16 Candid Photos Of Sarah Hyland And Ariel Winter Having Fun

Sometimes you can just tell when a television show is coming to an end, and Modern Family certainly seems to be approaching its last lap. There are rumors that it may have filmed its last episode, while others say it will still be around for three more seasons, but either way, the show’s best years are certainly behind it.

From the actors barely trying anymore, reminding us a lot of the later season of Cheers or Seinfeld, to the writing giving us characters who are shells of the richly layered people we first fell in love with so many years ago, there’s almost nothing about Modern Family worth pointing at and saying, “Well that certainly has gotten better with age.”

The only notable exceptions are the Dunphy daughters, Haley and Alex, played by Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter, respectively. They’ve grown from typical teenagers into beautiful young women, and we wonder if they’ll have careers beyond Modern Family or if they’ll just go home and sit on their piles of money wearing a different bikini every day as they sit poolside for the rest of their lives.

If we were the Modern Family producers, we’d be developing a spin-off for these two beauties. Maybe move them to an apartment near the beach where they could open up their own ice cream shop. It would allow guest star appearances from old cast members and allow skimpy clothing from our favorite young actresses to be seen on TV for at least another decade. We don’t know how much longer it will last, so while they’re still out there, here are 16 of our favorite candid photos of Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter:

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16 The Luckiest Co-stars on Television

We know that if you asked them, they’d probably give you a line of crap about how “they’re just like sisters to us,” but while Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter were growing into a couple of beautiful young women, Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez, who respectively play their brother Luke and cousin Manny, have grown from geeky little boys into older teenage guys now heading off to college. There’s no way they didn’t try to sneak a peak in a dressing room or during a beach or pool sequence at one time or another. Sure, they’re like their sisters, but they’re not really their sisters. They’re co-workers, and we all know how many workplace romances there are in this world.

15 Cosplay for Christmas

There was an episode of Modern Family a couple of years back where the sisters worked at the mall at a Santa photo booth, and while we don’t remember the exact plot, if you just flip around the TV dial, odds are it’s playing right now since it seems to be a law that Modern Family must be playing on at least three channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After seeing Hyland as a mischievous elf and Winter as a Mrs. Claus who makes us want to live at the North Pole, we wish they had more candids taken from episodes where the two dressed in costumes, especially the Halloween ones where Hyland was a pretty kitty and a naughty nurse. Somebody on set must have had his or her Instagram working that day. Post this stuff, people. Not all of us work in Hollywood.

14 Look What Washed Ashore

We assume this photo was taken during the cast’s vacation/shoot in Australia for a season-opening episode about halfway through the show’s run. While there wasn’t a scene of the girls scuba diving for the show, in outtakes at the end of the episode, when one of the characters does a voiceover talking about the importance of family, they showed what were essentially home movies of the cast members having a good time in Australia, including a scene of scuba diving. It’s ironic how people who can totally afford to go on vacation get paid as part of their job to do things most of us may get to do once in our lives if we save for years and are lucky. Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos of these lovely ladies squeezing into or out of their wetsuits. We do have to say, tight blue definitely agrees with them. Then again, we’re also big fans of tight white.

13 Back In The Day

This photo looks like it was taken at an early awards show, sometime before Ariel Winter’s breasts grew so large she had to go under the knife and have them reduced. She hadn’t quite entered her stage of showing up everywhere in public wearing low-cut clothing, something we hope is not a phase but rather something she continues with long after Modern Family is off the air. As for Hyland, we wonder if it was weird being several years older than her character while Haley was still in high school on the show, but she was an adult and of legal drinking age. The best way to counter the image of being a little girl is showing up in public wearing dresses like this, and we’re guessing it’s where her “little sister” picked up the behavior. Either way, we love the dress, Sarah.

12 No Idea What’s Going On Here

Maybe Ariel Winter has to go the bathroom. Maybe she thinks that on her hand is a puppet that has bad vision. Maybe Sarah Hyland is wearing some kind of cheerleader undergarment, and it’s slipping. And why has her chest suddenly risen like five inches in the last two seasons? Is she trying to compete in the cleavage war with Winter? That’s a battle she can’t win. That’s a battle 99% of women on Earth can’t win. We have no idea what exactly is happening in this photo. The cast of the show was in New York filming an episode recently, and they’re clearly in Battery Park, but what's happening here between takes is beyond us. Nonetheless, it’s still visually compelling. Everything that happens when you put these two fake sisters together is visually compelling. It’s the only thing left on the show that can claim it.

11 The Green Slime Gag Is Getting Old

Maybe it’s that we’re getting older and kids are staying the same age, but you’d think 30 years after Ghostbusters and You Can’t Do That on Television did green slime to death in the mid-80s that the technologically savant kids of today would yawn at the site of two girls getting spewed all over with the green liquid. But nope -- it’s still a crowd pleaser. Maybe there are just some things that will never get old. Of course, there were probably a lot of dirty old men who... nevermind. We’re actually not big fans of awards shows because we’re not really interested in what other people like, much less what kids like, but we can understand why people like Hyland and Winter have to show up to things like this, especially when they’re reaching the end of one part of their career and need to keep their names out there.

10 We Pick Sarah’s Casual Wear

Clearly, they were on set shooting a scene for something -- or at least we’re going to assume that’s what was going on in this picture. We can’t imagine that when it comes to strolling leisurely around the set between takes, Sarah chooses plunging one-piece bathing suits, while Ariel prefers to look like she’s been in bed with pneumonia all week. We love watching Modern Family but can’t immediately remember the episode in which Sarah was wearing that costume. So maybe she does just walk around in over-the-top swimwear all day. She could be turning into a weird rich person as her 30s get closer and her teens get further from her rearview mirror. If that’s the case, we know that Hugh Hefner has a magazine that has gone back to its glory days, and we’re sure he wouldn’t mind donating a few pages to a worthy cause.

9 The Award for Best Awards Show Picture Goes to...

So Modern Family has won a million awards -- there are the big ones, like the Emmys, but then you've got People's Choice and Kid's Choice and Critic's Choice and all the way down the line, so cast members have to get dressed up and go collect a lot of plastic and metal hardware that ends up sitting on a shelf somewhere for years to come. It's probably fun at first. But think about the time it takes to get ready for this stuff. Then you've got to go sit through it, hope you win, and then attend parties you probably don't want to go to. And of course, this being Hollywood if you're a woman, you can't be seen wearing the same thing twice, and you can't be seen wearing anything that's been worn before. When you're on a popular award-winner like Modern Family, it probably gets challenging. We could have done a list of just awards show dresses for Hyland and Winter, but instead, we went with our all-time favorite of the duo. This was from the party after the Teen Vogue Awards (like you care).

8 It’s Not All Limousines

People think the life of an actor is all luxury, and that may be true for the top movie actors. But when you work as a lead actor on a TV show, it’s a full-time job, and while you do get big chunks of the year off, when you’re at work, there’s little else you can be doing with your time. Usually, you have to be on the set by 8 or 9 in the morning, and a lot of time, you’re not leaving until after dinner -- and that’s if you don’t have to shoot any nighttime exteriors. A lot of the time, there are also weird conditions built into your contract like no waterskiing or shooting guns. While there’s probably a perfectly good reason for the ladies needing a golf cart ride somewhere, we’re hoping it’s not just because they didn’t want to walk 100 feet from a makeup trailer to a soundstage. These two don’t strike us as divas, but then again, maybe they are horrible people but terrific actresses. Wearing those sunglasses doesn't help make you look like one of the common people, Sarah.

7 Does Sarah Have A Crush On Ariel?

Of course not, but let us have our little fantasies. Sure, this is how rumors get started, but we’ve got photographic proof. Just look at these two pictures. Sarah Hyland is kissing Ariel Winter in one of them, and then, in the other well... just look at how she’s gazing at her lovingly. We mentioned earlier that it’s perfectly normal for co-workers to fall in love, and we can list dozens of times that actors and actresses have fallen in love on set. So why couldn’t a pair of actresses have the same thing happen? Wouldn’t it be a beautifully sweet story if these two found a long and lasting love years beyond simple acting jobs? Of course, the reality is they both have boyfriends and neither shows the slightest inclination toward being gay, much less with each other. We just like seeing things that aren’t there.

6 Nap Time

Being an absolutely gorgeous television actress is tiring work, and sometimes, you just need to take a break and catch a little catnap. But when your cast has nearly a dozen regular actors and plenty of guest stars, it’s probably hard to always find a place to catch some z’s, so you’ve got rely on your TV family to share whatever space they’ve found to rest. Thankfully, somebody with half a brain not only caught Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter napping, presumably on the set (although maybe they do this out in public or have sleepovers), but they were also smart enough to get a picture of it. We hope they sold the picture to a tabloid and made a lot of money because this is like a photo of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Photographic proof of these two girls napping together is not going to come along very often in this lifetime, and someone who captures it deserves to be rewarded.

5 Beach Babes

We mentioned earlier that the show shot a season-opening episode from Australia with a lot of it taking place on Bondi Beach. Our favorite subplot involved the boys walking the beach trying to find nude sunbathers because they really gave nothing for Hyland or Winter to work with. They dressed Winter like she was teaching swimming at the local YMCA pool and put no effort into making Hyland look like the hottest girl on Australia’s most popular beach. Their entire story was about teaching their cousin Lilly about not buying the first thing she saw, with Haley not chasing after the first cute lifeguard who talked to her. Of course, a cuter one never came along, once again proving that Modern Family is fiction because even if Hyland weren’t famous, we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t have taken too long before another offer came along.

4 The Artsy Picture

OK, we doubt this is really candid. We have a feeling this is one of those carefully crafted candids that one of the girls posted on her Instagram or Twitter to show that in those moments when no cameras are on them, they are both close friends and always look terrific. It’s not like we were doubting you, girls, but you don't have to pose like a couple of Kennedys being interrupted from Sunday mimosas on the yacht. One of the things we like about Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter is their ability to seem like normal people in almost all situations, but this one just doesn’t seem real. Of course, it could just be the filter that the person who took the photo used. Anyway, for those of you who love your fake candids with fake lighting, congratulations: you get your wish with this entry. Celebrate.

3 In Real Life...

When they’re not on set playing the parts of Alex and Haley Dunphy, when they’re not in front of the camera at awards shows wearing beautiful gowns, and when they haven’t been able to spend three hours in hair and makeup, Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter are completely regular people... except for the fact they’re still really damn cute. This photo looks like it’s from some kind of off-set, non-filming day, but we have no idea exactly what was going on. Somehow, though, they pull of all-natural in a completely unnatural way. They're both the kind of girls that if you walked into a room of girls wearing yoga pants and sweatshirts, you’d pick them out as the prettiest of the flock. Thankfully for us, there are two of them.

2 Sarah’s Got a Secret

There’s nothing more irritating than when a girl tells another girl a secret because they do it in such a way that says, “I want you to know that I’m telling her a secret; that’s why I’m making direct eye contact with you.” Of course, that leads you to believe the secret is about you, which makes things even more frustrating. Sarah Hyland clearly has perfected this technique, and we don’t think it was any acting class that taught her this trick. It’s just something she was probably born with. Of course, Ariel has a look on her face that says whatever Sarah is saying is not only intriguing but is also something worth considering despite the likely danger and intrigue that comes along with it. But what is she saying? What is it? Sadly, this is one of those great riddles that will puzzle the great minds of the world for generations to come.

1 Blowing Kisses

We don’t know who the dude in the picture on the right is, and we’re just going to pretend he doesn’t exist. What we are going to focus on is the fact that the beautiful ladies from Modern Family took time out of their busy days to shoot a couple of photos blowing kisses at us. Then, they decided they loved us so much that they wanted the rest of the world to know, so they posted them on their Instagram accounts. But these aren’t dumb girls. They couldn’t mention us by name, so they just put up some kind of generic message that we know was meant for us. We’re just kidding. We’re not crazy. What is crazy is that they still post pictures like this knowing that there are people out there who do think such thoughts. Maybe the dude is security.

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