines) or illegal. But beneath the veneer of the good Christian family image was something incredibly creepy and illegal. The eldest Duggar brother Josh had been accused of child abuse five times, and four of those five accusations of highly inappropriate behavior came from his own sisters. After the scandal broke Josh was faded out of the show, but his family, including the sisters he molested, came to his public defence.

6 The Allens

via: origo.hu

If you want creepy, then look no further. Anyone with a pulse would be weirded out by the whole Allen-Farrow-Previn family situation. So in the picture above, we see director Woody Allen and actress Mia Farrow with their family, some of whom were adopted by Mia in a previous relationship and two of whom are the children of Woody and Mia. The girl next to Mia is her daughter Soon-Yi Previn, who would go on to become Woody Allen's next wife and mother of his children. And the baby in the far left of the picture is Dylan, Woody and Mia's daughter who was allegedly abused by Woody as a child. Just try to imagine what that family tree must look like if you actually drew it out. And it just goes to show how much damage can be done to an entire family because of one super creep.

5 The Hiltons

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4 The Phillips

via: people.com

For one of the darkest entries on this list we have the famous Phillips family, which includes John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas, actresses Mackenzie and Bijou Phillips, and singer Chynna Phillips. John and Mackenzie were particularly known for their years of intense drug addiction and abuse, but the Phillips family's public profile took a turn for the horrifying when in September of 2009 Mackenzie alleged that her father had s*xually assaulted her when she was 19, and that their inappropriate relationship continued for a decade after that. Sadly, some members of the family accused Mackenzie of lying, and the revelation caused a lot of chasms in the relationships of the entire family. After going public with her abuse claims, Mackenzie actually seems to have gotten it together quite a bit; she now works as a drug rehab counsellor along with taking the occasional acting gig, but some of her relatives refuse to believe her claims, so the breaks in this family might never be repaired.

3 The Kardashians

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The Kardashians are really the leaders of the pack when it comes to making a buck off of your family problems, and luckily for E! there is never any shortage of problems for them to exploit. Where do we even begin? Kim married Kris Humphries and dumped him three months later, and was pregnant with Kanye West's child before the divorce was even finalized. Khloe married a secret crackhead after knowing him for a month. Kourtney has had three kids with her on-again off-again alcoholic/addict boyfriend Scott Disick. Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner and decided to dump her family along with her manliness. Baby sister Kylie is 20 years old and pregnant, and her ex-boyfriend Tyga is claiming that he might be the father. Tyga was previously in a relationship with Blac Chyna and they have one child together, and after Tyga left Chyna for Kylie Chyna started dating Rob Kardashian. They now have one child together, Dream. Really, need I say more?

2 The Jacksons

via: phawker.com

Nearly every one of the Jackson siblings is a legendary musician, but now they're known more for their media antics than anything. It's no surprise that they ended up this way, though. Family patriarch Joe Jackson longed for fame for his entire life and spent his children's childhoods "preparing" them for that, forcing them to practice their music and dancing for long hours and physically abusing them if they failed to meet his expectations. Obviously his children eventually fulfilled that dream for him. The Jackson 5 became a record breaking success and two of his daughters became successful solo acts. But after growing tired of his control, his most successful son Michael fired him and cut off all ties, and the rest of the family wound up following suit later. Many of the Jacksons went on to become more tabloid infamous than actually famous, but after Michael's death in 2009 they have mostly been out of the spotlight.

1 The Gosselins

via: shared.com

TLC certainly loves ridiculously large families, and the Gosselins were one of their first breakout star families. They started their series Jon and Kate Plus 8 as a relatively normal family trying to cope with having twins and sextuplets, but after a few years of success, it seems that the Hollywood attention and lifestyle really got to them. Jon and Kate wound up getting a divorce (although that wasn't a big surprise to most viewers, considering how contentious their on-screen relationship could be), and Kate continued on with her media career and Jon went on to more interesting endeavors. Since leaving the show Jon has held down a few different jobs, as a waiter, maitre'd, DJ, and prep cook at TGI Fridays. His only media attention nowadays comes from his difficulties with Kate and his isolation from his children, while Kate and the rest of the kids have continued filming their show under the new moniker Kate Plus 8.

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